Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

What a perfect Christmas we had!
The kids did well - we ate we drank and we received some awesome stuff... as well as giving a load as well.
My favourite moment is when I gave Mum her present - the altered album I have been working on for MONTHS!! She started to bawl her eyes. Then I started didn't I?

I gave Daz a stack of fishing gear which he seems pretty stoked with. He didn't see THAT coming!! :)

Got some great photos which I can't wait to scrap.

Well I'm off on holiday for a week now which is going to be wonderful. So see you when I get back - hopefully with a tan! :)


Dec 11, 2006

Much ado about nothing

Long time no see!! That's because I have been totally slack - and also just had nothing to write about.

I have been very busy Christmas shopping. Wrapping gifts and putting them under our huge tree.
We finally got started on that memorial garden. On Saturday we put the mulch down and it will be finished!! (Apart from some minor electrical work which will come in the New Year when cousin sparky can come and do it for us.) Incidently Saturday is the anniversary of Pop's death. So it will be finished on a special day. I better move my rear end and make up his memorial thing.

My birthday is coming up, but having a hard time getting excited about it. I don't really know why. Just not that enthused about it. I normally am counting the days down from the 1st of July. But just not that excited about it. No one is going to be here - Bec is going to be in Brisbane, my family are all going to be at Steve's graduation, Daz at work.... wah wah wah. Ah well.... what's a birthday anyway? Just another wrinkle on the "getting old" face.

E had gastro last week, making life rather messy for a week. I have never seen so much poo and spew in all my life. The poor kid must have projectile vomited while lying on his back, because it all splattered into his face. His stomach acid burned his eyes and he was screaming (and choking on it) - He was subjected to having baths in the middle of the night, because he would have such bad diarheah (spelling?) that it have leaked all over his bed, and all through his clothes etc. Daz would change the bedding, and I would clean him up. He seemed to get better on Sunday though which was nice. A week after it all initially started.

Mop had layryngitus. She was struggling to keep her voice. Now instead of feeling bad because I was telling her to shhhh to give me a break from her CONSTANT yabbering, I was telling her to SSSHHHH to give her voice a rest. Poor kid. LOL

Mop mastered addition this week. Funny kid.

Well told you nothing is really going on....

Better go and feed my poor starved Puppy and hide one of her new toys in the yard somewhere.... so she can find itin the morning and not get into mischief. Teehee...

Will come back and post pics of the Memorial garden next week.


Nov 18, 2006

Secrets revealed.....

Remember a few posts ago, I antagonised you with "I know something you don't know!"?

Well I have been given permission to open my gob and spread the wonderful news....

My best friend Bec (and I guess Nick has something to do with it ;) ) is having her very first baby!! I am soooo excited!! I am going to be an honorary Aunty!! Poor girl, when she visited here last she was pretty peaky from morning sickness. I totally sympathised. Worst thing about pregnancy is morning sickness..... except why do they call it morning sickness? It often lasts all freakin day long! :)

So May 10thish this should all be happening..... *does an excited dance*

We are going to visit them in late March for a few weeks over the easter break in Brisbane. Poor ol Bec will be really big... maybe I can carry her tummy for her, like she carried mine when I was pregnant with Mop? :)

Poor old E has croup at the moment. He was awake for a while overnight, distressed because he couldn't breathe very well. Sounded like we had a seal in the cot!! I then in turn didn't sleep well because I was worried about him.

Well I better get going. The worship service is on this morning... it's a hot day today, and I have to shave my legs so I can wear cooler clothes!! :)

Nov 15, 2006

I'm squirting creative juices here!!!

Just a few more pages I have done for E's baby album.

Nov 13, 2006

Having a creative moment....or three

I've started E's baby album. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I'm not pleased however that Harvey Norman have upped their printing price! :(

Not much happening this end. Kids are doing well. Daz is doing well. I am doing well. Same ol Same ol.

Nov 5, 2006

Moving forwards

After months of getting on his hands and knees, rocking, crying because he can't move, or crying because he got stuck under the furniture - our boy is now crawling FORWARDS!! He will only crawl forwards when he has somewhere to go (ie, into mine or DH's arms) other than that, he is happy to still get stuck under the furniture and scream untill someone rescues him. His newish trick is to stand on his hands and feet and look at the world upside-down. Hmmm... different. :)

I have been given a great honor. I am doing a live interview on our local Christian radio station, sharing my testimony. I am thrilled!! (and a little bit scared! :) )

Charli had her first session in Puppy-preschool. She did really well. I did some more training with her today, and she sits and drops like a trooper. I need a special collar and lead to do the rest of the training which I will pick up on Friday. I hope she goes well and it stops her frustrating habit of destroying everything she gets her mouth on!!

I went to the shops today and saw half the shop decked out in Christmas decorations, the rest didn't even bother!! :( WHAT IS WITH THAT?? Didn't they know the pagent was on Saturday!? Less money spent people if Christmas isn't in your face!!

Speaking of Christmas, what to get Daz??? I can't tell you my ideas, because he reads this blog... but I was thinking of getting him some Dr Quinn Medicine Woman DVDs... ;)

Ok better get going. Mop has locked herself in her room... and I better let her out. ;) Can't keep her in there forever.

Nov 2, 2006

Jingle the Deck with Silent Mangers......

YAY! Christmas Season has started!! The pagent is this weekend which Daz and I will be watching with the kiddies. So that means all the christmas decorations will go up in th shopping centers, all the carols will be playing and I will be in my favourite season of the year!

These are our Christmas cards for this year. I am pretty pleased with them. The friends and fam will get a picture of my gorgeous kids (oh and Daz's I guess ;) ) and I get to practice playing with digi-scrapping.

Can't wait to start wrapping presents and decorating the tree. I won't be doing that till the beginning of December, maybe late November. Usually around our anniversary it goes up. I love watching all the presents pile up under the tree, though Daz doesn't put mine out till Christmas Eve (coz he knows I will stare at it and try see through the paper what it is.)

Last night E decided that midnight was a great time to wake up and play for a few hours. He's not so pleasant today. He is just laying on the floor, crying - for no reason. I have no sympathy. :)

Mop is doing really well in school. Her teacher has reccommended she get tested (IQ) so we will think about that. I don't really see the point. We all know she is smart. She doesn't need a number to tell us that.

Ok I am getting sick on whinger here so I better get going.

Oct 26, 2006

Clogged and blocked

My sinuses are driving me INSANE! I wish I could breathe through my nose!! I have a phobia of breathing through my mouth. I am scared of inhaling something - that something being a spider or worse!!! This week has been rather horrible. Daz stayed home with me Tuesday and Thursday, because they were my worse days - the days I didn't sleep, I couldn't breathe and felt generally YUCK.

One happy moment. I got up this morning, and came out to say hello to E - and he smiled at me and said "mum-mum" YAY!!!Very happy about that.

One sad moment. We found out we lacked the funds at the present to plant out Pop's memorial garden. I was sooooo dissapointed. We got the water feature in though and it looks so good. Will post pictures when it's all finished.

One happy moment. Mop started her second day in the older class on Monday, and the Principal reccomended taking her out of the younger class all together. She was getting bored. Mop's new teachers are just wonderful! They are really trying hard to work out where she is at, and how they can best teach her where to start with her.
They were both gobsmacked at how well she reads. She doesn't sound the letters out anymore, unless it's a word she isn't familiar with. She just reads. They sat with her and looked at her numbers and other stuff.

Last week I tried posting some of my scrapping stuff on my Blog but it didn't work. :( So I'll try again.

Oh and another thing - I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW!!! I have a big secret - a positively DELICIOUS secret.. and I am so excited about it, I want to blab it to the world. Can't yet though... so you will just have to sit tight and wait.

Oct 19, 2006

Blah blah blah.

Hiya all
Well these last few weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have been living with a banshee... one that never loses his voice!! E has been screaming for a few weeks while he has been cutting some more teeth. I don't think I am going to be able to cope if this happens every time he cuts teeth.
Well my ears have finally stopped ringing and he has gone back to being a relatively happy boy. Till next time....

I am so excited about this weekend. We are going to be installing a water feature and a garden bed as a memorial to my Pops. I was given some money from his court case that he won (compensation for dying of asbestos related cancer - yeah go figure) No snide and nasty comments like "How can you compensate for losing a life?" ANYWAY..... we are picking up the water feature tomorrow and going to deck it all out and make it all pretty. Will have to put photos of the finished result.

Mop started 2 days a week this term at pre-school. Her teacher took me aside today and said they have made a spot for her in the older class for two sessions a week and one session with her current class room - basically because she is too smart for the kids her own age, and they want to meet her intellectual standards. I think the teacher was a little bit shocked and surprised - I am guessing she sat down to read a book with Mop. She is reading most words now. She often asks me what they mean or says "what's that word??" I tell her, then try to explain what it means. She is already starting to spell as well!! She is starting to realise just how ridiculous the English language is because she was reading the ingredients to me from a recipe to put on the shopping list and she read out the word "puree" as it sounds. I corrected her telling her it was pronounced "Pur-ay" and she shook her head, "No! Look it says Puree" LOL... I couldn't argue with her, nor try to explain how suddenly an "ee" is for this word pronounced as "ay" I let it slide. She is only three. She has plenty of time... LOL

So I could have 3 mornings a week to myself (when E is in bed) I won't know what to do with myself!! I think it will be good housework catching up time!!
Mop loves school so I think there will be no arguments there. She never cries when I leave her. She simply waltzes into the classroom, says "bye Mum!" and off she goes to find stuff to do. Not like a few other little tikes I see, hysterical because they are going to be left for a few hours. Poor little mites. One little girl takes some convincing to get into the classroom. I feel sorry for them and the parents. The parents look so guilty and so sad because their baby is hysterical. I am glad I don't have to deal with that.

Well I better stir the fires, better start thinking about making dinner. Sarah (Daz's cousin) is coming for dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with her. She brings girly movies and chocolate and we get along really well. I think I get on with her much better than my own cousins. We are quite similar, bossy, outspoken, and have a good sense of humour. Actually I really enjoy being with most of Daz's cousins. They are more like me - they are crazy! They are a great bunch of people.

Not long till my rheumatologist appointment. I am getting worse and worse. My wrist siezed up today, my feet are so bad, they really hurt alot of the day. I hate whinging about it, but there ya go. I hope I can be given medication to help slow it down and make it less painful.

Don't tell Daz (he is probably reading this so you can blab all you like) Since E has stopped screaming, I have been getting clucky for another baby. I think I am insane!!! Can't have one anyway for a little while. We have to at least wait for Steve to move out and wait till the lease on our car ends so we can get more of a roomy car so we can fit in 3 booster/baby seats. I have this urge to have a baby in my tummy again (WEIRD coz I hate being pregnant) I want to have a tiny little helpless one (hopefully with more of Daz's placid nature, rather than my feistiness - like the other two!!) again, and I want more kids running around........ I think that screaming had more of an effect on me than I thought!! Maybe I have gone insane!? LOL

Okay now I really need to go and start dinner!

Oct 3, 2006

E's first word

Ready? Wait for it....


He said it this morning. I woke up to hearing his baby chatter with his Daddy, distinctly saying "Da-da"

My baby is growing up!!

He is desperatly trying to crawl as well. He gets from the sitting position to on his all fours, then falls onto his stomach and can't get back up! LOL.... he is too heavy. I'm not surprised really. He weighs 4 kg less than Mop does! And she is 3 years old!!! Boofer!

My Mojo is back!

After getting some motivation and inspiration and some encouragement from Jo - my mojo has returned!!

The family sketch one i am very proud of, I combined 4 photos to make it loo like we sat for the one sitting. I call it the portrait we never sat for!

We just got back from a lovely relaxing time in Berri. We choofed off in the caravan and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet and the time to regroup and refresh ourselves. Mop had a wondrful time making friends at the caravan park, and learning that there are kids bigger than her about! We went to the Barmera markets and Monash Adventure Playgound. We all had a marvelous time.

It was Steve's birthday yesterday and we had a family BBQ here. It was good to catch up, though I was bone tired and not feeling very social.

Gotta go, the tooth cutting monster is on my lap squawking and screaming....

Sep 24, 2006

Long time no Blog!

It's been a while hasn't it?

Let's see, what's been happening?? Well over the last 2 weekends we have been gardening like mad. Spring is upon us and it's the time to plant and do all those horrible jobs, that we haven't done over winter!!

E is doing marvelously. He desperately wants to crawl. He knows what he wants to do, and gets very annoyed coz he can't do it just yet. A few more weeks and I reckon he will be away!! More teeth are coming through, though I can't tell which ones, because he gets annoyed with me gawking in his mouth.

Mop is doing well at school and is enjoying it very much. I now have permanent lunch dates lined up with Mum on Fridays so Mop will come without making a fuss. I don't think I can stand being so unloved!

Haven't been digi-scrapping much lately. My creativity has been swallowed by the crappy few weeks I have had. Life seems to have got super busy, stressful and goodness knows what else. I had a pregnancy scare last week and I was terrified at the prospect of ANOTHER baby. I know it's bad, but I was very relived to see AF arrive that month.

I have been working on my wedding altered canvas and I will show that off when it's finally done. Still waiting on getting the photos scanned and printed. The canvas is ready, but just a few things like gardening etc holding up the works.

I went to IKEA for the first time EVER and I was soooo impressed. We bought an entertainment unit for next to nothing and it really glams up my rumpus room. I love it! I love IKEA too. It was kinda fun putting the furniture together. I love their instructions too. No weird and wonderful cryptic phrases to decipher. They did it with pictres! Gotta love it!!

We are going away to Berri this long weekend in the caravan. Looking forward to that very much. A bit of relaxation and fun with the kids.

Well that's all for now.

Sep 1, 2006

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to school she goes......

With tears and screaming, when it's time to be leaving...

Yesterday was such a big day for us all. Mop had her first day at Montessori. She was so excited about going. We bought her uniform and her new lunch box for her first day. She was thrilled. We arrived and enrolled her, and looked about her classroom. It's a great place and I knew Mop would have a wonderful time. I tried to say goodbye to her, but she was already brushing me off, and getting involved with playing with the puzzles and other kids. I tried not to take it personally, but it would be nice if she actually cared that I was leaving!! :)

I got home and I didn't know what to do with myself. I cleaned the bathroom uninterrupted (E was taking a nap) No ABC kids on in the background, no constant chatter and singing. Don't tell anyone, but I kinda missed it. It was too quiet.

I dashed off back down to the school, eager to hear of how she went and see if she enjoyed herself. I arrived a few minutes early and for a few moments I stood on the outside of the playground, watching her play. I was impressed with the amount of supervision the kids had with the teachers. The equipment is pretty impressive too! I waited inside the foyer, because the kids are let out one at a time as the teachers see what parents have arrived. I peeked into the classroom and I saw Caitlin hanging off the knee of her teacher, engrossed in the story that was being told. She saw me, her eyes widened. I smiled. She was told she could go, and she shook hands with her teacher (they teach them to do that) and then as I approached her to take her home, she let out a HUGE scream.. "NO NO NO!!! GO AWAY MUMMY!!! NO NO!!!!" And she darted back into the classroom and around her teachers legs. I approached her again, and she came at me and pushed me away from her "NO! NO! GO AWAY!"
She didn't want to come home!!! I felt so sad and so unloved at that moment. The teacher looked a little surprised at her outburst. But made no comment on it. Tears were prickling in my eyes, but I wasn't going to bawl in front of the teacher OR my defiant little miss.
I bribed her with a promise that we would go straight to Nannys. That worked!! She grabbed her painting and was ready to go.

The teacher spoke to me about her day, and I am so proud of my girl. She in the words of her teacher is "very settled" and "Very academic." She tried everything they offered her and got on well with the other children. The teacher sat with her to work out where she was at, and she is ahead for her age. "It's obvious she has been exposed to alot of things, because she is very academic" That's my girl!!!!
I feel so proud of her. She is a bright little thing. Though feisty and sometimes out and out a pain in the butt.... but luckily that isn't all the time.
The teacher recommended she be moved to 2 mornings a week and into the next classroom where she can be more challenged. So that's nice.

She is so excited about going back to school. She can't wait!!! She will have a very busy week this week. We are going to the Show on Thursday, and she is very excited about that. She will have a wonderful time, we are going with my brother and SIL and my niece and the girls can go on rides together etc etc. It will be wonderful for them.

I am incredibly tired still... last night we had friends over and learned how to play poker. I WON!!! WOOHOO!! Beginners luck. Pat (friend) said I would win because I was a beginner and he was right. Can't wait to play that again. It's a fun game. Once I got the hang of it.... I was pretty poor in the beginning. Anyway we played poker till almost 2am. E was awake just before 7 so you know why I am tired now!! ;)

Right now listen up you readers, has ANYBODY noticed I popped a guest book on my blog? Right there on the right hand column. Please feel free to leave you message of love..... hate mail can be emailed to:

Aug 29, 2006

Look what I did!

So these are the altered Canvases I did of the Kids. What do you think? I apologise if the photo is pretty rubbish quality. But I have to shrink the file size a bit so it wouldn't take 10 years to upload... and by then I would have made 6 more canvases of my cherubs.

Our new lounge suite arrived today. It looks great! It was a bit bigger than I thought it would be I guess Harvey Norman is a big place, so any piece of gigantic furniture looks dwarfed in there. I have the lounge set up, but it's a matter of finding space for a few other vital bits and pieces.
Next thing to get in there is an entertainment corner unit. Then the sound sytem, TV, playstation, DVD player, VCR, digital set top box and anything else I may have missed can go in there!!! That should free up quite a bit of space and also make it look tidier. I hate having a messy looking place.
Actually the house is driving me crazy at the moment. There is stuff everywhere because we need to rearrange to make everything fit a little better. I can't function!! I hate it. I need order to do anything. I can't do art, craft, read, watch a DVD, or anything with such chaos. I can't relax. I hate it..... I need to go put some order into this chaotic room.

Man I am tired lately. Daz has been having rather unintelligent conversations with some camels lately in his sleep. I didn't know he was fluent in Camlish. Groans that would wake the dead while he interacts with his dream world... while I am trying to sleep. Every night for a while he has been at it. WHO invented the shared bed thing??? It's NOT cool!!! My eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets and onto the keyboard. NOT cool...

Aug 27, 2006

blah blah blah

Nothing much to report here. I haven't done anything worth showing off. I have been incredibly tired, from lack of sleep. Ahh you get that. My arthritus is pretty painful, I have new drugs to help with that... ah well you get that.
The kids are great. E has finally cut those two bottom teeth. His butt is red raw from the teething and he is has been a right grump for a few weeks.
Mop hurt her finger yesterday and I have no idea how it happened. Her finger today is black, green and blue, swollen and it's bleeding from under the nail. If the swelling doesn't go down by this evening I think it's off to the doctors to get it sorted.
I havent done any digi scrapping, but I have been starting to organise a wedding altered canvas for our rumpus room.

See? Very uneventful.
Just the way I like it.

Aug 17, 2006

A few more of my creations

Talk about incompetence! >=( Today I nearly burned the house down. I cooked some rice for E, as usual, in the usual way, in the microwave. And what do you think happened? It burned. And burned. I could smell toast.. then it got stronger. I ran to the microwave, opened it and BAM! A blanket of smoke rolled out and covered the house. Poor E and mop were choking and I grabbed them and put them in E's room and shut the doors. Then I opened up all the windows, doors, choking, coughing. It's bad. Now my house STINKS of smoke. I have a smoldering dish outside with smoldering rice. I think I will just dump the whole lot in the bin. When it's finished burning!!

Aug 15, 2006

So kiss me....

I never ever want to forget this moment.

I am having a particularly bad day. Mop is being defiant, and disobedient, whinger, ... you get the picture. E is cutting those teeth still so you get what he's like.

I had E on my lap while Mop was whinging at the door about something or other. I sighed tiredly, thinking I didn't want to be a mum today.

E looked up at me, I looked down at him and smiled. Stood him on my lap and looked into his face. He put both his hands on each side of my face, bent down and kissed me (yes it was a kiss, he has been kissing for a few days now.) It was a very wet dribbly kiss.... but such a beautiful moment. He kissed me again then leaned back and grinned at me.

My day is looking a whole lot brighter.

Aug 14, 2006

Two milestones in 2 days!

Woah boy! Slow down!! Your Mama is having a hard time keeping up with it all.

Okay so for the last week Elijah has been a right royal snot. Grumping, biting things, dribbling enough to fill the kettle... per day!! Mum said "He's teething" I was half thinking it was his immunisations, which he had on Wednesday. He had a slight fever and red butt today... and I peered into his mouth, looking for a sign that the week of being in a foul mood wasn't in vain.
And there I see two little white lines, just at the surface of his gums.
He was really happy for most of the day today, then at 4pm, the banshee returned. He was NOT happy. He wanted Daddy... then as soon as Daddy held him, he screamed again. He was just not a happy camper. Poor little man. DOH! I forgot to give him Panadol tonight.... I hope he manages to get a good nights sleep...

So he is on the verge of getting his first 2 teeth!

Second milestone. On Sunday he started sitting up on his own. It's funny, on Saturday, he would slump forward, and not even bother holding himself up. Sunday, he decided to do it. He can sit for a few minutes at a time, then he topples over... usually because he is grabbing his feet and trying to bring them to his mouth. That is funny to watch.... until he falls the opposite direction you expect and he hits his face on the annoying Elmo toy.

Saturday afternoon we met up with Pete, Deb, Steve and Dad for a picnic at Freemont Park. What a GLORIOUS day! We played croquet which was VERY fun. I can't wait to play that again. We munched on egg sambos and Kettle chips - which Mop choked on, and was bawling her eyes out for ages afterwards. Poor little mite.

Sunday I worship lead in church. It went really well.
Aunty told me about a 6 week course that is being run to help in public speaking and preparing sermons and stuff like that. I have been asked if I want to go along. I said yes straight off. I can't wait for that to start.

Craft update - still trying to experiment and get better at digital scrapbooking which I am really enjoying.
I am working on two altered canvases for our rumpus room. The freshly painted walls are looking a tad bare, so I am going to put some of my own art on the walls. Make it look like I live there.
I am also thinking about starting Christmas presents for this year. I am making Nanna an altered tin. So I should get onto that.

I don't know if I told you this last entry, but on Wednesday I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritus. I need to see a rheumatologist to assess how aggressive it is (because of my family history) and to perscribe some medication and whatever therapy I need. I hope it can be treated easily, because I am sick of not being able to do any exercise. I am getting very fat, because it's too painful to go for brisk walks. If I do go walking I have to walk on soft surfaces... very inconvenient! It's impossible to walk 2 kms on a matress!! :)
Ah well, Little Nan had it, Mum has it, my cousin Jude has it (quite aggressively and she is younger than me!) and now I have it. Darn genes...

Speaking of superior genes, Mum gave Mop my baby album the other day to look at and I was almost having a heart attack, looking at me at 6 months old. Poor old Elijah looks EXACTLY like me - without the pink dress of course. Mum pointed to the picture and asked Mop "Whose that?"
"Elijah" was her answer
Mum pointed to 4 year old me, strawberry blonde curls, looking exactly like Mop.
"Whose that?" she asked
"Me!" Mop replied.

Out of the mouths of babes....

Poor Daz!

Well I better feed the dog, she is barking at the door and thumping about in her kennel meaningfully. Oh and I hear her whines and sighs of "I am a poor starved dog, take pity on me."

Aug 7, 2006

What's new Pussy Cat?

Absolutely nothing.

I burned my finger about half an hour ago, when hot oil splashed on me while I was putting meat in the pan, while making our stew for tonight's tea. I am "touch" typing minus one finger... it's slow going! :) Owwww....

I am great. The kids are great. Daz is great.

Speaking of the better half. It's been 8 years today since we officially became an item. We haven't broken up inbetween either so that's 8 SOLID years. I don't know how he puts up with me. I remember the day well. The night before we had gone for a stroll around the block and we held hands.... *Awwww... going all mushy* Then the next day he rang and we have never looked back since. And that day my best friend Bec was relieved that the discussion of "Does he like me or not?" was finally over!!!

8 years... makes me feel so old!! Everything is creeping up on me. In November Daz and I would have been married for 6 years. Our girl turned 3 a few weeks ago. The boy is 6 months old tomorrow. *Gasp!* Time is flying by.

Thank goodness it's nearly Christmas! I love Christmas!!! What's the attraction?
1. I love Christmas Carols, and Christmas trees, and decorations, and piling presents under the tree.
2. I love watching my girl get so excited about it, and helping us decorate the tree.
3. I love shopping for other people.
4. It's by birthday 4 days before so I get to celebrate that!
5. Bec will hopefully be back so I can catch up with her.
6. The day after Christmas, we go away for a week - usually to Sue and Anthony's (My aunt and uncle, but they are more like mates to us, rather than rellies!) But this year we are going to Marion Bay to veg out at the beach for a week.

See lots of excitement ahead?

I've been having disturbing dreams lately. Don't want to record them, I just want to forget them. They are just REALLY weird and upsetting.

Well E needs a sleep, seeya!!

Aug 4, 2006

A few more pages for Mum's book

Aug 2, 2006

Shh.. don't tell

Another project in the pipeline - I am going to digi-scrap an album for Mum for Christmas. SHHHHHH!! Don't tell her! Last album I did she bawled her eyes out, hopefully this one brings a smile to her face.

Well what's been happening this week? Mop has really perfected her backchatting and telling me off... if it wasn't so infuriating having a 3 year old point at me and scowl and say "That's NAUGHTY! Don't you tell her off!" when I was telling the dog off - I would be on the floor laughing my butt off!

E has been pretty good this week. Another step forward this week - we had to stop wrapping him because he kept escaping from the sheet, so we have a few sleeping bags to keep him warm. Sleeping has been a challenge for the last few days, but he is adjusting slowly.

Daz is same ol same ol.

I am same ol same ol. Too tired to be anything else. It's been a bit of a rough few days, but I can't really talk about it - but I am surviving.

Tell me, do three year olds EVER shut up??? Mine doesn't, unless she is asleep. She is on the loo this very moment prattling away. Sometimes I want to go hide in a sound proof room just for some peace and quiet.... but when she is in bed... I miss the sound of her happy chatter... I think I am contrary!

Jul 29, 2006

Just a few pics

This picture will look familiar. This is my attempts at adding color to a black and white photo. I had a ball doing this one!

This LO is about Mop and what she likes and is currently into.

Let me tell you it's hard to think of 10 thinks you like about yourself.

This one says it all.

I did this one after a pretty harrowing day with whingy boy here.

Jul 27, 2006

Be Bop A Loopa the weekend's here!

Well it will be tomorrow!!!
Friday already!!! Wow!! Time is flying by!

Not much to tell, not much has happened since the birthday party.

This weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow we are .... *drum roll please*
STAYING HOME!!!! We are going to catch up with lots of home jobs that have been waiting to be done for ages. Then tomorrow night some friends and their kids are coming over for dinner. Mop is looking forward to it! Juliette's coming to play!! :) She loves her friends.

Deb and I have talked about helping each other out with our yards. She and Pete don't have the motivation to work in their yard, and we just don't have the time. But if we helped each other then we are forced to work in each other's yard, forcing us to actually get somewhere. We were supposed to do that starting this weekend, but it's going to rain tomorrow morning, and i am not that thrilled about digging in the mud.
I want to get started painting the house once again, I am sick of looking at yellow walls on one side and builders paint on the other. It looks hideous. I see it ALL DAY LONG.. I don't mind looking at my painted walls... but looking at my unpainted walls is soooo depressing. I'm probably going to have to pain the walls myself when the kids are sleeping, since Daz seems to be way too busy to do it.
Our yard is pretty bad too... we have grass... and weeds. That's it. Hope to start that soon as well since it's spring coming up and that's the ideal time to plant.
Hope someday soon I will have photos of my lovely landscaped garden.

Jul 23, 2006

2 milestones in one day

1. Mop turned 3 today. Happy birthday darling Princess.

She had a wonderful party yesterday 50 points to Daz! She got spoiled rotten and she is happily playing with all her new toys. Mainly the ones that Daz and I got her - the Little People playground and a new Leap Pad book at the moment. She loves Little People and Leap Pad stuff.

I will try get some photos from her party a bit later and post them on here.

2. E rolled over from back to front!!! AND I MISSED IT!! I left the room to get my cuppa, and he was on his back, came back sat down and found him on his front!! Clever boy!!! I am sitting nearby waiting for it to happen again....

Better go - hungry boy wants his bottle!

Jul 22, 2006

Where did that week go?

It's been a week since we got back and I seriously have no idea where that went!! It probably dissappeared into the washing machine with the 500 loads I had to do this week!

Well Charli is settling in nicely... Mop is a bit wary of her since she has the unfortunate habit of nipping. But slowly she is getting used to a puppy and is quite enjoying having someone to boss about. Charli is a very clever girl. We have taught her this week to sit, almost stay, not to jump - but to sit nicely at whoever she wants attention from's feet. She loves Mop's slide, and attempts to run up it to slide back down... funny girl

E has been a right royal poop this week. If you don't give him what he wants WHEN he wants it he has developed a rather nasty scream.... as soon as you smile at him or talk to him, he grins and is happy as larry untill you go to do something else. Better whip that out of him.

Tomorrow afternoon is Mop's birthday afternoon tea. Daz organised it... organise being used rather loosely. It's the most unplanned shamozzle event EVER held in this house... and I am hating it. But since I didn't want to do the party, and he pushed and pushed, so I said yup as long as HE did it. So far he has invited people. That's it.... Those who know me well, imagine my face and rolled eyes right about.... NOW!
We bought Mop a beautiful princess outfit to wear - she can dress up in it afterwards. She and Emma (niece) will be the only princesses there. The rest of the party are just family.

Tuesday was the first music practice we did as the new Music directors at church. It went really well.
Wednesday night at 11:30pm we rocked up to out local Target store to grab some bargains at the Big Toy Sale. 12:01am the doors were opened and we all went in... poor Deb (sister in law) who is pregnant nearly got trampled and shoved to the ground. She turned around and hissed at the inconsiderate git behind her to BACK OFF! It was brilliant having Deb there!! After we had Christmas shopped for the kids - and birthday shopped for Mop we got into the layby queue which went around half the shop. It was LOOOONG.... but no one said anything about the quick layby section at the front checkouts. Deb was roaming around the store looking for the items that we couldn't find, Pete (brother) was in the queue behind me. I was trying to not throw up at the smell AND site of some kids puke in the aisle next to me. Deb came running up, hauled Pete and I out of the queue and showed us the quick line! We were there... hmmmm 15 minutes. I was in the other layby queue a good 45 minutes, and I had moved about 6 meters! I would have been there for hours!
We left the shop and got home around 3am. We were exhausted Thursday, but we were stoked with the bargains we got.

Well I better go and light Mop's candle on her donut. We are going to practice blowing out the candle.... if she EVER finishes her rissitto! *rolls eyes*
She just backchatted and has been sent to bed... That's a nasty habit she has too... back chatting and arguing.... cripes she is turning into me as a teenager!! And not quite three!!!

Jul 17, 2006

Holiday Journal

Here is the journal I kept while off trekking around the NT.
I'll add some photos later on. I have a flapping boy at my feet... oh now he is ramming his fist down this throat - making him gag. Oh that's just lovely!

Friday night
Well after the stress of getting the caravan linked up to the car in the first place, we were finally off!! I after a week of intense activity all weel as exhausted! I was dropping off all the way to Port Augusta. A red car kept messing with my very tired head, I swear it overtok us 5 times!
By about 10ish the kids had had enough. They were tired, grumpy and Caitlin did her beside herself cries and wails and tanties. We arrived at Port Augusta around 11, and we all fell into bed, tired but eager for the next day.

Saturday 1st
I woke up at around 3 - and couldn't go back to sleep. I was not used to sleeping with Darren in a very narrow double bed. I got up and went to visit the ladies. I was tempted to have a long hot shower, hoping that might relaz me enough to send me off into a slumber. But silly me decided to stick it out in bed.
We got up around 7 and tried to take off for Coober Pedy. No such luck. Someting had happened to our wiring and we went hunting for a mechanic to fix it. In the end Daz did some magic wiggling and we were finally off!
We arrived in Coober Pedy - literally one big hole that evening.
I was looking forward to a long hot shower and doing some real nice cooking. Turns out Coober Pedy is also the drought capital of the world, we had to pay 20c for every 2 minutes we were in the shower.... which dribbled out some water. When i was trying to cook, I couldn't wash my hands because there were no mains to connect up to. And something was wrong with our pump in the CV...
Not a smooth start.
That night Daz and I decided to top and tail in bed, resulting in an easier sleep.

Sunday 2nd
After ANOTHER round of issues with the electrics - which we have put down to dodgy workmanship, and we aren't able to deal with that till Monday - we headed off to Ayres Rock. Aiming for sunset arrival... no can do. Looks like we will be arriving after sunset.
Which we did! It was dark and we couldn't see anything, no matter how much we strained our eyes.
We did meet a lovely lady - well I met her and E charmed the socks off of her! I was chatting to her while she was in the laundry and I was hunting for the loos. She gave us her and her hubbies passes into Uluru which would have costed us $25 each! She was leaving a day early and her pass was for three days, leaving us with a $50 saving!

Monday 3rd
What a very very very long day! We got up at just before dawn, quickly rugged the kids up, got outselves dressed and hooned on down to Ayres Rock before dawn. We met a lovely couple from NY who we chatted to while watching the sunrays hit the rock, radiating off the most wonderful colors! The lady from NY was watching E wistfully and coochy cooing him, then temptation got the better of her "I'm a grandma" she said, "Do you mind if I have a little hold?" Usually I don't pass my precious children to perfect strangers, but her face showed so much longing and I bet she missed her grandkids so much... so I passed him over. And my son the outspoken and stong willed little man let her hold him for just a moment... then let out a huge wail! She passed him back very quickly! LOL
The sunrise was just beautiful... well.. the rock was beautiful and I marvelled at the brilliant reds and oranges. Then when the sun finally came out into full view, the rock paled and looked just like it really is... a HUGE rock.
I couldn't get over the size of it! It was massive. And here I was thinking that Daz and I could take the kids for a nice stoll around the rock... I never in my wildest dreams could ever imagine a rock THAT BIG!!
We left Yulara immediately after the sunrise special, and attempted to hitch up the CV. Daz was stuggling a bit, but he finally worked it all out and we were off.... for about an hour. Then the car started shaking and shuddering and we pulled into a rest stop, lucky for us there was one right where we were. To my horror I saw a shredded tire about 50 metres away and a very very dead tire and dented rim - we had a blow out.
Oh no the saga does not end there. The jack Daz had bought which said it would lift a vehicle 40cms? DIDN'T!!!! So daz was experimenting with rocks and planks of wood, trying to lift the caravan that 40 cms so he could put the tire on. I was kept busy walking around with a grumpy boy, and keeping Mop amused so she wouldn't bug her Daddy... which was mission impossible, because she was intent on helping him. So I taught her how to throw rocks... aim them at things and THROW... that kept her out of his hair so I could help him. I was having visions of the CV toppling over and crushing my husband.... I was praying very hard that those dark thoughts would not come true.
Heart in my throat I watched Daz as the CV precariously lifted by a rock, the jack and 4 planks of wood - and he successfully changed the tire!!
Well that was supposed to be a truck tire!!! Well it didn't work very well... so we had to make an emergency stop over in Alice Springs, cancelling our night and mining adventure in Gemtree. I was dissapointed, but I lived.
When we arrived at the CV park, we were lucky to have one spot left - and we filled it. The owner was so kind, he let us go to a bigger nicer block which was empty but a permament person was moving in the next day.
Poor Daz, I went to have my shower and I met two lovely women who I stayed to chat with for AGES!! We chatted about kids, and one of the ladies were from Adelaide and so chatted about other things - and poor Daz was getting worried.. I was missing! When I came out, he met me with a flash light, hunting for his wife! LOL

Tuesday 4th
The next morning, Mop made a friend. The couple next to us had a little girl named Bridget and she was almost 2. Mop and Bridget ran around the CV park together having a wonderful time. We took our time that morning, since we had such a tiring day yesterday. We left the CV park around 10am, went food shopping, got a new tire for the CV and then headed to Tennant Creek.
Nothing exciting happened thank goodness... I don't think I could have coped with anymore excitement!
We arrived at the CV park just after dark, and to my utter worry, loads of the local people were roaming in and out of the park, rowdy and yelling at each other. I was too scared to shower - but when I inspected the shower it was too dirty to use anyway. So we went to bed. And slept.

Wednesday 5th
We left Tennant Creek ASAP. We wanted to get to Katherine before Dark. And we were succesful! We arrived around 5 and checked into the CV park. And the place we had to manouvre the van in was tiiiiny. Some very helpful gentlemen neighbours helped Daz get our whopping great van into that tiny spot. Turns out one of the navigators was from Adelaide... actually he lives 2 blocks away from us! He is in the CV next door. What a small world.
Looking forward to those hotsprings in the morning.

Thursday 6th
This morning a young couple with two young girls arrived - instant playmates for Mop! They were taking 7 months off to travel around Australia. Nice!
We made it to the Hot Springs in the morning and it was lovely. Elijah sat about in his floaty and Mop swam about like a fish in hers. It looks very different to what I remember it back when I lived here 13 years ago. It's more tourist friendly, the muddy banks now are bricked and have steps for easier hopping in. The old tree that a rope was tied there for the years we were there, was still there. That rope swung many a child into the bubbling warm water... and my Dad. But then he is a big kid at heart.
After that we had lunch and the kids had a small nap. Then we took off to check out the Gorge. Much to our dissapointment, the only way to see the gorge even a tiny bit of it, is via boat.... where two kids would be cooped up, having to sit still and not scream and be happy with. We didn't think that was possible since Mop insists on getting about 9 hours sleep instead of her usual 13 hours per night.
We had a nice tea, and a country singer came to the CV park to entertain the guests. We were planning to sit outside in the balmy evening air and listen - even though we aren't country music buffs... aghhh when in Rome... But the air suddenly filled with smoke - so thick! They were burning off the land around us, making it impossible to breathe without choking. The poor singer was coughing a bit. My asthma went haywire, so we closed everything up quickly.
Daz and I have been having very relaxing evenings, playing Monpoly and Buzz on our PS2. I am catching up on my reading. I am onto my second Paullina Simons novel and am in heaven! The only houswork I have to do is washing dishes, cooking meals and tidying... oh and washing occasionally - but not much since Daz did all that!!! Jo would be pleased.. she made me promise not to housework much - but to relax.

Friday 7th
1 week in. How time has flown.
Started the day out great. I was in a snot and Daz was forgetful Jones. He forgot to take the jockey wheel off... woops. Luckily another CVanner warned us and he took it off. He also forgot to tie the electrical cable thing up and it dragged on the bitchumen all the way to Batchelor. LOL. Ah well, we could have forgotten something else vital, like not clipping the fridge shut and food could have gone EVERYWHERE... oh wait! That DID happen too! I forgot to clip it shut like I usually do. Ah well.... that was a bit of a laugh... after it had all been cleaned up and fixed!
Today we left Katherine and headed towards Edith Falls. Again it had changed alot since my last visit 13 years ago. I looked across the water over to the rock face on the other side and could see my Dad, skinny little man, waving to us proudly and standing under the waterfall that was no longer there... or wasn't flowing. The area is again very tourist friendly. Cement paths a kiosk where we had lunch and it all looked so different! It was too windy and cool to swim there so we moved on.
We arrived in Batchelor around 3ish, and we settled into the CV park. After E had a much needed nap we went to the pool which we thought would be lovely since it was such a warm day. Not a chance!!! It was FREEEZING... and the only one insane enough to swim in it was Mop! Like Mother like daughter. Once upon a time, I would have swam in it too, no matter how cold. She loved it. She hooned around the pool, her lips slowly turning blue and her teeth chattering... she was insistant on swimming! We finally got her out and her toes were blue too! Funny kid!
We watched a stack of native wild birds being fed, seeing loads of galahs and cockatoos and to our delight a load of rosellas. They were so bright and colorful... and shy.. too shy to come too close, so taking a photos was a tad difficult.
And tonight we have had a nice quiet evening, enjoying more good food and just about to have another round of monopoly... better get my battle gear on.

Saturday 8th
What a wonderful day! We got up - and headed straight for Litchfield National Park. We saw the magnetic temite mounds - which we were a tad disappointed with. As a side note, we have discovered Caitlin HATES those long drops. She cries if she has to sit on one... and every toilet we have been in since - she checks to see if they have water in them. If they have black seats she gets all worried until she sees there is water in the loo. Poor kid. So she was using a long drop at the Magnetic Termite mounds - Daz took her... and she cried her eyes out. Poor blossom.
Anyway back to the termite mounds - and how disappointing it was. Caitlin had to be disciplined in the middle of the talk the guide was giving about the ants that live in the mounds. So she was screaming.. you know the drill. So we had to walk away and then see the mounds without knowing about the little critters that live there. We walked along a ramp, fully expecting to wander through the termite mounds like the Amazing Race people did - well they bolted through... anyway, you couldn't. We saw one termite mound up close, and the rest were such a distance away, we couldn't see anything!
Then we headed to Tolmer Falls. After a fair hike down the hill we came to a platform overlooking the most divine falls and water pool. It smelled so fresh and clean and the sound of water rushing over the rocks was just wonderful. It was windy and Elijah's hat blew off his head and over the barrier. Brave Daz assessed the situation then jumped over to retrive it! On the way up Mop fell over, grazing her knees and after seeing the blood, I had to piggy-back her half way back UP the hill. After struggling for a bit, I made her walk - and she howled the whole way back to the car. After I cleaned her knees, all the blood came from 2 of the tiniest scratches - and didn't deserve all the howling we got. So I put some "magic cream" (antiseptic stuff) and she was happy.
Then we drove off to a swamp of some kind - Daz went to see it because I had to feed E. Luckily it wasn't worth getting all of us out of the car to see. Daz took some pics and we continued on.
Wangi falls - if Eden was still around - I reckon this is the place it would have been. Unfortunately the pool was closed because of a mere 14 crocs were caught in the area, and so swimming was unsafe. They had roped and barriered off the entrance to the steps of the swimming pool, but of course some STUPID tourists decided they were above the rule, climbed under and went to the edge to photograph the falls. The viewing platform was a mere 10 meters away from the silly twits. Serve em right if a huge 520kg saltwater croc came hurling out of the water to munch on them for lunch. It would've made good viewing!
From the viewing platform we saw the lovely clear waters and the falls were just beautiful. As I was approaching, I could smell something... something so familiar.. something like incredible Bad Odour.... BATS... and there they were all in the trees. Stinkin.. but looking so cute and fanning themselves.
We had a picnic lunch at Wangi falls and it was lovely to sit in the shade and munch on a yummy steak sambo. I was watching a group of "Callow Youth" as Elaine would say, listening to their chatter from a distance. They all spoke with the American twang, so I figured they must be over for their summer holidays, some sort of camp or something. I was disgusted to see one boy luring some beautiful native birds in with food (which you are NOT allowed to do - feed them that is) and when they got close enough, he would kick them. Arrogant little twerp! The worst combination in the world - Americans, and TEENAGERS!!
Then our last stop was to Florence falls. Elijah had fallen into a deep sleep so we couldn't see the falls from the bottom and swim there, but Daz and Mop swam at the top while I looked after E. Mop had a wonderful time with her daddy, making little boats from leaves and bark and sticks and watching them sail off over the rocks of the flowing creek.
Then we headed home.
We had dinner in the resorts restraunt. We got a voucher when we arrived for a Rum Jungle Tropicana Cocktail. If they ever offer YOU that - RUN FOR THE HILLS!! It's the most vile thing I have ever tasted. Hmmm.. think Fishermen's Friends mixed with Irish Moss....(cough syrup) BLURGH!!! LUckily for me I stood up too quickly to see to a squealing E and the whole thing fell over!! YAY!! Didn't have to drink it!!!
I had Barramundi with a mango sauce for dinner and it was divine.

Sunday 9th
What a night! Mop woke up at 1:45am and decided not to go back to sleep till 5am. I was exhasuted. I was furious. We were supposed to be spending the day in Darwin and I didn't really want to do that with a grumpy little girl who hadn't slept most of the night. Amazingly enough she was ANGELIC - apart from one little incident.
So we headed to Darwin leisurely - at 130 odd kilometers an hour... Daz loves the open speed limits here in the territory.
We got there and watched the "city" unfold with amazement. It was very bush like most of the way through till you hit the CBD. It was green, lush and soo beautiful!
We went to Crocodylus Park - and saw some crocs. We watched an amazing tour with the most massive crocs I have ever seen. The one next to us that we saw lunge out of the water to greet the tour guide was 520kg. Not the kind of dude you would want to meet in a dark alley. It was UUUUGLEEEY!! I could see his jaw muscles. Apparently on a bad day if this beast was offered a huge thick metal pole - used in large buildings, he could chomp right through the thing, and make a right mangly mess out of it. Remind me not to mess with these things.
MOp was playing up, and the guide was asking her if she was being naughty - Daz made gestures to suggest chucking her to the monster of a croc over the side of the platform. I laughed and thought was a brilliant idea. She shut up and behaved herself from then on.
We went to Casuarina and we bought Mop a watch and she loves it. If she can tell time, she can have a watch. I bought some new earrings and then we toddled off to the coast. I had to see the ocean at least once on that side of Australia. I saw. I also saw some people swimming... nutters!! Three words - SALT WATER CROCS. No chance ME swimming there. I just saw those things in action with a skinny little dude in the same pen as them - I am not that keen to be some crocs entree.Besides its a well known fact, Crocs LOVE tourists.
We headed home, totally surprised with our little girls behaviour considering she had little sleep. Mummy also didn't have much sleep, and I was cranky as!
I chucked Mop back into the freezing cold pool - didn't have to ask her twice, off she toddled and lunged in. I got to about mid thigh and was nearly dying of hypothermia. Daz calls me a chicken.. least I got more in than two fingers. NYAH! Then little miss Princess Ariel refused to get out. I was threatening her, counting, and she just laughed at me. So I HAD to get into the pool since she had managed to get into the middle where I couldn't reach her. I nearly died... and she laughed and laughed. She wasn't laughing when I hauled her out and smacked her wet bottom. It was kind of funny though.
She fell asleep immediately after her mac and cheese and shower.

Monday 10th
Today we left Batchelor and headed to Mataranka. We stopped in Katherine for some lunch and then we arrived at the Mataranka hot springs by mid afternoon and we had a wonderful time.
The most beautiful thing in the world is watching a little girl shriek with laughter and it echoed all around as she splashed her Daddy. That was my curly haired girl doing all the giggling. I sat and watched them contentedly, feeding Elijah his bottle. He took his own sweet time as usual so I got to watch them for a bit.
We all got in in the end, and I loved the warmth of the water and playing with Caitlin. E got grumpy since he was long overdue for a nap, so we headed to our CV park - which is about 500m away from another hot springs. Might go check them out in the morning if we get time.
TOmorrow we head back to Tennant Creek - goodbye warm weather. Hello FREEZING cold mornings, ICE, FROST, shivering in bed..... ahh lucky for me I have a hot water bottle next to me all night. He snores a bit, but he's good value.

Daz wants me to blog this little piece of worthless information that he thinks is bloomin hillarious. I hate frogs. There.. I HATE FROGS. Always have, always will. I hated them when I lived in Charleville and they hopped around the house at Tyrone. I even trod on one and felt so sick afterwards. Blurgh! I hate em..
Anyhoooo I went to the loo tonight, opened the door and there staring at me was a green frog. I squealed and my heart began racing. I tried to stare at it to try and intimidate it to jump away.... it won. I closed the door and opened the next loo. No frogs... so I climbed the steps, shut the door, turned around and there was one right on top of the loo, staring at me. I backed up... then thought I could wet my pants before finding a frog free loo. So I got brave and waved some loo paper in it's face, and it hopped away, long enough for me to sit down and do my business - then dart out of there, heart pounding and then had a little sook with Daz. He laughed... such a comforting husband he is. He laughs when I am practically hyperventilating.
I hate frogs.

Tuesday 11th
Today we got up early and went swimming at the Bitter Springs here in Mataranka. What a beautiful warm and secluded thermal pool. It was divine. We didn't even need a shower this morning, we bathed in the pool. E and Mop had a ball and I was happy bobbing around in the water. Then we took off to Tennant Creek. And here we are - eager to get going again. Tennant Creek is a hole.

Wednesday 12th
Tennant Creek is a hole. Glad we left there this morning. We rocked up to Alice Springs mid afternoon. Nothing fabulous to tell. Except I was able to do some digi-scrapping in the car on the way. E was fractious and is very tired. Mop just wants to go home and get her dog.

Thursday 13th
Well today turned out to be a bit of a shamozzle. It bucketed down with rain ALL DAY. We wanted to go to the women's Hall of Fame museum, and couldn't because the only available parking was way too far away to walk in the pouring rain. We didn't have an unbrella or rain coats, we got drenched walking from car to building! We ended up trying to wait for the rain to stop by window shopping in Kmart. Came out and it was STILL raining. We went souvineer shopping then went back to the caravan. Daz pulled out the awning and I told Mop to go run around and burn off some of her energy. We sat under the awning watching her splash and jump in the puddles, and drink the water running off the awning. We then played chasey, running around the muddy caravan park. Mop was exhausted afterwards, she had a nice warm bath then popped off to bed.
Nothing fabulous for our last day on holiday. Tomorrow we head home.

Friday 14th
Tody we drove from Alice Springs to Coober Pedy. We are dying.. it's freezing here!!! The further we go down south the colder it gets. Not nice!!! Hope home isn't too cold...

Saturday 15th.
Today we drove pretty home. It was FREEZING and wet and windy. Welcome home Skip and co. We stopped via my Aunties to pick up the newest addition to the family Charli. A beautiful puppy. What a sook she was driving home.
We arrived home safe and sound and exhaustipated. How big our house looks!!! Well compared to the caravan it's a palace!

Jun 30, 2006

So long, farewell!

Okay so not quite in the Julie Andrews style...

But seeya round like a fruit loop!Catchya round like a rissole! Seeya later chip potata! Catchya on the flip side. Ooroo!

We are heading north tonight. In 1 hour Daz comes home from work. He will hitch it up to our car and off we go!!
Tonight we are gonna crash - not literally I hope - at Port Augusta.
Or better known by the Adelaidians as "Porta Gutta"

Gotta go... Steve (brother) is telling me a great story... he just got home from a game of golf and got a birdie... LITERALLY!!! He killed abird with a golf ball. Nice one!!!

Jun 25, 2006

4 more sleeps!

4 more sleeps and we are heading off in our CV to the top of Australia and back again! I am sooooo excited!!!

Yesterday I had my bestie, Bec and her hubby around for the last hurrah. We had dinner together... I attempted some gourmet stuff to make it last till we meet again. It was loads of fun... untill Bec started to talk about missing me... then my heart dissappeared into the pit of my stomach, and there it has stayed.
My eyes burn and my throat swells when I think of my poor Bec all alone in a strange city.... but luckily for my breathing, Bec makes friends VERY easily, so she won't be alone for long.
They held their farewell bash in the city on Friday night, it was a cocktail party. Daz had bought me a lovely top I was eyeing off on Thursday so I had a lovely top to wear. Loads of people commmented on it... that and my hair. And the next day I went to the hair dressers and got it all cut off! It's very short, textured and spiky... I love it!!! I will put a pic of it on here one day, when I get one.

Today I went to see the specialist about my foot. He couldn't come up with anything definate... just a few guesses. So I have to see a rhemotologist.. to check if I have rheumatoid or however you spell it, arthritus. (As mum would say Arthur Ritus)
Hope I don't....

I've started yet another new hobby - digital scrapbooking. My fried Jo has been very helpful and I've been dabbling cautiously, only to find that it's soooo cool!! I cant botch it up!! There is an undo button!! :) It's certainly different to paper scrapping. So in the world of scrappers, I am a bi-scrapper!

When I finish my last piece, I will put it on here for you to have a gander at.

I don't think I will be writing until I get back from the Northern Territory, so next entry will be huge, telling you all about our adventures up there. Mop is excited about seeing Ayres Rock and swimming in the hot springs which will be "like a bath!"

So farewell loyal readers, and the people who stumble on in here, I'll see you in a few weeks!


Jun 18, 2006

But it's what you do with it.....

I gave Elijah his rice cereal today, and decided to add some apple.
Well today he demolished the whole lot off, he hardly spat any out... didn't waste a drop of it!! Usually he spits out some rice cereal and he never finishes the bowl... well today he did. Guess he likes apple....

Will be boiling up some carrots tonight when I do the roast and puree them and see what he thinks about that!

11 more sleeps untill we go off caravanning to the NT. I am starting to dig out some summery stuff for the warmer climates. I went shopping on saturday and got some awesome bargains - some shops were clearing out their summer stock.

I realised just how many clothes I DON'T have... I put away all the clothes that no longer fit me... My prepregnancy body will not back. I will sag for the rest of my life so I may as well get used to it. So I put them away and left the clothes that fit me..... lets just say I have ALOT of coat hangers LOL and my drawers were empty... Now they have a few bits in them so I can be presentable.

Yesterday at church, Daz was talking to a mate about what he was up to, and the poor kid is bored witless. He is waiting for a course to start up and so he has nothing else to do. He offered to do some jobs for us.... well I think he might not be bored for much longer. We have given him all the jobs that we don't have any time to do! Starting with weed spraying and fixing Mops tramp... then on Wednesday he is going to come back and paint the pergolas... then there is the retaining wall to build and other odds and ends to do. He's a treasure!! Some of these jobs have been waiting to be done for a while, and we just don't have the time!!

Phooey! E has obviously filled his drawers... I can smell something... ODD!! LOL

Seeya round...

Jun 15, 2006

Because today is OUR Independence Day

Thursday - 15th June - Elijah worked out that his hands are for more than shoving into his gob. He reached for things and grabbed them and then put the object in his gob!

Friday - 16th June - Elijah discovered the joy of blowing raspberries and had bubbles of spit all over his face and his jumpsuit got drenched.

Caitlin took another step forward to that ever-looming place of childhood. She has a job chart on her cuboard. And every day we look at it together and do the jobs together, it also has her routine on there so she knows that everyday she has to get dressed, make her bed, feed the pets etc etc
This morning I got out her clothes for her to wear for the day, came back 5 minutes later to see that her PJ's were no where to be found.
"Where are your PJ's?"
"Under the pillow."
She put them away WITHOUT ME!! I didnt have to remind her, nag her or anything. She just put them away.
Next I hear the sliding door open, and her nappy nowhere to be found. She put her nappy in the outside bin WITHOUT ME!!!
Then she tells me she needs to brush her teeth, so I give her some toothpaste on her tootbrush and watch in amazement as she brushes her teeth, spits out the paste, rinses her mouth out with water, puts her toothbrush back, gets down and tells me she needs her hair brushed.
My mouth fell open in shock... she just did most of her morning jobs/routine without my help. What a grown up girl she is becomming. I didn't quite know what to do with myself... I am so used to devoting at least an hour every morning, telling her what to do, helping her with things... and this morning she just did it on her own. Part of me rejoices in the knowledge that she will not rely on me forever to keep telling her what to do... and part of me mourns the passing of her complete reliance on me.

Jun 13, 2006

Solids and such

4:13pm - 14th June 2006 Elijah had his first mouthful of Rice Cereal.

4:22 pm I had this conversation with Caitlin.

C "Mummy what's that?"
M "It's rice cereal"
C "Caitlin want some.."
M "You won't like it chook."
C "I will. I do. I want some."
M "okay then"

I gave her a small spoon ful. I wish I had a camera... her expression was priceless... she looked utterly disgusted!! She didn't ask for anymore... I am not surprised!

Jun 12, 2006

And you shall call her....


We have named our pup. Her name is Charli.
Caitlin loves it
Daz loves it
Elijah has no say since all he can do is drool, squeal and throw up
and I love it of course.

It's a girl!!


Meet the newest member of our family.
No name as yet, born 9th May to a Mrs Rusty Cavalier Spaniel and Mr Stud Labradour.
Adopted by us.
Will be coming to live with us once she is old enough to leave her mother. We will be picking her up the day we come home from the NT. She will be just 9 weeks old then.
Caitlin can't wait.

The first meeting of our new baby.
Little Miss came over to Caitlin and clambered up her chest, which frightened Caitlin at first. She was overtired and not coping well the the excitement and apprehension of dealing with a tiny puppy.
Then Little Miss came to me, and snuggled into my fluffy scarfe and bit into my jumper... I can still smell the divine smell of puppy breath on my jumper.
The other puppies completely ignored us, and so Little Miss chose us.
Daz just took photos... he's not really ready to play the proud father just yet.

So it's a toss up between these names:

I really like Charli
Caitlin really likes Molly and Charli
Daz really likes them all... so we are no closer to making a decision. We have 5 weeks to think about it.

She is darker than her sibblings and has a white spot on her nose. She cries and snuggles... awww..

Will fill you in more when we bring her home. Posted by Picasa

Jun 7, 2006

Guess God had other ideas

Guess what!? My sister in law is pregnant again! YAY!....
Well it's a bit of a story! Poor blossom. She had her last baby 6 months ago. Maddie.. anyway the deal was that Pete and Deb weren't going to have any more kids. I guess Pete should have got the snip, because WOOPSY!! Deb is up the duff once more. She was pretty shocked, and pretty upset but she only allowed her to cry for one day, then she got on with it. She called a midwife and burst into tears because I think the realisation of it all... the midwife insensetively asked if Deb wanted an abortion. Deb told her where to go. Good on ya Deb!
Deb is just about 8 weeks along and is pretty happy about the coming arrival. She is a bit scared, and tired... after all she is doing a Uni course in nursing plus she has 2 kids to look after. Deb has her work cut out for her.
Pete, my insensetive git of a brother - I love him really, keeps teasing her about having triplets.
Her older sister, I feel like slapping. Deb told her she was pregnant and she just looked at her, "WELL DEBBIE, WHAT am I going to do with your dress?" This older sister is getting married at the end of the year. Deb didn't get pregnant to inconvenience her... selfish cow.
When Deb told me, my eyes widened and my heart sunk - not in sadness, but in pity. Poor Deb. Barely over breastfeeding and she is up the duff again. Oh well, I guess this extra bubba was in God's plan...
Anyway I am going to be an Aunty once again! By the time that one is born it will be my turn to have a baby! We gotta keep providing playmates for our kids! LOL

Turning your thoughts to the weather. It's barely winter, and its FREEZING!! I can't cope with 1 degrees overnight. My nose gets cold, my fingertips turn blue and I just feel miserable. Luckily for me Daz makes a killer hot Milo or cuppa tea, so it warms me up.

Some sad news, my best friend of 10 years is moving away to Brisbane... really soon. I was doing a really good job of pretending it wasnt happening and trying not to think about it. I dropped Bec home Tuesday night and saw a big For Sale sign in front of her house. I felt like crying.
The plus side is that I can go visit her dragging our little caravan with us, and we can hang out in the awesome places along the coast. I'll miss her like crazy. Seems like something is happening in my life. I am having a huge shake up. Guess God doesn't want me to get too settled and too comfortable. My Pastor is retiring, Kym left me to go to Canada to be with her boyfriend, Bec is leaving to live interstate. (I'm jealous. I would love to move interstate. Just to have a change.) Friendships are changing, I sometimes feel like I am being left behind. What's going on?

One thing I can remember is that just because people leave, we can still love each other across the miles. It's not as if they are moving to Mars. I can still email, write letters, call etc. Bec is such a big part of my life... not only as my best friend but she and Nicky (Nick - her hubby) are my kids godparents. If we cark it, they get our kids. Mop loves them both so much. As soon as we step into church she is pointing to Nick and Bec on stage and yelling out to them!

Okay better stop now before I depress myself.
The photo at the top of the page is us when we went away to a B&B all together for hers and Mop's birthday.

Jun 6, 2006

I'm gonna tell the world!

Part of Elijah's 21st speech...

When Elijah was almost 4 months old, he developed the (insert our last name here) sense of humour. WEIRD!! Elijah would have episodes called "the grunties" which sounded like he was immitating a motor cross race. His little face would go red and he would be concentrating on his task.
When it was time for me to clean up his little effort, I would take off his nappy - and before I could comment on the green slop that covered the nappy, and nether regions. He would laugh. Yup... he developed the typical boy grossness rather early I must say. But it didn't stop there... as I was wiping it up, he would giggle. I hated to break it to him, but I guess he would find out later, that everybody poos, and everybody has grunties.... and it isn't something to be proud of. In fact when you are forced to wipe your butt with sandpaper toilet paper, you will curse the bowel movement.

Jun 2, 2006

The banshee returns

That's right folks, my son the banshee has managed to scream himself into hysteria for most of the afternoon. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, he was hiccupping that pathetic little way, you know when they have been crying forever. The poor mite gave himself wind from gulping air.

And do you know what? It's all my fault. He couldn't or WOULDN'T go to sleep. He became overtired. And do you know why? Because I didn't wrap him....
I figured eh what the heck? He fights it and struggles with it, why not make his life easier and just put him without the straight jacket on. Well it turns out he LIKES the straight jacket. He likes to have something to fight before drifting off into slumber.
Now I know....

You would think though, that since I have an almost three year old, that I would know this stuff. You would think, yeah, she's a second time mother, she would have some clue. I swear that being pregnant for the second time wiped any education I received from Mop... it's like being a first time Mum. Complete with the break downs and the sobs of "I don't know what to do"... and that's me being the banshee this time! LOL

Other than that it has been a very average day. Jo cheered me up though which was nice. Just one small sentence/joke and I dissolved into fits of laughter. I had tears of mirth on my cheeks - legend Jo!! And I can't remember what the one-liner was.... but geeze it was hillarious.

Tomorrow I am very excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will be glad to get out of bed early... we are going to collect our caravan!!! I am STOKED!! YAY! Now I just need to find a place to break it in. Wish it was warmer, we could have gone to the beach. If we go there now, we will be blasted with the arctic wind.

Well I am struggling to stay awake here. Daz is at a board meeting STILL and it's 11:10pm. I am going to bed, and he can jolly well sleep on the couch. WHAT board meeting goes for that long??? What are they trying to decide??? The future of our country??? NOoooooo.... Well when Aunty takes over as Pastor, trust me, late board meetings WILL NOT HAPPEN.... she likes to be in bed at 10pm.

Right off to SMS Daz once again....

May 30, 2006


Well what an utterly EXHAUSTING weekend! We spent it in Perth. We left Adelaide mid afternoon and the kids were excellent. Caitlin didn't even get worried when we were taking off. Mum and I were holding hands, she was crying, and I was yabbering about happy memories, trying to keep both our minds off the terror we were feeling. Elijah slept through the whole taking off thing, so he wasn't phased.
We went to Perth and lived a very confusing weekend! We decided to stick to Adelaide times regarding the kids routines. It was just too hard to change it then change back 2 days later. So they went to bed 6oclock Perth time, but 7:30 Adelaide time. Mop woke up in the middle of the night, and thought that it would be a good time to play with Nanny (my Mum) Mum couldn't stop laughing at her, and so when I went in, they were both bright eyed and busy tailed. Caitlin drank and drank untill she vommited. So we were changing sheets and clothes. Then we put Mop back to bed, and Mum dozed on teh couch while i fed Elijah. I couldn't sleep, so when it was time to get up 6am Perth time, I was throwing up and my irritable bowel had kicked in. I had vertigo and was generally unwell. Oh well....
We went to AqWA World or something like that and it was just wonderful. It's a huge aquarium where you get to see some awesome life that you wouldn't normally sea since it's under the ocean. Sharks swam over my head, I petted a very friendly sting ray and handled some awesome sea creatures.
We then had the wedding to go to, the whole reason we were actually in Perth. Never in my LIFE have I seen a bride rock up early to her own wedding. We were running late since we weren't familiar with the area and got totally lost! We arrived to the ceremony and it was half over!! Never mind, it was beautiful what I did see... But when we got back to the carpark, our rental car had been broken into! NOT HAPPY JAN! Scumbags!! They must have been disturbed because our digi camera was still in the seat compartment thingy...
The reception was lovely - even if I did sit across from the most opinionated, snobby aroggant KING! The idiot thought Playboy was intellectual... need I say more? I sat next to a lovely lady - Leah her name was!! Same as mine!! Anyway she was interested in the English Monarchy - especially Queen Elizabeth 1 and King Henry IIV as well!! How stoked was I? So we had a few things to talk about. Her hubby is a Port Adelaide supporter, just like me and he was an outback country guy so we had some things in common.
The speeches were flawless and touching. The food BEA-UUU-TIFUL!! The reception was in a restraunt on the docks of fremantle. We were seated where we could see the clear waters and all the lovely yachts. I was exhasuted at the end, nad because we were still on SA time, we were there till gone 1am... and considering how much sleep I didn't get the night before... i was shattered!!
The next day Mum and I went down the main mall and was utterly disgusted that Sunday trading in teh WA starts at midday!!! WHAT THE?? So we had coffee while Daz went to a brunch the bride and groom were holding to show off teh kids.
We then went to a lovely park - Kings Park. Where there was excellent equipment for little ones and a great cafe where we had lunch.
Then we headed off to the airport, where a little tired Elijah screamed and screamed. 10 minutes before we boarded teh plane, he fell asleep.
We had to wake him because the pram had to be loaded onto the plane. We boarded and started to feed him. Then we had to endure teh whole taking off thing all over again. It was a bit rougher because of the clouds... but we survived. Mum cried again and I crapped on about Katherine, NT.
Elijah screamed and screamed after his feed. Overtired and grouchy. But as soon as an airhostess took him (I nearly threw him to her!!) he shut up and was happy as larry, flirting with the girls and being oh so charming. At least I got to eat my dinner.... I was in tears though. Mum was sympathetic.. Little turd! I probably looked like an incompetent mother!!
When I got him back, he went to sleep on the seat next to me and Mum and I chatted some more. Then the awful descent began. I swear my stomach dropped and seeing the plane go down on an angle... I was praying "Dear God, dont make THIS QUANTAS plane be the first one to crash."
I hated landing at Adelaide Airport int eh dark. I hate not seeing much. I hate flying. Thankgoodness we can't afford to fly much and do more driving holidays. If I never fly again, I won't miss it!

Anyway it was a late night, the kids and Daz and I got to bed about 1am. The kids slept in of course the next day and I was pleased about that!

My next question is... WHO is reading my BLOG? I thought only Jo and Daz read it!! I put a counter on my BLOG yesterday and today there are 6 visitors already!! WHO??

Speak up!! Make yourself known!! :)
Not that I care that you read it... I am surprised actually, with all my dribble. It's a wonder you lot aren't bored to tears!

May 25, 2006

Radioactive Mum!

Yesterday was the weirdest day in ages.
I had some bone scans done on my feet. I've been having some unexplained pain in my right foot for some time. So I get injected with some stuff, and have my legs and feet put into unnatural positions for AGES... nearly die from the pain, and then go home.. where I can't hold or cuddle my children. Apparently I had too much radiation coming from my body from that needle and the scanning and it wasn't good for the kids. So Daz stayed home and played Mum, while I wished with all my heart I could gather my babies into my arms and hold them close. How do you explain radiation to a toddler???

Elijah rolled over today. Clever boy!!! He is such a funny boy. I gave him some tummy time today, and laid down with him as usual, trying to get him to look at me. Usually he just lays his head on the mat and doesn't even bother lifting his head. Or he bawls and put his face into the mat. Today he propped himself up, lifting himself with his arms, neck and shoulders and grinned at me. Then he decided that it was enough tummy time and he lurched himself over. I popped him back on his tummy to see if it was a fluke, but it wasn't. He looked at me with the face of a "Mum, would you quit it already!?" and rolled over once more. How proud I am of him!! Such a clever boy!!

Tomorrow we are all jet setting off to perth for Glenn's wedding. Daz and him grew up together as kids. Caitin is soooo excited about going on a plane. My Mum is coming with us to babysit the tots while we go to the wedding. Mum is such a treasure. I think I'll keep her... :)

Caitlin is a keeper too. We are slowly starting to understand that it's NOT okay to say no, and that it's not okay to disobey. She is quick to apologise when I call her up on it, but I have to be consistent, otherwise she will bulldoze all over me.
She's such a bright thing. We were in the shops and she was looking at all the words on things around her. I stopped to look at some quilts, and she said "Blaan-ket. Blanket. Mummy that word says Blanket!" I turned to look at what she meant. She read the word blanket. My toddler... not quite three is reading. She read quilt, and she helps me read stories now. It takes a little longer, but she really likes to put her new skills into practice.

Well Elijah is squealing at me to pay some attention to him... so I better, before he hits the roof.

May 21, 2006

Our first holiday home.

Congratulate us! We are now the proud owners of our very first holiday home. A nice brand spankin new caravan. She is still in the yard, getting some air-conditioning put in so we can travel to hot places at all times of the year and freezing cold places other times of the year.

Our family are great travellers. We drive all over the country side, dragging our kids with us and showing them this great nation we live in. Last time Caitlin didn't cope so well, considering we were packing and unpacking the car almost daily, sleeping in different places, nothing familiar around her... you get the picture. She turned into a little monster for a while. She is such a routined girl and doesn't cope with change that well. So this caravan will hopefully help her cope with our treks. She has the same living space and sleeping space. She has picked her own bed, and her own quilt cover. She will have her own little drawers and cuboards. We have told her the caravan is our little house, and we will take it on holidays with us, wherever we go. I think she likes the idea of that.

Yesterday we spent a few hours, buying quilts, quilt covers, sheet sets, towels, kitchen bits and pieces, dinnerware, and all sorts of other odds and ends. I now have the huge task of washing all the new bedding. Even Elijah got a new sheet set for his tetra snuggle bed. This caravan is 7 berth which means that we can still keep having kids, and they can bring friends. Then one day we will get an annexe that will be fully enclosed and that will be another room for them. When they get a bit older they can sleep out there on these VERY cool fold up bunk beds I have seen in camping shops. It will be like one big slumber party out there!!!

I keep dreaming of all the places I want to visit, and where I want to take my kids. When Daz gets long service leave, I would love to go for a huge drive around Australia, maybe doing the coast? I don't know... but before I die, I want to visit EVERY town in this great nation we call home. From the smallest roadhouse, the the largest cities. I want to see loads of touristy places, I want to taste wine from every wine region, I want to see all the "big" things in Australia eg; The big Pineapple, the Big Apple etc... I want to swim in all the hot springs, I want my kids to see the different landscapes, from snowy mountains to flat hot deserts. I want to see rainforests, beaches, native animals, etc....

Anyway better stop dreaming, I have things to do!!

May 8, 2006

Good news!

Yesterday I had my appointment with Professor Dekker to find out what my options were about having more babies. GOOD NEWS!! He said I can have more. I can have them naturally/vaginally. Conditions: I will more than likely be induced to keep baby size down. I will not be able to have the baby in the birthing unit, but in the labour ward. He or another senior doctor would like to be delivering the baby and monitoring the baby. If the monitoring so much as hiccups, I will have to have an emergency c-section.

I can at least ATTEMPT to have them naturally.
I can have more gorgeous kids like the two I have.

I asked Caitlin "Would you like to have another baby?"
After careful consideration she replied "Yes, this time maybe we can have a Maddie?"
Maddie is my niece. Guess she wants a sister this time.

May 5, 2006

I just called, to say, I love you...

My daughter - while I was out feeding the cats, my young technology wise toddler made a video call to her daddy at work on my mobile... in the buff! I left her to get dressed while I was out giving my two felines some TLC and she rang Daddy, maybe to get some fashion advice? It took me AGES and a tutorial from Daz to work out how to make the video call in the first place. And a toddler just instinctively knows what to do?? Not fair.. I bet along with screaming lessons, they have "How to make your parent feel inferior and stupid" and "how to crack the hugest tanty to make your parents look bad and almost die from shame" lessons.

Gotta love video confrencing calls. Daz called me once on a video call, showing me all the types of Lean Cusines in the freezer at Coles so I could make my choice on what I wanted. Caitlin was watching... and saw the price tags... "Daddy's at Coles" Clever cookie.

Another time I called Daz when Elijah was having a huge screaming fit. I didn't say anything, I just pointed the camera at the hissy fitting boy and let him scream at his Daddy..... at work... on a very loud speaker phone. His whole office heard my boy that day.

Anyway better go, the lappies battery is getting low. Another piece of technology that I am sure my toddler will work out how to use and write super dooper programs... at age three, while her mother at age 27 knows how to surf the net, and use microsoft programs and play the SIMS.. that's it.

May 4, 2006

Super Mum!!!

Today is the first time in months I have felt on top of things! And it's a good feeling! Today I managed to give Caitlin lots of quality time by jumping on the trampoline with her, ran around the back yard, made a crown and a wand for Teddy so he/she can be a princess and play dress ups. I managed to read to Elijah which I have been wanting to do more often. Caitlin loved reading as a baby and she still does.
Not only did I be a good Mum, I managed to do housework as well and have accomplished alot... and all before 1pm!! My house smells nice from clean floors, the toilets are sparkling, the dishes are mostly done, the washing.. well, I blame our nasty weather for that. A week of rain would put a Domestic Goddess behind in her laundry.

So I am feeling good!

Today I told Caitlin that she would no longer need to have a sleep in the afternoon. It is pointless putting her down to sleep, she never does. So she now has "rest time" which is sitting on the bed reading and playing quietly. Ah my first baby is growing up!!

Elijah had his 2 month immunisations on Wednesday. I had to hold his leg out for the nurse to jab him with needles. twice.... and it's not over yet. I have to go back to get the final one on Monday. I cried enough with the two. I held him afterwards, rocking him, and trying to tell him that he would cry more if he got the diseases I am protecting from. His legs was very tender afterwards and I had a job remembering not to hold his thigh. I forgot how much I touch it. When he is feeding, I pat him on the thighs, I grip it to lift his bum off the nappy tab, and when he is feeding on the left side, he lays straight on it.... well I remembered after he stared wailing because I touched his poor leg. Poor blossom. Then yesterday he wasn't very well and wasn't too happy. He had a temperature and wanted to cuddle all the time. As you can probably tell I got zippo done around the place. He still chatted and giggled and smiled at me, but at times he was just miserable.
Today he is back to his angelic self. Chuckling at me when I chat to him, snuggling into me when I give him a cuddle, and back to screaming his head off 10 seconds after he feels his first hunger pang... yup, back to normal.

So today, if it's the only day it ever happens, I was super Mum... oh hang on, I WILL be super mum if I can manage to cook an awesome dinner, without Elijah screaming, and Caitlin getting under my feet.

It's a great feeling.