Nov 18, 2006

Secrets revealed.....

Remember a few posts ago, I antagonised you with "I know something you don't know!"?

Well I have been given permission to open my gob and spread the wonderful news....

My best friend Bec (and I guess Nick has something to do with it ;) ) is having her very first baby!! I am soooo excited!! I am going to be an honorary Aunty!! Poor girl, when she visited here last she was pretty peaky from morning sickness. I totally sympathised. Worst thing about pregnancy is morning sickness..... except why do they call it morning sickness? It often lasts all freakin day long! :)

So May 10thish this should all be happening..... *does an excited dance*

We are going to visit them in late March for a few weeks over the easter break in Brisbane. Poor ol Bec will be really big... maybe I can carry her tummy for her, like she carried mine when I was pregnant with Mop? :)

Poor old E has croup at the moment. He was awake for a while overnight, distressed because he couldn't breathe very well. Sounded like we had a seal in the cot!! I then in turn didn't sleep well because I was worried about him.

Well I better get going. The worship service is on this morning... it's a hot day today, and I have to shave my legs so I can wear cooler clothes!! :)

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