May 20, 2007

Officially Launched!!

I am so pleased to finally announce that has been officially launched. Daily posts are now taking place. (apart from weekends of course, since that is family time)

I have been so stoked with the feedback I have been receiving about it. It's quite chest puffing really!!

So if you want to know anything domestic, or look for inspiration regarding food, or home organisiation, domestic guru is the place to look! And it's not finished yet!! I am adding more and more information as I experiment with different methods of cleaning and different ways to save money etc etc.

On the family front:
I had my ultrasound on Wednesday, bubba is 10 weeks and 4 days old. All is well. Morning sickness hit with a vengence last week. Driving down Main North Rd to Gawler, I had a wave of nausea - since I was in a 100 zone I couldn't pull over fast enough. End result, puke all over the car and myself. I got SOME in a bag... but not enough. Ah well... it should end soon. If I could eat Whoppers all day long and not gain an ounce, I would. I love them... and they are the only food that appeals to me much nowadays. Poor ol Daz.

Elijah is being a right pain in the Blessed Assurance (I hear Neil Myers say that and I thought it was absolutely hillarious!).... His latest antics was to put the VCR remote control in the fish tank. He got his butt whopped, and he cried for 15 minutes, absolutely devestated. We really need a lid for that thing, but money is so tight at the moment.

I have a very sore throat, making it difficult to growl at him effectively. I can barely talk.

Daz is home today, looking after the kids and helping me. I can't talk much and I barely got any sleep last night, so I got to have a bit more sleep this morning and woke up to some lozengers on my bedside table. He's so good to me. He is in the process of making me and the kids some lunch. The kitchen is spotless (he cleaned it), and my lunch is smelling rather good!!

Mop is being a good helpful girl as usual. She keeps talking about big school - I hate to tell her that big school for her is YEARS away! LOL.

Right well that's life in a nutshell. Lunchtime!!

May 14, 2007

The eye's have it.....

E is cutting his eye teeth. What a joy he is at this time..... NOT!!! What a carry on!! He's such a boy!! A simple headache turns out to be terminal. He just roams around the house, following me, and screaming. Luckily it's not 24/7.

Good news - Bec had her baby! A beautiful boy named Zachariah. I think it's Zac for short. He was so tiny too and she looked like she was carrying an elephant in there! Poor blossom. I haven't spoken to her yet, but I will tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my dating scan. They told me "Drink 2 litres of water." Yeah right. NO WAY!! EVERYTIME I go in for an ultrasound, they tell me this, then when I get onto the table, my bladder is too full, I need to go wee for 15 seconds then stop it, and come back. I hate stopping weeing half way through. It hurts and is impossible to do! Last time I drank 250mls. And guess what? STILL too much!! So I had to go let some of it out!! *Sigh* can't win!!

Tomorrow when we find out the due date, it will be public knowledge that we are expecting. Pretty much all of our friends know, it's just all the family we rarely see that don't know.

Today I was absolutely horrifed and mortified all at once. A wave of nausea hit me while driving down Main North Road. I was in a 100 zone so slowing down and safetly pulling over took a little bit of time. TOO much time... because I puked. I got it all over the car, all over my shirt and face. I had a ziplock bag thankfully and got most of it in there, but not all of it. I stunk of puke, and I was crying.... while Elijah the insensetive git was in his car seat, laughing his head off, and imitating my retching sounds. He thought it was most amusing!!
That's not the worst of it. I had to go into the school to get Mop, stinking of puke and looking like something a rat vomitted up! :(

Mother's Day was nice and quiet. We went to church, and I worship lead. This time we got all the kids to come into the "mosh pit" and we started to teach them about worship. I have been booked once again to preach in 4 weeks. I am so excited about all these opportunities to preach. I want to get so good at it!
Then we had HJ's for lunch (I can't get enough of that stuff at the moment!) and then we vegged all afternoon. I took around some cheesecake to Mum for the 9pm coffee and her present. We got her a really soft snuggly dressing gown. I would sleep in it!! We had Fasta Pasta for tea as well which was nice!! I had a lovely day. Daz even took the kids to the reserve so I could take a nap. VERY NICE!!

Well I think that's all for now.
Better go clean my house.

May 10, 2007

Blood, guts and more

Blood - I had a blood test. The nurse was brilliant as usual (I see the same one because I am made from stone and no one else can get blood from my veins) No bruise, some pain, and 3 vials of blood - the woman deserves a medal!!

Guts - It's getting bigger. It's visibly noticeable that I am up the duff. Daz's cousin Sara noticed - but her being polite she didn't say anything untill I told her. A man from our church took one look at me, his eyes widened as he looked at my tummy, then says 'I know what you have been up to!"
I blushed.... I know what I have been up to as well!!

More - my brother moved out of our house after living here for years. I have a spare room now... well not anymore. The very next day after he left, it became the toy room. It's nice to have my house back to pre-toy-domination days.

I have been cleaning up a storm this week. Today I attempted the carpets but the kirby fell apart - so I'll have to finish that up tonight when Daz fixes the blasted thing!!

Well I better get going. E is screaming at me because I won't let him smoosh Promite sandwhich into the lappie keyboard. What a mean mother I am.

May 3, 2007

More stuff....

Elijah is growing into such a big boy. He can say a few words now... or at least sounds like he is saying them. It's hillarious because he says words that I must say alot.

"Good girl" - he says this to Caitlin when she is playing with him.
"Good boy" - when I tell him he is one.
One... "ooo Reeee" - usually when Caitlin is being warned that death is coming if she doesn't do as she is told! :)
"Eeeoooww" - that's the cats.
"Deddy" - ahhh that famous mangy blue Teddy he owns.
"Dickledickledickle" - he says that when we tickle him.

Soooo cute.

Mop has a beauty of a black eye. She fell over in Target on Sunday, she tripped over the leg of one of the clothes racks and landed on another leg. I picked her up as she was screaming blue murder and was horrifed to see it swelling like mad and going blue. The Target staff reacted and acted admirably. An icepack was popped on her eye and this week we have been watching the eye change colors. Today it's green and yellow.

Me - I am good. I am enjoying being pregnant, basically because I am not half as sick as I was with the other two. I have a good sized tum already, and have to wear maternity stuff because it's too uncomfortable to wear my own clothes. Ahh that's ok. Luckily Daz spoiled me with some pretty lovely stuff! Mum said she is going to take me out shopping as well for a few more bits.

Daz is going well. Not much to say about him apart from I married the hottest man on the planet, and you can't have him. Nyah! ;) He's been helping me out alot with the breakfast run since the smell of cereal makes me want to chunder. He's been very good when I have been too tired to move.

Steve (my brother) moves out on the weekend. He has lived here since Mop was about 6 months old. So that is three years. So I will be taking over his room and making it the play room, untill October when we move Elijah in there so the baby can have the nursery. I look forward to having my house back to some sort of normality and not having toys all over the jolly place.

It has been raining lots lately and I am soooo pleased. It's been very dry these last few years and it's so nice to have a green lawn!! The dog is so stupid, you have to convince her to get into her kennel when it's raining. She prefers to be a martyr and lay on the wet grass in the pouring rain!

We were considering re-homing our dog because Mop hated her. She wouldn't play with her at all. But since being back from QLD, she has been really good. Mop goes out and plays with her, without complaint and is having a wonderful time! Charli is a really good dog, and it would have been a shame to let her go. She's so sweet... and very loyal to me. I need to be careful though, coz in her 5 minutes of ballisticness when she first sees us for that day, she jumps up, and often her paws go straight for my stomach.

Midwife appointment went really well. Same ol stuff really. Just going through my history and had a chat about what to expect etc. I have appointments for a scan in 2 weeks and a blood test next week. I couldn't believe the waiting list for the scan!! I was on the phone for ages, waiting for them to find me a spot. It looked like I wasn't going to get in before 4 weeks! So I said I was seeing Professor D______ - the top obstetrician - he is insisting he delivers this baby - I am seeing him in 4 weeks. So they squeezed me in quite happily for 2 weeks time. :) Must remember to name drop more often. :)

Once I have the scan, we will let all and sundry know. I am telling people as I go along, but we will do the huge big announcement once we have a due date. It's hard telling you are pregnant but don't know when it's supposed to be here! LOL

Here's hoping we have a singleton. I don't think I could handle two!! --- or three.... :)