May 16, 2011

It's official! I breed geniuses!!

:) Milly Moo, such a clever little girl - 3 years old and she knows most of her phonetics and can read small words. :)  I'm so proud of her!!

Beauty advice

Milly: Mummy, why are you going to the hairdressers?
Me: Because I need a hair cut and color.
Milly: Why are you coloring your hair.
Me: Because it needs doing.... (which really means I am starting to look like a skunk)
Milly: What color will your hair be?
Me: The same, dark brown.
Milly: Oh. I think you should color your hair pink! Coz pink is my favourite color!

Thanks darling, I'll keep that in mind.

Aging disgracefully

Milly (to my Mum): Nanny, what you doin'?
Nanny: I'm crocheting.
Milly: What you making?
Nanny: A blanket.
Milly: Who is it for?
Nanny: For a little old lady.
Milly: Oh. Is that for my Mum??

Milly: Nanny... Nanny? What you laughing at? What's funny? Nanny, why are you laughing????

*insert image of Nanny laughing so hard she was crying*

I however found it a little less amusing. A little. :P