Dec 30, 2008

More birthday stuff!

I got really spoiled!! See???
Turning 30 wasn't so bad afterall.

Body Shop stuff from my brother and his wife. Let me tell you that strawberry lipgloss smells so good you wanna eat it!!


A Christmas book and ribbons from Mum. Christmas stuff... *sigh*... heaven!!

A toiletrie bag for camping from Mum. :) This got good use on our little getaway recently! It was soooo good not to have to share with the boys!

A cooking magazine from a lady in my church. Awww she's so sweet. I LOVE cooking magazines!

Clothes from Daz and the kids - a skirt, white top and white belt.

A necklace from Daz and the kids. It's very sweet. You can't see from the photo, but there is a little pink stoned flower that rotates when I move.

An Il Divo DVD from my bestie in NSW and a new Singstar game from Daz. Disney!! COOL!!!

A tea chest filled with tea and a gorgeous teacup and saucer from my bestie in QLD.


AND a puzzle which is torturing me because I can't do it!! This was given by my older brother and his wife. I am going to go crazy.... LOL

So I was totally spoilt and I had a wonderful day.

New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions for 2009.

1. Body: Exercise for 3 hours a week minimum.
2. Mind: Enrol in study
3. Spirit: listen to teaching/messages when I go walking.
4. Money: Get on top of our finances
5. Organisation: Get on top of our to-do lists that have exploded over the last few years!
6. Family - have a day trip for the benefit of the kids once a month.
7. Family - go away camping once every 6 weeks.

Christmas/Holiday photos

Hey ho!!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We just rocked up home from our 4 day break and we are feeling very relaxed and much better for it.

So without further rambling from yours truly, here are the pics.

On the 23rd the kids opened their "big" presents. That way they could play with them for a bit.

Sir E got a Wiggle Water playset. He loves it!

Milly got a F&P Baby Grand Piano. Excuse the topless shot, but she had dirtied her clothes up and since it was the end of the day, I couldn't be bothered redressing her.


And Mop got her own little Laptop thing with educational games, stories and stuff on it.

This is how we saw her for the next two days.


Christmas Morning!! Stocking time!!



I must admit, I ran out of time to make Milly's stocking... so she got a bag. That's ok, she was stoked with it.


Here she is with her Maraccas she got in her bag.

And the hot guy in the background is NOT available. All mine!!!

Here is Sir E engrossed in his In the Night Garden Activity Book - wearing his brand new In the Night Garden PJ's from Grandpa and Grandma.

Then he got his very own Iggle Piggle stuffed toy that squeaks and sings the Iggle Piggle song. He LOVES ITNG. :)

More of Milly

I think she thinks her bouncing Tigger is possessed.

Mop's Jubilance:

Now this I want to do a shameless plug.
My friend Madame Jacquiline (she is soooooo going to kill me for calling her that) is the most wonderful lady, and she whipped up this little number that Milly is wearing for Christmas Day. It fitted her perfectly and everyone said she looked adorable in it!

So if you are looking for something rather cute, head over to Jac's shop and I am sure she will have something for you!



Now here we have a few shots of the kids on holiday.

I has TEEEF!



So there you have it. A small tiny weeny glimpse into the last week.

I'll be back with my birthday present photos and stuff.... soon.
Also will be back with New Year's Resolutions. :)

Have a very Happy New Year, however you choose to celebrate it. I hope 2009 will be filled with blessings, new hope and precious times for you and your family.

Dec 25, 2008

I just butt in on the tag.. LOL

I stole this from Mel... who stole this from someone else. So it's ok! :)

You have to bold what you have done already. If you read my blog, and have one of your own, I tag you. Make sure you comment, send me a link so I can read your answers too!!

1. Started your own blog.
2. Slept under the stars.
3. Played in a band.
4. Visited The Great Barrier Reef.
5. Stood under the stars in the outback, the real outback – think Uluru.
6. Given more than you can afford to charity.
7. Been to the Gold Coast’s theme parks – anyone, you take your pick.
8. Climbed a mountain.
9. Held a praying mantis.
10. Sung a solo.
11. Bungee jumped, jumped out of plane, been paragliding or hang-gliding, hot air ballooning – you get the idea, you’ve been hundreds of metres about earth in a seemingly flimsy contraption.
12. Visited Melbourne.
13. Watched a lightning storm at sea.
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch.
15. Had a child. Raised a child. Worked with children.
16. Had food poisoning.

17. Been to the Snowy Mountains.
18. Grown your own vegetables.
19. Visited the Brett Whitely studio in Surry Hills, Sydney.
20. Slept on an overnight train or bus.
21. Had a pillow fight.
22. Been backpacking.
23. Taken a mental health day.
24. Been buried in sand with just your head and toes sticking out.
25. Held a possum, kangaroo or koala – or any other native Australian animal.
26. Gone skinny dipping.
27. Been in a fun run.
28. Been on the Blue Mountain cableway.
29. Seen a total eclipse.
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset.
31. Played, or watched, summer cricket.

32. Sailed, kayaked or canoed our beautiful waterways.
33. Seen the Daintree.
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors.
35. Visited an Aboriginal settlement or mission.
36. Learned a new language.
37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied.
38. Toured the Sydney Opera House.
39. Tried rock climbing (indoor or outdoor), abseiling or just simple bush walking.
40. Visit Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art.
41. Been to the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
42. Sunbaked at Bondi.
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant.
44. Visited Broome.
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight.
46. Been transported in an ambulance.
47. Had your portrait painted.
48. Gone fishing.
49. Seen Tasmania’s old growth forests.
50. Been to the top of Q1, on the Gold Coast.
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkelling.
52. Kissed in the rain. Sigh. Got proposed to in the rain. Dreamy moment.
53. Played in the mud.
54. Gone to a drive-in theatre.
55. Been in a movie.
56. Driven the Great Ocean Road.
57. Started a business.
58. Taken a martial arts class.
59. Visited Norfolk Island.
60. Served at a soup kitchen.
61. Sold Girl Guide biscuits.
62. Gone whale watching.
63. Got flowers for no reason.
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma.
65. Gone jet boating.
66. Visited Port Arthur.
67. Bounced a cheque.
68. Flown in a helicopter.
69. Saved a favourite childhood toy.
70. Visited the Australian War Memorial.
71. Eaten Caviar.
72. Pieced a quilt.
73. Stood in Federation Square.
74. Been on the Murray River.
75. Been fired from a job.
76. Travelled, or climbed, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
77. Broken a bone.
78. Been on a speeding motorcycle.
79. Seen the Three Sisters at Echo Point, Katoomba.
80. Published a book. E-books count don't they?
81. Visited St Mary’s Cathedral, in Sydney.
82. Bought a brand new car.
83. Been to Hermannsburg.
84. Had your picture in the newspaper.
85. Read the entire Bible.
86. Visited Parliament House.
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating.
88. Had chickenpox.

89. Saved someone’s life.
90. Sat on a jury.
91. Met someone famous.
92. Joined a book club.
93. Lost a loved one.
94. Saved a pet.
95. Been to the site of the Eureka Stockade.
96. Swum in The Whitsundays.
97. Been involved in a lawsuit.
98. Owned a mobile phone.
99. Been stung by a bee.
100. Read an entire book in one day.

Hmm done a fair bit haven't I? But there is so much more on the list I want to do. Mainly the travelling and visiting interesting places in Australia. :)

Dec 24, 2008

...on Christmas Day in the Morning!!

Good Morning!!

I am so tired. I've been awake since 5am and I seriously can't shut my brain off enough to go back to sleep. I lay tossing and turning and then finally gave up about 15 minutes ago and decided to get up so I would stop disturbing poor Daz who is very tired.

So it's Christmas morning... the house is so quiet. Probably in another hour the house will start stirring.

I am so excited about the day. It's going to be lovely. The kids will open their presents, then we will have special breakfast. Then I guess we will do whatever we like until lunchtime, when we head to Mum's for the afternoon. I am sure she will feed us up and then we can swap gifts. I already know what Mum is giving us... a new boardgame!! Sequence.... totally stoked by that. Shall give that a good workout on our time away.

Then tonight we have Nick and Lindsey over for tea with their boys/men. They are on their own at Christmas, since their family is in the UK. So we may as well make them part of our celebrations.

Last night we had Daz's family's rellie bash and it was fun! I really did well for Kris Kringle. I got an insulated picnic bag!! And it's a satchel for easy carrying!! That will get some good use for when we go away.
Cousin in law that I gave to loved her Pink Christmas Decoration and her pink butterfly necklace. She commented that she likes being paired up with someone who has similar tastes to her. :) So I think that was a hit!!

The kids had a wonderful time. They were spoilt rotten by Grandma and Grandpa. There is a whole wall lined up of presents over there that I am refusing to look at.... why? Because I can't stand it when things don't have homes. I have a huge urge to put things away, but can't for obvious reasons of slumbering babies. I have problems I think. LOL

I will post more photos of my birthday presents and details of the day soon. Just been too busy to scratch lately... actually this is the first time in a while I've sat down... and not resting from some huge task and on the way to another.

Today is going to be a lovely day.

From my heart to yours, I hope your Christmas is or has been absolutely wonderful. I hope and pray you experience joy, unity and love in your families, and happy memories are made with lots of laughs and good times.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 22, 2008

Never forgotten


Dear Pops,
Today I have been thinking about you alot. All morning I have been making a big batch of cheese straws in your honor. Mum can't make them anymore, I think it just cuts her up. I make mine into stars instead of straws. I know how much you loved cheese straws, and Mum used to make you a batch at Christmastime.


My beautiful daughter - the one you knew about but never got to meet - she helped me make these stars. You would love spending time with her Pops - she's so much like me it's not funny! I watched her while she pressed out the star shapes and I was sad for her. She will never know what a wonderful man her great-grandfather was. She will never hear his gentle chuckle or his cheerful whistling. She will never investigate your veggie garden and nick your peas. She misses out on so much because you aren't with us anymore. We all do.

I wish you never left us. Life turned upside down, inside out and back to front when you went to heaven. But I still thank God everyday for the wonderful years I got to spend with you and the special times that we shared. I got almost 24 years of memories stashed up. That's alot of time and alot of memories.

But for every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose. You taught me so much in the last few months of your life. I will never ever let life beat me - it will knock me about, get me down, but it will never beat me. In the midst of your suffering. In the midst of your pain, you taught me the greatest lesson of all. How Great is Our God.

Even though you have been gone for 6 years now, you are still in my heart and I love you as dearly as I ever did. I still see your eyes when I look into both my girl's eyes. They inherited the Richardson Blues. I see you sometimes in my son. I feel you when I paint my house. I feel you when I work in my garden. I smile and remember when I hear my water feature tinkle.

I miss you so much and you are always just a thought away.

Dec 19, 2008

My first Birthday present.

Today Daz came home with a gift bag with a few gifts for my birthday from his parents.

I was sooo excited and so stoked with what they chose.

First of all is a Cookie Factory. I can't WAIT to try this out!! Christmas baking day is Monday so I'll definately give it a whirl. I am a huge fan of kitchen appliances. I use most of my kitchen appliances... the only one I don't use regularly is a juicer. I just can't be bothered. Makes too much mess and it's hard to clean.

Anyway... so I have a new appliance! That always makes me happy!

Second thing I got was a Quilting Calendar. It has a pattern for everyday!!! This is so wonderful! I am just starting out quilting and I really enjoy doing it.

I am just a bit spoiled. :)

I also scored a big bag of Fruitchocs! So my 30th year is off to a good start already! :)


Sorry this one is a bit blurred - I had shaky hands.


Dec 18, 2008

Small vent.

I love PJ's

I want PJ's for my birthday.

But there are none in my size ANYWHERE!!

DH hunted high and low.

Mate I must be a popular size. Only the skinny butt sizes are left.

Will have to order online I think!

A quiet moment - a rarity

I am sitting here, legs curled under me, like my Mum sits, Milly in bed, and the older two tikes out with their Dad buying my birthday present. The wind chimes are tinkling, the dishwasher humming and all is still. I've been deep in thought.

I'm at peace. My heart feels smooth again. My mind is quiet and calm. I don't feel like I will get anymore grey hairs this week.

It's been an interesting few weeks, and I believe yesterday was the big explosion. I don't really want to talk about it here, because it's unfair to those involved. A relationship had to end yesterday - and as sad as that it, my soul is at peace. I believe that for every thing there is a season and time for every purpose. That season is over for me now. But a new one is beginning.

Where will this new phase in my life take me? I turn 30 in a few days - and all of my friends tell me it's the best years of their life! Donna tells me it's the beginning of a new decade for me. I never saw it that way. So where will these next years take me? What will I be able to accomplish in these years? How can I serve God, my community and family? What will I acheive? What will I be?

I plan to rediscover myself in my 30th year. Who am I? Define Skipper. Emerge into my 30's confident and absolutely fabulous darling!

So the door of my 20's and the life I had in my 20's is closing. On Sunday a new door opens - into my 30's. There to walk with me are dear friends and family who are growing old with me. I am at the beginning of a decade, a fresh start!! I'm ready.

So on Sunday I won't be curling up in a ball and pretending it's not happening, I most certainly won't be having 30 candles on a cake, and I don't think I'll drink myself stupid... but I intend on embracing and "sucking it up" - because I am going to be 30 on Sunday, whether I like it or not. So may as well like it and make my life easier.

And it's now closing time at the shops, so I am going to get ready for the troops to arrive home and get on with things.

Dec 17, 2008

Her first trophy

Mop had her awards night last week. We were so proud of her! She won a trophy for scripture memorisation. I expect next year, she will be giving the rest of the kids a run for their money, she won't be a mid-year student so has a better shot at earning awards.

She sang a cute song that I sang as a kid:
Somewhere in outer space
God has prepared a place
For those who trust Him and obey
Jesus will come again
And though we don't know when
The countdown's getting lower every day.

10 and 9, 8 and 7, 6 and 5 and 4,
Call upon the Savior while you may,
3 and 2, coming through the clouds in bright array
The countdown's getting lower every day.


Awwww so cute. She folded her arms as she sang it, which was hillarious. Too bad I own a non-SLR with an awesome lense - because the photos were awful. We didn't get a shot of her on stage getting her award or singing because of our non SLR. I swear with my first paycheck and maybe second too... I will be buying an SLR camera!

ANYHOOO.... We did get this picture of her with her trophy.


Doesn't she look so cute in her uniform?
Oh I have added stars to the front to protect her - name and school :) But you get the general idea of the trophy.
She didn't like it. She wanted a pink and purple trophy. Brown is NOT her favourite color.

Dec 14, 2008

Mirror has been shattered... totally

8. Horrible virus transformed into evil bacterial infection and knocked me for six - I'm on antibiotics
9. Milly contracted the virus.
10. E contracted the virus and looks like he is on his way to a whopping ear infection.
11. Our lovely wonderful doctor whom we have seen for years - and also is a paediatrician, has just announced he is moving to another practice - private health care only AND it's ages away. :(

What's next? Bring it on!!

*I am being sarcastic... really I want to curl up in a ball and cry*

Perhaps this is a sharp lesson in life where God is saying "Seeee? Turning 30 isn't so bad after all is it???"

Dec 12, 2008

How do you see yourself baby?

My big, long legged girl was sitting in front of me, chatting to me while I was doing her hair. I took just that little bit longer, to savour the moment. It isn't a school morning where everything is usually crazy. I brushed her soft hair and listened to her talk about the flowers in the bushes outside our bedroom window.

When she was done she stood up. When I am sitting on my bed, I am staring into her chest.

"Give your ol Mum a hug"
She threw her arms around my neck obligingly.

"I love you Mop. You are such a wonderful, special girl, did you know that?"

"Yep!" she replied confidently "That's because I am your special gift from God"

You got it, baby. You got it.

Now I need to remember that, not only in the nice times, and when you are being good and lovely but also during the times when you frustrate me, when you answer me back, when you argue with me, when you yell at me. I also need to remember that God has an evil sense of humour and gave me a girl who is exactly like me. HAHAH!!

You are so precious, Mop. One day soon I won't be doing your hair, because you are so insistent in learning to do it yourself. That special time will be gone... I need to make the most of it.


She just came in and said that she was going to help me "You need to rest Mummy!" Awwwwwwwww....

It's nice when she isn't in school - she isn't tired and moody. She's quite pleasant!!

Dec 10, 2008

The Doctor is a comedian.

Diagnosis: severe viral infection. Apparently it's everywhere.

Treatment: Rest. Complete rest. Early to bed. Nanna naps. And ABSOLUTELY NO STRESS.

PFFFFTT What a joke!!!

I have three kids, with a gazillion xmas presents to make, with kids who are intent on killing themselves.... and that isn't supposed to stress me out?


Gotta love him.

Right WHO broke that mirror!!??

We are on a bad run here.
In three weeks we have:

1. A split head from Master E and stitches
2. A dive off the change table, and nearly knocked unconscious from Milly Moo.
3. A hard fall on the arm and slinged for a while from Madam Mop.
4. A scream that rendered her unconscious - from Milly Moo.
5. FIL in hospital because his medication doses weren't correct.
6. Our car cracked something vital and had the towed away, insurance company hasn't gotten back to us, and we have no idea how long it will take to repair.
7. Now I am on my way to the doctors because I have been crook since Sunday and it's just not getting better.

I swear we are keeping our local surgery in business. Should buy shares in the place.

I thought bad things come in threes? Well we are into our third lot - I think we have inherited someone else's share!!

Dec 5, 2008

A horrible moment

I just had a horrible horrible moment. I have no idea what is going on with my kids and their self destructing at the moment. What next??? I am half expecting a broken leg by Christmas!!

Milly has been a bit clingy today - not a big deal. She is going through a clingy phase. She is not happy unless she is on my hip. Awwww, loves her Mummy. Anyway - after feeding her some lunch, I cleaned her up and laid her down in her cot for a nap. She was grizzling the whole time, and I thought it was tired signals. As soon as I laid her into the cot she suddenly started to scream - and she did one huge long scream - I picked her up straight away and tried to soothe her - all the air left her lungs... and she didn't inhale again. But she was still "trying" to scream - no sound coming out of her.. I started to pat her back talk in her ear, telling her to breathe... she turned a horrible shade of purple - then blue.
"MILLY BREATHE!!" I was getting frantic, and I was hitting her back, not sure what to do to get her to inhale. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slumped unconscious. I quickly changed position to support her limp body.
"MILLY!!!!!" I was yelling in her face.... Thankfully she inhaled while she was in that unconscious state, and she came to a few seconds later, crying.

She howled and howled... I sat in the rocking chair with her, too scared to put her down again. I rocked her until she was in a deep sleep, then put her into the cot. Poor little mite..

I never ever want to see that ever again. I might give the parent helpline a call to find out what I can do in that situation. That was soooo scary!

A surprise and a picture.

First of all - this is a picture of the birthday girl, on her birthday wearing her "birthday suit" - we gave her this for her birthday.

How many times can I say birthday in a sentence?? LOL


As for the surprise. I woke up the other morning hearing Daz tapping away on the laptop next to me. "What ARE you doing??" I groaned, slightly grumpy - let's face it, I am NOT a morning person.

"Booking tickets to see Phantom of the Opera"


I'm sooooo excited!! I've been wanting to see that for years and years!!

That is showing in May so I have a bit of a wait. Oh well... I'll just have to be excited for 6 months! LOL

Well I best get going. Milly is having a little party tonight with my family - just a dinner and cake, but still, it's a celebration and I have a few things that need doing. The kids are off to my niece's fairy birthday party. Mop is dressed to kill in one of her fairy outfits.

Dec 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Milly Moo!!

Milly precious...

YOU HAVE NO REGARD FOR TRADITION!!! It's your birthday and you are still asleep!! Daddy and Mop had to leave for school/work without the tradtional sitting on our bed, opening presents and lots of birthday cuddles. Why?? Coz you are busy catching Z's. :) That's ok, you've had a few rough days with your teeth so you sleep all you like.

I can't believe it's been a year. Milly Moo you have bought such incredible joy to our lives. You are so affectionate, good natured, sweet and very social. I love that you want to be with us all the time. I love that you are so happy and so chatty. I love your funny little things you do. I love that you are so clever. I love your big blue eyes that are so expressive. I love your smile and laugh. I love your chubby little legs. I think you are just so beautiful. I am so glad you joined our family. You are such a blessing to us and we all love you dearly.

It feels just like yesterday when you were laying in my arms after you were born...

... now you are a beautiful big baby.


Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Hark! I hear the sounds of Milly chatting quietly in the cot. :) Best get my birthday girl her milk.

Dec 2, 2008

They are gonna think I beat my kids!!

On Sunday Mop had a fall. She was hanging upside down on the swing and fell really hard, landing on her arm. She cried very hard.

Yeah sure.... that's what they ALWAYS say.

Ever since then she's been complaining about her arm hurting and not doing anything with it. Today I finally took notice when I moved her arm slightly and she started to howl.

Took her to the doctors, they x-rayed her. Her arm is fine - well... not fine really. They got a sling thing set up for her to rest it a bit. If it's not better next week, we need to go back.

Poor kid. I can't believe I didn't think it could be anything serious - I just thought she was being a wuss bag. Then again, come to think of it, she's not really one to dwell over past hurts - she sucks it up and gets on with it. I really need to pay more attention.

The doctor who sewed E's head up saw me waiting for the sling to be popped on - saw that it wasn't E getting his stitches out and looked at me odd. Yes yes... I've been here recently.

In less than 10 days we've had stitches, a suicide attempt jump off the change table and now this arm injury. What next? DH falls over and breaks his nose? I slip on one of the million Duplo blocks on my floor and break a leg? Or is it true, that these things happen in threes and it should be all over now??

Drama drama drama!!
Where did my nice quiet, level, peaceful, non-eventful life go?