Jul 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mop - and some Photos.


This morning Daz went out to brave the crowds at the Target Toy Sale. I stayed in bed where it was warm and cozy. I awoke briefly when he came in at 2:30am - then crashed again... until 7:50 am.... ARRRRGHHH!!! Mop had to be leaving for school in half an hour and we hadn't done her presents.

I helped her dress and got her ready for school... then we sat down and gave her her presents. A big girl bike - not a trike. A new Bible, a torch, some Disney Fairy stationary... and she loved it all.

Tonight we will celebrate with the family by having Dinner at a Cafe nearby. A nice quiet day.

I can't believe she's 5!!! Where did that time go? This time 5 years ago I was in labour!! But this time 5 years ago my whole life changed. I became a Mummy for the first time. I knew that my life would never be the same again, I am still mesmerised by this girl. I adore her and I am so proud of her.

Now that we have got all the mushy stuff out of the way... let's get onto some photos!!

Here we are finally...

Before Party Day - I painted and decorated Loot Boxes. They were painted in slightly bright pastels with glitter all over them. They had a fairy stuck on the top
I popped some butterflies and flowers inside the box and when the Fairies arrived at the party, the first thing they did was decorate them. They had a ball!!
... and here is their masterpieces!
Here are some pictures of Fairy Land
I painted the Fairy's faces: here is Mop looking rather magical in her costume and her face all done up.
Here they all are looking very beautiful:
Here is Daz's creation - he did such a great job on this.
That's all for now.

Jul 16, 2008

A Huge catchup!!!

Hi everyone!!
It's been so long since I last blogged. Life has been utterly and completely crazy!!

Let's start with the family news.

Daz: he's going really well. He's loving his new job, even though the trek there and back is twice as long as his old job. But they move to a new premises next year perhaps which will cut the travelling time back down again. So that will be nice.
He's been busy lately trying to salvage the laptop hard drive contents because a certain young lady with chubby strong legs, kicked the laptop off my lap and the hard drive broke.

Me: Not a great deal worth talking about. I've been busy but I can't really talk about doing what. I can say I have started a new craft. And I am making something for someone for Christmas. But I can't give anymore details than that, because family members read this blog!
Church stuff is keeping me busy. I'm back on the preaching roster, and it looks like I am on monthly now. That is good.

Us: We purchased a new car a few weeks ago. A Hyundai Terrecan. A nice 4wd for towing and for comfort. It's a 7 seater so the kids are loving the extra space. This will come in handy for when we take off to the Northern Territory at the end of September with friends.

Mop: Starts primary school on Monday. I'm pretty nervous actually. She is fine, nothing phases her because she is so confident. I'm just scared she will be a really naughty kid and get in trouble all the time. On her transition day she shoved a kid. *blush* I was horrified. Her preschool teachers said it wasn't anything to worry about, she was the big fish in the class and she often pushed kids around to direct them and lead them. Nothing malicious... but still... biting my nails.
She had her 5th birthday party last weekend. A fairy party. It went really well. The kids made fairy loot boxes, they did a treasure hunt and swapped their "treasure" for a bead to make a bracelet. Beads went everywhere, but they had so much fun. I painted their face and sprinkled "fairy dust" in their hair, and they all looked so beautiful in their fairy costumes. I have glitter all over my house, but never mind. It was such a wonderful party and all the kids had a wonderful time. When I get my lappy up and running completely I'll post photos of the occassion.

Elijah: when he's not pure sunshine, he's having a meltdown. They are happening more and more lately. A friend suggested that he may be a very intelligent boy with lots going on in his head and he was struggling to express his thoughts, so he just screams like a banshee.
He is talking alot more and he is really mischevious, affectionate and adorable. He has an impish grin and loves to be chased and tickled. He likes to color in as well and for a 2 year old, he's pretty good!!

Milly: Cut her first tooth last week and is in the process of cutting her second. She's an ok teether, a bit grouchy, but eh, we can live with that.
She said her first word. "Mum Mum" - it was nice waking up in the morning to hear it from the cot - almost a call out of "MUM!!"
She is commando crawling... backwards.. and ends up in all sorts of strange places. She rolls around, and is trying to get on her hands and knees. I've seen her do it once. She's a very strong little girl.
She is very placid and laid back. Thank goodness.... I don't know what I would have done if I had another feisty one!! She's pretty relaxed about everything. She reminds me of Caitlin, happy to entertain her self for hours on end.
She has taken to solids well and loves to eat. Ahhh a typical Skipper child!

That's all I really have time for at the moment.
I'll try update more often... now that the craziness seems to be dispersing a little.... only a little.

Love from Skipper