Aug 29, 2006

Look what I did!

So these are the altered Canvases I did of the Kids. What do you think? I apologise if the photo is pretty rubbish quality. But I have to shrink the file size a bit so it wouldn't take 10 years to upload... and by then I would have made 6 more canvases of my cherubs.

Our new lounge suite arrived today. It looks great! It was a bit bigger than I thought it would be I guess Harvey Norman is a big place, so any piece of gigantic furniture looks dwarfed in there. I have the lounge set up, but it's a matter of finding space for a few other vital bits and pieces.
Next thing to get in there is an entertainment corner unit. Then the sound sytem, TV, playstation, DVD player, VCR, digital set top box and anything else I may have missed can go in there!!! That should free up quite a bit of space and also make it look tidier. I hate having a messy looking place.
Actually the house is driving me crazy at the moment. There is stuff everywhere because we need to rearrange to make everything fit a little better. I can't function!! I hate it. I need order to do anything. I can't do art, craft, read, watch a DVD, or anything with such chaos. I can't relax. I hate it..... I need to go put some order into this chaotic room.

Man I am tired lately. Daz has been having rather unintelligent conversations with some camels lately in his sleep. I didn't know he was fluent in Camlish. Groans that would wake the dead while he interacts with his dream world... while I am trying to sleep. Every night for a while he has been at it. WHO invented the shared bed thing??? It's NOT cool!!! My eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets and onto the keyboard. NOT cool...

Aug 27, 2006

blah blah blah

Nothing much to report here. I haven't done anything worth showing off. I have been incredibly tired, from lack of sleep. Ahh you get that. My arthritus is pretty painful, I have new drugs to help with that... ah well you get that.
The kids are great. E has finally cut those two bottom teeth. His butt is red raw from the teething and he is has been a right grump for a few weeks.
Mop hurt her finger yesterday and I have no idea how it happened. Her finger today is black, green and blue, swollen and it's bleeding from under the nail. If the swelling doesn't go down by this evening I think it's off to the doctors to get it sorted.
I havent done any digi scrapping, but I have been starting to organise a wedding altered canvas for our rumpus room.

See? Very uneventful.
Just the way I like it.

Aug 17, 2006

A few more of my creations

Talk about incompetence! >=( Today I nearly burned the house down. I cooked some rice for E, as usual, in the usual way, in the microwave. And what do you think happened? It burned. And burned. I could smell toast.. then it got stronger. I ran to the microwave, opened it and BAM! A blanket of smoke rolled out and covered the house. Poor E and mop were choking and I grabbed them and put them in E's room and shut the doors. Then I opened up all the windows, doors, choking, coughing. It's bad. Now my house STINKS of smoke. I have a smoldering dish outside with smoldering rice. I think I will just dump the whole lot in the bin. When it's finished burning!!

Aug 15, 2006

So kiss me....

I never ever want to forget this moment.

I am having a particularly bad day. Mop is being defiant, and disobedient, whinger, ... you get the picture. E is cutting those teeth still so you get what he's like.

I had E on my lap while Mop was whinging at the door about something or other. I sighed tiredly, thinking I didn't want to be a mum today.

E looked up at me, I looked down at him and smiled. Stood him on my lap and looked into his face. He put both his hands on each side of my face, bent down and kissed me (yes it was a kiss, he has been kissing for a few days now.) It was a very wet dribbly kiss.... but such a beautiful moment. He kissed me again then leaned back and grinned at me.

My day is looking a whole lot brighter.

Aug 14, 2006

Two milestones in 2 days!

Woah boy! Slow down!! Your Mama is having a hard time keeping up with it all.

Okay so for the last week Elijah has been a right royal snot. Grumping, biting things, dribbling enough to fill the kettle... per day!! Mum said "He's teething" I was half thinking it was his immunisations, which he had on Wednesday. He had a slight fever and red butt today... and I peered into his mouth, looking for a sign that the week of being in a foul mood wasn't in vain.
And there I see two little white lines, just at the surface of his gums.
He was really happy for most of the day today, then at 4pm, the banshee returned. He was NOT happy. He wanted Daddy... then as soon as Daddy held him, he screamed again. He was just not a happy camper. Poor little man. DOH! I forgot to give him Panadol tonight.... I hope he manages to get a good nights sleep...

So he is on the verge of getting his first 2 teeth!

Second milestone. On Sunday he started sitting up on his own. It's funny, on Saturday, he would slump forward, and not even bother holding himself up. Sunday, he decided to do it. He can sit for a few minutes at a time, then he topples over... usually because he is grabbing his feet and trying to bring them to his mouth. That is funny to watch.... until he falls the opposite direction you expect and he hits his face on the annoying Elmo toy.

Saturday afternoon we met up with Pete, Deb, Steve and Dad for a picnic at Freemont Park. What a GLORIOUS day! We played croquet which was VERY fun. I can't wait to play that again. We munched on egg sambos and Kettle chips - which Mop choked on, and was bawling her eyes out for ages afterwards. Poor little mite.

Sunday I worship lead in church. It went really well.
Aunty told me about a 6 week course that is being run to help in public speaking and preparing sermons and stuff like that. I have been asked if I want to go along. I said yes straight off. I can't wait for that to start.

Craft update - still trying to experiment and get better at digital scrapbooking which I am really enjoying.
I am working on two altered canvases for our rumpus room. The freshly painted walls are looking a tad bare, so I am going to put some of my own art on the walls. Make it look like I live there.
I am also thinking about starting Christmas presents for this year. I am making Nanna an altered tin. So I should get onto that.

I don't know if I told you this last entry, but on Wednesday I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritus. I need to see a rheumatologist to assess how aggressive it is (because of my family history) and to perscribe some medication and whatever therapy I need. I hope it can be treated easily, because I am sick of not being able to do any exercise. I am getting very fat, because it's too painful to go for brisk walks. If I do go walking I have to walk on soft surfaces... very inconvenient! It's impossible to walk 2 kms on a matress!! :)
Ah well, Little Nan had it, Mum has it, my cousin Jude has it (quite aggressively and she is younger than me!) and now I have it. Darn genes...

Speaking of superior genes, Mum gave Mop my baby album the other day to look at and I was almost having a heart attack, looking at me at 6 months old. Poor old Elijah looks EXACTLY like me - without the pink dress of course. Mum pointed to the picture and asked Mop "Whose that?"
"Elijah" was her answer
Mum pointed to 4 year old me, strawberry blonde curls, looking exactly like Mop.
"Whose that?" she asked
"Me!" Mop replied.

Out of the mouths of babes....

Poor Daz!

Well I better feed the dog, she is barking at the door and thumping about in her kennel meaningfully. Oh and I hear her whines and sighs of "I am a poor starved dog, take pity on me."

Aug 7, 2006

What's new Pussy Cat?

Absolutely nothing.

I burned my finger about half an hour ago, when hot oil splashed on me while I was putting meat in the pan, while making our stew for tonight's tea. I am "touch" typing minus one finger... it's slow going! :) Owwww....

I am great. The kids are great. Daz is great.

Speaking of the better half. It's been 8 years today since we officially became an item. We haven't broken up inbetween either so that's 8 SOLID years. I don't know how he puts up with me. I remember the day well. The night before we had gone for a stroll around the block and we held hands.... *Awwww... going all mushy* Then the next day he rang and we have never looked back since. And that day my best friend Bec was relieved that the discussion of "Does he like me or not?" was finally over!!!

8 years... makes me feel so old!! Everything is creeping up on me. In November Daz and I would have been married for 6 years. Our girl turned 3 a few weeks ago. The boy is 6 months old tomorrow. *Gasp!* Time is flying by.

Thank goodness it's nearly Christmas! I love Christmas!!! What's the attraction?
1. I love Christmas Carols, and Christmas trees, and decorations, and piling presents under the tree.
2. I love watching my girl get so excited about it, and helping us decorate the tree.
3. I love shopping for other people.
4. It's by birthday 4 days before so I get to celebrate that!
5. Bec will hopefully be back so I can catch up with her.
6. The day after Christmas, we go away for a week - usually to Sue and Anthony's (My aunt and uncle, but they are more like mates to us, rather than rellies!) But this year we are going to Marion Bay to veg out at the beach for a week.

See lots of excitement ahead?

I've been having disturbing dreams lately. Don't want to record them, I just want to forget them. They are just REALLY weird and upsetting.

Well E needs a sleep, seeya!!

Aug 4, 2006

A few more pages for Mum's book

Aug 2, 2006

Shh.. don't tell

Another project in the pipeline - I am going to digi-scrap an album for Mum for Christmas. SHHHHHH!! Don't tell her! Last album I did she bawled her eyes out, hopefully this one brings a smile to her face.

Well what's been happening this week? Mop has really perfected her backchatting and telling me off... if it wasn't so infuriating having a 3 year old point at me and scowl and say "That's NAUGHTY! Don't you tell her off!" when I was telling the dog off - I would be on the floor laughing my butt off!

E has been pretty good this week. Another step forward this week - we had to stop wrapping him because he kept escaping from the sheet, so we have a few sleeping bags to keep him warm. Sleeping has been a challenge for the last few days, but he is adjusting slowly.

Daz is same ol same ol.

I am same ol same ol. Too tired to be anything else. It's been a bit of a rough few days, but I can't really talk about it - but I am surviving.

Tell me, do three year olds EVER shut up??? Mine doesn't, unless she is asleep. She is on the loo this very moment prattling away. Sometimes I want to go hide in a sound proof room just for some peace and quiet.... but when she is in bed... I miss the sound of her happy chatter... I think I am contrary!