Aug 29, 2006

Look what I did!

So these are the altered Canvases I did of the Kids. What do you think? I apologise if the photo is pretty rubbish quality. But I have to shrink the file size a bit so it wouldn't take 10 years to upload... and by then I would have made 6 more canvases of my cherubs.

Our new lounge suite arrived today. It looks great! It was a bit bigger than I thought it would be I guess Harvey Norman is a big place, so any piece of gigantic furniture looks dwarfed in there. I have the lounge set up, but it's a matter of finding space for a few other vital bits and pieces.
Next thing to get in there is an entertainment corner unit. Then the sound sytem, TV, playstation, DVD player, VCR, digital set top box and anything else I may have missed can go in there!!! That should free up quite a bit of space and also make it look tidier. I hate having a messy looking place.
Actually the house is driving me crazy at the moment. There is stuff everywhere because we need to rearrange to make everything fit a little better. I can't function!! I hate it. I need order to do anything. I can't do art, craft, read, watch a DVD, or anything with such chaos. I can't relax. I hate it..... I need to go put some order into this chaotic room.

Man I am tired lately. Daz has been having rather unintelligent conversations with some camels lately in his sleep. I didn't know he was fluent in Camlish. Groans that would wake the dead while he interacts with his dream world... while I am trying to sleep. Every night for a while he has been at it. WHO invented the shared bed thing??? It's NOT cool!!! My eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets and onto the keyboard. NOT cool...

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