Feb 29, 2008


Just a little post from me today.
Today I went on the college that I plan to go to, to study counselling - and discovered that they have changed the length of study from 5 years full time to 6 years full time. This is because in 5 years time the Aussie Counselling Association place thingamabob will not take members who have not done a graduate course.... hence the 6 years.

AND the cost of the course has gone up by almost a grand, so paying for it is going to be very interesting.

I won't be able to work full time on this course until Milly-Moo goes to school which is 5 years time. So I will be studying FOREVER!! :(

I'm just worried that I'll do what I quite often do - start it and not finish it. Or lose heart and pike out....
What if I don't pass the "psychologically sound" test at the end of 5 years?? :)

It's ok - I am arming myself with as much information as I can to understand and to push myself onwards, regardless that I could be a student when I am 40 years old!!

It's a bit of a leap of faith...

That's all I wanted to say..

PS: Like my new layout?? Ain't it purrddy? Daz complained that he couldn't see the "About me" part - but I figure he knows about me, so it doesn't matter. LOL If you want to know about me - read my blog. :D I personally prefer the flowers and butterflies!

Feb 28, 2008

So much wonderful stuff has been happening!!

It's been a fabulous week for me. I feel like I am floating!!

1. After being told for the last year that there was more than likely not going to be a mid-year intake for Reception 2008 - I got a letter in the mail on Tuesday saying that there WILL be a Reception class, and will you please confirm Mop's placement. WILL I EVER!!! That girl has been aching to get to school forever, and I have been too!!
I spoke to her pre-school teachers, and they breathed a sigh of relief.
"She is more than ready" they said and went on to explain that socially she is up there with the kids her age and intelectually she is fine. They had run out of materials for her to use. So they were as excited as I was. They are excellent teachers and I hope E gets them when he goes there in a year or two. (When he can handle being left places)

2. Photobucket

This handsome couple is my brother Steve and his partner in crime - Jasmine. I got an SMS this morning saying "She said yes!" - WOOHOO!! He proposed this morning and she accepted. Jasmine is a wonderful girl and I think he has impeccable taste. She's a good friend, and so much fun to be with. She will fit into our family perfectly. She already cheeks my Dad! :) They are going on a cruise - they left for Sydney today, so I haven't seen the rock yet, but when they get back I'll have a drool.
Jasmine has a little girl from a previous relationship, and I get and instant niece. She is a delightful little girl, and Mop just loves her. They get along so well. Mop has loved her since Molly was born!! Mum is excited that she has another little girl to love as a Nanny.

3. After what seems an age of being under-appreciated and struggling to get anywhere career-wise, Daz handed his resignantion in yesterday and accepted another offer of a job in a bigger and hopefully better company. It's exciting stuff - and a bit terrifying all at once!

4. Milly-Moo, my delight, laughed at me yesterday. Her first ever laugh! She has been smiling since 6 days old, and talking not much after then. But yesterday she let out a chuckle when we were clapping hands.



She is such a delight to us. She is so easy going (unless someone's annoying her - or she's hungry, then she exhibits her Skip-like-feistiness) and she is so good-natured. She sits back and plays contentedly while the rest of the family move around her. She only cries when she is hungry or tired. She makes us all very happy.
She started sleeping right through the night a few weeks ago, so I am a very well rested Mama! :) I am SOOOOO lucky!!

PSSST... I know I said no more... but she makes me so clucky for another baby!!

5. I am continuing to lose weight. Check out my motivation poster I made myself.


I bought some new clothes today because I am sick of my pants falling down!! I am feeling good, and when I firm up my tummy and butt and legs, I'll look alot better!!

See what I mean it has been a fabulous week??

Other family news:
E is talking more and more, and hasn't screamed at all for ages. He's really different when he is on his own - when Mop is at school. He plays quietly and happily on his own, he likes his own company and potters about entertaining himself. I barely know he's here when Mop isn't making him yell by torturing him as big sisters do.
Mop is a real little Miss. I don't know whether to yell at her or laugh at her at times. She is pretty feisty and mouthy - I shake my head at times and wonder where on earth she gets it from. ;)

I've been doing a bit of scrapping and am very happy with some of the stuff I have done.






Signing off now... with a huge smile on my face.

The A-Z of me part 3

D is for

The love of my life, my sweetheart, first love, first committed relationship and other firsts which I won’t go into here.
We met while I was doing a make-up job for a musical “Two From Galilee” – he was in the chorus. I don’t really remember the first time I laid eyes on him, but I certainly remember when he caught my attention. How could I possibly not see a hunky man who stipped his costume off while wearing bright red jocks?? I mean it was like a flag for a bull. Hello honey, over here. YOOHOO!!! I saw him. I didn’t know where to look, and I felt a blush creep over me…. But that sight of him was burned into my brain for all time. Now I get that picture on a daily basis!
I can’t remember the first time we talked, all I remember is that we did talk and got on very well. From then on we were friends – for 8 long months we developed a really good friendship – both of us wanting more, but wondering if the other felt the same way. August 8th 1998 I finally had enough of wondering and outright asked. He was relieved, and he finished the job – we were an item! 2 years later we were engaged and a year later we were married.
Daz is a handsome hunk of man. Tall, dark, lean, has incredible legs and hips, oh and his shoulders – well… they are biteable.. don’t ask. When he really smiles his whole face lights up. He has a cheeky laugh which sounds a bit like Ernie’s laugh – no kidding. He has a chuckle, which I hear often and on very very rare occasions, he has a big laugh. I love his big laugh.
Daz is the most patient man I can think of – when it comes to me. The poor man probably has to put up with a great deal, yet he is so patient with me. He doesn’t fight with me – he refuses to in fact. He doesn’t think it’s necessary. So we discuss things like rational human beings when we have “issues” – I have never been in a screaming match with him. I have yelled at him, told him off, spouted off – but he doesn’t respond to that. It’s great!!
He’s also a very intelligent dude. He knows lots, and is pretty cluey about technology and all that. But when it comes to cars, repairing things around the house, plumbing etc…. he has no clue. That’s ok, we can’t all be good at everything. Besides, I am glad he is not a tinkerer in the car – I don’t have rough, huge fat stubby “work hands” with grease under the fingernails touching me. I have smooth, long slender fingers that are clean and neat. Just the way I like them.
He is my complete oppostite. He works slowly on things, I get them done quickly and efficiently. He finishes what he starts – I struggle to do so. I am firey, quick tempered, outgoing and he is cool, calm and reserved. How on earth he fell in love with me, I will never know. But he did…. SUCKER!! J

D is for Domestic Guru
I am one. I can turn a house that is cluttered, dirty and disorganised into a clean, tidy and organised home – if I am given free reign that is. I have helped lots of people get their homes and lives into gear and offer advice on my website – the things that have helped me or things I have learned.
I love to experiment with different methods of cleaning and report on them. I would love to know what works and what doesn’t. And why should everyone do these tests eh?
I am proud of my website and hope one day it will be huge – full of information that will help people spend less time cleaning and more time on the more important things in life!!
And for those who have no idea where to find it http://www.domesticguru.com