Oct 30, 2009

A story

Once upon a time there was a Mummy of 3 children. This Mummy felt like she often asked her children to do the same thing, over and over. One of her instructions to her eldest child was "Don't leave the chair in the kitchen. Put it away when you have finished with it."
This Mummy didn't think it was too unreasonable, considering that she had tripped over this chair numerous times. But the eldest continued to leave their chair in the kitchen.
One day while Mummy was doing homework with the eldest, she decided to go check on the youngest who had gone very quiet. She was greeted by this greasy faced little girl:


The Mummy's eyes moved to this...


... then she gulped and peeped into the margerine container and was horrified to find this:


This Mummy's stomach lurched at the thought of how much grease and oil would be in her little one's tummy. So in true Aesop style she performed an emergency stomach pump and threw her eldest over the bridge to be eaten by trolls....

.. I'm kidding. She laughed her head off and grabbed the camera quick smart so she could document this for future opportunities to embarass.

Oct 26, 2009

Ahh he's a classic!

I'm laughing.

That boy of mine is hillarious!!

Ok that boy of ours... is that better dear heart?

EJ was told it was time to feed the dog. We hear the gentle thumps of feet running on the tiles at full speed. He decided to hit the breaks a bit too late, he fell down, and kept sliding along the tiles - true baseball style. He came to a halt - then he said in true Skipper and Daz dryness/sarcasm...



Ahhh he's a funny boy!

Oct 25, 2009

Etsy Spree.

Last week I joined up with BLOG THIS which is an Aussie blogging community. Every few weeks they come up with challenges to blog. This challenge was: you have $200 to spend at Etsy - what would you spend it on?

So here is my picks.

This wreath - my Christmas colors are blue and silver, and I think this would look so lovely hanging on my front door.


This apron - it's so me!! I love aprons! I love pink! I love THIS apron!

This would look amazing on my craft room wall - something to signify that it's a place designated for creativity!


And finally this clock for my bedroom - which I am slowly converting to a romantic/shabby chic look.


Though Daz may go mental at the "TICK TICK TICK" - but I still think it looks lovely - and it's MY spending spree, so I can spend it on whatever I like!! :)

This all up comes to just under $200. That was a pretty painless shopping spree. I wonder when they will deliver?? :)

Oct 24, 2009

An end of an era.

Almost 13 years ago I joined our church. A few years later I married and he called my church home as well. A few years later again, childred were born - and were dedicated there. (Similar to christening for those who are unsure of the term) A decade of serving and ministering in some capacity. Today was our last service.

As of next week, we begin at another church for the greater benefit of this family. It was sad, but I know we have made the right decision.

Oct 23, 2009

It depends how you look at it..

Today I had a rather interesting insight into EJ.

His speech therapist has suggested that we try and teach EJ the concept of "Who". She thought "who says" would be a good game for him to play in the car.

So I put my edumakation hat on and ask E brightly "EJ, who says 'meow'"?
There was silence.. then a "WHAT are you talking about?"
"Who says meow?"
"What are you talking about?? YOU said it!"
"No EJ, WHO says meow?"
"YOU DID!" all said in a tone of voice of "DUH MUM!"
I thought... hmm... this isn't working. So I said "Ally says meow. Charli says woof. Who says woof?"
EJ sounded exasperated, "What are you TALKING about? WHY are you saying Woof?"
I tried one more....
"EJ who says oink?"
A little voice pipes up from behind me "PIG!" says 22 month old Milly.

I laughed and gave up. I'll try again another day.

EJ sees life so differently - I can't wait to see how this develops in him.

Tuggin the heart strings.

EJ has developed seperation anxiety. He cries and hangs onto me for dear life whenever I am about to leave him. No matter who with. Even my Mum, whom he adores!! Yesterday when I was leaving him at kindy, he clung to me, "Don't leave me! Don't leave me Mummy!" I hugged him, cuddled him, reassured him that I was coming back, showed him on the clock when that was going to happen, kissed him - and then allowed the teacher to peel him off me while I left.
"MUMMY! MUUUUUUUMMMMY" he screamed after me and tears formed in my eyes as I walked away from him and out of the door. I tried my best to hide how upset I was from the teacher and receptionist and swallowed that huge lump and blinked back my tears. I let them fall when I left the building!! Then I had to suck it up because I didn't want Milly to see me crying!

20 minutes later, Mum and I were ordering a coffee from a cafe and my phone rang - it was the receptionist at the kindy - my heart started pounding - oh no! He didn't settle down, he's having a meltdown! He's crying and can't be consoled! And me, his evil mother walked away from him when he wanted me to stay with him. I ignored his pleas of "Don't leave me!" and walked on out the door.
"Mrs Skipper, we just wanted to let you know that EJ has settled down and he's really happy playing now."

You know that feeling of when you have been holding your breath under water for ages, and you come up for air? That's how I felt!

This morning, a repeat performance happened. He cried, he wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his cheek against mine, "DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" I peeled his arms off him, told him I loved him, and that I WILL come back... then walked towards the door. I turned back... and saw his lovely teacher scoop him up into a cuddle and distracting him - his tears were slowing down. He was going to be just fine. THEN I waltzed out of the door.

What is it about these kids that makes it so hard for me to leave them?


.. me. I'm exhausted!! 4 hours sleep last night... and I am getting an average of 6 hours nowadays. I NEED 8 hours to functioned.

I'm not the only one who is shattered.

My lovely Ikea wall unit door is shattered. My darling son decided to test the theory of WHY we shouldn't swing on doors. My catch yell of the month has been "STOP SWINGING ON THE DOOR! YOU WILL BREAK IT!!"

So... I went to the loo, after promising the kids a DVD this arvo. I heard a pop, a tinkle and then screams from EJ and Milly. Milly came running to me - HOW she didn't not shred her feet I will never know. EJ was paralysed and just screaming "MUMMY! MUMMY!"

I walked into the meals area, a good 10 meters away from him, and I see a chunk of glass on the floor next to the table. What the??? I look up and see glass all over the tiles, spread from a massive pile near where EJ was standing. The glass was "popping" like popcorn, creating MORE of a mess and spread. Since when does glass "pop" like that???

So... I scooped up my barefooted baby and my screaming son, brushed them off as best as I could, checked for injuries, and shut them up in the bedroom. Then the clean up began. The glass spread through the house, because Mop came out to see what was going on, and trod in it (she had shoes on thank goodness!) I even found chunks in my bedroom from the stuff that had stuck to my shoes!! Clean up was difficult!! Unfortunately my HUGE pile of clean washing was sitting next to the wall unit, and was COVERED in glass. It was in my endeavour to shake the glass off the clothes that was my downfall - I hidden chunk sliced my finger open and very quickly blood was dripping from my finger and onto the floor. I managed to stop the bleeding, and pressed on. Thankfully Daz arrived home and he finished the clean up while I fed the kids and put them to bed.

Seriously, if any child swings on a door again, I will make them scrub my floors with a toothbrush every day of their natural lives.

Oct 20, 2009

Poor Moppet

Poor Mop is unwell.

For 5 days she has been quite flat, feverish and cries if you so much as look at her wrong. Today she complained her throat was really sore. I looked down the back to find pus and all manner of grossness. Then she vomitted... So I whipped her down to the doctors - and she has a throat infection. So she is on AB's - the first of the "season" - which is a miracle in itself! We have managed to escape the traditional winter viruses and colds - but she is more than making up for it now!

It was rather annoying at the doctors though - you don't make appointments, you go in and wait your turn. So we did. And we waited and waited. I was watching people come and go.... even the person who was before us in line at reception was long gone.... hmmm... 2 hours in I'd had it. They had said it would be an hour wait. But 2 hours???? I asked at reception how long it would be. She fumbled around looking for Mop's file. She muttered something about it being "lost" and she promptly put us back in the line - at the very front!! So within 10 seconds Mop was called. 30 seconds later we were in his office and he was checking her out. 2 minutes later we were sent on our way with a big fat perscription for a kick butt AB. 2 minutes..... 2 hour wait for a 2 minute look-see. Hmmm....

On the upside, I got to do some research for my assignment due in 4 weeks.

FINALLY! Spring!!!

Spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence. Beautiful 30 degree day here! I am sitting her, listening to birds chirping, dogs barking, neighbours chatting - the air is warm, balmy and still. There is a distinct promise of an approaching summer.

Bring it on baby!!

I LOVE summer...
- it's Christmas
- it's warm
- BBQ's
- Crisp, cold white wine.
- it's my birthday
- we can do more outdoors - and quit being cooped up inside all the time!
- summer clothes are lighter and just so much nicer than heavy horrid winter garb.
- swimming, iceblocks, icecream, salads, stone fruit, LONG school holidays
... and the list could go on.

If I could imagine Heaven, I reckon it would be one eternal summer!

Oct 17, 2009

Now I REALLY can't wait for summer..

This weekend we made a big purchase. A very big purchase. A swimming pool!!!

Part of EJ's therapy is swimming - but it makes it very hard to do that when the local pools are indoors in very large echoey buildings. I couldn't bear the thought of taking all three kids swimming there, and having to try and keep an eye on them all. I could wait for Daz to help me, then I am restricted as to what times I can take the kids. Outdoor pools are far and few between around here. But my biggest concern was, what if he starts melting down? What if he cracks it and I have to drag him out kicking and screaming. Not only will his banshee screams draw every pair of eyes in the place to us, but I may have to make my exit in just my bathing suit. Oh the HORROR! I am not very confident in my body - and the thought of anyone looking at me filled me with such panic.

We do have family members with pools, but I didn't want to take advantage of them and their swimming pools. So we looked into getting our own. It will be better for EJ to swim in his own environment anyway, and he can go in at any time and if he chucks a wobbly, we are 3 meters away from the house.

So Daz and I did a bit of shopping, Daz did a ring around, he did a stack of research and then today zipped into Clark Rubber and made the purchase. We are now proud owners of an above ground pool. We will put it in the ground in a few years time, when we can afford to. But for now, it's above. So over the next month or so, we will be starting to process of council approval, setting it up, fencing and whatnot.
We were quite lucky, the pool we bought was last season's stock - and we got an amazing deal. Mr Clark Rubber chucked in alot of stuff - I think Daz only had to buy 1 thing! - which was a measly chemical kit! :) We did quite well I think and I am stoked.

I am happy because now I can swim instead of walk for exercise. My fybromyalgia is finally not going to stop me or hinder me at least from exercising.

I am looking forward to lazy summer evenings, having a BBQ and then swimming all night. It's going to rock!!

Oct 13, 2009

Spring planting...

This week I've been busy planting out my freshly dug garden (thanks Daz!) So far I have three potato roots in, 5 strawberry plants, 10 tomato seedlings, basil and parsley. I have a selection of lettuces and chives coming. This weekend I plan to plant our brand new lemon tree and some shrubs to go in our front garden bed.

I love spring!

I look forward to Tomato soups, baked potatoes and fresh herbs in my cooking - not to mention strawberry sorbet - all from my own garden!

Oct 11, 2009

Ok I'm now officially beside myself....

As you know, I am absolutely nuts about Christmas. Completely and utterly nuts. I have this friend, Donna, who feeds this craziness with her own craziness, and between us both we are like 6 year olds bouncing on the bed, waiting for Santa.

I think it's infectious, because now Mop is starting to get excited! :) I'll have her be a Christmas nut like me before long!! :)

73 days to go!! :)

Today I will be making another stack of Christmas presents, along with table decor for my very posh meal that I will be making my family this year. My brothers and their families will be elsewhere this year, so it will be our crew, my parents and grandparents. A nice little intimate gathering - where I can really go crazy and make it super-dooper special.

As of 1st December, the online Christmas Carol radio station will be on! I'll be humming along to all my favourites - even though most of them sing about snow, reindeers and Santa - all three items that don't even factor into our Christmas. But oh well.. they are still fun.

In the garage, under lock and key, is where the kids Christmas presents are stashed. They never go in there, so can't see the big Makka Pakka (which Milly will want immediately if she saw it), the Wii games for Mop and the huge train set for EJ. Mop and Milly don't have their big gifts yet, we are still looking about for ideas. Over the next 2 months I am going to try and find stocking fillers that are appropriate for them. We always put new underwear in there - so that will be the easy part. Then it's small nick nacks, like hair ties, toothbrushes - I'm thinking a torch for EJ... Lots of thinking... lots of fun!! :)

Ahhh I love Christmas!!

Righto, I am off to paint my pine-cones I have collected for my centerpiece this year!

Oct 7, 2009

Boys!! ARRRGHH!!

Seriously, what is wrong with playing nicely and properly??? Would it kill him to actually sit down and play with his train set and cars on his cute road mat? Why does he have to fling it at the walls and on top of the cuboard. Would it kill him to have some imaginary boy game (whatever they play) with his beloved Teddy, instead of flinging him up on the hook of the curtain rod - or worse still try knock out the air conditioning vents? Would it kill him to ride his bike, play with the chalk, play with the dog, jump on the tramp, swing on the swings, climb the climbing frame, go down the slide - instead of throwing absolutely ANYTHING he can get his hands on over the fence - to the neighbours rather large dog??
Why do you have to rip up the grass, throw stones in the water feature at the fish, seek out and destroy everything you possibly can?

Why?? Because he is a boy. And he is my boy. And I love him to pieces. But geeze I am not looking forward to bothering our neighbours... YET AGAIN... and retrieve whatever it is he has thrown over this time.


Beware - he may look innocent... but it's all an act I can tell you!! :P

Oct 6, 2009

Lady in waiting..

May as well call myself that. LOL

EJ saw the Occ. Therapist today, and we are now back on the waiting list for actual treatment now. He should be seen around January, which is not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Today I have been given a load of techniques to try to help him cope with sensory overload. So I will be implementing these immediately.

So waiting for the psychologist and OT now...

At least Speech Therapy is happening. :)

October Long Weekend

How perfect was our weekend? On Friday afternoon we packed up our caravan and headed to North Beach on the Yorke Peninsula. We had lots of lazy sunny days and lots of relaxing. Mop found herself a group of girls to run around with. She rode her bike around the caravan park and played on the play equipment with them. We barely saw her! That's ok, she had a wonderful time. EJ and Milly played on their bikes in front of the caravan, and Daz and I sometimes pulled up our seats and watched them, while sititng in the sunshine.
We caught up with friends on the Saturdays night and endured a Webber roast - I seriously have to buy one of those for Daz!! :) We played games, chatted and had a wonderful time.
I attempted the annual Christmas photo shoot on the beach, but didn't have as much luck as I would have hoped. You can see those photos on MY CRAFT BLOG

Daz managed to read, I did some scrapping and web design. (I am trying to revamp my domestic guru website.)

It was so relaxing and we really enjoyed ourselves!!

Next getaway is lined up for the second weekend in November. :) Looking forward to it very much