Oct 30, 2009

A story

Once upon a time there was a Mummy of 3 children. This Mummy felt like she often asked her children to do the same thing, over and over. One of her instructions to her eldest child was "Don't leave the chair in the kitchen. Put it away when you have finished with it."
This Mummy didn't think it was too unreasonable, considering that she had tripped over this chair numerous times. But the eldest continued to leave their chair in the kitchen.
One day while Mummy was doing homework with the eldest, she decided to go check on the youngest who had gone very quiet. She was greeted by this greasy faced little girl:


The Mummy's eyes moved to this...


... then she gulped and peeped into the margerine container and was horrified to find this:


This Mummy's stomach lurched at the thought of how much grease and oil would be in her little one's tummy. So in true Aesop style she performed an emergency stomach pump and threw her eldest over the bridge to be eaten by trolls....

.. I'm kidding. She laughed her head off and grabbed the camera quick smart so she could document this for future opportunities to embarass.


Car said...

Ewww gross!

But what a little cutey!

Renata said...

Oh dear! I also hate chairs in the kitchen - they usually mean a mess somewhere to clean up!

Colleen said...

lol so cute but yet i know how frustrating it can be.