Oct 23, 2009


.. me. I'm exhausted!! 4 hours sleep last night... and I am getting an average of 6 hours nowadays. I NEED 8 hours to functioned.

I'm not the only one who is shattered.

My lovely Ikea wall unit door is shattered. My darling son decided to test the theory of WHY we shouldn't swing on doors. My catch yell of the month has been "STOP SWINGING ON THE DOOR! YOU WILL BREAK IT!!"

So... I went to the loo, after promising the kids a DVD this arvo. I heard a pop, a tinkle and then screams from EJ and Milly. Milly came running to me - HOW she didn't not shred her feet I will never know. EJ was paralysed and just screaming "MUMMY! MUMMY!"

I walked into the meals area, a good 10 meters away from him, and I see a chunk of glass on the floor next to the table. What the??? I look up and see glass all over the tiles, spread from a massive pile near where EJ was standing. The glass was "popping" like popcorn, creating MORE of a mess and spread. Since when does glass "pop" like that???

So... I scooped up my barefooted baby and my screaming son, brushed them off as best as I could, checked for injuries, and shut them up in the bedroom. Then the clean up began. The glass spread through the house, because Mop came out to see what was going on, and trod in it (she had shoes on thank goodness!) I even found chunks in my bedroom from the stuff that had stuck to my shoes!! Clean up was difficult!! Unfortunately my HUGE pile of clean washing was sitting next to the wall unit, and was COVERED in glass. It was in my endeavour to shake the glass off the clothes that was my downfall - I hidden chunk sliced my finger open and very quickly blood was dripping from my finger and onto the floor. I managed to stop the bleeding, and pressed on. Thankfully Daz arrived home and he finished the clean up while I fed the kids and put them to bed.

Seriously, if any child swings on a door again, I will make them scrub my floors with a toothbrush every day of their natural lives.

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Renata said...

Our cabinet door is also missing glass - this was from a soccer ball that shouldn't have been kicked inside. Why do boys do these things?