Oct 20, 2009

Poor Moppet

Poor Mop is unwell.

For 5 days she has been quite flat, feverish and cries if you so much as look at her wrong. Today she complained her throat was really sore. I looked down the back to find pus and all manner of grossness. Then she vomitted... So I whipped her down to the doctors - and she has a throat infection. So she is on AB's - the first of the "season" - which is a miracle in itself! We have managed to escape the traditional winter viruses and colds - but she is more than making up for it now!

It was rather annoying at the doctors though - you don't make appointments, you go in and wait your turn. So we did. And we waited and waited. I was watching people come and go.... even the person who was before us in line at reception was long gone.... hmmm... 2 hours in I'd had it. They had said it would be an hour wait. But 2 hours???? I asked at reception how long it would be. She fumbled around looking for Mop's file. She muttered something about it being "lost" and she promptly put us back in the line - at the very front!! So within 10 seconds Mop was called. 30 seconds later we were in his office and he was checking her out. 2 minutes later we were sent on our way with a big fat perscription for a kick butt AB. 2 minutes..... 2 hour wait for a 2 minute look-see. Hmmm....

On the upside, I got to do some research for my assignment due in 4 weeks.


Chatterbox said...

I hope Mop is feeling better by now.
I know, it can be real tough to wait with someone dear so sick.
That was good of the lady at the reception to correct her mistake by eventually putting you through right away.
The scene of scanty health care professionals in our country is indeed a scary seen.

I hope the ABs help Mop get well soon.


~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

Poor little girl...
You are right though, you've done well to get to this point and her only getting sick now.
My two both had chest infections over winter, and James the gastro last week, but apart from that they've both been extremely healthy this year. Must be all this sea air we're breathing in ...