Oct 25, 2009

Etsy Spree.

Last week I joined up with BLOG THIS which is an Aussie blogging community. Every few weeks they come up with challenges to blog. This challenge was: you have $200 to spend at Etsy - what would you spend it on?

So here is my picks.

This wreath - my Christmas colors are blue and silver, and I think this would look so lovely hanging on my front door.


This apron - it's so me!! I love aprons! I love pink! I love THIS apron!

This would look amazing on my craft room wall - something to signify that it's a place designated for creativity!


And finally this clock for my bedroom - which I am slowly converting to a romantic/shabby chic look.


Though Daz may go mental at the "TICK TICK TICK" - but I still think it looks lovely - and it's MY spending spree, so I can spend it on whatever I like!! :)

This all up comes to just under $200. That was a pretty painless shopping spree. I wonder when they will deliver?? :)


Renata said...

What a fun thing to do! Pink is also my favourite colour & I love aprons too - that one is just gorgous! I think a clock in the bedroom is annoying (in fact I got given a decorative one for my birthday, but it only lasted about 10 minutes before I buried it in my pj draw!)

Melissa said...

I'm loving Blog This - a new challenge every week.

That apron is pretty awesome.

Colleen said...

You have awesome taste skipper. I could learn a few things from you lol.

Danni said...

Im lusting after that apron! At first I thought it was a dress, its gorgeous!

Shan said...

loooooooooove the apron!!!