Sep 25, 2007

T-minus 9 weeks and counting.....

I can't believe it! 9 Weeks until the newest munchkin makes it's grand entrance into this world. It's going by so fast and we are soooo not ready! LOL.
On the weekend we painted E's big-boy bedroom. It looks fabulous! I'll take photos and post them soon. It's a gorgeous bright royal blue! This weekend we go to Ikea and depending if Daz gets a bonus or not - we will be furnishing half or the whole thing. This week I am going to be sewing some curtains - bright red for the room. It's sad in a way that he has be become a big boy and sleep in a big boy room. He's more than happy in his cot, and doesn't even attempt to dive out like his sister did. No... he prefers to scream and squeal till someone comes in. LOL

I've started seeing a psychologist to help prepare for the birth. I am finding it very very helpful and I am feeling very positive and more ready for birth. We planned our worse case scenario last week - which is a c-section. I am feeling very calm - and believe it or not, excited about it all now.

Daz finished his insane hours last week, thank goodness! All over for now, so he is home at reasonable hours and weekends once again. He's at this moment vacuuming my floors. Oh he is such a good man!!

Mop is same ol - she finished the term at school and seems to be really going well. She started drawing PICTURES this week, instead of scribbles. It's so exciting! I have lots of lovely creations she has drawn on the art wall. My fave pic is 2 icecreams with lots of different colored icecream flavours. One is lavender apparently. Hmmm.... dunno how tasty that would be?

E - well... he is doing well. We really started cracking down on discipline this week. I am telling him off now when he screams, he gets disciplined when he tanties and it seems to be working. He has chucked 1 tantie in 48 hours. That's pretty good!

And me... well I am still pregnant, getting over the hayfever thank goodness, and just fine.

3 months until christmas! YAY! I've started collecting a few bits for bon-bons because I make my own when I host Christmas. I better start collecting the lame jokes too. :) Next week I will start making preserves for gifts and stuff like that. I also found in Spotlight some divine xmas fabrics which I will pop on top of the lids, so my jars don't look like garlic jars! (which they are!)
It will be my birthday soon too - it as it usually does falls on the Daz's work break up party. I have sulked convincingly enough that he has willingly decided to spend it with me! YAY! Last year I spent it away from family. Even Mum wasn't available. :( That's unusual for her, must ask her to check last years diary and see what she was doing!

Today I nearly killed 3 kids. I was driving back with Mum and the kids from picking up Mop from school. 100kms per hour on a major highway. 3 kids suddenly ran out from the bushes and across the road, in front of me! I slammed my breaks on and veered into the right lane (lucky it was clear) and missed them by a meter! My stomach pushed into the steering wheel and arenalin raced through my body like one thing. Idiot kids! If I wasn't being observant I would have hit them for sure. Then facing 3 kid's parents would not be fun, especially if I had killed them. Thank God for his protection because that could have been very bad!

Finally we heard some sad (sort of) news. Daz's groomsman died on Sunday night. It's very sad for his family - since he was their world. They cared for him as his health deteriorated and it must have been a hard thing to watch their son die.
I personally am ashamed to admit I feel nothing but relief. The man caused so much grief around here. Not going into the ins- and outs, he was very inappropriate and made me feel like utter crap. I also hated the way he treated Daz. He was condescending and a nasty man. When Daz set boundaries to protect our marriage and protect our family, he chucked the snots, and didn't want to be friends anymore. We haven't really had much to do with him since. Fair enough. His choice I guess. If he can't handle a man who wants to keep his marriage sacred, then he isn't much of a friend is he?
I was always scared he would rock up at the house when Daz wasn't here. I was always scared he would try and stalk me online - (he has invaded my privacy before, why not now??) so I have always been very careful etc. Now all that has fallen away, because the threat is no longer there. Relief. Sheer relief.

Ok I'll end it there.

By the way if you haven't - visit my website: It's going so well and I am really happy with the responses I have been getting!

Ciao bellas!

Sep 13, 2007

Call me the worst mother in the world but.....

.. I am just evil - call me Skipper de Evile.

Today E snuck into the lounge (where he KNOWS he isn't allowed to be) and started playing with the stereo (which he KNOWS he isn't allowed to play with). He turned the volume knob up to deafening, and then decided to turn the radio on. AM. Where it was just buzzing and humming - no voices or anything....

And it scared the absolute gajeebers out of him. I heard the noise then sounds of panic, followed by screams of terror. I ran to that end of the house and grabbed him into a hug, and quickly switched it off.
"There there. It's ok. Mummy fixed it..." I tried to console, while he wailed into my neck.... and the evil Skipper came out... and I couldn't stop laughing at him. I thought his panic and terror was utterly hillarious. That will teach him for sure....... but I just couldn't stop laughing at him. I hugged him tight and stroked his head - and tried to swallow my laughs. Poor little kid. He was a bit wussy for about 10 minutes and I just cuddled him and thought the whole thing to be very funny.

Tonight Skipper de Evile came out again. It was the kids bedtime. I told E come to bed - and he ran into the living room, screaming his lungs out in what had to be the almightiest tantie I have ever heard. I took his star that he was playing with off him and put it in his room - I thought that would make him follow me, but nooooo... he was still throwing himself on the couch and floor (owww) and screaming like a banshee. I sat on a footstool in his room and sighed.... then I was overcome with giggles. What a drama queen we have on our hands!! I couldn't stop laughing at him. I went into the rumpus room and cornered him, and he looked at me and stopped screaming and just lifted his arms to be picked up. Funny boy!!!

So in the heat of trouble and heart of distress what can you rely on me to do? Laugh my head off!

He has special people in his life - and we discovered that a lady in our church is one of them. She is a dear sweet soul, Marleen. She helps us so much with our kids - she is an honorary Aunt. She walked out the back where the kids were being cared for during service, and E saw her. He let out a cry and dropped his apple and ran to her. She stooped down with her arms open and he threw himself into her arms and had a big cuddle. Marleen washed his apple off and gave it back to him, and he toddled off to play again. Funny boy.

Bec and Nick are down from Brisbane this week and they came to church. It took Mop a while, but when she spotted them, it was a huge NIIIIICK!!! BEEEEC!!! She was stoked. So were we! It was the first time we were introduced to their handsome little man - Zac. He's so beautiful and I got a smile within seconds of having my first chat to him. My goodness he looks like Bec's Dad though!!

E's language and understanding is coming along nicely which is wonderful. Here are some snippets:

"Let go!" (when I was holding his hand so he wouldn't run off to Daddy who was driving off to work)

"Teeth" for brushing teeth

"DADDY! Nanny's!" - (Daddy, it's time for you to take me to Nanny's house)

"Byebye. Seeya."

I think that will do for now. So byebye! Seeya!

Sep 7, 2007

Responsibility and what go hand in hand?

Allo all you Skip Blog nuts - or bolts...

While my kids are quiet and eating their dinner (well Mop is having a belly ache about having to eat her dinner, but I'm wearing my earmuffs, so it's quiet to me!) I thought I would fill you in on the happenings around here.

Let's start with the head of the house - Daz. He's working incredibly hard lately. He is working late most nights and last saturday as well. This saturday he is working again, and I'm not happy. I guess we don't have much choice about it. I feel like I have barely seen him!! He has a big project due and the big boys in the leather chairs are giving the little boys the heavy. Poor fella. So the kids get to kiss him goodnight via video calls on our mobiles - gotta love technology!! Hopefully he can come home around 3 tomorrow and take the kids to the park and have some Daddy time. They miss him terribly - but at least it's only temporary.

Me next - I'm getting a big belly but a skinny butt if that is possible. I am over the worse of that sinus infection. I ended up emailing a pharmacy person from the Women's and Kids hospital begging him to tell me what drugs I can take!! Here's me - Miss Natural Remedies, BEGGING for drugs. I tell ya that was the worse thing I have had to endure.
Thankfully a very wonderful woman on our music team came by with her humidifier for overnight use and that has really really helped. I owe her a huge bunch of flowers for her thoughtfulness.
11 1/2 weeks to go until B-day. (Birth Day) Thank goodness it's going fast. I dont really like this heavy awkward stage of pregnancy. Especially the days when my hips die and I can't walk. Yesterday my hips AND back died while i was shopping - most convenient NOT! I was nearly crying because they hurt so much.
Nothing much else - apart from that I am going on Maternity leave from church duties at the end of October. So that will be good. I'll be able to focus on nesting and relaxing before B-day.

Mop - doing well. Not much to report really.

E - ahhh King E. What a treasure he is. He pointed to the fish and said "Fish" then proceded to try feed them! So I helped him feed the fish and he felt all chuffed.... he wants to have some responsibility like Mop. I guess shutting cuboard doors after me isn't enough.

Baby - kicks lots. Enjoys headbutting my bladder, grinding it's feet into my ribs and doing what babies in utero do best.

Well that's all for now. E has thrown his bowl on the floor - signalling that it is empty and he is ready for next course. Mop is dawdling, signalling she doesn't want her next course - but she will cry for it anyway. Ahhhhh... the goings on in our house. Rivetting stuff isn't it?

Sep 3, 2007

God have mercy on my sinuses.

We are up to week nine of being sick and quite frankly (excuse the pun) I am flippin well sick of it! My sinuses got infected this week, and it's a first for me. I have never known such headaches (apart from migraines) and I am really getting annoyed with not being able to breathe.

I won't go to the GP because EVERY time I go there, I catch something else from the waiting room. So it's a matter of waiting it out. They more than likely won't give me anything anyway... as my Doctor keeps telling me "We can't medicate you, you are pregnant. You are just going to have to ride it out".

Is sickness some sort of wave to ride out? I am feeling more dumped than riding it out. I am drowning in inflammed membranes.

12 weeks to go until I have this baby and hopefully have my immune system back to normal and fighting fit. Then I can fight free-radicals and all those other nasties that are invading my poor worn out body.

The poor kids aren't coping well with me who is in lots of pain and discomfort. I am grumpy, grouchy, snarly, anti-social and quite frankly, want to sleep it all off until it goes away. Mop gets banished to her room, especially when she is playing that blasted music player she owns. The music drives me crazy. E just wants to climb all over me (his new trick) and ride my legs "uuup" and "DOWN!" I can handle about 3 minutes of that, then I have had it. He isn't exactly a small boy. He weighs a few kilo's less than his sister!!

Poor Daz on Father's Day had to put up with a snarly wife. When we met his parents later on, I couldn't even tolerate talking - it just hurt my head too much. And required my jaw to move (which hurts as well) I'll make it up to them later, but I think my yuckiness may have made Father's Day not so special.

I wish tomorrow was Induction Day. Then all this would be over.

Speaking of inductions, I just found out something cool. I have to stay overnight in hospital after the gels and Daz can stay with me!! (SO stoked) I can't sleep without him groaning and snoring and shoving his bum right into me. (though lately I have gotten my own back by hogging the bed all in the name of pregnancy and comfort - 12 weeks and that won't cut it anymore! LOL)

I started seeing a psychologist for preparation of labour. I can't remember if I said, but I had an "episode" where I totally flipped and freaked out. I was terrified of having another baby. So she is there to help me get re-focused and deal with my fears and anxiety, so that prevents me from flipping out when I am in labour.

Righto - this stuffed up, aching, whinging woman is outta here.