Sep 7, 2007

Responsibility and what go hand in hand?

Allo all you Skip Blog nuts - or bolts...

While my kids are quiet and eating their dinner (well Mop is having a belly ache about having to eat her dinner, but I'm wearing my earmuffs, so it's quiet to me!) I thought I would fill you in on the happenings around here.

Let's start with the head of the house - Daz. He's working incredibly hard lately. He is working late most nights and last saturday as well. This saturday he is working again, and I'm not happy. I guess we don't have much choice about it. I feel like I have barely seen him!! He has a big project due and the big boys in the leather chairs are giving the little boys the heavy. Poor fella. So the kids get to kiss him goodnight via video calls on our mobiles - gotta love technology!! Hopefully he can come home around 3 tomorrow and take the kids to the park and have some Daddy time. They miss him terribly - but at least it's only temporary.

Me next - I'm getting a big belly but a skinny butt if that is possible. I am over the worse of that sinus infection. I ended up emailing a pharmacy person from the Women's and Kids hospital begging him to tell me what drugs I can take!! Here's me - Miss Natural Remedies, BEGGING for drugs. I tell ya that was the worse thing I have had to endure.
Thankfully a very wonderful woman on our music team came by with her humidifier for overnight use and that has really really helped. I owe her a huge bunch of flowers for her thoughtfulness.
11 1/2 weeks to go until B-day. (Birth Day) Thank goodness it's going fast. I dont really like this heavy awkward stage of pregnancy. Especially the days when my hips die and I can't walk. Yesterday my hips AND back died while i was shopping - most convenient NOT! I was nearly crying because they hurt so much.
Nothing much else - apart from that I am going on Maternity leave from church duties at the end of October. So that will be good. I'll be able to focus on nesting and relaxing before B-day.

Mop - doing well. Not much to report really.

E - ahhh King E. What a treasure he is. He pointed to the fish and said "Fish" then proceded to try feed them! So I helped him feed the fish and he felt all chuffed.... he wants to have some responsibility like Mop. I guess shutting cuboard doors after me isn't enough.

Baby - kicks lots. Enjoys headbutting my bladder, grinding it's feet into my ribs and doing what babies in utero do best.

Well that's all for now. E has thrown his bowl on the floor - signalling that it is empty and he is ready for next course. Mop is dawdling, signalling she doesn't want her next course - but she will cry for it anyway. Ahhhhh... the goings on in our house. Rivetting stuff isn't it?

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