Sep 3, 2007

God have mercy on my sinuses.

We are up to week nine of being sick and quite frankly (excuse the pun) I am flippin well sick of it! My sinuses got infected this week, and it's a first for me. I have never known such headaches (apart from migraines) and I am really getting annoyed with not being able to breathe.

I won't go to the GP because EVERY time I go there, I catch something else from the waiting room. So it's a matter of waiting it out. They more than likely won't give me anything anyway... as my Doctor keeps telling me "We can't medicate you, you are pregnant. You are just going to have to ride it out".

Is sickness some sort of wave to ride out? I am feeling more dumped than riding it out. I am drowning in inflammed membranes.

12 weeks to go until I have this baby and hopefully have my immune system back to normal and fighting fit. Then I can fight free-radicals and all those other nasties that are invading my poor worn out body.

The poor kids aren't coping well with me who is in lots of pain and discomfort. I am grumpy, grouchy, snarly, anti-social and quite frankly, want to sleep it all off until it goes away. Mop gets banished to her room, especially when she is playing that blasted music player she owns. The music drives me crazy. E just wants to climb all over me (his new trick) and ride my legs "uuup" and "DOWN!" I can handle about 3 minutes of that, then I have had it. He isn't exactly a small boy. He weighs a few kilo's less than his sister!!

Poor Daz on Father's Day had to put up with a snarly wife. When we met his parents later on, I couldn't even tolerate talking - it just hurt my head too much. And required my jaw to move (which hurts as well) I'll make it up to them later, but I think my yuckiness may have made Father's Day not so special.

I wish tomorrow was Induction Day. Then all this would be over.

Speaking of inductions, I just found out something cool. I have to stay overnight in hospital after the gels and Daz can stay with me!! (SO stoked) I can't sleep without him groaning and snoring and shoving his bum right into me. (though lately I have gotten my own back by hogging the bed all in the name of pregnancy and comfort - 12 weeks and that won't cut it anymore! LOL)

I started seeing a psychologist for preparation of labour. I can't remember if I said, but I had an "episode" where I totally flipped and freaked out. I was terrified of having another baby. So she is there to help me get re-focused and deal with my fears and anxiety, so that prevents me from flipping out when I am in labour.

Righto - this stuffed up, aching, whinging woman is outta here.

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Melissa4444 said...

Feel better soon, Skip. I know how you feel right now, and can't wait for this little boy to be out already!

Take care of yourself.