Sep 25, 2007

T-minus 9 weeks and counting.....

I can't believe it! 9 Weeks until the newest munchkin makes it's grand entrance into this world. It's going by so fast and we are soooo not ready! LOL.
On the weekend we painted E's big-boy bedroom. It looks fabulous! I'll take photos and post them soon. It's a gorgeous bright royal blue! This weekend we go to Ikea and depending if Daz gets a bonus or not - we will be furnishing half or the whole thing. This week I am going to be sewing some curtains - bright red for the room. It's sad in a way that he has be become a big boy and sleep in a big boy room. He's more than happy in his cot, and doesn't even attempt to dive out like his sister did. No... he prefers to scream and squeal till someone comes in. LOL

I've started seeing a psychologist to help prepare for the birth. I am finding it very very helpful and I am feeling very positive and more ready for birth. We planned our worse case scenario last week - which is a c-section. I am feeling very calm - and believe it or not, excited about it all now.

Daz finished his insane hours last week, thank goodness! All over for now, so he is home at reasonable hours and weekends once again. He's at this moment vacuuming my floors. Oh he is such a good man!!

Mop is same ol - she finished the term at school and seems to be really going well. She started drawing PICTURES this week, instead of scribbles. It's so exciting! I have lots of lovely creations she has drawn on the art wall. My fave pic is 2 icecreams with lots of different colored icecream flavours. One is lavender apparently. Hmmm.... dunno how tasty that would be?

E - well... he is doing well. We really started cracking down on discipline this week. I am telling him off now when he screams, he gets disciplined when he tanties and it seems to be working. He has chucked 1 tantie in 48 hours. That's pretty good!

And me... well I am still pregnant, getting over the hayfever thank goodness, and just fine.

3 months until christmas! YAY! I've started collecting a few bits for bon-bons because I make my own when I host Christmas. I better start collecting the lame jokes too. :) Next week I will start making preserves for gifts and stuff like that. I also found in Spotlight some divine xmas fabrics which I will pop on top of the lids, so my jars don't look like garlic jars! (which they are!)
It will be my birthday soon too - it as it usually does falls on the Daz's work break up party. I have sulked convincingly enough that he has willingly decided to spend it with me! YAY! Last year I spent it away from family. Even Mum wasn't available. :( That's unusual for her, must ask her to check last years diary and see what she was doing!

Today I nearly killed 3 kids. I was driving back with Mum and the kids from picking up Mop from school. 100kms per hour on a major highway. 3 kids suddenly ran out from the bushes and across the road, in front of me! I slammed my breaks on and veered into the right lane (lucky it was clear) and missed them by a meter! My stomach pushed into the steering wheel and arenalin raced through my body like one thing. Idiot kids! If I wasn't being observant I would have hit them for sure. Then facing 3 kid's parents would not be fun, especially if I had killed them. Thank God for his protection because that could have been very bad!

Finally we heard some sad (sort of) news. Daz's groomsman died on Sunday night. It's very sad for his family - since he was their world. They cared for him as his health deteriorated and it must have been a hard thing to watch their son die.
I personally am ashamed to admit I feel nothing but relief. The man caused so much grief around here. Not going into the ins- and outs, he was very inappropriate and made me feel like utter crap. I also hated the way he treated Daz. He was condescending and a nasty man. When Daz set boundaries to protect our marriage and protect our family, he chucked the snots, and didn't want to be friends anymore. We haven't really had much to do with him since. Fair enough. His choice I guess. If he can't handle a man who wants to keep his marriage sacred, then he isn't much of a friend is he?
I was always scared he would rock up at the house when Daz wasn't here. I was always scared he would try and stalk me online - (he has invaded my privacy before, why not now??) so I have always been very careful etc. Now all that has fallen away, because the threat is no longer there. Relief. Sheer relief.

Ok I'll end it there.

By the way if you haven't - visit my website: It's going so well and I am really happy with the responses I have been getting!

Ciao bellas!

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