Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

What a perfect Christmas we had!
The kids did well - we ate we drank and we received some awesome stuff... as well as giving a load as well.
My favourite moment is when I gave Mum her present - the altered album I have been working on for MONTHS!! She started to bawl her eyes. Then I started didn't I?

I gave Daz a stack of fishing gear which he seems pretty stoked with. He didn't see THAT coming!! :)

Got some great photos which I can't wait to scrap.

Well I'm off on holiday for a week now which is going to be wonderful. So see you when I get back - hopefully with a tan! :)


Dec 11, 2006

Much ado about nothing

Long time no see!! That's because I have been totally slack - and also just had nothing to write about.

I have been very busy Christmas shopping. Wrapping gifts and putting them under our huge tree.
We finally got started on that memorial garden. On Saturday we put the mulch down and it will be finished!! (Apart from some minor electrical work which will come in the New Year when cousin sparky can come and do it for us.) Incidently Saturday is the anniversary of Pop's death. So it will be finished on a special day. I better move my rear end and make up his memorial thing.

My birthday is coming up, but having a hard time getting excited about it. I don't really know why. Just not that enthused about it. I normally am counting the days down from the 1st of July. But just not that excited about it. No one is going to be here - Bec is going to be in Brisbane, my family are all going to be at Steve's graduation, Daz at work.... wah wah wah. Ah well.... what's a birthday anyway? Just another wrinkle on the "getting old" face.

E had gastro last week, making life rather messy for a week. I have never seen so much poo and spew in all my life. The poor kid must have projectile vomited while lying on his back, because it all splattered into his face. His stomach acid burned his eyes and he was screaming (and choking on it) - He was subjected to having baths in the middle of the night, because he would have such bad diarheah (spelling?) that it have leaked all over his bed, and all through his clothes etc. Daz would change the bedding, and I would clean him up. He seemed to get better on Sunday though which was nice. A week after it all initially started.

Mop had layryngitus. She was struggling to keep her voice. Now instead of feeling bad because I was telling her to shhhh to give me a break from her CONSTANT yabbering, I was telling her to SSSHHHH to give her voice a rest. Poor kid. LOL

Mop mastered addition this week. Funny kid.

Well told you nothing is really going on....

Better go and feed my poor starved Puppy and hide one of her new toys in the yard somewhere.... so she can find itin the morning and not get into mischief. Teehee...

Will come back and post pics of the Memorial garden next week.