Nov 18, 2006

Secrets revealed.....

Remember a few posts ago, I antagonised you with "I know something you don't know!"?

Well I have been given permission to open my gob and spread the wonderful news....

My best friend Bec (and I guess Nick has something to do with it ;) ) is having her very first baby!! I am soooo excited!! I am going to be an honorary Aunty!! Poor girl, when she visited here last she was pretty peaky from morning sickness. I totally sympathised. Worst thing about pregnancy is morning sickness..... except why do they call it morning sickness? It often lasts all freakin day long! :)

So May 10thish this should all be happening..... *does an excited dance*

We are going to visit them in late March for a few weeks over the easter break in Brisbane. Poor ol Bec will be really big... maybe I can carry her tummy for her, like she carried mine when I was pregnant with Mop? :)

Poor old E has croup at the moment. He was awake for a while overnight, distressed because he couldn't breathe very well. Sounded like we had a seal in the cot!! I then in turn didn't sleep well because I was worried about him.

Well I better get going. The worship service is on this morning... it's a hot day today, and I have to shave my legs so I can wear cooler clothes!! :)

Nov 15, 2006

I'm squirting creative juices here!!!

Just a few more pages I have done for E's baby album.

Nov 13, 2006

Having a creative moment....or three

I've started E's baby album. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I'm not pleased however that Harvey Norman have upped their printing price! :(

Not much happening this end. Kids are doing well. Daz is doing well. I am doing well. Same ol Same ol.

Nov 5, 2006

Moving forwards

After months of getting on his hands and knees, rocking, crying because he can't move, or crying because he got stuck under the furniture - our boy is now crawling FORWARDS!! He will only crawl forwards when he has somewhere to go (ie, into mine or DH's arms) other than that, he is happy to still get stuck under the furniture and scream untill someone rescues him. His newish trick is to stand on his hands and feet and look at the world upside-down. Hmmm... different. :)

I have been given a great honor. I am doing a live interview on our local Christian radio station, sharing my testimony. I am thrilled!! (and a little bit scared! :) )

Charli had her first session in Puppy-preschool. She did really well. I did some more training with her today, and she sits and drops like a trooper. I need a special collar and lead to do the rest of the training which I will pick up on Friday. I hope she goes well and it stops her frustrating habit of destroying everything she gets her mouth on!!

I went to the shops today and saw half the shop decked out in Christmas decorations, the rest didn't even bother!! :( WHAT IS WITH THAT?? Didn't they know the pagent was on Saturday!? Less money spent people if Christmas isn't in your face!!

Speaking of Christmas, what to get Daz??? I can't tell you my ideas, because he reads this blog... but I was thinking of getting him some Dr Quinn Medicine Woman DVDs... ;)

Ok better get going. Mop has locked herself in her room... and I better let her out. ;) Can't keep her in there forever.

Nov 2, 2006

Jingle the Deck with Silent Mangers......

YAY! Christmas Season has started!! The pagent is this weekend which Daz and I will be watching with the kiddies. So that means all the christmas decorations will go up in th shopping centers, all the carols will be playing and I will be in my favourite season of the year!

These are our Christmas cards for this year. I am pretty pleased with them. The friends and fam will get a picture of my gorgeous kids (oh and Daz's I guess ;) ) and I get to practice playing with digi-scrapping.

Can't wait to start wrapping presents and decorating the tree. I won't be doing that till the beginning of December, maybe late November. Usually around our anniversary it goes up. I love watching all the presents pile up under the tree, though Daz doesn't put mine out till Christmas Eve (coz he knows I will stare at it and try see through the paper what it is.)

Last night E decided that midnight was a great time to wake up and play for a few hours. He's not so pleasant today. He is just laying on the floor, crying - for no reason. I have no sympathy. :)

Mop is doing really well in school. Her teacher has reccommended she get tested (IQ) so we will think about that. I don't really see the point. We all know she is smart. She doesn't need a number to tell us that.

Ok I am getting sick on whinger here so I better get going.