Nov 5, 2006

Moving forwards

After months of getting on his hands and knees, rocking, crying because he can't move, or crying because he got stuck under the furniture - our boy is now crawling FORWARDS!! He will only crawl forwards when he has somewhere to go (ie, into mine or DH's arms) other than that, he is happy to still get stuck under the furniture and scream untill someone rescues him. His newish trick is to stand on his hands and feet and look at the world upside-down. Hmmm... different. :)

I have been given a great honor. I am doing a live interview on our local Christian radio station, sharing my testimony. I am thrilled!! (and a little bit scared! :) )

Charli had her first session in Puppy-preschool. She did really well. I did some more training with her today, and she sits and drops like a trooper. I need a special collar and lead to do the rest of the training which I will pick up on Friday. I hope she goes well and it stops her frustrating habit of destroying everything she gets her mouth on!!

I went to the shops today and saw half the shop decked out in Christmas decorations, the rest didn't even bother!! :( WHAT IS WITH THAT?? Didn't they know the pagent was on Saturday!? Less money spent people if Christmas isn't in your face!!

Speaking of Christmas, what to get Daz??? I can't tell you my ideas, because he reads this blog... but I was thinking of getting him some Dr Quinn Medicine Woman DVDs... ;)

Ok better get going. Mop has locked herself in her room... and I better let her out. ;) Can't keep her in there forever.

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