Jan 28, 2009

I'm in!

I just got a letter callling me a Counselling Student!! WOOT!!

Orientation Day is on the 11th of February!

:) Cool!!!

Long Weekend Away


On the weekend, we went to the Yorke Peninsula and spent time there vegging and relaxing.

We spent time with a childhood friend of mine. We had dinner at their place, played Sequence, and had a great night. We went to church the next day and then had lunch with them afterwards. Since they are worship directors as well, we had an awesome night of talking "shop" and many laughs and memories shared. We love spending time with them.

We took the kids to a playground I used to play at when I was little, we also did some op-shopping and found some awesome bargains!

Then of course we spent a bit of time on the beach. Milly was happy to eat the sand and Mop spent the whole time swimming. She is definately her mother's daughter. Milly loved the water too. E was a bit insecure about it, and grumpy from lack of sleep, but once he was in, he was ok. He didn't like the waves much.

Here are some photos of our time at the beach.








My application to study has been sent off. They emailed me to tell me it's being processed.

Milly is being brave and walking alot more. She seems to have confidence issues. She doesn't like falling over and so she doesn't walk much. But she is getting better and walking more. In her own time.

Mop starts school again Monday. She can't wait... which reminds me, I better start sorting her school stuff out! Labelling and all that.

E's birthday party is next weekend. Hopefully this heatwave has ended by then!! It's going to be in the park, his favourite place.

We are starting to get organised now for our big annual trek to Brisbane in April. We have 9 weeks until we go. I'll start reviewing the packing lists, start getting the caravan serviced and all that. I love this holiday and I can't wait until we go. It's so awesome to spend 2 whole weeks with my best friend. :)

Something wonderful and quite bizzare happened. I was "blog surfing" - where I went from blog to blog, just clicking on ones that look interesting. I was reading a blog that was fascinating - and she had photos of her, her family and her property. Suddenly I find a picture of the lady herself.... and I looked into the face of someone I was sure I knew!! I looked closer - and it clicked! She looked VERY much like a girl I went to school with in Mt Isa about 19-20 years ago. I scrolled up to her details - and I found her name. Her name was the same. So I contacted her and it was her!!! So we are busy getting to know each other once again.

What are the odds eh?

Righto, I better get going. The kids are getting narky.... I hate this heatwave - it's too hot for the kids to go outside and they are behaving like caged animals.

Jan 22, 2009

It's been one of those weeks...

I shall be very glad when tomorrow comes. We are going away for the long weekend and it will be a bit of a break away from everyday routine.

At this moment my precious adorable ray of sunshine son is having a meltdown. He doesn't want to go to sleep. So he's screaming. His choice. He also chooses the consequences.

Milly Moo is cutting molars. She is miserable, has a fever and is biting every thing she can get her jaw around.

Mop is moody and sick of school holidays. She is definately ready for school. Poor thing.

Me - I'm not sleeping so good. I'm having crazy dreams. Last night I dreamed that Bec my bestie died. It was very horrible. I woke up sobbing. My chest hurt so bad from the emotional wrenching. I was so glad it was a dream! Now I am feeling all pathetic and want to ring her - but I know as soon as she says hello I'll start bawling and say "DON'T DIE!!" Stupid me... so stupid.

Not much has been happening this week which is nice. My big news is that my application was sent off tonight for starting my Bachelor. Exciting stuff!! I'll have letters after my name! Not only that but I'll be able to make a difference in people's lives.

*dances about like a mad thing*


Spose I should be heading off... might put on a movie and procrastinate with packing for the weekend. :)

Love Skip xx

Jan 17, 2009

Another new blog...

For those who are interested - I have started another blog - to keep this one strictly about me and my family. My other blog is called "How great is our God" - and it will be the scripture that I study and read - and how I can apply.

So if you are a Christian and want to read what I teach or what I think - then head on over to it.

How Great is Our God

Jan 16, 2009

Hark, the gentle sounds of family.

"MUUUUM!!! Milly took a step!!!" (squeals Mop)
Daddy laughs and roars back while they wrestle and play together.
Mop yells out she wants to play.
Now they are playing wheelbarrow races.
E runs after Daddy and Mop laughing his head off.
Milly growls and laughs and runs to join the party.
Mop calls excitedly after E, her voice echoing down the hall.

These are the happy sounds of my family. So sweet! Such a wonderful atmoshpere.

Well I'm off to dinner... :) Kid free.... Now Daddy has revved the kids up - Mum has come to baby sit!! :)

Have an awesome evening.

Jan 15, 2009

The Nun's Story


This story, is not exciting as it is interesting. I found this movie to be quite a fascinating one. Gabrielle - played by Audrey Hepburn - is a fascinating character - who battles everyday to be a good nun. She struggles with pride, disobedience and her intelligence. She also struggles to combine the two loves in her life - God and nursing. Watch the story unfold over a decade as she tries to adjust to convent life.

Jan 14, 2009

All about Eve



This movie is really good. I was really impressed with the performances of Bette Davis and Anne Baxter. Bette has the ability to say a thousand things, without uttering a word. Her face is so expressive. This witty story is about an aging actress - Margo(Davis) and her ambitious protege - Eve (Baxter) who weasels her way into the lives and affections of high profile theatre people. I can't give too much of the story line away - but it's worth a watch.
Keep your eye out for an appearance of Marilyn Monroe, who plays a rather amusing character with excellent one liners.

This is where that line "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" comes from. :)

This movie is on Youtube! I totally loved it!

Jan 13, 2009

They just don't make them like they did...

Movies I mean.

I mean really - they are all high tech, flashy, having sex 3 minutes after they meet, swearing, talking crass, disrespecting people around them, bad guys, drugs....

They just don't make them like they used to. Where romance was important, where they respected each other, where they really cared about each other and the people around them. Where they spoke with respect etc.

Youtube has heaps of them there for the taking. So I am going to put the ones that I watch and like here on my blog... and just do a search on you tube with the title if you want to watch them.

If you know of any, please comment and I would love to watch some of your favourite old movies!!

So for old movie buffs and period drama fans, like myself - or for those who would like a change, here are three movies I have watched on you-tube and thought were wonderful.

1. Vacation from Marriage (1945)

This is about a married couple, who are seperated by war for three years. They discover who they are while they are apart and the reunion they thought they would long for now has them doubting about how they feel about each other.
Starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Donat.

2. Goodbye Mr Chips

This is a about an eldery retired teacher who looks back on his teaching career, and goes over old memories - from when he was an unexperienced teacher and not well liked by his peers and students, to when he met his wife, and the journey through the Boar War and how it effected him and the school.
Starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson

3. Jane Eyre (2006)

A lovely remake of the popular Charlotte Bronte novel. It has lovely scenery, lovely actors and it really is well made.
Jane Eyre, who was sent away as a child by an unkind Aunt, has a chance to make a life for herself. She becomes the governess of the ward of Mr Rochester - a rich and powerful man. The two make an unlikely pair - she awkward and quiet, and him brash and strong. She discovers, love, secrets, heartbreak and most importantly, she discovers who she is.
Starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stevens

You have been tagged - in honor of your friends!

I am going to start a tag off. Your mission if you choose to accept is to blog about the people that mean alot to you. Talk about the people who enrich your life and surround you with love, support and friendship. This gives you a chance to appreciate the people you value!!!

So to get the ball rolling - here I go!!!

DAZ - I'm actually really lucky that my husband is my best friend. My Mum told me years ago, "Marry your best friend" - and I did! I can talk to Daz about anything. I feel completely loved and accepted by him. I can joke with him and he gets it. I can have a bad dream and snuggle into him in the middle of the night, and while he sleeps, he will cuddle me back. He gave me 3 beautiful and wonderful children - the best presents I have ever gotten. He understands me and if he doesn't - then he tries to. He "gets" me. We don't run out of stuff to talk about. And when I am hormonal, he knows to not annoy me further and is more sensetive to my needs during that time.
AND he is the most awesome kisser and all the rest!! :)

MUM - Now I know it's odd to say your Mum is your friend. My Mum is one of my best friends. She is the most kindest and generous woman I know. She supports me in all decisions I make. She encourages me as I make them. She is always available for me to drop in on, spill my heart, with the kettle on and a good cuppa for me. She shares my love of all things creative. She shares a great love for my children. She adores them.
She loves me so much and I know that will never change. She never interferes in my parenting - she has let me go and allowed me to be the adult that I am. She is always there if I need advice or help, but she doesn't shove her opinions in my face and never tries to take over.
She loves my husband as one of her own kids, (as she does with all her in-law kids) and that is something I consider very important.

I would like to take this opportunity to "rise and call her blessed".

BEC - This lady is truly great. She came into my life when I was weak, weeping and needing someone special. She loved me, lifted me, and built something truly great. I love Bec. She has my heart. I love how we don't need to constantly maintain - she is so low maintenance - that we can pick up where we left off, still close and still understanding each other. We have been friends for 11 years now. :)

LEASH - another wonderful friend. The first time we met was the day before her wedding!! Leash was my first "internet" friend. We chatted lots for years - still do when we can! We get each other, we often say the same things and the same time - then yell out SNAP!! When we go to visit her in NSW - we are always welcome to her home. She looks after all of us like family. I miss her so much... even though we haven't been together all that much. We have been friends for over 6 years.

DONNA - This lady has been very wonderful to me. She's great to talk to, we have alot in common. We both are HUGE fans of "The Castle" and often talk to each other in Castle quotes and pee our pants laughing. Ahhh how's the serenity! I think she just likes the word.
She was a great support to me recently when a friendship ended. When she heard that it had gone downhill, she offered her empathy and gave me such unbiased and common sense advice. Her heart and fruits were made very clear to me as she gently and kindly picked me up, dusted me off and sent me on my way again.
She encourages me and always receives my ideas with gusto and enthusiasm.
She isn't bitchy, nasty, or unkind.
And boy she makes me laugh. I'm chatting to her at the moment, and chuckling away. :)

GAIL - Now this lady is a very cool friend to have. We share a love for scrapping and we often chat daily. We share our projects and sometimes even scrap together. She is great for company and we often chat while we are doing our housework. :). We share our days, share our joys, frustrations and she is pretty funny too. Gail is another friend I can depend on if I need her. When I have been sick, she offered to come round and look after the kids and clean up my house for me. Now that is REAL friendship, considering she has 4 kids of her own. She is a friend I miss if I haven't seen her around the traps for a while. We have been friends for 3 years.

I have other's but this post is going to be huge, so I'll give honorable mentions.

Kelbel - I love chatting to you and love sharing a love of craft with you.
Ziz - You are one classy lady and I think you are awesome!
JAC - you are an amazing and very clever woman and I think you are such a great person. You have a beautiful heart!
Sarah - you may be a cousin-in-law, but I love spending time with you, and love our girly nights.
Cat - you are such a beautiful girl and I will always think of you as a baby sister.
Jase - you dude are a legend. I think it's an absolute priveledge working with you and I love spending time with you. Who else loves cheese and wine as much as me!?? :)

Righto... now I am tagging YOU. So get blogging, tell me about YOUR friends... :)

Jan 7, 2009

Apparently Photobucket don't see the funny side.

Photobucket have taken Mop's picture of the Christmas Bauble down. What do they check every picture uploaded - AND check the context?? Sheesh...

Anyway I will re-upload to my own webspace and put it back later on.

Jan 5, 2009

Funny photos.

Yesterday I noticed that Sir E had been quiet for a while, my guess what that he had fallen asleep during quiet time. So I went into his room to wake him up, before he slept so much he wouldn't sleep that night.

I went in, took one look at him, and ran out again snorting.... I grabbed the camera and began taking pics.

He had fallen asleep standing up!!



This same boy just told his teddy to smell his feet and poor manky teddy had no choice but to smell E's feet! Ewwww!!

Yesterday I took the kids round Mum's and while we were there, Mop drew some pictures. When we were packing up to go home I found this picture. I gasped and showed Mum. She snorted.
"what's this Mop?"
"It's a xmas bauble!!!"

Of course it is... what else could it be?? How silly of me to think otherwise!!!!

I am sure I had seen this same bauble graffitied somewhere!!

Jan 4, 2009

Tagged - When I was a kid.

The lovely Donna has tagged me -

I want to know, where were you and what were you doing when you were 17?? Tell me all (and your readers) about who you were back then. Have you changed? Did you have any idea what was in store for you? Oh and....I want to see a pic!!

Well I don't have any pics of me at 17 - here's me at 21 instead.


Urk 17. Those are the years I would rather forget.

What was I doing at 17? Well...

I was probably being an abusive cow to my Mum, screaming my angry little heart out at Dad, showing my brothers by example just how screwed up a person can get. I was bitter, I was hurting, I was extremely angry and abusive. I was nothing like I am today.

I hated me at 17. But thankfully God loved me. It's only by the Grace of God I am here, and completely different. Because it isn't by my strength that I was able to pull myself out of that, but because God carried me. God loved me just as I was, nasty, bitter, hateful and all. When I was 17 - the last part of that year, was when I started to turn around and become the person I am today.

I don't really want to talk about what I was doing and who I was. I am ashamed of that person. I can't believe such a person existed.

Because of the emotional trauma - I don't remember really what I did in day to day life, when I was 17. I remember who I was though - I will never forget that. But I don't remember my day to day life.
I was in year 12. I barely remember any of it.
I remember scratching a boy who was harrassing me, on his forearm and making him bleed. He tried to touch me - he never tried again! LOL!! I remember a lovely boy in my class coming to my rescue, and we would pretend we were an item so I wouldn't be harassed by this other guy anymore. It worked like a charm. :) We actually became good friends. I kind of wish I knew how to contact him. I would love to know what he is up to today.

I remember my English teacher. He was so encouraging and he was such a good teacher. I loved his classes. I never felt insecure by my opinions on the literature in his class. I felt like my thoughts mattered. I wish I knew how to contact him too... I would like to thank him. He was a good man.

I had no idea what life had in store for me at 17. I don't think I had thought past the day I was trying to live through. Future thinking wasn't what I did then. Weird because now I am the complete opposite. I plan everything!!

I think for me the age of 17 was a matter of surviving.

Now aren't you glad you know all that about me? LOL

Now... to pass it on.
If you read this blog, I am tagging you!! Make sure you send me a link to your blog so I can read about you. :)