Jan 13, 2009

You have been tagged - in honor of your friends!

I am going to start a tag off. Your mission if you choose to accept is to blog about the people that mean alot to you. Talk about the people who enrich your life and surround you with love, support and friendship. This gives you a chance to appreciate the people you value!!!

So to get the ball rolling - here I go!!!

DAZ - I'm actually really lucky that my husband is my best friend. My Mum told me years ago, "Marry your best friend" - and I did! I can talk to Daz about anything. I feel completely loved and accepted by him. I can joke with him and he gets it. I can have a bad dream and snuggle into him in the middle of the night, and while he sleeps, he will cuddle me back. He gave me 3 beautiful and wonderful children - the best presents I have ever gotten. He understands me and if he doesn't - then he tries to. He "gets" me. We don't run out of stuff to talk about. And when I am hormonal, he knows to not annoy me further and is more sensetive to my needs during that time.
AND he is the most awesome kisser and all the rest!! :)

MUM - Now I know it's odd to say your Mum is your friend. My Mum is one of my best friends. She is the most kindest and generous woman I know. She supports me in all decisions I make. She encourages me as I make them. She is always available for me to drop in on, spill my heart, with the kettle on and a good cuppa for me. She shares my love of all things creative. She shares a great love for my children. She adores them.
She loves me so much and I know that will never change. She never interferes in my parenting - she has let me go and allowed me to be the adult that I am. She is always there if I need advice or help, but she doesn't shove her opinions in my face and never tries to take over.
She loves my husband as one of her own kids, (as she does with all her in-law kids) and that is something I consider very important.

I would like to take this opportunity to "rise and call her blessed".

BEC - This lady is truly great. She came into my life when I was weak, weeping and needing someone special. She loved me, lifted me, and built something truly great. I love Bec. She has my heart. I love how we don't need to constantly maintain - she is so low maintenance - that we can pick up where we left off, still close and still understanding each other. We have been friends for 11 years now. :)

LEASH - another wonderful friend. The first time we met was the day before her wedding!! Leash was my first "internet" friend. We chatted lots for years - still do when we can! We get each other, we often say the same things and the same time - then yell out SNAP!! When we go to visit her in NSW - we are always welcome to her home. She looks after all of us like family. I miss her so much... even though we haven't been together all that much. We have been friends for over 6 years.

DONNA - This lady has been very wonderful to me. She's great to talk to, we have alot in common. We both are HUGE fans of "The Castle" and often talk to each other in Castle quotes and pee our pants laughing. Ahhh how's the serenity! I think she just likes the word.
She was a great support to me recently when a friendship ended. When she heard that it had gone downhill, she offered her empathy and gave me such unbiased and common sense advice. Her heart and fruits were made very clear to me as she gently and kindly picked me up, dusted me off and sent me on my way again.
She encourages me and always receives my ideas with gusto and enthusiasm.
She isn't bitchy, nasty, or unkind.
And boy she makes me laugh. I'm chatting to her at the moment, and chuckling away. :)

GAIL - Now this lady is a very cool friend to have. We share a love for scrapping and we often chat daily. We share our projects and sometimes even scrap together. She is great for company and we often chat while we are doing our housework. :). We share our days, share our joys, frustrations and she is pretty funny too. Gail is another friend I can depend on if I need her. When I have been sick, she offered to come round and look after the kids and clean up my house for me. Now that is REAL friendship, considering she has 4 kids of her own. She is a friend I miss if I haven't seen her around the traps for a while. We have been friends for 3 years.

I have other's but this post is going to be huge, so I'll give honorable mentions.

Kelbel - I love chatting to you and love sharing a love of craft with you.
Ziz - You are one classy lady and I think you are awesome!
JAC - you are an amazing and very clever woman and I think you are such a great person. You have a beautiful heart!
Sarah - you may be a cousin-in-law, but I love spending time with you, and love our girly nights.
Cat - you are such a beautiful girl and I will always think of you as a baby sister.
Jase - you dude are a legend. I think it's an absolute priveledge working with you and I love spending time with you. Who else loves cheese and wine as much as me!?? :)

Righto... now I am tagging YOU. So get blogging, tell me about YOUR friends... :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Skip, you made me all teary. You're such a gorgeous soul. I am honoured to be your friend :-)