Jan 30, 2006

Taking time to snooze in the sun.

Well these last few days have been .....
Excuse me while I go throw a certain beeping for no good reason smoke detector out onto the street.... :( I warned Daz, that if it annoyed me, it would die!!
POO!! It's the one on the roof making a racket!!

So where was I? Oh yeah, filling you in....
On Saturday it was the most humid day in a long time. I was dripping most of the time. The fam and i went to Elizabeth to pick up a pressie for Grannies 65th birthday, and while we were inside it rained a bit. We came out and it was STEAMIN!! Like someone had left the hot shower on with no exhaust and no windows open. I could barely breathe!
On Sunday we didn't do too much. I think we painted half the hall... we were supposed to finish it Sunday, but it never happened... ah well...
Sunday night I had a false labour. FOR 6 HOURS!! contractions at 2 minutes apart. They hurt, and I was waiting for intensity to pick up.. while my darling man slumbered peacefully next to me. They slowed down and then finally stopped at the end of that time, and I finally got some sleep... 2 whole hours. I was exhasuted monday!!
Monday afternoon I did a very unusual thing, I curled up with caitlin in my bed, and fell asleep...
Last night I didn't sleep again, basically because I couldn't get comfy. I should be half dead by tonight so I should be able to sleep... after some herbal sleeping pills and some serious spooning from Daz.

Went to see the midwife today. The baby's head is 2/5th engaged. She said that was a good sign. She poked and prodded and boy did that hurt. All that internal bruising!!
We discussed inducing me and what that would mean for me having a water birth. Apparently things HAVE changed since I gave birth to Caitlin. Turns out I can be induced AND have a water birth. YAY!! Midwife reckons I will not need inducing. I am pretty close to popping this kid out.

And I have changed my mind about the sex... I am having a strong feeling it will be another girl. But then my maternal instincts are pretty crappy so I guess we will see. Caitlin has been asking for a sister so I hope I can come through for her...

Been doing some more scrapbooking, since Daz took me to buy some more scrapping stuff. I am liking the results and am pretty happy with it all. I am trying to catch up on about 2 years worth of stuff...one of my NY resolutions is to catch up and stay up to date. So I am on my way!!

Well that's about all from me.
Till next time..
Cheerio, I'll be back soooon

Jan 26, 2006

27th January - the day after Aussie Day

Happy Australia Day - well... the day after it anyway.

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Apart from having a hideous nights sleep! We went to Robynne and Trevors for some lunch and some games. We played this game "Buzz?" on PS2. It was horrible, it was a music trvia game. Daz and I didn't know many answers. Lots of the music was before our time... we were the youngins of the pack afterall. It really wasn't that bad, it was kinda fun, but you gotta know music to get anywhere....
Then Daz and I dreamed some more and looked at caravans on the web and drooled and dreamed some more. We invited ourself round to my Nanna's for a swim after dinner and I really enjoyed using her pool to take the weight and strain off my back. Nanna took one look at my tummy and said "Oh dear oh dear!" I think she felt sorry for me. Nanna played with Caitlin in the pool and Caitlin just loved that! Caitlin loves going to Nanna's place. She even likes Ralph, and he is pretty sweet with her. Ralph is Nanna's husband. He isn't my grandfather though... my "Pops" died a few years back with asbestos related lung cancer. Ralph is nanna's second hubby. I actually kinda like him. For an 80+year old man, he is actually kinda cool. He has made a huge change in Nanna... she seems much more laid back and her sense of humor is blooming. Ralph has a wicked sense of humor... and he teases Nanna all the time... she takes it all in her stride though. I am impressed... she used to be defensive or gullible... now she teases right back.

I said goodbye to a dear friend tuesday - one of the most uncomplicated, low maintenence friends I have. My dear Kymbo.... flying off to be with the love of her life in Canada. It may as well be on another planet!! Anyway she is happy and this guy makes her happy, so that makes me happy. I met her in TAFE, 8 years ago exactly. 8 years is such a long time to be friends with someone... well for me anyway. Me who moved around constantly, losing friends all the time because it was just too hard to maintain. Kym is low maintenance. I can barely have anything to do with her for a year, but we pick up where we left off, no constant attention to our friendship required. I wish all friends could be like that. Luckily we can stay in contact via the net and when she comes back, hopefully it will be as groovy as it has ever been. I am sad that she is leaving the country. I will miss her.... and miss that cry of "HOLY SNAPPIN DUCK $%&*" and all the other Kym-sayings that make me laugh.

Pregnancy: Well lets just say I am super uncomfortable, and SUPER SICK OF IT ALL!!! Constant backache, constant lower tummy pain... the braxton Hicks contractions are getting closer and closer together. Yesterday they were happening 5 minutes apart. I am begging God to induce me... but I guess he has better things to do than listen to my whinging.... like feeding the starving, answering the prayers of the needy, the dying, the hurting...
Most of my friends and even Nanna are betting I won't go the full 40 weeks. Nanna reckons by the end of the month, Jo reckons by tuesday at the latest. I just want it out.
"It's time to go.... Pippin" GET OUT!!!!

Caitlin: Is happy as larry at the moment doing all 4 of her puzzles all at once... chatting away to herself.. and answering herself. LOL She is adorable!! Hope this next kid is as adorable as she is.... maybe a little less stubborn and strong willed? LOL.

I am still a bit nesty. This morning I went into battle against the mold. I am sick of being on all fours in the shower (so the hot water can ease my backache) and seeing mold growing. I only JUST cleaned it, I don't know HOW it grows back so fast. I guess it's all this heat and the water making it steamy which is probably perfect breeding grounds for the feral disgusting stuff.... So I scrubbed and scrubbed.... then went on all fours to inspect. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! No more mold... for today anyway! I hate mold...
Been rearranging and tidying and cleaning alot the last few days. Ahhh it keeps the mind off the elephant within.

Well I best be going, Caitlin wants me to play with her "babushka (?sp) doll"

Jan 22, 2006

It's HOT in the city... well was! 23/01

What a weekend!! It was STINKIN hot! It was mid 40's for the whole weekend. Apparently it was the worst heat wave to hit Adelaide in 60 odd years.
If we got brave and stepped outside, we would be hit with a blanket of hot air. It was terrible! And last night smoke from some bushfires blanketed the city so not only was it hot, we could smell burning. The smoke was thick and pretty nasty. Luckily the cool change came through and blew all the smoke away

Pete and Deb (Brother and Sister-in-law) stayed for the weekend because it was just too hot to sleep at their house. So this weekend was kinda out of the ordinary. Deb bought chocolate though, bless her, and invited us to swim at her Mum's place on one of those evil days. AND she cleaned my kitchen, so she is a very welcome houseguest!! We got to experience life with a little baby once again. Madeline drove home the fact that in less than 3 weeks, we will have a baby of our own that will cry every 4 hours for a feed, and need their butt changed and to coo and goo and gah. Madeline is a beautiful baby and she looks like a doll when she is still.
Caitlin loves Madeline and squatted by her little carrier and would touch her gently and say "hello madeline" and give her the dummy when she was crying. I felt utter relief. I wasn't sure how Caitlin would react to having a baby in the house for such a long time. She wasn't too impressed when we told her a baby was on the way when I was first pregnant, but now she can't wait. She is asking for a little sister, but I told her it might be a boy. I don't think she will mind either way. I think she wants a sister because Emma does. And also she is only just working out boys and girls and that they are different....

Emma (niece) kept Caitlin occupied for the whole weekend, and I was not asked to play with her that whole time. I got a nice break and Caitlin was run ragged every day! And at times was over-tired and over stimulated. Emma is toilet training at the moment as well, so the girls were watching each other wee and learning off each other. Though 5 minutes ago, Caitlin was "too busy" to go to the toilet and piddled all over her play mat. GRRRR....

2 weeks and 4 days untill this right now stretching, fidgeting baby is born. I ran into my midwife on Saturday and she said I would be delighted to learn..NOT... that I tested positive for Strep B. So basically this means that as soon as I suspect I am in labour, I need to high tail it to the hospital and get given antibiotics in the back of the hand. Oh just wonderful. Let me explain WHY this less than thrills me. My veins are the worst on the planet. They DO NOT cooperate and they shrink and hide when they see a needle coming. NO ONE... and I repeat NO ONE can get blood out of me. I end up black and blue after a blood test and they end up with a few mls of my blood. It's like trying to bleed a rock!!! So hopefully the veins won't mind having stuff pumped into them.

I am behaving a bit nesty today. Last night Darren and I got the nursery FINALLY sorted out and it's ready for the baby - whenever he or she is ready. Caitlin had a wonderful time "helping" prepare her old room for the new baby. She lay in the cot and watched the rabbit mobile going around and around. It was very cute. Then Darren and I sorted out our clothes and got rid of a stack of the stuff for charity. Since then this morning I have sorted through 2 more drawers, tidied and have a huge urge to clean and sort from one end of the house to the other. Might give into the urge... though I have no urges to iron just as yet. Big surprise there, since I detest ironing with all of my being!

Well untill next time - stay cool.

Jan 18, 2006

19th January 2006 - Fat and Feral Day

Today I heard about Blogs from my friend Jo - whom I torture on a daily basis by constantly yabbering to her on MSN while she should be making awesome creations with her diggi-scrapping.

So I decided I too would have a blog.

So here goes:
Today - well it was none descript. I am 9 months pregnant. 37 weeks to be exact. I am the size of a small country so you can imagine the activity I was up to! I played with puzzles on the floor with Mop aka Caitlin - my eldest baby. She is 2 and a half. I yabbered on the phone to my friend who was supposed to be coming over but has a tummy bug so she decided not to come after all.... very thoughtful of her.
I climbed into bed with Mop for a little while to read to her and to enjoy some quality time for a bit. Caitlin and I played a kissing game, instigated by her. She kissed me, so I kised her back, then she kissed me again and so on and so on. We were both giggling so hard, it's a wonder she settled down for a sleep!! I told her I loved her, and she said "I love you, LOTS" so I am having a good Mummy day.
Daz (my very sexy other half) organised a babysitter and is taking me out for a date tonight. So that's something to look forward to. I hope the cafe we go to has big fat rich cakes... or fruit salad. I am not fussed either way.

Pregnancy wise, I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions quite regularly. They are quite uncomfortable, especially when Pippin (the unborn kick boxing elephant within) struggles and squirms. He (term loosely used untill it's born and we know the sex of the baby) definately likes his own space and fights for it. I on the other hand have handed him his eviction notice. I want him out NOW!
I barely sleep, and I am constantly going to the toilet. I swear I should take up residency in there! Drag a matress in and the laptop and just live in there till I give birth. I am looking forward to meeting this little person.
My bet is that he/she will be born on the 13th Feb at 9lb 2oz.

House Renovation update: well we got one coat of paint on the hallway. We have half painted the living areas. We got a little side tracked. But we will continue painting probably on the weekend. I am eagerly awaiting for our builders to get back to us to build our extensions to the verandah and to the side of the house. I want those stinking piddling,pooping cats OUT of my laundry. I want to be able to put my clean and dirty clothes in there without the fear of them piddling all over them. I want it cat hair free.... they can live in giant cat run we are building for them.

Well I better close up for now. Don't want to overload you with dribble.