Jan 26, 2006

27th January - the day after Aussie Day

Happy Australia Day - well... the day after it anyway.

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Apart from having a hideous nights sleep! We went to Robynne and Trevors for some lunch and some games. We played this game "Buzz?" on PS2. It was horrible, it was a music trvia game. Daz and I didn't know many answers. Lots of the music was before our time... we were the youngins of the pack afterall. It really wasn't that bad, it was kinda fun, but you gotta know music to get anywhere....
Then Daz and I dreamed some more and looked at caravans on the web and drooled and dreamed some more. We invited ourself round to my Nanna's for a swim after dinner and I really enjoyed using her pool to take the weight and strain off my back. Nanna took one look at my tummy and said "Oh dear oh dear!" I think she felt sorry for me. Nanna played with Caitlin in the pool and Caitlin just loved that! Caitlin loves going to Nanna's place. She even likes Ralph, and he is pretty sweet with her. Ralph is Nanna's husband. He isn't my grandfather though... my "Pops" died a few years back with asbestos related lung cancer. Ralph is nanna's second hubby. I actually kinda like him. For an 80+year old man, he is actually kinda cool. He has made a huge change in Nanna... she seems much more laid back and her sense of humor is blooming. Ralph has a wicked sense of humor... and he teases Nanna all the time... she takes it all in her stride though. I am impressed... she used to be defensive or gullible... now she teases right back.

I said goodbye to a dear friend tuesday - one of the most uncomplicated, low maintenence friends I have. My dear Kymbo.... flying off to be with the love of her life in Canada. It may as well be on another planet!! Anyway she is happy and this guy makes her happy, so that makes me happy. I met her in TAFE, 8 years ago exactly. 8 years is such a long time to be friends with someone... well for me anyway. Me who moved around constantly, losing friends all the time because it was just too hard to maintain. Kym is low maintenance. I can barely have anything to do with her for a year, but we pick up where we left off, no constant attention to our friendship required. I wish all friends could be like that. Luckily we can stay in contact via the net and when she comes back, hopefully it will be as groovy as it has ever been. I am sad that she is leaving the country. I will miss her.... and miss that cry of "HOLY SNAPPIN DUCK $%&*" and all the other Kym-sayings that make me laugh.

Pregnancy: Well lets just say I am super uncomfortable, and SUPER SICK OF IT ALL!!! Constant backache, constant lower tummy pain... the braxton Hicks contractions are getting closer and closer together. Yesterday they were happening 5 minutes apart. I am begging God to induce me... but I guess he has better things to do than listen to my whinging.... like feeding the starving, answering the prayers of the needy, the dying, the hurting...
Most of my friends and even Nanna are betting I won't go the full 40 weeks. Nanna reckons by the end of the month, Jo reckons by tuesday at the latest. I just want it out.
"It's time to go.... Pippin" GET OUT!!!!

Caitlin: Is happy as larry at the moment doing all 4 of her puzzles all at once... chatting away to herself.. and answering herself. LOL She is adorable!! Hope this next kid is as adorable as she is.... maybe a little less stubborn and strong willed? LOL.

I am still a bit nesty. This morning I went into battle against the mold. I am sick of being on all fours in the shower (so the hot water can ease my backache) and seeing mold growing. I only JUST cleaned it, I don't know HOW it grows back so fast. I guess it's all this heat and the water making it steamy which is probably perfect breeding grounds for the feral disgusting stuff.... So I scrubbed and scrubbed.... then went on all fours to inspect. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! No more mold... for today anyway! I hate mold...
Been rearranging and tidying and cleaning alot the last few days. Ahhh it keeps the mind off the elephant within.

Well I best be going, Caitlin wants me to play with her "babushka (?sp) doll"

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