May 24, 2008

The Spiritual musings of Mop

"Elijah can be very clumsy sometimes..... but that's ok, he still loves Jesus"


"Mummy, the music at (insert church name here) is very loud.... that's so Jesus can hear it better!"

I love it!! The things kids think are hillarious.

Just a short post today.
Things are going incredibly well. I preached today on the first half of the beatitudes. I think it went really well. I've been really busy working on the message and I'm happy with the finished product.
The opportunity to study counselling is now at the very tips of my fingers. A load of things have changed, which means I can have a Bachelor in counselling in three years! I am still deciding and weighing up my options and of course commiting it to prayer. I've been incredibly busy looking at all that and making sense of it all.
We are going away this weekend to Moonta Bay. Hopefully Daz will get some fishing in and we will spend some time doing fun things with the kids.

Anyway I better scoot.

May 9, 2008

School, sleep, Salt, sweethearts and the like...

It's been one of those months. Incredibly busy and exhausting, but fulfilling.

Ok what's been happening?
1. Daz got a voucher for his 30th birthday for a photography session and we had that last Saturday. We see the photos tomorrow. It was kinda fun trying to get E to smile and co-operate. What can I say? He's two! Milly needed a nap dead on photo session time, so we let her power nap for 10 minutes and she charmed the socks off the woman who was taking shots and she was just divine! Can't wait to see the work tomorrow.

2. Church stuff has been happening! We have officially become Salt Church Playford - which means we have a new Senior Minister. It's all good. I can't wait to see where God leads us in this exciting new adventure.
We've had a worship service, and a youth service is being planned. I'm lined up to preach twice in the next month. Lots going on!

3. We have been having interviews with Mop's Reception teacher and principal over the last few days, getting ready for her to start next term. This term we are going to be busy gathering up all her stuff ready to start. Uniforms, lunchboxes, drinkbottles etc. It was lovely today with the Principal, she remembered me from my days there and gave me a huge hug. My goodness she makes a HUGE difference to the school. The place is really different.

4. I'm not sure why, but Milly isn't sleeping through anymore. She decided that she wasn't going to do it anymore, then she does once, then she doesn't again. I'm tired and feeling the exhaustion. I have been spoiled with a full nights sleep from my other two from early on. Tonight I am going to start "dream feeding" her to see if that makes a difference

5. Steve and Jas had their engagement party last week and it was a really nice affair! Jas's Mum outdid herself, the food was divine - gourmet cheeses, fruit platters, quiches etc. Mop gave me heart failure when I caught her drinking from other people's glasses. I saw her skull a drink that was next to a beer bottle - the liquid in it was yellowy... I smelled it, and was relieved that it was apple juice!

Bit of a bummer, our car has a leaking fuel tank, so it's off at the mechanics at the moment. Thankfully Mum has loaned us her car so we can drive around. The kids won't fit in the back of the 2 door lancer... well they could, but no baby seats would be able to fit in there too!!

I think that's about all that is worth a mention.

Right, off to a dinner party at Pete and Debs. The kids will get to have a play so that will be nice for them.