Dec 9, 2007

My clever child......

6 days old and she is smiling!!! No it's not wind, it's a true blue, dinky -di smile!!! She kind of smirked at me when she was born, but this is a real "we have a connection" smile.

Today we put on her very first cloth nappy. A very kind friend sent me a stack of them, along with all sorts of goodies, including a sling! The nappy does make her look a little bulky - but thats coz she is a skinny chicken!

Dec 8, 2007

It's a girl!!! Welcome Ameliah Zara!

Well it's all over folks!! I finally had this baby!!

I am proud to introduce the latest model - Ameliah Zara.

This is how it went down.... (if you don't like birth stories - don't read!)

Monday afternoon - I laid down next to my baby - Sir E, and sang to him and cuddled him until he fell asleep for a nap, and grieved a bit. Tears fell just a tiny bit. This poor little kid was about to have his life turned upside down, and I was going to do this to him.

3pm - rocked up at the hospital a tad late - my midwife, Katie thought I might be piking because I was late. - I was admitted, checked out and the gels were inserted. It all started pretty much straight away. I was aching and felt like a period was coming on. Contractions (mild ones) started around 6pm and were about 4 minutes apart for most of the night. So you can imagine how much sleep I DIDN'T get!! LOL.

We had a few diversions. For example - to watch "Free" to air TV, we had to pay Telstra $15! LMAO!! But we also got Foxtel which was a bit of a novelty... for the first 3 minutes. Then I discovered that I was very glad I don't have Foxtel at home. There was absolutely NOTHING to watch. There was internet connection with it as well, and so I was able to talk to a few friends and give them updates of progress that night and on Tuesday morning. In the end we watched a bit of "The Wedding Crashers" that we hired on the laptop. I love that movie - pretty funny!

Sleep was pretty interrupted - every 4 minutes to be precise, and then every 4 hours I had to be monitored by the midwives. The second lot of gels were cancelled by the Registrar on that shift because "Neonatal Special Care is understaffed" - yeah I really needed that freak out at that moment. Katie wasn't happy about the cancellation - since I was booked to have this induction.

7am Tuesday morning Katie checked out how my cervix was going and she said it was going pretty well - but because I didn't have the second lot of gels, she didn't know what she could do next. So she ran it by the doctors/OBS and they had a big meeting about it. So 9am was when I finally got started. My waters were broken... hehe... I was flooding for AGES. There was sooooo much of the stuff! My drip was put in and antibiotics pumped though. Then came the oxytocin (sp?) - contractions began.

I was pleasantly surprised because bub was no longer posterior - she had turned!! And was facing the right way - so I had mainly tummy pain - not the terrible back pain. I coped relatively well for 2 hours. Daz rubbed my back and I managed my pain well. I was given another examination and my cervix had not dialated since the night before - still 2 cm dialated. I started to feel a bit down about that. All this pain and it was doing what?? Never mind... I still pushed on. The dosage of hormones were put up and up and up - and the intensity of these contractions were going up and up. I hopped in the shower on a gym ball and let the hot water beat on my body. It felt really good. But then the hospital staff came in demanding that Katie fix the monitoring system because the water proof one kept losing signal. So I had to get out the shower and a little hook monitor was inserted into bub's head. The doctor said "Hmmm... this is a big baby" - and I felt that familiar rise of terror.... oh and guess how dialated I was?? 2 cm STILL!! 4 hours and only 2cms.

I felt myself start to crumble. I burst into tears and sobbed and sobbed in the shower. I couldn't cope any longer with the pain - the contractions were very close together and were acheiving nothing. Katie suggested I start thinking about pain relief - the epidural. Progress was too slow, it was likely I was going to need a c-section. So an epidural was booked and I was shifted immediately to the labour ward. I never had any drugs with the other two, so this was going to be a new experience. I was beyond caring..

Contractions were coming thick and fast and I had to listen to the annethesist inbetween and then he began to put it in. He had to keep stopping because every 30 seconds or so I had a contraction. I had to stay perfectly still because needles were going all over the place and Katie had to talk me through them. I thought I was going to die! HURRY UP AND GET THE DRUGS WORKING!!!

Finally it was all in, and I was laying down on my back. Daz warned the man that anesthetics and me took a while to get working. He kept pumping the drugs into me, and they weren't working. Contractions were thick and fast - and the poor man was trying to discuss the next option - I felt that familiar heavy feeling down below... "I CAN'T LISTEN TO YOU RIGHT NOW!!! I need to push!!!"

Then all the action began to happen. Another midwife appeared out of nowhere and held my hand while I began pushing. The professor appeared. Daz said "I can see the head!!" There was lots of shouting and talking and 5 pushes later, I felt the familiar feeling of a body leaving mine and a crying baby was placed on my body! She was crying!!! The Professor was punching the air and grinning - ermm.. what are YOU so happy about buddy?? I'M the one that did all the hard work!! LOL - The poor anethesist who was trapped in a corner emerged and congratulated me - "you don't need me anymore!" Umm.. no thanks. 1 1/2 hours after my last examination I went from 2cm to giving birth!!

Little Ameliah was born perfect. She stayed on my belly, both of us wrapped in a warmed blanket and we had cuddles for an hour. She began to suckle and her big eyes were wide open taking me in.

4 hours later we picked up our bags, our baby and walked out that hospital, and went home! What a very busy day!!

No stitches - I swear I am made out of rubber. 8lb 1oz - smallest baby I have ever had! And a very quick recovery. In fact the sorest part of my body is the epidural site - and I didn't even get the benefits of this! LOL. This is the best labour I have ever had. Even though it was looking dismal. I am so glad it's all over and my baby girl is in my arms!!

I had so many people praying for me and for a good outcome. God came through for me yet again with a coulple of miracles.

PS: You should see my stomach!!!!!! :O 4 days ago I gave birth and I am wearing clothes that were too small for me pre-pregnancy!! YEEEHAAAA!!!

Nov 27, 2007

What's goin on?

Well I'll tell ya!

Today I went to see the OB to check if my cervix was "favourable". The OB was busy today, so he had one of his registrars look after me - and she was nice enough to leave the cervix inspection to my midwife. The stretch and sweep was surprisingly enough painless. I found the registrar looking for baby's heartbeat more painful. Geeze she was rough!!!

Anyway nothing has happened after the stretch and sweep so I am guessing it's not coming today.

The new plan is: IF I haven't popped by Monday, I have to go to the hospital and get some gels popped in. Then Tuesday bright and early I have to have my waters ruptured. Personally I can't wait for the waters to burst. My midwife says i have lots of amniotic fluid so it's going to be a geiser!! WOOOOHOOO!!! Gotta have something to look forward to!

When I was in the Birthing Unit central desk waiting for Katie to book us a room we bumped into Karen, the lady who was there when Elijah was born - the one who had really high blood pressure after the birth. She looked at me and said "You look familiar.." then when it all came flooding back, she said she didn't want to be around for the birth! LOL. Apparently I added 10 years to her life. She sternly told me I would be in BIG trouble if I had a birth like that again. I'll do my best.... LOL Karen is a lovely midwife, and I like her. She was also the lady that the ECN thought was my lesbian partner - because she walked in on the midwife teaching me how to milk myself! LMAO!!! OH what a hoot that was....!!

So now I am keeping myself busy - a friend of mine told me to stay busy to keep the mind off labour and delivery. Why stress myself out and start to freak myself out eh?

Katie did go through the equipment they would be monitoring me with and stuff like that. It all seems pretty harmless. Not as invasive as I thought it would be.

So in a week all this pregnancy talk will be well and truly over with. I'll be a great deal thinner and able to sleep on my stomach.... ahhh bliss!!!

Next entry will be the birth announcement. Stay tuned... it could be anytime....

Nov 17, 2007


Allo all!
Went to see the Professor and all is good. Bubs is small enough for me to push out at 38 weeks. So here's the plan. 28th November I am off to see Professor again so he can check up my clacker and see what's happening with my cervix. As much as I look forward to having a man looking up there and having a fiddle with my cervix............ NOT!!! Well anyway - he's going to check if my cervix is "favourable" and then give it a stretch and sweep. Wonderful. I hope I go into labour well before that.
If THAT doesn't work, the 3rd of December is the final day - I will be induced that day, and if that doesn't work out, then it's a c-section.

Good news is that I am allowed to give birth in the birthing center, I am allowed to labour in the water, and it will only be my midwife in attendance and the emergency neonatal team peoples standing at the desk while I push the munchkin out. Better than the origional plan which was the Professor in attendance and whoever he needed, my midwife, the neonatal team - it was going to be like peak hour traffic on South Rd!!
My hospital bag is packed. Mum spoiled me (again) and bought me some cute t-shirt nightees t wear plus some very yummy mango flavoured lip balm and body lotion for DH to massage into me. I am going to love that!! Not the massage part, the part where I get to smell mangoes. I LOVE mangoes.

So everything is ready for the baby.

Last week I had a very interesting experience. I was a model for a pregnancy photo-shoot. A friend, Jo, is practicing photography, and she suggested a pregnancy shoot for me - well that was a first for both of us. And the woman works miracles I tell you!!! She's going to be an excellent photographer. She made me look HOT!! I don't have the pictures just yet, but when I do, I'll show you what I mean. I haven't looked that good since my wedding photos.
Jo is also lined up to do a few family pictures of us when Munchkin arrives. If she keeps churning out such good pictures, I might have to start hiring her to do our family shots instead of Pixi (which are absolute rubbish for what you pay!!)

It was Daz's work dinner last night and I had a lovely evening. I had the sympathy card big time because of the bowling ball I have shoved up my dress. :) Every woman all looked at me sadly "Oh you must be due now" - eh yeah. I am.
"You must be so hot and uncomfortable" - Eh yeah I am.
Daz got grilled by fellow work mates about my condition and how long I have to go. I got wished lots of luck on departure which was lovely.
Daz's boss (whom I sat next to) was a lovely man. I did enjoy chatting to him - especially as he opened his trap and said that Daz was the best worker at the company and raved about his capabilities etc etc. Daz is too modest because I found out a heck of alot about my husband from this boss.... and all excellent launch pads for negotiations about promotions and pay rises! But apparently Daz is very smart (not that I didn't doubt this) and if no one else can solve a problem, they take it to Daz. He was instrumental in a huge project getting completed on time and solving an impossible problem. So there ya go....

Dinner was divine. I ate a Habouli and onion tart with a pear salad for starters, Salmon on a creamy thyme rissoto and some lovely flavoured butter on top. And for dessert a chocolate brownie - which was too rich so I passed it on to Daz. It was delicious. My own grump moment was when the wine was bought out. And the white was a Sauv Blanc, my favourite!! And Daz had a glass of it, which I didn't mind until he started raving about how nice it was. :(

The kids are doing well. I've had to start "Operation Crack Down" on Mop because she has been so argumentative of late and disobedient. She thinks she knows better and I have in the past been too tired to deal with it. Now both Daz and I are on her back and it has improved of late. She gave our baby sitter last night (Daz's cousin) a run for her money by her carry on, but thankfully she is very similar to me in approach and controlled the girl.

E has been absolutely divine. He's so much more fun and I really enjoy being with him. His tanties have almost dissapeared entirely. He whinges only when he is tired or in pain. He talks so much more and can say what he wants. "Juice" for drink "Ungy" for hungry etc etc. It makes my life so much easier. Afternoon naptimes, he likes me to lay down with him while he goes to sleep. I don't mind, it means I get a 5 minute rest too. He smothers me in kisses and cuddles me and strokes my face - then drops off because Mummy's head massage is to die for!

Christmas preps are well underway. We are mostly done for outside of the family which is good. Mop has a cd-player on layby - she is really getting into music lately - so she may as well have her own player in her room so Mummy isnt tortured at 3am hearing in her head Bear in the Blue House and I like to Sing tunes.

Website is going well, though I really need to get more stuff on there. I have lots of material but it's just a matter of having the energy and motivation to get it on there. I hope to get it bursting at the seams in the New Year. I need to be focussed on the task of giving birth, I can concentrate on other things later.

It's been really warm here these last few days and the kids have been enjoying swimming in their water pool/center thing. It's looking to get hot in the next few days so I will be hybernating in the house with the AC blasting!!

Anyway I think I have said enough. I'll sign off now and go hunt down my hubsband who is making some repairs on the xmas tree so we can put it up before this bub comes. We noticed my tummy has dropped a huge amount and it's been very quiet, so it's probably resting up for birth.

Oct 29, 2007

This, that and the other.

Allo all!

Well this week or so has been pretty boring. Nothing exciting happening. Nothing exciting going to happen. Just going along... putt putt putt.

E is talking more and more thank goodness, because that means his screams are getting less and less!! FINALLY he said "light" instead of pointing to the roof and saying "Moon!" because not all round light things are moons my boy! LOL. He's settled nicely in his room and sleeps well.
Thank goodness for daylight savings. He didn't wake till nearly 7:30am this morning!! Better than the waking up with the chickens he has been doing lately.

Mop is same ol. Eternally dressed up as a princess or something else equally divine!

Well on Wednesday I have my estimated fetal weight scan to see if I am going to be able to push it out or have to be butchered. On the 5th of November I find out for sure. Push or slice? Praying to push here!! It will be nice however to see the lil munchkin.

We have named our bub (I think) and I really love the name. I chose the first name (well put it on a short list and Daz liked it!) and Daz came up with the second name and together it's just great! It's lovely knowing it's name.
Baby has dropped a bit into my pelvis. My tummy is noticeably lower and I can breathe a little easier. However it has made shooting pains go through my cervix and lower tummy. I feel like I have period pain continually and lets not get started on the braxton hicks contractions!

The other day I smelled something really off under my sink. I didn't know what it was, so I just shut the door and forgot about it until I smelled it again yesterday. Daz came and got a waft of it, and worked out that the mousetrap had gone off. I didn't even know there was a trap in there!! LOL. So we had a decomposing mouse in my cuboard. Thankfully the smell is gone now! YUUUCK! I hate rodents.... almost as much as frogs and creepy things like that!

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I have started making up Christmas crackers and did a few Christmas photo shoots for xmas cards. Mop of course posed like a real model, and E posed for the light testing one - then refused to co-operate after that. I give up.... he can be a snotty little reindeer this year for xmas unless I can salvage my tester ones. I'll finish the shoot of course when bubs comes along. Not long now... 4 weeks (around about)

Well I am busting.... AGAIN... (I swear I should put a matress in there and a bar fridge and live in there - I almost do anyway!) .... so I best shove off. Also my feet are swelling from the fluid and going numb. :S Oh for my body to be back to normal....

4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.

Oct 17, 2007


How is it possible to close the bedroom door on E so he can sleep, go in a few hours later and have lost him?? This happened last night... boy it was funny! I hunted all over his bed, under his bed etc... I eventually found him in the corner, fast asleep. *Snort* Then today at naptime, I checked to see if he was actually sleeping and low and behold he was flat out on the floor, on a book, fast asleep! Funny kid.

Today I didn't get such hot news. I'm 32 weeks - and baby is measuring at 36 weeks. OI KID! Slow down with your growing!!! I don't want to be carved up to meet you. I would rather push you out of a hole the size of a keyhole!! So fingers crossed this baby isn't a tubby one and I can go ahead and deliver normally. I guess I better prepare myself for it not going according to plan.

Brighter side is that I am healthy, my blood pressure is brilliant, I am as fit as a fiddle.

Christmas preparations have started in this house. I have a huge list of things to do and I am making good progress. I guess I better do as much as I can before this baby comes. That way I won't be burning stuff and botching up things.
My wishlist for Christmas is: (and Daz reads this blog so this is a good place as any to hint)
~ Perfume
~ A new handbag
~ Underwear
~ A cool nightee - (I have heaps of PJ's!)

I'll probably get clothes for my birthday which is 4 days before Christmas. Nothing too fabulous going on for my birthday - I'll probably lay low and just pretend it isn't happening (apart from getting presents and eating cake) this will be my last year being in my 20's. I'll become and old fart and be in my 30's next. Thankfully Daz is going there first in a few months and he'll pave the way. :)

Oct 7, 2007

Next year she can fill in our tax forms...

Ahhhh Mop.... what a laugh she is! She found a registration form for something or other, and decided to fill it in for me.
Some of the highlights were: if she didn't know the answer, she would make it up! We have a very interesting phone number. Did you know our postcode is the mailbox?
Mother's name: Mum
Father's name: Dad
Child's date of birth: July

LOL... ahh she's funny. So next year we will dump our tax stuff on her lap and she can fill out all the nasty tax forms. At least she will have fun. I wonder what interesting stuff she will come up with if she doesn't know the answer??

Sir E is cutting one of his 2 year old molars. Bless him - he has a temp, sore bum and isn't very well - but he's not complaining too much. He's a bit grizzly...
He's not going too well sleeping in his big boy bed. He wants to sleep in the cot. If we say "Bedtime"! He goes straight to the cot. We ask him does he want to sleep in his big boy bed, he says no. During the day he isn't so bad... but night time he doesn't want to. Thankfully a friend has offered us the use of their bassinet if E doesn't move in time. So we don't have to push him.

Mop is driving me mental. She trashes her own room, then goes into E's room and trashes in there as well. I confiscate toys she takes out of her room and into his room. I don't have the energy to keep tidying up trashed rooms. So she is banned from E's room - at least E doesn't trash his own room, making it easier to keep tidy. No matter what I say though, she does what SHE likes and then hits the roof when disciplined for it. ARRRRGGHH!! I must say being a parent is soooo frustrating at times. Is it completely necessary to pull out every single toy you own?? *sigh*
Well I binned a load of toys and got another load ready for the op-shop - then a HUGE container load to go into storage - toys she doesn't play with. We will give them away as appropriate - so now she has less toys but still manages to create havoc in there. *sigh* And if my Mum was reading this she would be laughing because I bet this is what I did. I was such a messpot as a child/teen.

Well must get going. E is crying so I guess the panadol will be starting to wear off. Poor tike.

Oct 2, 2007


Whoever thought old cooling cream for the feet would be the breakthrough that we needed?? Say what??
Mop has had issues for ever about telling us when she has been hurt or hurt herself. She goes into complete denial and even though she could be seriously hurt, she will deny she is hurt and just cry and say "NO NO! I am fine!" It's frustrating because it was like getting blood from a stone - she would not tell me what happened, what hurt and I would find the bruise/cut/graze when she got into the bath.

Yesterday while at the shops she fell over the pram and she was crying - obviously in pain. She wouldn't tell me or Mum what hurt and if she even was hurt. I had a brainwave, I got out the "Magic cream" and asked her if she would like me to put some "Magic Cream" on her ouchies. She lifted her shirt immediately to have the cream put on to reveal her graze - it took less than a minute to find out where she was hurt - instead of from 10 minutes to 3 hours!! I tried it again last night when she stubbed her foot - 10 seconds and I found out where she was hurt and what happened! This is really amazing - this morning she didn't realise the screen door was half shut and bashed into it - out came the magic cream and she immediately showed me her graze.

Now why you ask is this so important? Her teachers have had a few chats with me over the last term and expressed their concern that she denies everything and refuses to accept help. It also makes her a prime target for bullying. I have been racking my brains trying to find the solution, trying to get her to talk to us about it. (It's not like we are totally unapproachable either!) But the magic cream seems to be the answer. So I will be buying some shimmer lotion or something equally magical looking, relabel it as "Magic Cream" and give it to the teachers. I have some in my hand bag and on my dressing table. Mum will make something up too so all her places of care will know that she will talk if you have the magic cream! LOL

E went to sleep in his big boy bed today - yesterday he slept there, but didn't fall asleep in there. He was already asleep when I put him in. Today he actually fell asleep. He did really well.... so now we will be offering him a choice - the cot or the big boy bed for night times, and big boy bed only during the day.

Sep 25, 2007

T-minus 9 weeks and counting.....

I can't believe it! 9 Weeks until the newest munchkin makes it's grand entrance into this world. It's going by so fast and we are soooo not ready! LOL.
On the weekend we painted E's big-boy bedroom. It looks fabulous! I'll take photos and post them soon. It's a gorgeous bright royal blue! This weekend we go to Ikea and depending if Daz gets a bonus or not - we will be furnishing half or the whole thing. This week I am going to be sewing some curtains - bright red for the room. It's sad in a way that he has be become a big boy and sleep in a big boy room. He's more than happy in his cot, and doesn't even attempt to dive out like his sister did. No... he prefers to scream and squeal till someone comes in. LOL

I've started seeing a psychologist to help prepare for the birth. I am finding it very very helpful and I am feeling very positive and more ready for birth. We planned our worse case scenario last week - which is a c-section. I am feeling very calm - and believe it or not, excited about it all now.

Daz finished his insane hours last week, thank goodness! All over for now, so he is home at reasonable hours and weekends once again. He's at this moment vacuuming my floors. Oh he is such a good man!!

Mop is same ol - she finished the term at school and seems to be really going well. She started drawing PICTURES this week, instead of scribbles. It's so exciting! I have lots of lovely creations she has drawn on the art wall. My fave pic is 2 icecreams with lots of different colored icecream flavours. One is lavender apparently. Hmmm.... dunno how tasty that would be?

E - well... he is doing well. We really started cracking down on discipline this week. I am telling him off now when he screams, he gets disciplined when he tanties and it seems to be working. He has chucked 1 tantie in 48 hours. That's pretty good!

And me... well I am still pregnant, getting over the hayfever thank goodness, and just fine.

3 months until christmas! YAY! I've started collecting a few bits for bon-bons because I make my own when I host Christmas. I better start collecting the lame jokes too. :) Next week I will start making preserves for gifts and stuff like that. I also found in Spotlight some divine xmas fabrics which I will pop on top of the lids, so my jars don't look like garlic jars! (which they are!)
It will be my birthday soon too - it as it usually does falls on the Daz's work break up party. I have sulked convincingly enough that he has willingly decided to spend it with me! YAY! Last year I spent it away from family. Even Mum wasn't available. :( That's unusual for her, must ask her to check last years diary and see what she was doing!

Today I nearly killed 3 kids. I was driving back with Mum and the kids from picking up Mop from school. 100kms per hour on a major highway. 3 kids suddenly ran out from the bushes and across the road, in front of me! I slammed my breaks on and veered into the right lane (lucky it was clear) and missed them by a meter! My stomach pushed into the steering wheel and arenalin raced through my body like one thing. Idiot kids! If I wasn't being observant I would have hit them for sure. Then facing 3 kid's parents would not be fun, especially if I had killed them. Thank God for his protection because that could have been very bad!

Finally we heard some sad (sort of) news. Daz's groomsman died on Sunday night. It's very sad for his family - since he was their world. They cared for him as his health deteriorated and it must have been a hard thing to watch their son die.
I personally am ashamed to admit I feel nothing but relief. The man caused so much grief around here. Not going into the ins- and outs, he was very inappropriate and made me feel like utter crap. I also hated the way he treated Daz. He was condescending and a nasty man. When Daz set boundaries to protect our marriage and protect our family, he chucked the snots, and didn't want to be friends anymore. We haven't really had much to do with him since. Fair enough. His choice I guess. If he can't handle a man who wants to keep his marriage sacred, then he isn't much of a friend is he?
I was always scared he would rock up at the house when Daz wasn't here. I was always scared he would try and stalk me online - (he has invaded my privacy before, why not now??) so I have always been very careful etc. Now all that has fallen away, because the threat is no longer there. Relief. Sheer relief.

Ok I'll end it there.

By the way if you haven't - visit my website: It's going so well and I am really happy with the responses I have been getting!

Ciao bellas!

Sep 13, 2007

Call me the worst mother in the world but.....

.. I am just evil - call me Skipper de Evile.

Today E snuck into the lounge (where he KNOWS he isn't allowed to be) and started playing with the stereo (which he KNOWS he isn't allowed to play with). He turned the volume knob up to deafening, and then decided to turn the radio on. AM. Where it was just buzzing and humming - no voices or anything....

And it scared the absolute gajeebers out of him. I heard the noise then sounds of panic, followed by screams of terror. I ran to that end of the house and grabbed him into a hug, and quickly switched it off.
"There there. It's ok. Mummy fixed it..." I tried to console, while he wailed into my neck.... and the evil Skipper came out... and I couldn't stop laughing at him. I thought his panic and terror was utterly hillarious. That will teach him for sure....... but I just couldn't stop laughing at him. I hugged him tight and stroked his head - and tried to swallow my laughs. Poor little kid. He was a bit wussy for about 10 minutes and I just cuddled him and thought the whole thing to be very funny.

Tonight Skipper de Evile came out again. It was the kids bedtime. I told E come to bed - and he ran into the living room, screaming his lungs out in what had to be the almightiest tantie I have ever heard. I took his star that he was playing with off him and put it in his room - I thought that would make him follow me, but nooooo... he was still throwing himself on the couch and floor (owww) and screaming like a banshee. I sat on a footstool in his room and sighed.... then I was overcome with giggles. What a drama queen we have on our hands!! I couldn't stop laughing at him. I went into the rumpus room and cornered him, and he looked at me and stopped screaming and just lifted his arms to be picked up. Funny boy!!!

So in the heat of trouble and heart of distress what can you rely on me to do? Laugh my head off!

He has special people in his life - and we discovered that a lady in our church is one of them. She is a dear sweet soul, Marleen. She helps us so much with our kids - she is an honorary Aunt. She walked out the back where the kids were being cared for during service, and E saw her. He let out a cry and dropped his apple and ran to her. She stooped down with her arms open and he threw himself into her arms and had a big cuddle. Marleen washed his apple off and gave it back to him, and he toddled off to play again. Funny boy.

Bec and Nick are down from Brisbane this week and they came to church. It took Mop a while, but when she spotted them, it was a huge NIIIIICK!!! BEEEEC!!! She was stoked. So were we! It was the first time we were introduced to their handsome little man - Zac. He's so beautiful and I got a smile within seconds of having my first chat to him. My goodness he looks like Bec's Dad though!!

E's language and understanding is coming along nicely which is wonderful. Here are some snippets:

"Let go!" (when I was holding his hand so he wouldn't run off to Daddy who was driving off to work)

"Teeth" for brushing teeth

"DADDY! Nanny's!" - (Daddy, it's time for you to take me to Nanny's house)

"Byebye. Seeya."

I think that will do for now. So byebye! Seeya!

Sep 7, 2007

Responsibility and what go hand in hand?

Allo all you Skip Blog nuts - or bolts...

While my kids are quiet and eating their dinner (well Mop is having a belly ache about having to eat her dinner, but I'm wearing my earmuffs, so it's quiet to me!) I thought I would fill you in on the happenings around here.

Let's start with the head of the house - Daz. He's working incredibly hard lately. He is working late most nights and last saturday as well. This saturday he is working again, and I'm not happy. I guess we don't have much choice about it. I feel like I have barely seen him!! He has a big project due and the big boys in the leather chairs are giving the little boys the heavy. Poor fella. So the kids get to kiss him goodnight via video calls on our mobiles - gotta love technology!! Hopefully he can come home around 3 tomorrow and take the kids to the park and have some Daddy time. They miss him terribly - but at least it's only temporary.

Me next - I'm getting a big belly but a skinny butt if that is possible. I am over the worse of that sinus infection. I ended up emailing a pharmacy person from the Women's and Kids hospital begging him to tell me what drugs I can take!! Here's me - Miss Natural Remedies, BEGGING for drugs. I tell ya that was the worse thing I have had to endure.
Thankfully a very wonderful woman on our music team came by with her humidifier for overnight use and that has really really helped. I owe her a huge bunch of flowers for her thoughtfulness.
11 1/2 weeks to go until B-day. (Birth Day) Thank goodness it's going fast. I dont really like this heavy awkward stage of pregnancy. Especially the days when my hips die and I can't walk. Yesterday my hips AND back died while i was shopping - most convenient NOT! I was nearly crying because they hurt so much.
Nothing much else - apart from that I am going on Maternity leave from church duties at the end of October. So that will be good. I'll be able to focus on nesting and relaxing before B-day.

Mop - doing well. Not much to report really.

E - ahhh King E. What a treasure he is. He pointed to the fish and said "Fish" then proceded to try feed them! So I helped him feed the fish and he felt all chuffed.... he wants to have some responsibility like Mop. I guess shutting cuboard doors after me isn't enough.

Baby - kicks lots. Enjoys headbutting my bladder, grinding it's feet into my ribs and doing what babies in utero do best.

Well that's all for now. E has thrown his bowl on the floor - signalling that it is empty and he is ready for next course. Mop is dawdling, signalling she doesn't want her next course - but she will cry for it anyway. Ahhhhh... the goings on in our house. Rivetting stuff isn't it?

Sep 3, 2007

God have mercy on my sinuses.

We are up to week nine of being sick and quite frankly (excuse the pun) I am flippin well sick of it! My sinuses got infected this week, and it's a first for me. I have never known such headaches (apart from migraines) and I am really getting annoyed with not being able to breathe.

I won't go to the GP because EVERY time I go there, I catch something else from the waiting room. So it's a matter of waiting it out. They more than likely won't give me anything anyway... as my Doctor keeps telling me "We can't medicate you, you are pregnant. You are just going to have to ride it out".

Is sickness some sort of wave to ride out? I am feeling more dumped than riding it out. I am drowning in inflammed membranes.

12 weeks to go until I have this baby and hopefully have my immune system back to normal and fighting fit. Then I can fight free-radicals and all those other nasties that are invading my poor worn out body.

The poor kids aren't coping well with me who is in lots of pain and discomfort. I am grumpy, grouchy, snarly, anti-social and quite frankly, want to sleep it all off until it goes away. Mop gets banished to her room, especially when she is playing that blasted music player she owns. The music drives me crazy. E just wants to climb all over me (his new trick) and ride my legs "uuup" and "DOWN!" I can handle about 3 minutes of that, then I have had it. He isn't exactly a small boy. He weighs a few kilo's less than his sister!!

Poor Daz on Father's Day had to put up with a snarly wife. When we met his parents later on, I couldn't even tolerate talking - it just hurt my head too much. And required my jaw to move (which hurts as well) I'll make it up to them later, but I think my yuckiness may have made Father's Day not so special.

I wish tomorrow was Induction Day. Then all this would be over.

Speaking of inductions, I just found out something cool. I have to stay overnight in hospital after the gels and Daz can stay with me!! (SO stoked) I can't sleep without him groaning and snoring and shoving his bum right into me. (though lately I have gotten my own back by hogging the bed all in the name of pregnancy and comfort - 12 weeks and that won't cut it anymore! LOL)

I started seeing a psychologist for preparation of labour. I can't remember if I said, but I had an "episode" where I totally flipped and freaked out. I was terrified of having another baby. So she is there to help me get re-focused and deal with my fears and anxiety, so that prevents me from flipping out when I am in labour.

Righto - this stuffed up, aching, whinging woman is outta here.

Aug 27, 2007

4 year old's ambitions.

Thanks alot Mop! Way to go!

A discussion I just had with her:

M: (in tears) I want to be like you, a grown up!

S: Being a grown up isn't all fun and games. We don't get to play as often as little girls do. We don't get to play with our Barbies and Ponies anymore. We have to go to work and do jobs around the house.

M: I still want to be a grown up.

S: Alright, what will you do when you are a grown up.

M: Get a pink car and go on holiday to the beach.

S: Sounds fun. How are you going to get money to pay for a car?

M: Get it from the bank.

S: How is it going to get there?

M: (confused) I'll get money from the bank.

S: OK you have to go to work to earn money to put into the bank.

M: Oh no! I'll be like you.

S: What?

M: I'll be like you....
I finally triggered that she thinks that I have fun all day long and that being a stay-at-home-mum is fun and games! And that I don't work. Hmmmm... I guess all that spring cleaning I have done in the last few weeks has gone by unnoticed. The meals that I cook, the washing I do, the baking I do, the cleaning up of her toys wasn't done by me... NOOOOO... it was done by the housework fairies. They DO exist!
Funny conversation though.
I then explained to her when she, E and Kinder Surprise are in big school, then I will go back to work like Daddy. She wasn't too impressed - "Will Daddy stay home then?"
"No, Daddy will work too. It's just that while you are in school, no one needs to be home. There is no one to take care of. So I'll go to work."
By now she has forgotten the initial "I want to be a grown up!" thing. I have NO IDEA what made her so upset and made her think that being a grown up was the be-all and end all!
Well I better get back to doing nothing and having a wonderful time, because dinner is about to be cooked up and dished out by those ellusive fairies. Oh and while they are at it, they can clean the kitchen up as well!

Aug 22, 2007

Listen and you will hear....

That's a deep title isn't it? Now sit cross-legged and meditate on that for a moment....

Right that's enough!!!

My poor son who has been tantruming his frustrations out because his own mother didn't take the time to listen to him. All this "jabbering" he does?? Well turns out they are actual words. I've been in so much of a hurry, that I didn't take the time to really listen to the poor kid. He also likes having some independence and likes to help out - if I let him.
For instance - yesterday we got home, I left my keys in the open front door so I could dump some stuff on the kitchen table. When I came back to the front door, I saw E trying to reach my keys, so I took them out and gave them to him. Then he began to shut the door - then went to put my keys in the "key bowl". The times he has hit the roof because I have dragged him inside and down to the back end of the house, not even thinking that he might like to shut the door!

We were at Mum's the other day and he said "Chair" I was kind of shocked, so I said "Yes that's your chair" He plonked his padded rear end on it and said "Sit, chair". That's when I realised the poor kid's jibberish probably means something. So I spent the rest of the day hanging onto every word he said. And he says words that are very similar to what he is talking about.

Today he helped me count to ten, and learned "up" and "down". He is pointing to things and saying "Sat" (what's that?).

Today has been tanty free. We are making progress!!! Well - maybe I am making progress. I need to slow down and take time to hear the kid out. Poor little tike.

Today was also a really lovely day. I drove the kids down to Daz's work and then we headed to the local park for a picnic. After we had eaten, I left my pregnant rear end on the blanket while the kids and Daz tore around after each other on the grass. It was so lovely to watch and to hear the kids laughing their heads off! We definately will be doing that again, especially as the weather is so lovely at the moment.

This weekend I am off to a conference in the Claire Valley - as the guest speaker!! Very exciting stuff!!

Ok I am gonna head out of here. I need to fall into a deep sleep for at least 2 weeks, I feel that tired!

Aug 18, 2007

SO slack....

That's me. Call me Mrs Slacker the Whacker.....

It's been ages since my last post - as you probably worked out by the long gaps between dates. Call me Captain Obvious too while you are at it.

Ok the family news:

Daz - same ol.

Mop - developed an attitude overnight, now says "I don't know about that" when we tell her to do something. Is happy to yell at us if we tell her to do something she REALLY doesn't want to do. But is a beautiful little princess 99% of the time, so we will still keep her.
She is fast becoming a big girl. Tonight we are trying her without nappies to see if she can stay dry overnight. Experimental stages - but that's what firstborns are for right? Experimenting?
She did her own seat belt up today! She's so proud of herself!
She had some rather interesting questions a few weeks ago about how the baby was going to come out of my tummy. I don't know why but Daz conveniently is NEVER in the room when these sorts of topics come up. So I had to tackle it as best as I could.
"Mummy, when you go to the hospital, will the baby come out of your belly button"
*snort* "Ummm... no. It won't."
"Well HOW then?? Show me where it will come out?"
Ummmm...... crikey where is Daz, I am sure it's his turn to answer something tricky. So I proceded to tell her that it would come out of my vagina. The look on her face was a mixture of confusion and disbelief.
Oh man........
"Well I will push it out, like this..." and proceded to make a grunty noise.
Enter Daz.
"You will push it out of your vagina like a BIG POO!!!"
Ahhhh... they are only going to get trickier. But boy she's funny.

Okay moving on:
Boofer Boy - He's 18 months now, is the king of tanties, you should hear him scream! Uncle Doug took a measurement of his screams with some sound device and apparently his decibles are on the brink of pain. Yeah I know that!!! That's why I have industrial earmuffs... to prevent premature hearing loss!
E is learning new words quite alot lately. He came up to me the other day and handed me his shoe - "Shoe" he said clearly. I was shocked! Then within minutes he showed me a "ball".
He's a beautiful little kid with a beautiful and affectionate nature. He's my shadow, where i am, he will be. When I am in the shower, he will drag in half a dozen toys and plonk them on the mat and he will sit right by the shower door until I am done. When I shower alone, I miss him. He is bad tempered and can be a right snot at times, but I'll keep him too. He's lovely most of the time.

Kinder Surprise - growing well. Kicking lots. The ultrasound went really well, apart from it being a typical (insert my last name here) child. Stubborn, and difficult. It turned it's back on us and wouldn't let the synographer look at it, and it's bits. We did find out the sex, but you will have to stay tuned. Just over 14 weeks to go and you will find out.
I am taking guesses and weights at this point. :)

Me - going brilliantly apart from this awful placenta brain. This week alone I have managed to send an email detailing an attatchment, I DIDN'T ATTATCH! I locked myself out of the house. I gave this poor woman some advice on Essential Baby, telling her all this stuff to do with her 3.5 year old daughter...... which didn't apply because her daughter is only 2.5 years old! I can't count. I can't remember things. I can't read things without it taking ages to register. Daz says stuff to me and it just doesn't sink in. I have done 2 digi-scrapping layouts this week, and they are both wrong - because I put the wrong year in one and spelt a word wrong in the other. Actually there were three layouts stuffed, but I managed to hide one mistake by covering it up with an embelishment. And today - my ultimate highlight of placenta brain. I went to the hairdressers to get my hair colored. I pulled into the carpark and then turned around to speak to E - and to my horror and panic, he wasn't there!! I had left him at home!! (dont worry it was planned. Daz had the kids.) But I forgot that. And then I forgot what I was doing in the carpark in the first place. Took me a minute or two to gather my wits about me. 14 weeks until I get my brain back!!

I've started washing baby things and getting very excited about the little (*********) arrival. Blankets and sheets and clothes - I forgot how tiny they all are!

Ok well it's late now, so I better shoot off and jump into bed before I die of exhaustion here.

Oh I got tagged by Jo, so I better do it:

Four of my Favourite Jobs
* Make up artist for a musical (I met Daz there)
* Make up artist for weddings
* Working at Tyrone (A sheep station) there is nothing more cool than chasing sheep and goats around
* Being a Mum - lousy pay but the love I get in return is priceless

Four of My Favourite Local Places
* Freemont Park. - the place I played as a child and now my children play there. It's wicked picnic spot and I just love it.
* Craig and Christie's place - I don't know why, I just love being in their home with their family. It's a place filled with love and - dunno can't explain it.
* Scampies (Glenelg foreshore) Yummy food, brilliant wine. Fave restraunt
* BB's with my Mum - good conversation and good coffee.

Four of my favourite Foods
* Strawberries
* Buttery popcorn
* Yiros (major cravings!)
* Naan Bread.

Four of my Favourite International Places
I haven't been anywhere worth mentioning - but I will tell you my most favourites places in Australia!!
* Litchfield National Park - divine spot in the Northern Territory. Just divine!
* Hunter Valley Gardens - the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen
* North Beach Wallaroo - the best beach on earth I reckon.
* Mataranka - Bitter Springs - the most unspoilt hot springs - it's just heavenly!

Ok so now I am tagging.... YOU!

Ok I am outta here!

Jul 15, 2007

You make me sick!!

It hasn't been happy days in this household this week. We have all been crook as dogs. It all started when the kids got croup - that passed nicely and quickly thankfully. Then within 5 days I came down with something. I thought I was going to die!! :) I have a respitory infection. Which in everyday language means everything from my nose to my sinuses are blocked so breathing is impossible. Then you cough a lung up every 5 minutes.
I had some pretty bad muscular strains from coughing and throwing up. Thankfully things seem to be looking up. I can breathe a little bit, the coughing has cut in half, and my bruising has healed up a bit. I'm still pretty weak, and I can't do much. I made dinner last night and it wiped me out!!
Daz has caught it now, so he's fighting high temps, the shivers, snotty nose etc. He's not been at work since Tuesday arvo.
E had a virus at the same time I was sick, and was pretty flat for a few days. Now he seems better.
Mop was very upset and started acting up, because none of us had the energy or good health to play with her. Poor little blossom. So Daddy went out with her yesterday and bought her a Lil Pony. She managed to escape with a minor cough.

So we really have copped it this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

So as you can see, a real barrell of laughs around here.

What else has been happening?? Not much...
Baby is getting bigger, and is kicking harder. I prefer this type of kicking as to the goldfish sort of flutter.
The low carb/ Low Gi eating my OB recommended is working wonders. I am 5kg under my pre-pregnancy weight.... I am supposed to be about 5kg over at the moment! :) I'm happy... If this keeps up, I'll be a skinny mini after giving birth! YEEHHAAA!!! :)

Mop has her 4th birthday in a week. We bought her a Fairytopia Barbie, 2 of her little friends and Guess Who the Disney version. I can't wait to play Guess who with her.... that will be a real blast from the past. We had Guess Who as kids... just the ordinary types.

Jul 2, 2007

Winter warmers

Well winter has well and truly set in. Today it was overcast all day long, it was cold, it was wet and it was windy. Did I mention cold? Apparently tomorrow the Arctic is going to blast in and it's going to be even wetter, colder and windier. I promised that I wouldn't whinge about it being wet because I am just so greatful to see the rain after so many years of drought. But I AM allowed to whinge about the cold.

But the best thing about winter is the things that we can warm the cockles of our hearts with. Mop asked me what "Warm the cockles of your heart" means...... ewww - that's a hard one.. can I call a friend? I tried my best to explain what it meant, but I think she concluded that the saying was quite silly....
Speaking of hard questions - the kids were in the shower last week and Mop asked me what the thing was that E wee'd out of. Daddy snorted and left the room chuckling, leaving me to tackle it. Thankfully she was content with just the name and it was left at that.

Now back to winter warmers. I LOVE SOUP!! I've been making a few soups a week just because I can. That's one of the best things about winter! My favourite soup is, and I have only ever had it once, was a tomato and bacon soup my Mum made once when I was about 14. It was divine. She hasn't made it since. And i have never attempted it, just in case I am dissapointed.
I have however been trying different soups and I put my findings on my website.

The website is going well. I was stoked to see that I knocked Martha Stewart off her position at number one on Google for "Domestic Guru". I'm getting a steady flow of visitors and though I have no idea who actually is following the system, I get the occasional email asking for help. So at least I know that someone is reading it and finding it useful.

The kids are going ok. Mop hasn't been well, she sounds quite croupy, but I think she just has a cold. She is enjoying lemon honey drinks because that's what Fifi from Fifi and the Flowertots made for Bumble when HE had a cold. Don't ask.
E - well I am surprised social services haven't taken him away from us. He looks like we constantly beat him. Yesterday he gashed his mouth, blood went everywhere. The day before that he fell over and his tounge was gashed. He has chipped his front tooth and this morning before 9am, he had blood all over me from another cut lip. His mouth is swollen.... not to mention the purple bruises on his head from constant bumping it. Poor kid!

His language is coming along nicely. Today he strung 2 words together "Na-na Yummy!" which means Banna Yummy. Just in case you were toddler lingo challenged. He sings Baa Baa black sheep and Twinkle Twinkel; and he sings parts of phrases, but he doesn't say them outside of singing, so who knows what he is doing. It's so cute though.
The two elusive eye teeth are through, the the other two are almost through. Thankgoodness!! They have been a LONG time coming!!

Mop and I are reading Charlottes Web and she is really enjoying it. She hasn't asked me what death is and why Charlotte drinks blood.... thankfully!! But she is enjoying curling up on Mummy and having a read when E is in bed.

Me, I'm fine and Dandy. My tummy seems to have grown overnight, and I am looking noticebly more round. I saw the midwife last week and I am 2kg lighter than before I was pregnant. I guess it's the low carb/low GI stuff I am eating. She says that's ok, coz I am not dieting. Fingers crossed I am 10kg lighter when I give birth! :) I am healthy, I am happy and all is going well. Thankfully the antenatal depression hasn't kicked in yet. Here's hoping it doesn't.

Had an accident in the kitchen last week involving a certain young man and polenta. Cut a long story short, E got between me and the stove and started pushing at me, so I pushed him away to protect him from being burned, and while I was doing that the polenta bubbled up like a volcano and burned about 2/3 of my hand. It wasn't bad, but it sure felt bad. The blisters have just healed up and are almost gone. I wasn't happy though. So no more cooking from now on when the boy is up and on the loose. Though today I fed him lunch while making soup, and that worked well. But usually he screams blue murder if I put him in the high chair while I am cooking.

Well it's that time of night, the part where I turn into a pumpkin. So I better go and save you all from that traumatic sight.... ;)

Catchya on the flip side.

Jun 26, 2007

E's Dictionary.

Baa Baa!
(def: verb: sing me Baa Baa Black Sheep)
... then goes on to say Yess Yess at the "yes sir yes sir" part.

Seeya Car
(Def: I want to go in the car now)

(Def: Nanny)

(Def: Strawberry)

(Def: Biscuit)

Oh dear!
(Def: I did something that wasn't supposed to happen)

(Def: I made a mistake)

This boy's vocab is sure taking off! He's sooooo cute!!

I am currently reading Charlotte's Web to Mop and she loves it. She really gets into the book, though she does get a bit restless on the pages that have no pictures.
Today she was really funny, she came into the lounge and said "I would like to make Apricot Balls" - I was like "What??" ... but decided to humour her. I said "Ok, find me the recipe." and out she comes with the recipe on the side of the weet bix box. So I humoured her some more, and told her she had to get all the ingredients out. She came back in five minutes later saying "I can't reach the honey" I went into the kitchen and found all the other ingredients on the bench except the honey. She did most of it, I rolled them and operated the heavy machinery (food processor) but she did the rest. Clever girl. She is so proud of her balls. She fed one to E who demolished it in three gulps - I don't think he even tasted it. I must admit they are pretty good. I might get her to make them for goodie bags at Christmas time.

I've started preparing for Christmas. I began my gift list, culling it once more since finances will be tight for us this year. It's not culled dramatically, just deciding to give families with lots of kids a baked goodie bag instead of presents for each of the kids.
I love Christmas, and I love thinking up all sorts of wonderful things to buy. My favourite person to buy for is my Mum - she loves EVERYTHING you give her. (Bar the year my dad gave her some crappy dog toy for a gift) I hate buying for my inlaws (who are sooooo hard to buy for it's not funny) and my nieces because my SIL's family buy absolutely everything for those kids, and it's hard to come up with stuff they don't have. This year however I was thinking of buying the 2 girls a small aquarium with some pet fish. I bet the 3 Aunts and Nanna didn't think of THAT one this year.

Christmas will be at my place this year, and I can't wait. It will be a non-traditional fare this time. I will be making my own Crackers and filling them with trinkets that people will actually like and jokes that are actually funny.

Why all this talk of Christmas??? Didn't you know it's less than half a year away now!

DARN!! I have to go, I am supposed to be half way down Adams Rd picking up my man from the train... I am going to be sooo late.


Jun 18, 2007

Congratulations Paul Potts.


He won!! And so he should too!!

Well if he ever finds this Blog, Paul Potts, you da man! If you can make a grown man (a reknown tough nut) blubber his flippin eyes out everytime he sees you perform, you have more power in that voice than you will ever know!!

This old girl is going ok.
Feeling good. Apart from ripping my shoulder muscle trying to drag E up from the carpark floor - he laid down because he didn't want to leave. Nice one kid.
He's talking more, he has excellent manners. When he burps I say "Pardon!" and he started saying pardon after me. He said Please when asking my Mum for a biscuit twice! So he's listening to the Moplette and learning!
He also learned Ratbag last night - thanks Mop.

He finally cut one eye-tooth and the second one is minutes away from bursting forth. Thank goodness!

Ok well that's all folks for now...

Jun 13, 2007

There was movement at the station....

Well well well - guess whose a wriggle bum? Little Kinder Surprise is certainly making his or her presence known. He (we will call it for the moment) is having regular ballistic moments and is wiggling away in the "ol womb"

14 1/2 weeks on - feeling ok. I have days where I think "OMG I can't handle anything" to other days when I feel invincible. It's safe to say morning sickness has gone, but I am still sensetive to smells and will retch if I smell or see anything I shouldn't have. Like the dogs dinner YUUUUCK!!

One thing I am REALLY enjoying this pregnancy is the lack of fluid! I can wear my wedding rings. My face doesn't look feral and fat. That's a first for me!!
The worst thing about this pregnancy? Hmmm... I can't think of anything. Probably feeling really guilty and like a bludger when I can't face cooking or doing what I am supposed to be doing, and Daz has to come home and do it. I hate it. He understands of course, and tries to reassure me, but I still feel bad.

Before I forget - you have to see this video:

I have never cried so hard in all my life. I can't even blame the hormones. It's so good. I cried the moment I saw him and cried harder when I saw the judges pre-judging him and I laughed when I saw that awful Simon the Creep's face when he was absolutely brilliant.

Ok back to reality.

E has started receiving the dreaded discipline - he chucks temper tantrums and screams when he doesn't get his own way, or just screams in general if something doesn't please him. Which has been making my life a nightmare. Daz, bless his heart, bought me the most useful present a man could give the mother of a screaming child, industrial ear-muffs. A lady on EB suggested it, so I made the suggestion to the man. They work a treat.
E has quickly worked out that if I am wearing the muffs, I don't hear him (much) and he shuts his cake hole. He also has started being sent to his room untill his temper tantrum is over or getting a whack on the padded tush. It's time. And it's working well. He hasn't chucked a fruit loop in a few days and understands when I get cross or cranky at him for being naughty.

Mop is Mop - brilliant as usual. Her behaviour has been brilliant. It's nice to see the training we have put so much time and energy into paying off. Her pretending has taken off, finally. She wasn't too interested in pretend play untill recently. Now she is setting up shops and playing Mums and Babies with her dolls and teddies. She takes the pram outside and spends hours out there with the teddies playing some elaborate game. It's lovely.

Her funniest moment this week.
Her: "Mummy, are we having coffee with Nanny today?"
Me: "Urrghh, no, it's Tuesday and we usually have coffee on Monday."
Her: "So can we have coffee with Nanny?"
Me: "I hadn't planned on it."
Her: "Well I would like to plan on it."
So I hand her my mobile and she proceeds to talk to Nanny and organises a coffee at "BB's House" (BBs - a cafe)

Rather funny.

May 20, 2007

Officially Launched!!

I am so pleased to finally announce that has been officially launched. Daily posts are now taking place. (apart from weekends of course, since that is family time)

I have been so stoked with the feedback I have been receiving about it. It's quite chest puffing really!!

So if you want to know anything domestic, or look for inspiration regarding food, or home organisiation, domestic guru is the place to look! And it's not finished yet!! I am adding more and more information as I experiment with different methods of cleaning and different ways to save money etc etc.

On the family front:
I had my ultrasound on Wednesday, bubba is 10 weeks and 4 days old. All is well. Morning sickness hit with a vengence last week. Driving down Main North Rd to Gawler, I had a wave of nausea - since I was in a 100 zone I couldn't pull over fast enough. End result, puke all over the car and myself. I got SOME in a bag... but not enough. Ah well... it should end soon. If I could eat Whoppers all day long and not gain an ounce, I would. I love them... and they are the only food that appeals to me much nowadays. Poor ol Daz.

Elijah is being a right pain in the Blessed Assurance (I hear Neil Myers say that and I thought it was absolutely hillarious!).... His latest antics was to put the VCR remote control in the fish tank. He got his butt whopped, and he cried for 15 minutes, absolutely devestated. We really need a lid for that thing, but money is so tight at the moment.

I have a very sore throat, making it difficult to growl at him effectively. I can barely talk.

Daz is home today, looking after the kids and helping me. I can't talk much and I barely got any sleep last night, so I got to have a bit more sleep this morning and woke up to some lozengers on my bedside table. He's so good to me. He is in the process of making me and the kids some lunch. The kitchen is spotless (he cleaned it), and my lunch is smelling rather good!!

Mop is being a good helpful girl as usual. She keeps talking about big school - I hate to tell her that big school for her is YEARS away! LOL.

Right well that's life in a nutshell. Lunchtime!!

May 14, 2007

The eye's have it.....

E is cutting his eye teeth. What a joy he is at this time..... NOT!!! What a carry on!! He's such a boy!! A simple headache turns out to be terminal. He just roams around the house, following me, and screaming. Luckily it's not 24/7.

Good news - Bec had her baby! A beautiful boy named Zachariah. I think it's Zac for short. He was so tiny too and she looked like she was carrying an elephant in there! Poor blossom. I haven't spoken to her yet, but I will tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my dating scan. They told me "Drink 2 litres of water." Yeah right. NO WAY!! EVERYTIME I go in for an ultrasound, they tell me this, then when I get onto the table, my bladder is too full, I need to go wee for 15 seconds then stop it, and come back. I hate stopping weeing half way through. It hurts and is impossible to do! Last time I drank 250mls. And guess what? STILL too much!! So I had to go let some of it out!! *Sigh* can't win!!

Tomorrow when we find out the due date, it will be public knowledge that we are expecting. Pretty much all of our friends know, it's just all the family we rarely see that don't know.

Today I was absolutely horrifed and mortified all at once. A wave of nausea hit me while driving down Main North Road. I was in a 100 zone so slowing down and safetly pulling over took a little bit of time. TOO much time... because I puked. I got it all over the car, all over my shirt and face. I had a ziplock bag thankfully and got most of it in there, but not all of it. I stunk of puke, and I was crying.... while Elijah the insensetive git was in his car seat, laughing his head off, and imitating my retching sounds. He thought it was most amusing!!
That's not the worst of it. I had to go into the school to get Mop, stinking of puke and looking like something a rat vomitted up! :(

Mother's Day was nice and quiet. We went to church, and I worship lead. This time we got all the kids to come into the "mosh pit" and we started to teach them about worship. I have been booked once again to preach in 4 weeks. I am so excited about all these opportunities to preach. I want to get so good at it!
Then we had HJ's for lunch (I can't get enough of that stuff at the moment!) and then we vegged all afternoon. I took around some cheesecake to Mum for the 9pm coffee and her present. We got her a really soft snuggly dressing gown. I would sleep in it!! We had Fasta Pasta for tea as well which was nice!! I had a lovely day. Daz even took the kids to the reserve so I could take a nap. VERY NICE!!

Well I think that's all for now.
Better go clean my house.

May 10, 2007

Blood, guts and more

Blood - I had a blood test. The nurse was brilliant as usual (I see the same one because I am made from stone and no one else can get blood from my veins) No bruise, some pain, and 3 vials of blood - the woman deserves a medal!!

Guts - It's getting bigger. It's visibly noticeable that I am up the duff. Daz's cousin Sara noticed - but her being polite she didn't say anything untill I told her. A man from our church took one look at me, his eyes widened as he looked at my tummy, then says 'I know what you have been up to!"
I blushed.... I know what I have been up to as well!!

More - my brother moved out of our house after living here for years. I have a spare room now... well not anymore. The very next day after he left, it became the toy room. It's nice to have my house back to pre-toy-domination days.

I have been cleaning up a storm this week. Today I attempted the carpets but the kirby fell apart - so I'll have to finish that up tonight when Daz fixes the blasted thing!!

Well I better get going. E is screaming at me because I won't let him smoosh Promite sandwhich into the lappie keyboard. What a mean mother I am.

May 3, 2007

More stuff....

Elijah is growing into such a big boy. He can say a few words now... or at least sounds like he is saying them. It's hillarious because he says words that I must say alot.

"Good girl" - he says this to Caitlin when she is playing with him.
"Good boy" - when I tell him he is one.
One... "ooo Reeee" - usually when Caitlin is being warned that death is coming if she doesn't do as she is told! :)
"Eeeoooww" - that's the cats.
"Deddy" - ahhh that famous mangy blue Teddy he owns.
"Dickledickledickle" - he says that when we tickle him.

Soooo cute.

Mop has a beauty of a black eye. She fell over in Target on Sunday, she tripped over the leg of one of the clothes racks and landed on another leg. I picked her up as she was screaming blue murder and was horrifed to see it swelling like mad and going blue. The Target staff reacted and acted admirably. An icepack was popped on her eye and this week we have been watching the eye change colors. Today it's green and yellow.

Me - I am good. I am enjoying being pregnant, basically because I am not half as sick as I was with the other two. I have a good sized tum already, and have to wear maternity stuff because it's too uncomfortable to wear my own clothes. Ahh that's ok. Luckily Daz spoiled me with some pretty lovely stuff! Mum said she is going to take me out shopping as well for a few more bits.

Daz is going well. Not much to say about him apart from I married the hottest man on the planet, and you can't have him. Nyah! ;) He's been helping me out alot with the breakfast run since the smell of cereal makes me want to chunder. He's been very good when I have been too tired to move.

Steve (my brother) moves out on the weekend. He has lived here since Mop was about 6 months old. So that is three years. So I will be taking over his room and making it the play room, untill October when we move Elijah in there so the baby can have the nursery. I look forward to having my house back to some sort of normality and not having toys all over the jolly place.

It has been raining lots lately and I am soooo pleased. It's been very dry these last few years and it's so nice to have a green lawn!! The dog is so stupid, you have to convince her to get into her kennel when it's raining. She prefers to be a martyr and lay on the wet grass in the pouring rain!

We were considering re-homing our dog because Mop hated her. She wouldn't play with her at all. But since being back from QLD, she has been really good. Mop goes out and plays with her, without complaint and is having a wonderful time! Charli is a really good dog, and it would have been a shame to let her go. She's so sweet... and very loyal to me. I need to be careful though, coz in her 5 minutes of ballisticness when she first sees us for that day, she jumps up, and often her paws go straight for my stomach.

Midwife appointment went really well. Same ol stuff really. Just going through my history and had a chat about what to expect etc. I have appointments for a scan in 2 weeks and a blood test next week. I couldn't believe the waiting list for the scan!! I was on the phone for ages, waiting for them to find me a spot. It looked like I wasn't going to get in before 4 weeks! So I said I was seeing Professor D______ - the top obstetrician - he is insisting he delivers this baby - I am seeing him in 4 weeks. So they squeezed me in quite happily for 2 weeks time. :) Must remember to name drop more often. :)

Once I have the scan, we will let all and sundry know. I am telling people as I go along, but we will do the huge big announcement once we have a due date. It's hard telling you are pregnant but don't know when it's supposed to be here! LOL

Here's hoping we have a singleton. I don't think I could handle two!! --- or three.... :)

Apr 24, 2007

Holiday news... and more.

Well we are home from our wonderful trip to QLD. We had a wonderful time!! We saw great things, did great things and relaxed and had a wonderful time. Water was the theme even though we went into level 5 restrictions land. The kids had a ball at South Bank at the water park there. I can't believe how creative people can be with water. The kids got drenched and were happy to do so. Mop went swimming and E decided to drown himself LOL. There was another water park of sorts, on a smaller scale down on the sunshine coast (name escapes me) and the water was much more forceful there. E screamed his lungs out and Mop just played in the spray. They still had fun though.

We went to Dream World and had a marvelous time there. The kids spent the majority of their time in Wiggles World. While they were in some play area, a huge lizard came down right under my feet and stayed there for 10 minutes. I was totally FREAKING out!! I hate reptiles!! The picture up the top is the little blighter.
We toured the Sunshine Coast with our friends and had a marvelous time. Nick (Daddy to be) was devoted to playing with the kidlets and Mop was totally in love with him. When he came home from work in his suit he was labeled "Beautiful". Bec waddled admirably and looks just divine pregnant. I took some lovely shots of her with her preggy belly.
While we were there we found out some rather astounding news. Totally out of the blue and unexpected. We are having another baby!!! I am approximately 7 weeks pregnant. Daz got a bit suspicious when I started reacting to smells etc. He went to the chemist, bought a test, came home and said "Pee on this". Within seconds it was positive. I totally flipped.... Due date should be around the 11th of December. I'll be induced a few weeks before so that means it should be end of November baby. Nice one.
I am getting more and more used to it as time goes on. I have my first midwives appointment on Friday morning so that is helping me accept it as reality. I keep thinking, "the test MUST be wrong". But you can't get false positives unless you are on fertility treatments. And BOY do I NOT need that! Too fertile as it is!!
My website is coming along nicely. Hopefully start doing daily posts as of next week. We'll see. Depends if Daz has time to help me with some bits and pieces. I am proud of how it's looking.
Ok well I better shoot, the kids need bathing.

Apr 2, 2007

2 more sleeps

... untill we are off to sunny QLD! Another big trek in our holiday home on wheels! I can't wait!! I am going to be meeting up with my best friend Bec and her hubby Nick and we are gonna probably chat untill we lose our voices. We hope to do a few fun things on the coast when we can, but we hope to get some relaxation done as well.

Everything has been crazy in this household for a while. I have been working my rear-end off on my new website I have also had some dramas with Mop this week. She hasn't been eating. She was sick last week with some viral thing, but came good, apart from her appetite. 6 days later and eaten barely a thing, she was flaked out, weak and looking terrible. She was limp in my arms, and saying she was hungry, but refused to eat. I took her to the docs tonight and he said she has some viral thing in her blood, which is taking her a little longer to get over. She also has a sore throat, and that may account for why she hasn't been eating much. Poor tike. But to her absolute delight, she got to wee in a cup tonight, which she thought was the best thing. I personally thought it was gross....

E the little man might be allergic to egg. I gave him french toast for tea and that night he puked it all back up in his cot (of course when I was just about to go to sleep) and came out in a big rash. Great... another food allergy to deal with! :(

Mop is growing up into a right little miss!! So stubborn and strong willed.... just like her mild mannered, quiet father... :) Nah, she is her Mother's daughter... and it drives me wild!! But she is so much fun, and so smart!! She is writing really well now, and reads so well. She plays with calculators untill she goes cross-eyed! She also has mastered the computer, so she sits down and plays with Fifi and the Flowertots and the ABC kids Playground with Mitzi (whom Mop talks about as if they are school friends!)

Daz is Daz. Working hard. And that's all he really does. Poor guy. He's a good bloke though and luckily for me he loves being with his kids and his old bag of a wife.

Well that's the rundown of life around here. It's all go go go. Can't wait to stop and smell the sea air on the east coast. I can't wait to rub Bec's very pregnant belly and thank my lucky stars its not me that's 8 months pregnant. I can't wait to take Mop to Dream world and Sea world. She is gonna LOVE it!! Thankfully no Tsunami's hit the coast today (there was a warning out today about them.) It should be just divine!!

Catchya when I get back!!

Mar 28, 2007

Awww how cute!!

My little man is starting to talk a little bit. These are this words....

"a BOO!!!" (peek-a-boo) VERY CUTE!!
"Nan-nan" (my mum)

He's such a beautiful boy. I never would have thought he would be such a ray of sunshine when he spent so much of his waking hours as a baby screaming his lungs out.

Mar 22, 2007

It's nearly ready!!!

My Website is almost done - if you want a sneak preview check it out:

It will be officially launched soon.

Feb 14, 2007

Coming soon....

A website designed for anyone who has their own home.

Stay tuned for more inside news...

Jan 30, 2007

Still alive!!

Righto Mel - I'm updating, just for you!!!

Let's see what's been happening? This year has been insane. Too insane.

I preached for the first time in church on Sunday. Was a tad antsy about it, but got over it pretty quickly. I preached on being a church of action, and it got a good response. I am preaching again in a few weeks, so better get something together!!

Mum and Dad celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary next week and so I have been working with my brother creating a DVD for them to show at their reception. We have rellies from the UK over to celebrate with us so that's been kinda cool.

Daz and E have their birthday party this weekend and I have been working pretty hard to get that organised, and the house organised once again.

E my little man started walking on Monday - what a clever cookie he is.

I am now the proud Aunty of a little man "David Peter Gabriel" - Deb gave birth to him via c-section last week. Both mama and bubba are doing really well. David is TINY!!! SOOOOO TINY!! My kids were about that size at 6 months IN UTERO!!! ;)

Daz and I have been tossing around moving out of this house into something bigger. If we are going to have more kids, plus thinking about fostering, we are going to need more space. I need some space for my hobbies. I really enjoy craft but at the moment it's all over the place and in boxes. It's not organised and it's messy. We have very little storage space and it's driving me batty! Last night we talked about building so I guess we will take it from there and see where we go.

I've been a creative girl and have made some bags out of denim jeans. They look really cool. I can't take any pics though because something is wrong with our memory card with the camera. So when Daz fixes that, I'll show you. They look really good!!

We finished painting the living areas on the weekend. It's about time!!! We started when I was mega pregnant with E (and nesting!) Looking lovely and bright!

Had some issues with Mop in the last few weeks, she was refusing to sleep for a while. She would fall asleep at night then wake up at ungodly hours of the night crying and refusing to go back to sleep. She was walking about the place pale and had huge rings under her eyes. Turns out she was scared of being left alone. So I got a picture of myself and her and put it in a frame to look at as a reminder that I am always with her. So far no problems with sleeping since that picture has been in her room!! :) One happy mama. Nanny's a good for a lot of things - especially good advice about these sorts of things.

Mop started school once again on Monday and she loves it. Her teachers are so good and she really has a wonderful time. That gives me a chance to have some one on one time with the boy (even though he is asleep for most of it) and catch up around the house. I guess it's time to think about enrolling her into Primary School... scary stuff.

Well thats it from me. I have a stinking headache and I'm exhausted... so I might go have a caffine boost and try to get some stuff done before the boy wakes up.

Jan 2, 2007

More pictures

Just a few shots from our holiday at Marion Bay and a couple of Christmas day.

Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 hey? Where did 2006 go?

New Years Resolutions are as follows:
~ To walk every day and to spend that time praying.

~ To lose some weight

~ To Read more

~ To learn how to use the program that does all the timing for music ministry (I know what I am talking about)

~ To spend less time on EB

Well our holiday to Marion Bay was perfect! I swear we did nothing! We bummed around, saw a few sites, spent some time at the beach, played games, ate lots, I watched a few of my Dr Quinn DVD's. Wonderful!

Here are some recent pictures......