Aug 18, 2007

SO slack....

That's me. Call me Mrs Slacker the Whacker.....

It's been ages since my last post - as you probably worked out by the long gaps between dates. Call me Captain Obvious too while you are at it.

Ok the family news:

Daz - same ol.

Mop - developed an attitude overnight, now says "I don't know about that" when we tell her to do something. Is happy to yell at us if we tell her to do something she REALLY doesn't want to do. But is a beautiful little princess 99% of the time, so we will still keep her.
She is fast becoming a big girl. Tonight we are trying her without nappies to see if she can stay dry overnight. Experimental stages - but that's what firstborns are for right? Experimenting?
She did her own seat belt up today! She's so proud of herself!
She had some rather interesting questions a few weeks ago about how the baby was going to come out of my tummy. I don't know why but Daz conveniently is NEVER in the room when these sorts of topics come up. So I had to tackle it as best as I could.
"Mummy, when you go to the hospital, will the baby come out of your belly button"
*snort* "Ummm... no. It won't."
"Well HOW then?? Show me where it will come out?"
Ummmm...... crikey where is Daz, I am sure it's his turn to answer something tricky. So I proceded to tell her that it would come out of my vagina. The look on her face was a mixture of confusion and disbelief.
Oh man........
"Well I will push it out, like this..." and proceded to make a grunty noise.
Enter Daz.
"You will push it out of your vagina like a BIG POO!!!"
Ahhhh... they are only going to get trickier. But boy she's funny.

Okay moving on:
Boofer Boy - He's 18 months now, is the king of tanties, you should hear him scream! Uncle Doug took a measurement of his screams with some sound device and apparently his decibles are on the brink of pain. Yeah I know that!!! That's why I have industrial earmuffs... to prevent premature hearing loss!
E is learning new words quite alot lately. He came up to me the other day and handed me his shoe - "Shoe" he said clearly. I was shocked! Then within minutes he showed me a "ball".
He's a beautiful little kid with a beautiful and affectionate nature. He's my shadow, where i am, he will be. When I am in the shower, he will drag in half a dozen toys and plonk them on the mat and he will sit right by the shower door until I am done. When I shower alone, I miss him. He is bad tempered and can be a right snot at times, but I'll keep him too. He's lovely most of the time.

Kinder Surprise - growing well. Kicking lots. The ultrasound went really well, apart from it being a typical (insert my last name here) child. Stubborn, and difficult. It turned it's back on us and wouldn't let the synographer look at it, and it's bits. We did find out the sex, but you will have to stay tuned. Just over 14 weeks to go and you will find out.
I am taking guesses and weights at this point. :)

Me - going brilliantly apart from this awful placenta brain. This week alone I have managed to send an email detailing an attatchment, I DIDN'T ATTATCH! I locked myself out of the house. I gave this poor woman some advice on Essential Baby, telling her all this stuff to do with her 3.5 year old daughter...... which didn't apply because her daughter is only 2.5 years old! I can't count. I can't remember things. I can't read things without it taking ages to register. Daz says stuff to me and it just doesn't sink in. I have done 2 digi-scrapping layouts this week, and they are both wrong - because I put the wrong year in one and spelt a word wrong in the other. Actually there were three layouts stuffed, but I managed to hide one mistake by covering it up with an embelishment. And today - my ultimate highlight of placenta brain. I went to the hairdressers to get my hair colored. I pulled into the carpark and then turned around to speak to E - and to my horror and panic, he wasn't there!! I had left him at home!! (dont worry it was planned. Daz had the kids.) But I forgot that. And then I forgot what I was doing in the carpark in the first place. Took me a minute or two to gather my wits about me. 14 weeks until I get my brain back!!

I've started washing baby things and getting very excited about the little (*********) arrival. Blankets and sheets and clothes - I forgot how tiny they all are!

Ok well it's late now, so I better shoot off and jump into bed before I die of exhaustion here.

Oh I got tagged by Jo, so I better do it:

Four of my Favourite Jobs
* Make up artist for a musical (I met Daz there)
* Make up artist for weddings
* Working at Tyrone (A sheep station) there is nothing more cool than chasing sheep and goats around
* Being a Mum - lousy pay but the love I get in return is priceless

Four of My Favourite Local Places
* Freemont Park. - the place I played as a child and now my children play there. It's wicked picnic spot and I just love it.
* Craig and Christie's place - I don't know why, I just love being in their home with their family. It's a place filled with love and - dunno can't explain it.
* Scampies (Glenelg foreshore) Yummy food, brilliant wine. Fave restraunt
* BB's with my Mum - good conversation and good coffee.

Four of my favourite Foods
* Strawberries
* Buttery popcorn
* Yiros (major cravings!)
* Naan Bread.

Four of my Favourite International Places
I haven't been anywhere worth mentioning - but I will tell you my most favourites places in Australia!!
* Litchfield National Park - divine spot in the Northern Territory. Just divine!
* Hunter Valley Gardens - the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen
* North Beach Wallaroo - the best beach on earth I reckon.
* Mataranka - Bitter Springs - the most unspoilt hot springs - it's just heavenly!

Ok so now I am tagging.... YOU!

Ok I am outta here!

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