Aug 22, 2007

Listen and you will hear....

That's a deep title isn't it? Now sit cross-legged and meditate on that for a moment....

Right that's enough!!!

My poor son who has been tantruming his frustrations out because his own mother didn't take the time to listen to him. All this "jabbering" he does?? Well turns out they are actual words. I've been in so much of a hurry, that I didn't take the time to really listen to the poor kid. He also likes having some independence and likes to help out - if I let him.
For instance - yesterday we got home, I left my keys in the open front door so I could dump some stuff on the kitchen table. When I came back to the front door, I saw E trying to reach my keys, so I took them out and gave them to him. Then he began to shut the door - then went to put my keys in the "key bowl". The times he has hit the roof because I have dragged him inside and down to the back end of the house, not even thinking that he might like to shut the door!

We were at Mum's the other day and he said "Chair" I was kind of shocked, so I said "Yes that's your chair" He plonked his padded rear end on it and said "Sit, chair". That's when I realised the poor kid's jibberish probably means something. So I spent the rest of the day hanging onto every word he said. And he says words that are very similar to what he is talking about.

Today he helped me count to ten, and learned "up" and "down". He is pointing to things and saying "Sat" (what's that?).

Today has been tanty free. We are making progress!!! Well - maybe I am making progress. I need to slow down and take time to hear the kid out. Poor little tike.

Today was also a really lovely day. I drove the kids down to Daz's work and then we headed to the local park for a picnic. After we had eaten, I left my pregnant rear end on the blanket while the kids and Daz tore around after each other on the grass. It was so lovely to watch and to hear the kids laughing their heads off! We definately will be doing that again, especially as the weather is so lovely at the moment.

This weekend I am off to a conference in the Claire Valley - as the guest speaker!! Very exciting stuff!!

Ok I am gonna head out of here. I need to fall into a deep sleep for at least 2 weeks, I feel that tired!

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