Jan 30, 2007

Still alive!!

Righto Mel - I'm updating, just for you!!!

Let's see what's been happening? This year has been insane. Too insane.

I preached for the first time in church on Sunday. Was a tad antsy about it, but got over it pretty quickly. I preached on being a church of action, and it got a good response. I am preaching again in a few weeks, so better get something together!!

Mum and Dad celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary next week and so I have been working with my brother creating a DVD for them to show at their reception. We have rellies from the UK over to celebrate with us so that's been kinda cool.

Daz and E have their birthday party this weekend and I have been working pretty hard to get that organised, and the house organised once again.

E my little man started walking on Monday - what a clever cookie he is.

I am now the proud Aunty of a little man "David Peter Gabriel" - Deb gave birth to him via c-section last week. Both mama and bubba are doing really well. David is TINY!!! SOOOOO TINY!! My kids were about that size at 6 months IN UTERO!!! ;)

Daz and I have been tossing around moving out of this house into something bigger. If we are going to have more kids, plus thinking about fostering, we are going to need more space. I need some space for my hobbies. I really enjoy craft but at the moment it's all over the place and in boxes. It's not organised and it's messy. We have very little storage space and it's driving me batty! Last night we talked about building so I guess we will take it from there and see where we go.

I've been a creative girl and have made some bags out of denim jeans. They look really cool. I can't take any pics though because something is wrong with our memory card with the camera. So when Daz fixes that, I'll show you. They look really good!!

We finished painting the living areas on the weekend. It's about time!!! We started when I was mega pregnant with E (and nesting!) Looking lovely and bright!

Had some issues with Mop in the last few weeks, she was refusing to sleep for a while. She would fall asleep at night then wake up at ungodly hours of the night crying and refusing to go back to sleep. She was walking about the place pale and had huge rings under her eyes. Turns out she was scared of being left alone. So I got a picture of myself and her and put it in a frame to look at as a reminder that I am always with her. So far no problems with sleeping since that picture has been in her room!! :) One happy mama. Nanny's a good for a lot of things - especially good advice about these sorts of things.

Mop started school once again on Monday and she loves it. Her teachers are so good and she really has a wonderful time. That gives me a chance to have some one on one time with the boy (even though he is asleep for most of it) and catch up around the house. I guess it's time to think about enrolling her into Primary School... scary stuff.

Well thats it from me. I have a stinking headache and I'm exhausted... so I might go have a caffine boost and try to get some stuff done before the boy wakes up.

Jan 2, 2007

More pictures

Just a few shots from our holiday at Marion Bay and a couple of Christmas day.

Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 hey? Where did 2006 go?

New Years Resolutions are as follows:
~ To walk every day and to spend that time praying.

~ To lose some weight

~ To Read more

~ To learn how to use the program that does all the timing for music ministry (I know what I am talking about)

~ To spend less time on EB

Well our holiday to Marion Bay was perfect! I swear we did nothing! We bummed around, saw a few sites, spent some time at the beach, played games, ate lots, I watched a few of my Dr Quinn DVD's. Wonderful!

Here are some recent pictures......