Sep 23, 2008

Milly's first hair cut.

Milly had her first hair cut 2 days ago. She had lots of long bits and her hair was constantly getting in her eyes. She cries her eyes out when I try and brush it and put it in a top knot. So I trimmed it.

She is much happier, and she looks very cute. This is straight after I did it.


On Saturday morning we are heading off for a camping holiday to Central Australia. I won't have internet access while I am away so it will be kinda quiet on the blog front. Don't miss me too much will you?

I'm really looking forward to getting away. I am so incredibly tired from being so busy all the time. It will be good for me to have no stress and just to chill with my family.

I have stacks of quilting books from the library to read and to learn from, I've downloaded about a million digital scrapbooking kits to digi-scrap with - should be good.

Well best get on with packing and cleaning.

See you in a few weeks!

Sep 22, 2008

Here comes the bride!

Well Steve and Jas are now married and it was such a beautiful day. I have some photos here to share. Not lots because our camera was lost for the reception. Not to worry, my brother has heaps and will share. I'll post those later on.

For now you get my dodgy ones.

This is the church - it was taken at the rehersal the night before.

The wedding was beautiful! And sooo emotional. I think I spend half of it crying! Jasmine of course howled like a baby most of the way through it. She is a very emotional girl - and it's adorable. She was/is such a beautiful bride and such a beautiful person. I am so glad Steve chose someone so wonderful and so special to marry. I am very blessed to have two such lovely sister in laws.


Anyway.. back to the wedding. Vows were exchanged, - Jasmine howled through most of hers - we videoed her trying to suck it up enough to say them. SOOOO funny!! She's so cute!! Rings were exchanged. Anyway... Then Steve did something so special - he squatted down to Molly - Jasmine's little girl - and said vows to her.


He promised to do the best he could as a step father, to look after her, provide for her, to nurture her and care for her and to help Mummy (Jasmine) raise her. It was such a precious moment - then he presented her with a gold heart on a chain as a reminder of what he said that day. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Debbie (other sister in law) had tears streaming down her face. My older brother - Peter got me. I saw him tear up, then his body shook with sobs. WAAAAHHH!!!


Then Steve announced that it was tradition for a husband to present his wife with an eternity ring on the birth of their first child. He said that they have Molly - so he slipped the eternity ring on as well. It was lovely.


Then they were announced as Mr and Mrs. Such a lovely ceremony. Loveliest one I have been to for ages.

This is my Mum speaking to Jas for the first time as a daughter. I bet my Mum was howling. She loves Jas lots. :) She has a soft spot for her, especially as they were single Mums for the first three years of their daughter's lives. They get each other.




The ceremony was good fun and very cool. The speeches were awesome. Very heartfelt - and of course Jasmine cried all the way through them! LOL. Peter who is painfully shy was totally cool! SOOOO funny!!

The bridal dance was very cool too. They did evolution of dance - and in case you have never seen it, even though it's not them, they did this:

I even got up and boogied. It was a really lovely evening. The kids danced the night away.

Milly slept on and off, but spent most of the time playing with the baby-sitters. Jas organised for some girls to come and play with the kids and keep them out of our hair. Milly had a wonderful time laughing at them for some bizzare reason.


Mop played with the kids, ate lots and danced lots.


Sir E totally flirted and enjoyed being a ladies man. He was the only little boy there - and he knew he looked like a total stud in his three piece suit!


I had a very proud moment. Jasmine's sister is mentally disabled. She has the mental age of a 12 year old even though she is in her 30's. Very sweet girl, quiet etc. Anyway this sister was dancing at the corner of the dance floor by herself. My son, the flirt, came up to her, grabbed her hands and began dancing with her. The smile on her face was so precious and he grinned at her and was shaking his booty. It was such a precious moment for me - because I want to remember that moment forever. Her smile, his smile - them dancing and him treating her like he treated everyone else. Such equality is a rare find in adults. No one else danced with her. :(

Overall it was such a great night and I am so happy for them both!

This is a table cloth my Mum made for the signing table.


Sep 18, 2008

Daddy's a comedian.

I'm sorry - but the video I took isn't working for some reason...

Will try again later.

Sep 14, 2008

Making waves

Milly Moo is waving. Yesterday she waved to me across the room. I thought it was cute, but praps just a fluke. Today she waves to everybody!

Milly Moo is also on the move. Crawling easily now. Better start baby proofing once again. LOL


Other pics:

"How bout I beat you up now, before you start on me"


All three of the cutes!

Sep 13, 2008

A death and a panic.

A valued member of our family died today. Well... not totally dead.. just part of it. The most important part. The dishwasher's pump is dead. Thankfully we are within 10 days of the warranty so we can get it fixed! YAY!! :) The LG guy will be like Jesus, resurrecting Lazurus. DISHWASHER! COME FORTH!!

Ok I am really tired and in odd humour, so bear with me.

My panic moment. Very late Thursday night, I get a SMS from the wife of the Youth Pastor of the church that I was going to go share next friday. The message said "You still ok for tomorrow night?" Umm.. I was confused, so text back with "You said the 19th, please confirm". Turns out the date was wrong - and I had to pull it together for the next evening.

I did. I pulled it together. I rocked up, prepared and I totally blitzed it. I swear my head was like the size of the sun when I left there. I was treated like royalty. A really nice girl looked after me the whole night, I was complemented, and then complemented again by people saying that they had heard someone complementing me. I got given a beautiful box of flowers and some chocolates. I have never felt so valued and appreciated for doing something like this.

I shared my testimony. It was hard. I only cried three times. But I was able to speak into the lives of some abuse victims. I've done my bit, now God can do His stuff.

I also met a girl who is going to start her masters in counselling. I was so excited. We had heaps to talk about and we have agreed that if we run into each other again, we grab a coffee and chat some more. I want to know everything there is to know about it all. She said something really funny - not funny as in ha ha, but funny as in odd.... "You will so get a job easy. you have such incredible life experience. I'm 23, they won't even look at me. I've barely started life." Amazing how having crap experiences and 6 extra years makes me more employable?

I don't want to get my hopes up.... but today a man and his wife came to look at our car. I am praying that we get a phone call saying he wants to buy it.

Nothing much else happening. We are getting ready to go on our trip. I have the dress for Steve's wedding. I found a shop that makes clip-on earrings. (This is a huge deal!! I can't have pieced ears because of keloid scarring.... and have not found any decent clip on earrings that weren't the old lady variety.) I totally went nuts on bling for the wedding outfit.

Today was 26 degrees. Sunny. Warm... I am soooooo looking forward to summer.

And that is the ramblings and disjointed thoughts that I have for today.

Sep 9, 2008

Under Where??

A rather amusing incident, which I don't want to forget. And of course to amuse my loyal readers.. LOL

Mop's teacher came out of the classroom after school and waved me over. I was thinking "great, what she done this time??"

"Umm... Mop lost her knickers"

I stared at this teacher.. "WHAT?"

"She was playing on the playground and the teacher on yard duty grabbed her and bought her in, saying she had no knickers on."

I thought perhaps she had forgotten them.

"I don't know...Mop said she flushed them down the toilet."

I was confused. "Say what?"

This teacher looked as equally confused. "She won't talk about it, just said that she flushed them down the toilet. And she was really upset about having to wear a pair of the school knickers." (They are Bratz knickers, no wonder! They are a no-no in this house.)

The teacher asked me to talk to her, since Mop clams up with her. Before I even got to the school gate, I found out the story.

Mop's knickers accidently fell in the toilet. She didn't want to stick her hands in there and get them out. She didn't know what to do... so she flushed them. LOL Another "teach your kids to be independent and problem solve" bites me in the bum yet again!

Kinda amusing really... Kids are the most bizzare creatures.

Father's Day lunch was a hit. Totally fun. I have some photos from the day.

Steve and Jaz - They get married next weekend!!

Granny and Grandad - they have just moved to the big smoke.

This is my Mummy and Dad - note Dad has glitter on his forehead from one of the kid's Father's Day present. LOL

This is my other brother Pete and his Kooky wife Deb. LOL

And just some general photos for you to have a squizz at:

E pushing around his little sister.

"Look Mum! I'm doing a headstand!!"

Milly and Mummy

Righto, well I think that's all for now.

Sep 7, 2008


I just had the most amusing story time with E this evening. We were going through his 1000 word book in an effort to help with his talking.

We turned to the reptile page.

"LOOK MUMMY!! A Skink!!!"

"Ummm... it's actually a Komodo Dragon... but we can just say it's a HUGE skink." (I'm trying really hard not to laugh too much by this stage, I don't want him to feel self conscious.)

We get to the end of the book. And we start looking at the pictures at the front.

"Look!! A Skank!!"

I snort, then stuff my fist into my mouth.

"Yes that's a SNAKE, darling"

Oh and I love when he says strawberry...



I love reading that book with him, the way he thinks and sees the world is nothing short of fascinating.

Anyway, just thought I would share the jocularity.

Sep 5, 2008

When will it end?

I'm gonna have a bit of a gripe.
I really hate sickness. Especially in the kids. The poor things. I really feel for them.

Milly has a cold, I think she is cutting teeth and has a sore bum - AND conjunctivitus again.

E is getting over conjunctivitus and is miserable - with a runny nose.

Mop complains about a sore throat, and I feel for her, I've had one for two weeks.

I don't mind one of them sick - but when it's all at once, and they all whinge at the same time, and want my attention at the same time it gets a bit much. But it's really TOO much when I am feeling crook too. And I am sick of coughing up a lung every five minutes. Mum said something funny - she said "cough it up, it might be a gold watch.... or a housebrick!" I had to chuckle.

Oh well... thankfully this doesn't last forever. Next time I am going to isolate the sick kid, they can stay in their room for the duration of their sickness so they don't spread it around their family...... That won't work will it? LOL

Onto a brighter note. Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees!! I'm planning to shave my legs so I can wear some 3/4 pants or a skirt with sandals. I am soooo sick of wearing jeans and trackies.

I've been invited to our "parent church" to go speak to the youth - give my testimony to be exact. It's a girls only affair so that will be good fun. They are having a "blast from the past" theme - where they are going to dress up in fashions from the 20's to the 80's and have a parade. I am soooo going to have a great time!

Daz and I are in seperate beds at the moment.... no we aren't on the rocks. Daz can't keep quiet at night, and I really am suffering with lack of sleep. So he has moved into the lounge temporarily and I have the bed all to myself. I am loving the sleep and the silence. It's funny... I have the whole bed, but yet I sleep on the very edge of my side??? I guess I am used to having Daz in the bed taking up lots of space. :) I kinda miss him though. I often put my hand out half asleep to touch him.. and he isn't there. :( I don't miss his "talking" though!! :)

Well that's it from me. I might grab the miserable Milly and go curl up and have a rest with her... the older two are watching Bear and are happy as pigs in mud. At least two of them are happy.

Sep 2, 2008

blah blah blah blah de blah

Not much really happening on the home front. I thought I better update just in case Melissa444 was checking my blog. HI MEL!!! :)

Let's see....

E hasn't had a meltdown in a while which is really awesome! It's making our lives easier. He saves them for Church. Great one son! He is soooo ready to learn to read. He knows his letters and phonetics. I'll sit down with him one day and start showing him out to join letters together to make words. He's going down the same path as his big sister - trying to read before they turn 3.

Mop is settled well into school life and is really enjoying it. For the last few days she's gotten a bit of an attitude on her "Don't you speak to ME like that!" - I bite my lip, send her to her room for being so insolent... then laugh quietly. She argues and argues her point, even if there is none. She claims the opposite of what you just said, even if it's wrong - and there is no telling her. She's 5 - God have mercy on me when she is 15!! She is a real chip off the ol block.

Milly is as cute as a button. She learned to splash in the bath last night. SOOOO funny!!! She's crawling forwards now when she has a reason to. Like on Monday, she headed forwards straight for the bin. Clever clogs! Daz has just informed be that she is busting out of her size 0 clothes.... GREAT!! It's impossible to get size 1 winter stuff now. Better start scouring Ebay.

Me - I'm in the process of Spring Cleaning, rearranging the storage space to be more efficient for 5 people. I love Spring Cleaning!! Throwing open all the windows, giving everything a thorough clean and tidy. I was up this morning at 5am, not by choice mind-you. Daz has been talking in his sleep lots lately, and I just can't sleep when he does. Anyway, this morning I got heaps done in the kitchen while the rest of the household slept. Hopefully this afternoon I can catch a Nanny nap.

My eggs are starting to feel the need to be released once again. It will be quite a task to convince Daz that having another baby is a good idea. I don't really want to "convince" him - I would rather him WANT to. I know we need to stop sometime, but I just don't feel like the family is complete. I guess we will see as time goes on. Plenty of time to add another one later I suppose.

I'm also a tad ticked, for ages now I've had my link to Domestic Guru in my sig on EB. Got a PM from the Sig police telling me to take it down. Because I am selling E-books, it's now classified as a business... forgetting that 99% of the content is FREE!! :( So I can't help people on forums anymore by directing them to this site, because it would be considered advertising. But I can't argue with the person who made this decision - because I am making a very small profit from my website. Hardly enough to brag about, just enough to help cover costs and make a phone call or two. LOL

Speaking of E-books, I released my Spring Cleaning and 4 month Organiser a few weeks ago. I am so proud of these two books. They look amazing.

On Sunday is Father's Day - I'm hosting a lunch here on Sunday with the family. It should be good fun! Just waiting to see if the weather will be good so we can eat outside... if not, oh well. Mum is taking me to visit Pops at the cemetary on Father's Day, so it will be nice to see where he is buried and to say hello. I've not been ready to go for a while, the very thought of it filled me with dread and I used to feel like I was drowning. For the last 6 months, I've wanted to go visit Pops, but didn't know where he was buried. It was hardly something I took note of on the day he was laid to rest. I was too busy trying not to kill certain family members for being such insensetive prats.

On Saturday I am heading out with Mum to buy THE dress for my brother's wedding. With some advice from Ziz on what kind to look for, I am going on a hunt. I was thinking of going for a green dress, not bright green or aqua, just a brighter kind of olive if that makes any sense. I hope I find something. I have the kids clothes for the wedding. E looks ADORABLE in his three piece suit. I'll take pics on the day of the kids in their finery and you can see them for yourself. Only 2 1/2 weeks until the wedding now.

Saturday night Daz is going to hit the town for the bucks night. He should have a great time. I'll spend that time cooking for the next day. Hopefully there is a good movie on TV that night too! :)

Well I best get going, MOPS on this morning, and I need to pack snacks and bags etc.

Urrrghhh... thank goodness coffee is at MOPS. I am going to need it!!