Sep 5, 2008

When will it end?

I'm gonna have a bit of a gripe.
I really hate sickness. Especially in the kids. The poor things. I really feel for them.

Milly has a cold, I think she is cutting teeth and has a sore bum - AND conjunctivitus again.

E is getting over conjunctivitus and is miserable - with a runny nose.

Mop complains about a sore throat, and I feel for her, I've had one for two weeks.

I don't mind one of them sick - but when it's all at once, and they all whinge at the same time, and want my attention at the same time it gets a bit much. But it's really TOO much when I am feeling crook too. And I am sick of coughing up a lung every five minutes. Mum said something funny - she said "cough it up, it might be a gold watch.... or a housebrick!" I had to chuckle.

Oh well... thankfully this doesn't last forever. Next time I am going to isolate the sick kid, they can stay in their room for the duration of their sickness so they don't spread it around their family...... That won't work will it? LOL

Onto a brighter note. Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees!! I'm planning to shave my legs so I can wear some 3/4 pants or a skirt with sandals. I am soooo sick of wearing jeans and trackies.

I've been invited to our "parent church" to go speak to the youth - give my testimony to be exact. It's a girls only affair so that will be good fun. They are having a "blast from the past" theme - where they are going to dress up in fashions from the 20's to the 80's and have a parade. I am soooo going to have a great time!

Daz and I are in seperate beds at the moment.... no we aren't on the rocks. Daz can't keep quiet at night, and I really am suffering with lack of sleep. So he has moved into the lounge temporarily and I have the bed all to myself. I am loving the sleep and the silence. It's funny... I have the whole bed, but yet I sleep on the very edge of my side??? I guess I am used to having Daz in the bed taking up lots of space. :) I kinda miss him though. I often put my hand out half asleep to touch him.. and he isn't there. :( I don't miss his "talking" though!! :)

Well that's it from me. I might grab the miserable Milly and go curl up and have a rest with her... the older two are watching Bear and are happy as pigs in mud. At least two of them are happy.

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