Sep 13, 2008

A death and a panic.

A valued member of our family died today. Well... not totally dead.. just part of it. The most important part. The dishwasher's pump is dead. Thankfully we are within 10 days of the warranty so we can get it fixed! YAY!! :) The LG guy will be like Jesus, resurrecting Lazurus. DISHWASHER! COME FORTH!!

Ok I am really tired and in odd humour, so bear with me.

My panic moment. Very late Thursday night, I get a SMS from the wife of the Youth Pastor of the church that I was going to go share next friday. The message said "You still ok for tomorrow night?" Umm.. I was confused, so text back with "You said the 19th, please confirm". Turns out the date was wrong - and I had to pull it together for the next evening.

I did. I pulled it together. I rocked up, prepared and I totally blitzed it. I swear my head was like the size of the sun when I left there. I was treated like royalty. A really nice girl looked after me the whole night, I was complemented, and then complemented again by people saying that they had heard someone complementing me. I got given a beautiful box of flowers and some chocolates. I have never felt so valued and appreciated for doing something like this.

I shared my testimony. It was hard. I only cried three times. But I was able to speak into the lives of some abuse victims. I've done my bit, now God can do His stuff.

I also met a girl who is going to start her masters in counselling. I was so excited. We had heaps to talk about and we have agreed that if we run into each other again, we grab a coffee and chat some more. I want to know everything there is to know about it all. She said something really funny - not funny as in ha ha, but funny as in odd.... "You will so get a job easy. you have such incredible life experience. I'm 23, they won't even look at me. I've barely started life." Amazing how having crap experiences and 6 extra years makes me more employable?

I don't want to get my hopes up.... but today a man and his wife came to look at our car. I am praying that we get a phone call saying he wants to buy it.

Nothing much else happening. We are getting ready to go on our trip. I have the dress for Steve's wedding. I found a shop that makes clip-on earrings. (This is a huge deal!! I can't have pieced ears because of keloid scarring.... and have not found any decent clip on earrings that weren't the old lady variety.) I totally went nuts on bling for the wedding outfit.

Today was 26 degrees. Sunny. Warm... I am soooooo looking forward to summer.

And that is the ramblings and disjointed thoughts that I have for today.

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Epiphany said...

I will pray for your dishwasher Skip.

ROFL! I don't even have one, you big sook!

Well done getting the message ready so quickly! I'd love to hear/read it if you want to share!! You know where I am. :)