Mar 14, 2012

Remember me?

It's been a long time between posts, but I have a good excuse, I promise! Since EJ was diagnosed with ASD, we have been so flat out organising therapists, and then seeing those therapists for assessments and the like. Then trying to work out what areas we want to deal with first, and then proceeding with actual therapy. I feel like I have just come up for air. *pant pant!*

Things are starting to settle down a bit. EJ's routine has become part of the normal routine. I fit everything else around it. My days are busy, but doing different things now and it's all ok. I'm happy and enjoying life still. I'm still doing things I love and enjoy. I am learning to balance work, play, caring, mothering, wifeing etc. I am juggling well... just don't throw another ball in! :)

So what's happening?

Daz - doing well, plodding along as usual.

Mop - 8 and a half and freaking me out! Her legs are long, her body is tall, and she carries herself in a really different way now. She is fast becoming a young lady. Her face is looking older, and she is growing up so fast. Not too fast thankfully which is nice!
She had some issues with bullying (she the victim) which has been happening for some time, and I was showing the perpetrator some grace while she received counselling for this bullying. On day two of the school year Mop was down, quiet and withdrawn because she had been bullied again by this child. This Mama had had enough! So I went down and sorted it out with the teacher. This bully got dealt with quite quickly and firmly which is great, and Mop has regained confidence and her enthusiasm for school and friends.

Milly - aka Miss Chatterbox. Seriously my ears sometimes bleed because she talks SOOOOOO much. She's a darling though. She is a social butterfly and likes to "go out" and see people and play with friends. She doesn't like Wednesday, which is my one and only at home day and looks forward to when her brother and sister come home from school. She is growing up fast too, it only feels like yesterday she was a tiny little bubba.

EJ - he's doing well overall. As I type this, he is hanging upside down on the barstool while he eats his dinner. LOL. He has a fantastic teacher this year who seems to be doing the right thing - he comes home a lot calmer than he did last year, and she is a very dear and sweet girl. I like her - sometimes when I come to the class to pick EJ up for different therapies, she is on the floor with the kids, teaching them or doing some sort of activity. EJ likes going to his therapists which is good, considering they deliberately push his buttons to make him react a certain way or to do things he doesn't want to do. He likes leaving school at lunchtimes to go and see them and do something different. EJ knows he has Aspergers, we gave him a book "All Cats Have Aspergers" which the first time he read it, laughed so hard he nearly pee'd himself! By the second time, he knew that HE had Aspergers. When he behaves in his quirky little way, he explains it by saying "I have Aspergers". Earlier on he asked "Why do I have Aspergers?" so we told him that God thought that EJ would make a great kid with Aspergers, and that it wasn't a sickness, it was just different and special. God chose him because He knew that EJ could change the world with his incredible gifts and way of seeing the world. He seemed happy with that.

Me - Doing well. I have an inner joy and peace about my life for this year and I'm not phased in the slightest that I seem to run around all the time. It's ok.

I thought I would just quickly post, I don't want anyone to think I've died or anything. I am just so incredibly busy doing other things, that writing this blog has been put on the back burner.