Feb 27, 2009

I'm starting a tag....

This is designed to give your blog readers a bit more insight to YOU.

So the deal is, answer the below questions - then tag all your readers - then they need to send a comment saying they have done the tag - so you can read about them!! You also get the added bonus of finding out who follows your blog. :)


Righto, so considered yourself tagged... Yes YOU!
and if I don't get any comments, I'll assume no one loves me and that I actually AM talking to thin air. :) Feel emotionally manipulated enough? Good.. :)

1. 5 Things I LOVE to do
2. 5 things I HATE to do.
3. 5 Things I WISH I could do
4. 5 Things that make me happy
5. 5 Things that annoy me.
6. 5 things that make me sad
7. 5 things that make me laugh.

So here I go:
1. 5 Things I LOVE to do

1. Quilting/Sewing/craft in general.
2. Organising
3. Playing board games
4. Entertaining
5. Preaching.

2. 5 things I HATE to do.

1. Laundry - seriously that stuff breeds
2. Ironing.
3. Exercise
4. Fight.
5. Ring up perfect strangers.

3. 5 Things I WISH I could do

1. Spend a whole day in Spotlight with a massive gift voucher
2. Go overseas - Europe, Asia, UK
3. Spend time in the snow.
4. Play a musical instrument that ISN'T percussion
5. Paint beautiful pictures.

4. 5 Things that make me happy

1. Spending time with my family
2. My faith in God.
3. Going to plays, musicals etc
4. Spending time with dear friends
5. The complete unconditional love my children have for me.

5. 5 Things that annoy me.

1. Shopping trolleys that are impossible to steer.
2. Cats that fight in the middle of the night.
3. Drama queens.
4. Being disrespected because of my thoughts, opinions or beliefs.
5. Being manipulated. :)

6. 5 things that make me sad

1. The suffering children have to endure because of choices adults make for them.
2. The suffering humans have to endure because of illness.
3. Wars
4. The fact that people allow themselves to become so bitter and make other people suffer because of it.
5. Non-acceptance of PEOPLE.

7. 5 things that make me laugh.

1. My kids.
2. My husband
3. Dave Hughes
4. Karl Barron
5. Rove Live - apart from stupid Ryan Kelton... or whatever his name is.

Feb 26, 2009

A few tidbits.

What do you think of the new layout? I've been sprucing up all my blogs. Trying to take it easy this week - and so I thought I would make my blogs all puuuurrrrdy!
The only bad thing with this template is, I am going to have to be a good girl and resize all my pics I put in here so you can see the whole pic, not just half. :) Ehh.. effort.

Study is going well. I have completed one test and am in the process of doing a written assignment. I'm finding this assignment quite interesting because it's forcing me to dig deep inside myself and explain why I believe what I do.

The voice lost thing went on for much longer than desired. 5 days of barely any voice is seriously too much. When it was gone completely I had to bang on things, clap and do all sorts of loud things to get people's attention. Very frustrating when the kids lapped it up for all it was worth. I couldn't tell them over and over to do something, and I ended up just giving up. I lack the energy and the voice to tell them off!

Mop's voice has started to crackle - but feels ok. She probably has caught what I had. That's a change, usually it's the kids spreading their disease to me! Payback!!

Righto... better move on.

Nice seeing you!

I've been tagged!

The lovely Donna has tagged yours truly. Now the deal is:

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.

2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

5. Tag 6 other people

Well this is the picture:


This is a picture of Milly, sitting the the kids table for the first time. She loved sitting there, she was proud as punch!

But because I am such an awesome person and the rules don't apply to me - I'm tagging no one. :)

Feb 22, 2009


Well it's been pretty nutty in the Skipper household. Let's see, what's been happening.

Mop has launched into the 09 school year with gusto and enthusiasm. She has been doing After School Sports once a week and she comes home very exhausted after that. She also has started piano lessons. She loves them and she is very excited about it. She enjoys school very much and has some friends she likes to play with. One thing that happened though, I am not thrilled about, is that she was excluded from playing with some girls, because she didn't have blonde hair. Oh well... she was upset, but she focused on the positive, which is that Abby played with her, and she doesn't care what color our hair is. :)

E has settled into kindy nicely. He loves it, though he is a bit reluctant for me to leave him, and he is always happy to see me. I'm not sure what he does all day long, but he always has lovely days, according to his teachers. Apparently he is getting involved socially as well, which is a relief to me. He gets in with the boys and mucks around with them. When we have had groups of people here at the house, he goes and hides in corners. So I am really pleased that he is evolving into a social little man.

Milly is running around at alarming speeds. She is growing up so quickly, it's so sad. She is saying alot more now. When you ask her where her nose is, she points to it.... well... up it... and says "noes" - she has a few other words she says as well. "Yummy" is the most useful, because that means she is hungry.

I started studying last week. My first two subjects are Study Techniques and Creative Living. I started to freak out at the amount of assignments that were dished out at the beginning, but when I pace myself, I'll be able to get them done. I have to comment after every lecture as part of assesment on the forums, and sometimes I feel out of my league. You can tell who have been doing tertiary education for ages, and know their stuff... then there are a few like me who are using the language of newbies! LOL

We are starting to make plans for our annual trek to Bec and Nick's in QLD. We are also planning a weekend getaway with some friends. We all work very hard at what we do, so it will be good to chillax together.

I am not well at the moment. I have some sort of infection in my lungs and it has effected my voice and throat. I sound awful. Thankfully my voice died last night and not yesterday morning. I was preaching in church and though I struggled a bit, my voice held out! :)

I have lots of creative projects on the go and have been enjoying working on them. If you want to know more about them, then you can check out Creative Expressions (my craft blog).

Here are some recent pics of the kids:







Feb 12, 2009

What's that smell??

A funny story...

I was standing there, minding my own business. I hear Sir E (aka Gross-one) behind me.. "What's that smell???" Then I feel something pressed up to my bottom. I peek over my shoulder, and he has his manky feral, but much loved teddy, "smelling" my butt!!!!

Oh he is SUCH a gross boy!!!

First day of Kindy...



Look at him! All grown up!!


Today E started at Kindy. I was expecting him to cry, scream, grab my legs and sob his heart out when I took him there - like he does when I drop him off somewhere else for a play time. We met the teachers, we started playing with dried kidney beans - he tiped them from one cup the other.. then we played playdoh. Then I said to him that I was going to go home and do a load of washing - and then come back and get him. He barely looked at me "Ok then Mum, bye!"
I got a kiss.... and I stood up... waiting for the arms to fly around my legs. I waited for the screams and howls. Nothing. I looked at his teacher in shock. She smiled. I walked out the door... nothing...
He had a most wonderful day! He did some paintings of snakes. He had a water fight and had to have his clothes changed!! Naughty!! He played outside with the kids. Sat quietly during story time. He really had a wonderful day.
Not only did he enjoy kindy, but he was happy for the rest of the day. No whinging or anything. He was in a brilliant mood!! And he is really excited about going back to school tomorrow. :) I'm so glad that went smoothly - though a little shocked.


Today my study materials arrived. I have two subjects to do this semester. One is a small one and the other is a bigger one. I'll be getting into that soon. But I can't believe it. My future is sitting across from me. :)

Tomorrow is Mum's birthday and we are having a big family dinner to celebrate. I have a rather huge surprise for her - and I hope it doesn't kill her!! LOL. More about that later because she may read this and guess.

Well I better push on. I have lots of housework to do this evening because I was naughty and sewed for most of the day! :)

Feb 4, 2009

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!

No... not THAT hot... Heat hot.

In case you missed it, SA has been in a killer heatwave. Tomorrow and Saturday won't be much better - which means I need to move the birthday party E was going to have from the playground to a local play cafe. Thankfully the people who ran it were willing to help us at such short notice.

And a sad thing, my Aunty's MIL died unexpectedly during this heatwave. Her FIL is on death's door with cancer, and his wife has been running around after him in the middle of this heat. She became unwell, called a locum and died when he was there. Very very sad.

So what's been going on over ere?

I got my official "you're in" call from the head of my department a few days ago. She held a small interview over the phone to make sure I was truly suitable for the course. She concluded that I was of sound mind and not emotionally disturbed.... SUCKER!!! ;)

Mop started school again on Monday. She loves it!! We have signed her up for after school sports program and piano lessons. She starts that next week. :) On the morning of her second day I introduced myself to the teacher and she commented that Mop was "very confident!" That's my girl!!

E turns 3 on Monday and he's having a birthday party on Saturday as I mentioned before. He starts pre-school/kindy next week, the same one that Mop went to. It will be good for him to go out and play with other kids.

Milly Moo is pretty painful at the moment. She has teeth moving around all over the place and she just wails and whinges. Hopefully those toothy pegs pop through soon and she will be back to her sunny self. She's howling at me now, drool going EVERYWHERE!!
She has taken off in the walking department and rarely crawls anymore.
She is pointing to stuff saying "There!" - and wants us to name whatever it is she is pointing at. Quite cute!

Daz had his birthday a few days ago and we went out for dinner to celebrate. His parents got him a Wii!! (Well... his Mum won it...and she passed it on! :) ) - so Daz went out to get a Wii Fit for the rest of his birthday present and Valentine's day! WOOT!!

Me - eh... nothing to report really. Just got into study - and I should be receiving my first module which is "Creative Living" - apparently it's nice and easy according to my head of department to "ease me in" which is good! :)

One more day of nasty heat... then a cool change should arrive. Hanging for it... totally hanging for it!!

Love from Skipper