Feb 4, 2009

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!

No... not THAT hot... Heat hot.

In case you missed it, SA has been in a killer heatwave. Tomorrow and Saturday won't be much better - which means I need to move the birthday party E was going to have from the playground to a local play cafe. Thankfully the people who ran it were willing to help us at such short notice.

And a sad thing, my Aunty's MIL died unexpectedly during this heatwave. Her FIL is on death's door with cancer, and his wife has been running around after him in the middle of this heat. She became unwell, called a locum and died when he was there. Very very sad.

So what's been going on over ere?

I got my official "you're in" call from the head of my department a few days ago. She held a small interview over the phone to make sure I was truly suitable for the course. She concluded that I was of sound mind and not emotionally disturbed.... SUCKER!!! ;)

Mop started school again on Monday. She loves it!! We have signed her up for after school sports program and piano lessons. She starts that next week. :) On the morning of her second day I introduced myself to the teacher and she commented that Mop was "very confident!" That's my girl!!

E turns 3 on Monday and he's having a birthday party on Saturday as I mentioned before. He starts pre-school/kindy next week, the same one that Mop went to. It will be good for him to go out and play with other kids.

Milly Moo is pretty painful at the moment. She has teeth moving around all over the place and she just wails and whinges. Hopefully those toothy pegs pop through soon and she will be back to her sunny self. She's howling at me now, drool going EVERYWHERE!!
She has taken off in the walking department and rarely crawls anymore.
She is pointing to stuff saying "There!" - and wants us to name whatever it is she is pointing at. Quite cute!

Daz had his birthday a few days ago and we went out for dinner to celebrate. His parents got him a Wii!! (Well... his Mum won it...and she passed it on! :) ) - so Daz went out to get a Wii Fit for the rest of his birthday present and Valentine's day! WOOT!!

Me - eh... nothing to report really. Just got into study - and I should be receiving my first module which is "Creative Living" - apparently it's nice and easy according to my head of department to "ease me in" which is good! :)

One more day of nasty heat... then a cool change should arrive. Hanging for it... totally hanging for it!!

Love from Skipper

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Renata said...

Yes we're suffering from the heat as well. Today is meant to be really really bad - in the late 40's apparently - not looking forward to that!
Congratulations on getting into your course - it sure is exciting!
Hope the party goes well - even with a change of venue!