Jun 30, 2006

So long, farewell!

Okay so not quite in the Julie Andrews style...

But seeya round like a fruit loop!Catchya round like a rissole! Seeya later chip potata! Catchya on the flip side. Ooroo!

We are heading north tonight. In 1 hour Daz comes home from work. He will hitch it up to our car and off we go!!
Tonight we are gonna crash - not literally I hope - at Port Augusta.
Or better known by the Adelaidians as "Porta Gutta"

Gotta go... Steve (brother) is telling me a great story... he just got home from a game of golf and got a birdie... LITERALLY!!! He killed abird with a golf ball. Nice one!!!

Jun 25, 2006

4 more sleeps!

4 more sleeps and we are heading off in our CV to the top of Australia and back again! I am sooooo excited!!!

Yesterday I had my bestie, Bec and her hubby around for the last hurrah. We had dinner together... I attempted some gourmet stuff to make it last till we meet again. It was loads of fun... untill Bec started to talk about missing me... then my heart dissappeared into the pit of my stomach, and there it has stayed.
My eyes burn and my throat swells when I think of my poor Bec all alone in a strange city.... but luckily for my breathing, Bec makes friends VERY easily, so she won't be alone for long.
They held their farewell bash in the city on Friday night, it was a cocktail party. Daz had bought me a lovely top I was eyeing off on Thursday so I had a lovely top to wear. Loads of people commmented on it... that and my hair. And the next day I went to the hair dressers and got it all cut off! It's very short, textured and spiky... I love it!!! I will put a pic of it on here one day, when I get one.

Today I went to see the specialist about my foot. He couldn't come up with anything definate... just a few guesses. So I have to see a rhemotologist.. to check if I have rheumatoid or however you spell it, arthritus. (As mum would say Arthur Ritus)
Hope I don't....

I've started yet another new hobby - digital scrapbooking. My fried Jo has been very helpful and I've been dabbling cautiously, only to find that it's soooo cool!! I cant botch it up!! There is an undo button!! :) It's certainly different to paper scrapping. So in the world of scrappers, I am a bi-scrapper!

When I finish my last piece, I will put it on here for you to have a gander at.

I don't think I will be writing until I get back from the Northern Territory, so next entry will be huge, telling you all about our adventures up there. Mop is excited about seeing Ayres Rock and swimming in the hot springs which will be "like a bath!"

So farewell loyal readers, and the people who stumble on in here, I'll see you in a few weeks!


Jun 18, 2006

But it's what you do with it.....

I gave Elijah his rice cereal today, and decided to add some apple.
Well today he demolished the whole lot off, he hardly spat any out... didn't waste a drop of it!! Usually he spits out some rice cereal and he never finishes the bowl... well today he did. Guess he likes apple....

Will be boiling up some carrots tonight when I do the roast and puree them and see what he thinks about that!

11 more sleeps untill we go off caravanning to the NT. I am starting to dig out some summery stuff for the warmer climates. I went shopping on saturday and got some awesome bargains - some shops were clearing out their summer stock.

I realised just how many clothes I DON'T have... I put away all the clothes that no longer fit me... My prepregnancy body will not back. I will sag for the rest of my life so I may as well get used to it. So I put them away and left the clothes that fit me..... lets just say I have ALOT of coat hangers LOL and my drawers were empty... Now they have a few bits in them so I can be presentable.

Yesterday at church, Daz was talking to a mate about what he was up to, and the poor kid is bored witless. He is waiting for a course to start up and so he has nothing else to do. He offered to do some jobs for us.... well I think he might not be bored for much longer. We have given him all the jobs that we don't have any time to do! Starting with weed spraying and fixing Mops tramp... then on Wednesday he is going to come back and paint the pergolas... then there is the retaining wall to build and other odds and ends to do. He's a treasure!! Some of these jobs have been waiting to be done for a while, and we just don't have the time!!

Phooey! E has obviously filled his drawers... I can smell something... ODD!! LOL

Seeya round...

Jun 15, 2006

Because today is OUR Independence Day

Thursday - 15th June - Elijah worked out that his hands are for more than shoving into his gob. He reached for things and grabbed them and then put the object in his gob!

Friday - 16th June - Elijah discovered the joy of blowing raspberries and had bubbles of spit all over his face and his jumpsuit got drenched.

Caitlin took another step forward to that ever-looming place of childhood. She has a job chart on her cuboard. And every day we look at it together and do the jobs together, it also has her routine on there so she knows that everyday she has to get dressed, make her bed, feed the pets etc etc
This morning I got out her clothes for her to wear for the day, came back 5 minutes later to see that her PJ's were no where to be found.
"Where are your PJ's?"
"Under the pillow."
She put them away WITHOUT ME!! I didnt have to remind her, nag her or anything. She just put them away.
Next I hear the sliding door open, and her nappy nowhere to be found. She put her nappy in the outside bin WITHOUT ME!!!
Then she tells me she needs to brush her teeth, so I give her some toothpaste on her tootbrush and watch in amazement as she brushes her teeth, spits out the paste, rinses her mouth out with water, puts her toothbrush back, gets down and tells me she needs her hair brushed.
My mouth fell open in shock... she just did most of her morning jobs/routine without my help. What a grown up girl she is becomming. I didn't quite know what to do with myself... I am so used to devoting at least an hour every morning, telling her what to do, helping her with things... and this morning she just did it on her own. Part of me rejoices in the knowledge that she will not rely on me forever to keep telling her what to do... and part of me mourns the passing of her complete reliance on me.

Jun 13, 2006

Solids and such

4:13pm - 14th June 2006 Elijah had his first mouthful of Rice Cereal.

4:22 pm I had this conversation with Caitlin.

C "Mummy what's that?"
M "It's rice cereal"
C "Caitlin want some.."
M "You won't like it chook."
C "I will. I do. I want some."
M "okay then"

I gave her a small spoon ful. I wish I had a camera... her expression was priceless... she looked utterly disgusted!! She didn't ask for anymore... I am not surprised!

Jun 12, 2006

And you shall call her....


We have named our pup. Her name is Charli.
Caitlin loves it
Daz loves it
Elijah has no say since all he can do is drool, squeal and throw up
and I love it of course.

It's a girl!!


Meet the newest member of our family.
No name as yet, born 9th May to a Mrs Rusty Cavalier Spaniel and Mr Stud Labradour.
Adopted by us.
Will be coming to live with us once she is old enough to leave her mother. We will be picking her up the day we come home from the NT. She will be just 9 weeks old then.
Caitlin can't wait.

The first meeting of our new baby.
Little Miss came over to Caitlin and clambered up her chest, which frightened Caitlin at first. She was overtired and not coping well the the excitement and apprehension of dealing with a tiny puppy.
Then Little Miss came to me, and snuggled into my fluffy scarfe and bit into my jumper... I can still smell the divine smell of puppy breath on my jumper.
The other puppies completely ignored us, and so Little Miss chose us.
Daz just took photos... he's not really ready to play the proud father just yet.

So it's a toss up between these names:

I really like Charli
Caitlin really likes Molly and Charli
Daz really likes them all... so we are no closer to making a decision. We have 5 weeks to think about it.

She is darker than her sibblings and has a white spot on her nose. She cries and snuggles... awww..

Will fill you in more when we bring her home. Posted by Picasa

Jun 7, 2006

Guess God had other ideas

Guess what!? My sister in law is pregnant again! YAY!....
Well it's a bit of a story! Poor blossom. She had her last baby 6 months ago. Maddie.. anyway the deal was that Pete and Deb weren't going to have any more kids. I guess Pete should have got the snip, because WOOPSY!! Deb is up the duff once more. She was pretty shocked, and pretty upset but she only allowed her to cry for one day, then she got on with it. She called a midwife and burst into tears because I think the realisation of it all... the midwife insensetively asked if Deb wanted an abortion. Deb told her where to go. Good on ya Deb!
Deb is just about 8 weeks along and is pretty happy about the coming arrival. She is a bit scared, and tired... after all she is doing a Uni course in nursing plus she has 2 kids to look after. Deb has her work cut out for her.
Pete, my insensetive git of a brother - I love him really, keeps teasing her about having triplets.
Her older sister, I feel like slapping. Deb told her she was pregnant and she just looked at her, "WELL DEBBIE, WHAT am I going to do with your dress?" This older sister is getting married at the end of the year. Deb didn't get pregnant to inconvenience her... selfish cow.
When Deb told me, my eyes widened and my heart sunk - not in sadness, but in pity. Poor Deb. Barely over breastfeeding and she is up the duff again. Oh well, I guess this extra bubba was in God's plan...
Anyway I am going to be an Aunty once again! By the time that one is born it will be my turn to have a baby! We gotta keep providing playmates for our kids! LOL

Turning your thoughts to the weather. It's barely winter, and its FREEZING!! I can't cope with 1 degrees overnight. My nose gets cold, my fingertips turn blue and I just feel miserable. Luckily for me Daz makes a killer hot Milo or cuppa tea, so it warms me up.

Some sad news, my best friend of 10 years is moving away to Brisbane... really soon. I was doing a really good job of pretending it wasnt happening and trying not to think about it. I dropped Bec home Tuesday night and saw a big For Sale sign in front of her house. I felt like crying.
The plus side is that I can go visit her dragging our little caravan with us, and we can hang out in the awesome places along the coast. I'll miss her like crazy. Seems like something is happening in my life. I am having a huge shake up. Guess God doesn't want me to get too settled and too comfortable. My Pastor is retiring, Kym left me to go to Canada to be with her boyfriend, Bec is leaving to live interstate. (I'm jealous. I would love to move interstate. Just to have a change.) Friendships are changing, I sometimes feel like I am being left behind. What's going on?

One thing I can remember is that just because people leave, we can still love each other across the miles. It's not as if they are moving to Mars. I can still email, write letters, call etc. Bec is such a big part of my life... not only as my best friend but she and Nicky (Nick - her hubby) are my kids godparents. If we cark it, they get our kids. Mop loves them both so much. As soon as we step into church she is pointing to Nick and Bec on stage and yelling out to them!

Okay better stop now before I depress myself.
The photo at the top of the page is us when we went away to a B&B all together for hers and Mop's birthday.

Jun 6, 2006

I'm gonna tell the world!

Part of Elijah's 21st speech...

When Elijah was almost 4 months old, he developed the (insert our last name here) sense of humour. WEIRD!! Elijah would have episodes called "the grunties" which sounded like he was immitating a motor cross race. His little face would go red and he would be concentrating on his task.
When it was time for me to clean up his little effort, I would take off his nappy - and before I could comment on the green slop that covered the nappy, and nether regions. He would laugh. Yup... he developed the typical boy grossness rather early I must say. But it didn't stop there... as I was wiping it up, he would giggle. I hated to break it to him, but I guess he would find out later, that everybody poos, and everybody has grunties.... and it isn't something to be proud of. In fact when you are forced to wipe your butt with sandpaper toilet paper, you will curse the bowel movement.

Jun 2, 2006

The banshee returns

That's right folks, my son the banshee has managed to scream himself into hysteria for most of the afternoon. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, he was hiccupping that pathetic little way, you know when they have been crying forever. The poor mite gave himself wind from gulping air.

And do you know what? It's all my fault. He couldn't or WOULDN'T go to sleep. He became overtired. And do you know why? Because I didn't wrap him....
I figured eh what the heck? He fights it and struggles with it, why not make his life easier and just put him without the straight jacket on. Well it turns out he LIKES the straight jacket. He likes to have something to fight before drifting off into slumber.
Now I know....

You would think though, that since I have an almost three year old, that I would know this stuff. You would think, yeah, she's a second time mother, she would have some clue. I swear that being pregnant for the second time wiped any education I received from Mop... it's like being a first time Mum. Complete with the break downs and the sobs of "I don't know what to do"... and that's me being the banshee this time! LOL

Other than that it has been a very average day. Jo cheered me up though which was nice. Just one small sentence/joke and I dissolved into fits of laughter. I had tears of mirth on my cheeks - legend Jo!! And I can't remember what the one-liner was.... but geeze it was hillarious.

Tomorrow I am very excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will be glad to get out of bed early... we are going to collect our caravan!!! I am STOKED!! YAY! Now I just need to find a place to break it in. Wish it was warmer, we could have gone to the beach. If we go there now, we will be blasted with the arctic wind.

Well I am struggling to stay awake here. Daz is at a board meeting STILL and it's 11:10pm. I am going to bed, and he can jolly well sleep on the couch. WHAT board meeting goes for that long??? What are they trying to decide??? The future of our country??? NOoooooo.... Well when Aunty takes over as Pastor, trust me, late board meetings WILL NOT HAPPEN.... she likes to be in bed at 10pm.

Right off to SMS Daz once again....