Jun 12, 2006

It's a girl!!


Meet the newest member of our family.
No name as yet, born 9th May to a Mrs Rusty Cavalier Spaniel and Mr Stud Labradour.
Adopted by us.
Will be coming to live with us once she is old enough to leave her mother. We will be picking her up the day we come home from the NT. She will be just 9 weeks old then.
Caitlin can't wait.

The first meeting of our new baby.
Little Miss came over to Caitlin and clambered up her chest, which frightened Caitlin at first. She was overtired and not coping well the the excitement and apprehension of dealing with a tiny puppy.
Then Little Miss came to me, and snuggled into my fluffy scarfe and bit into my jumper... I can still smell the divine smell of puppy breath on my jumper.
The other puppies completely ignored us, and so Little Miss chose us.
Daz just took photos... he's not really ready to play the proud father just yet.

So it's a toss up between these names:

I really like Charli
Caitlin really likes Molly and Charli
Daz really likes them all... so we are no closer to making a decision. We have 5 weeks to think about it.

She is darker than her sibblings and has a white spot on her nose. She cries and snuggles... awww..

Will fill you in more when we bring her home. Posted by Picasa

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celia said...

I think Molly is really cute :)