Jun 6, 2006

I'm gonna tell the world!

Part of Elijah's 21st speech...

When Elijah was almost 4 months old, he developed the (insert our last name here) sense of humour. WEIRD!! Elijah would have episodes called "the grunties" which sounded like he was immitating a motor cross race. His little face would go red and he would be concentrating on his task.
When it was time for me to clean up his little effort, I would take off his nappy - and before I could comment on the green slop that covered the nappy, and nether regions. He would laugh. Yup... he developed the typical boy grossness rather early I must say. But it didn't stop there... as I was wiping it up, he would giggle. I hated to break it to him, but I guess he would find out later, that everybody poos, and everybody has grunties.... and it isn't something to be proud of. In fact when you are forced to wipe your butt with sandpaper toilet paper, you will curse the bowel movement.

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