Oct 29, 2007

This, that and the other.

Allo all!

Well this week or so has been pretty boring. Nothing exciting happening. Nothing exciting going to happen. Just going along... putt putt putt.

E is talking more and more thank goodness, because that means his screams are getting less and less!! FINALLY he said "light" instead of pointing to the roof and saying "Moon!" because not all round light things are moons my boy! LOL. He's settled nicely in his room and sleeps well.
Thank goodness for daylight savings. He didn't wake till nearly 7:30am this morning!! Better than the waking up with the chickens he has been doing lately.

Mop is same ol. Eternally dressed up as a princess or something else equally divine!

Well on Wednesday I have my estimated fetal weight scan to see if I am going to be able to push it out or have to be butchered. On the 5th of November I find out for sure. Push or slice? Praying to push here!! It will be nice however to see the lil munchkin.

We have named our bub (I think) and I really love the name. I chose the first name (well put it on a short list and Daz liked it!) and Daz came up with the second name and together it's just great! It's lovely knowing it's name.
Baby has dropped a bit into my pelvis. My tummy is noticeably lower and I can breathe a little easier. However it has made shooting pains go through my cervix and lower tummy. I feel like I have period pain continually and lets not get started on the braxton hicks contractions!

The other day I smelled something really off under my sink. I didn't know what it was, so I just shut the door and forgot about it until I smelled it again yesterday. Daz came and got a waft of it, and worked out that the mousetrap had gone off. I didn't even know there was a trap in there!! LOL. So we had a decomposing mouse in my cuboard. Thankfully the smell is gone now! YUUUCK! I hate rodents.... almost as much as frogs and creepy things like that!

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I have started making up Christmas crackers and did a few Christmas photo shoots for xmas cards. Mop of course posed like a real model, and E posed for the light testing one - then refused to co-operate after that. I give up.... he can be a snotty little reindeer this year for xmas unless I can salvage my tester ones. I'll finish the shoot of course when bubs comes along. Not long now... 4 weeks (around about)

Well I am busting.... AGAIN... (I swear I should put a matress in there and a bar fridge and live in there - I almost do anyway!) .... so I best shove off. Also my feet are swelling from the fluid and going numb. :S Oh for my body to be back to normal....

4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.

Oct 17, 2007


How is it possible to close the bedroom door on E so he can sleep, go in a few hours later and have lost him?? This happened last night... boy it was funny! I hunted all over his bed, under his bed etc... I eventually found him in the corner, fast asleep. *Snort* Then today at naptime, I checked to see if he was actually sleeping and low and behold he was flat out on the floor, on a book, fast asleep! Funny kid.

Today I didn't get such hot news. I'm 32 weeks - and baby is measuring at 36 weeks. OI KID! Slow down with your growing!!! I don't want to be carved up to meet you. I would rather push you out of a hole the size of a keyhole!! So fingers crossed this baby isn't a tubby one and I can go ahead and deliver normally. I guess I better prepare myself for it not going according to plan.

Brighter side is that I am healthy, my blood pressure is brilliant, I am as fit as a fiddle.

Christmas preparations have started in this house. I have a huge list of things to do and I am making good progress. I guess I better do as much as I can before this baby comes. That way I won't be burning stuff and botching up things.
My wishlist for Christmas is: (and Daz reads this blog so this is a good place as any to hint)
~ Perfume
~ A new handbag
~ Underwear
~ A cool nightee - (I have heaps of PJ's!)

I'll probably get clothes for my birthday which is 4 days before Christmas. Nothing too fabulous going on for my birthday - I'll probably lay low and just pretend it isn't happening (apart from getting presents and eating cake) this will be my last year being in my 20's. I'll become and old fart and be in my 30's next. Thankfully Daz is going there first in a few months and he'll pave the way. :)

Oct 7, 2007

Next year she can fill in our tax forms...

Ahhhh Mop.... what a laugh she is! She found a registration form for something or other, and decided to fill it in for me.
Some of the highlights were: if she didn't know the answer, she would make it up! We have a very interesting phone number. Did you know our postcode is the mailbox?
Mother's name: Mum
Father's name: Dad
Child's date of birth: July

LOL... ahh she's funny. So next year we will dump our tax stuff on her lap and she can fill out all the nasty tax forms. At least she will have fun. I wonder what interesting stuff she will come up with if she doesn't know the answer??

Sir E is cutting one of his 2 year old molars. Bless him - he has a temp, sore bum and isn't very well - but he's not complaining too much. He's a bit grizzly...
He's not going too well sleeping in his big boy bed. He wants to sleep in the cot. If we say "Bedtime"! He goes straight to the cot. We ask him does he want to sleep in his big boy bed, he says no. During the day he isn't so bad... but night time he doesn't want to. Thankfully a friend has offered us the use of their bassinet if E doesn't move in time. So we don't have to push him.

Mop is driving me mental. She trashes her own room, then goes into E's room and trashes in there as well. I confiscate toys she takes out of her room and into his room. I don't have the energy to keep tidying up trashed rooms. So she is banned from E's room - at least E doesn't trash his own room, making it easier to keep tidy. No matter what I say though, she does what SHE likes and then hits the roof when disciplined for it. ARRRRGGHH!! I must say being a parent is soooo frustrating at times. Is it completely necessary to pull out every single toy you own?? *sigh*
Well I binned a load of toys and got another load ready for the op-shop - then a HUGE container load to go into storage - toys she doesn't play with. We will give them away as appropriate - so now she has less toys but still manages to create havoc in there. *sigh* And if my Mum was reading this she would be laughing because I bet this is what I did. I was such a messpot as a child/teen.

Well must get going. E is crying so I guess the panadol will be starting to wear off. Poor tike.

Oct 2, 2007


Whoever thought old cooling cream for the feet would be the breakthrough that we needed?? Say what??
Mop has had issues for ever about telling us when she has been hurt or hurt herself. She goes into complete denial and even though she could be seriously hurt, she will deny she is hurt and just cry and say "NO NO! I am fine!" It's frustrating because it was like getting blood from a stone - she would not tell me what happened, what hurt and I would find the bruise/cut/graze when she got into the bath.

Yesterday while at the shops she fell over the pram and she was crying - obviously in pain. She wouldn't tell me or Mum what hurt and if she even was hurt. I had a brainwave, I got out the "Magic cream" and asked her if she would like me to put some "Magic Cream" on her ouchies. She lifted her shirt immediately to have the cream put on to reveal her graze - it took less than a minute to find out where she was hurt - instead of from 10 minutes to 3 hours!! I tried it again last night when she stubbed her foot - 10 seconds and I found out where she was hurt and what happened! This is really amazing - this morning she didn't realise the screen door was half shut and bashed into it - out came the magic cream and she immediately showed me her graze.

Now why you ask is this so important? Her teachers have had a few chats with me over the last term and expressed their concern that she denies everything and refuses to accept help. It also makes her a prime target for bullying. I have been racking my brains trying to find the solution, trying to get her to talk to us about it. (It's not like we are totally unapproachable either!) But the magic cream seems to be the answer. So I will be buying some shimmer lotion or something equally magical looking, relabel it as "Magic Cream" and give it to the teachers. I have some in my hand bag and on my dressing table. Mum will make something up too so all her places of care will know that she will talk if you have the magic cream! LOL

E went to sleep in his big boy bed today - yesterday he slept there, but didn't fall asleep in there. He was already asleep when I put him in. Today he actually fell asleep. He did really well.... so now we will be offering him a choice - the cot or the big boy bed for night times, and big boy bed only during the day.