Oct 17, 2007


How is it possible to close the bedroom door on E so he can sleep, go in a few hours later and have lost him?? This happened last night... boy it was funny! I hunted all over his bed, under his bed etc... I eventually found him in the corner, fast asleep. *Snort* Then today at naptime, I checked to see if he was actually sleeping and low and behold he was flat out on the floor, on a book, fast asleep! Funny kid.

Today I didn't get such hot news. I'm 32 weeks - and baby is measuring at 36 weeks. OI KID! Slow down with your growing!!! I don't want to be carved up to meet you. I would rather push you out of a hole the size of a keyhole!! So fingers crossed this baby isn't a tubby one and I can go ahead and deliver normally. I guess I better prepare myself for it not going according to plan.

Brighter side is that I am healthy, my blood pressure is brilliant, I am as fit as a fiddle.

Christmas preparations have started in this house. I have a huge list of things to do and I am making good progress. I guess I better do as much as I can before this baby comes. That way I won't be burning stuff and botching up things.
My wishlist for Christmas is: (and Daz reads this blog so this is a good place as any to hint)
~ Perfume
~ A new handbag
~ Underwear
~ A cool nightee - (I have heaps of PJ's!)

I'll probably get clothes for my birthday which is 4 days before Christmas. Nothing too fabulous going on for my birthday - I'll probably lay low and just pretend it isn't happening (apart from getting presents and eating cake) this will be my last year being in my 20's. I'll become and old fart and be in my 30's next. Thankfully Daz is going there first in a few months and he'll pave the way. :)

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