Oct 29, 2007

This, that and the other.

Allo all!

Well this week or so has been pretty boring. Nothing exciting happening. Nothing exciting going to happen. Just going along... putt putt putt.

E is talking more and more thank goodness, because that means his screams are getting less and less!! FINALLY he said "light" instead of pointing to the roof and saying "Moon!" because not all round light things are moons my boy! LOL. He's settled nicely in his room and sleeps well.
Thank goodness for daylight savings. He didn't wake till nearly 7:30am this morning!! Better than the waking up with the chickens he has been doing lately.

Mop is same ol. Eternally dressed up as a princess or something else equally divine!

Well on Wednesday I have my estimated fetal weight scan to see if I am going to be able to push it out or have to be butchered. On the 5th of November I find out for sure. Push or slice? Praying to push here!! It will be nice however to see the lil munchkin.

We have named our bub (I think) and I really love the name. I chose the first name (well put it on a short list and Daz liked it!) and Daz came up with the second name and together it's just great! It's lovely knowing it's name.
Baby has dropped a bit into my pelvis. My tummy is noticeably lower and I can breathe a little easier. However it has made shooting pains go through my cervix and lower tummy. I feel like I have period pain continually and lets not get started on the braxton hicks contractions!

The other day I smelled something really off under my sink. I didn't know what it was, so I just shut the door and forgot about it until I smelled it again yesterday. Daz came and got a waft of it, and worked out that the mousetrap had gone off. I didn't even know there was a trap in there!! LOL. So we had a decomposing mouse in my cuboard. Thankfully the smell is gone now! YUUUCK! I hate rodents.... almost as much as frogs and creepy things like that!

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I have started making up Christmas crackers and did a few Christmas photo shoots for xmas cards. Mop of course posed like a real model, and E posed for the light testing one - then refused to co-operate after that. I give up.... he can be a snotty little reindeer this year for xmas unless I can salvage my tester ones. I'll finish the shoot of course when bubs comes along. Not long now... 4 weeks (around about)

Well I am busting.... AGAIN... (I swear I should put a matress in there and a bar fridge and live in there - I almost do anyway!) .... so I best shove off. Also my feet are swelling from the fluid and going numb. :S Oh for my body to be back to normal....

4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.

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