May 28, 2009

Change of plan....

I got a call yesterday from the nurse who has been overseeing E and his umm... interesting quirks. :) She said she has forwarded on my paperwork and it has been recommended that he get further testing for aspergers/autism.


So that will be happening soon - have to get a call from the doctor's office with an appointment.

May 25, 2009

I heart Winter

Actually I don't really... I am a summer girl. But I have decided that this year I am going to embrace the Ice Age and try and be positive. I've picked up an art that keeps me warm during winter, so I am loving that. It's not so fun in summer...
So here we have in pictures, what I love about winter.











Look whose talking!


More of Milly's words and their interpretation if needed.

"One Way, Jesus" - (her favourite song)
"Go away"
"Arlie" - (Charli our nutcase dog who adores Milly Moo)
"Ally" - (one of our cats)
"Bunny"- (a furry stuffed rabbit she drags around the house by the ear and sleeps with.)
"BB's" - (her favourite cafe)
"Iggle-iggle"- (iggle piggle)
"Daisy" - (Uspy Daisy)
"Un, two, ee, oorr, iiive" - (one, two, three, four, five)- she says most of them up to 9 but I can't remember how she says them.
"Baby" - (doll)
"Car" (Thanks Zac for that one!)

Non verbal communication:
Claps 3 times and holds her arms up - means I want to sit on your lap while you read me this book for the 12th time today.

Turns her head away while you put food on the spoon - means "You will not feed me this. I will do it!"

Milly has really bucked against being fed now, and today I found porridge in her freshly washed hair. *sigh* Lucky she is cute. :)

She's growing up so fast. She walks around now so confidently and with such assurance. She has the most beautiful nature and is really a well behaved little girl. Though beware, behind those big blue eyes lies a will of iron and a stubborness that matches the rest of her family. ah well.... she's cute, so we will keep her.

Now to decide whether we go for number 4 or not? Labour. Feeding. No sleep. ...... but then you get a snuggly little newborn for a few months that nestles into your neck, they smell so divine, they suckle so contentedly, they stay in one place.... for a few months at least. They gurgle, gah and are just sooooo beautiful. You can carry them close to your heart and just breathe in their innocence and sweetness.

Maybe. Maybe not. Still indecisive about it.
Though I should, I breed awesome looking kids don't you think?? The world can do with more little Skippers!

May 21, 2009

Second assesment results...

E doesn't have aspergers or autism. He passed his development tests and whatnots with flying colors. It's a relief.

Bad news is that he didn't do so well in his emotional development. I have been referred to some family place who will come and give me skills in coping with him and dealing with him until he gets further help.
Second referal is to the Children's Mental Health place. The waiting list is a bit long, so unsure how long it will be till we see them.

Thank God that this nurse has taken me seriously and is getting things moving ASAP. I had a bit of a cry in her office... it's such a relief to know that it's not just me being an incompetent parent.

May 20, 2009

I'm not dead...

Hi there!

Well it's been a rip-snorter of a few weeks. I'm exhausted, that's for sure!

Let's see... what happened?

1. I have a major assignment due, worth 40% of my grade so have been stressing about that... slightly. Just enough to double my grey hairs. Yes, that's right folks, peroxide is my friend.

2. I finally decided that E's meltdowns were not normal, so I rang the Parent Helpline, and they suggested I make an appointment with the Childhood nurse for a development check. I took in my documentation of his reactions to certain things, what triggers them etc. Turns out that his meltdowns AREN'T normal and they are doing further investigating.
I have had to do some pretty detailed development paperwork, which they gave me, which is supposed to pinpoint problem areas. The nurse wants to get this moving as soon as we possibly can, so she freed up a few hours tomorrow afternoon so we can talk in depth more and then tee up seeing the doctor. The doctor specialises in autism and aspergers. I'm pretty confident... sort of... that it's not either of those two conditions. But I have to see a doctor anyway to get onto the child psychologist, to treat what I think is the problem - anxiety. So better to rule out (or not) the two big ones.
Anxiety is a hereditary condition in my family, my grandfather had it, my Mum has it, and my Uncle had some pretty queer behavioural issues growing up, but because of the time, I guess they weren't picked up, mainly just looked at as him being a brat. Poor kid.
E freaks out about similar things that my Mum freaks out about, and I have spoken to a friend whose child has this, and they sound eerily similar.
So for this week I've been a bit edgy and anxious, I just want this assesment to be over with and get to the problem and get it sorted out. And a very small part of me is scared that it could be something awful! We've been walking around on egg-shells trying to keep him from melting down for the last few weeks, and it's exhausting.

3. Mop has been a bit strange lately. I have put it down to her moving up a grade has shaken her up a bit and she has been behaving very badly. I've been having informal meetings with her teacher, hearing about what she is doing and saying. Eeeekk... not a proud moment that's for sure! So we have been putting all sorts of systems and consequences/rewards in place to try to encourage better behaviour. After 2 absolutely hideous weeks, she has finally cottoned on that we mean business and that it's in her best intersts to behave herself. She seems to have settled down now and she's back to her old self. It's been hard though on Daz and I. We hate to come down on her hard like that. I always thought we were pretty firm and strict parents..... that is nothing compared to what we had to do. I have felt wretched this whole time, and I think her last outburst I sat on her bed and bawled my eyes out.

4. Because of all this rubbish that is going on, I'm not sleeping well. I'm exhausted.

5. Because I'm not sleeping well, I'm run-down and have been sick for the last few days.

6. Milly and E have both been sick these last few days. We have had snot everywhere!! I think I better buy shares in Kleenex!

So there you have it. That's what's going on.

Anything happy happening?

Well yes. Last year you may remember my baby brother got married? Well his wife is now pregnant. It's very exciting.... though she is incredibly ill and has been in and out of hospital for a few weeks now. Morning sickness has knocked her about. She's getting drugs they give to chemo patients! Poor love. I have never seen anyone look so grey..

Ok so the baby coming is happy - not the morning sickness. :)

Love from whingy ol Skip

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Wow! What an incredible weekend we had! Such wonderful times with every single special member of this family.

First of all - Friday night my husband did the wining, dining and wooing brilliantly! We left the kids with my Mum for the night (which I will be eternally greatful for!) and Daz took me out for dinner to a lovely, classy little place in the Casino.
We heard the Jazz Duo?? as "atmosphere music" which I thought was just wonderful!

After dinner, we headed to the Entertainment Center for Phantom of the Opera.


We arrived in the carpark at 7:55pm - and we were surprised to see the carparks were bulging and people were rushing to the Entertainment center.... WHY the rush? The show didn't start for another half an hour. So we ambled over, and at the door were told to hurry because lockout was about to begin. EH?? Lockout????
Daz looked at the tickets, "It starts at 8!" So we RAN to our door number - which conveninetly was on the other side of the Entertainment Centre. My feet were killing me because my shoes were not meant for walking/hiking/running!


We arrived at our door for the 5 minute lockout. :(
But we were ushered in and shown to our seats during the music of the opening scene, so I have no idea what was happening during the lockout period. Eh, care less? No.
The show was amazing!
I was amazed at their set, their effects, it was just so wonderful. And Anthony Warlow DEFINATELY has a psychotic, stalking, etcentric lunatic ghost down pat! I was blown away by his performance and I clapped so hard at the end, my hands were burning and my arms were aching.

The orchestra was amazing. The whole show was soooooo fabulous. I'll be seeing that again one day, that's for sure!

After the show, we went to a cafe on O'Connell St for gelati and a drink, before heading to our hotel... only the best would do! The Hyatt. :)


We had a buffet breakfast, and did some shopping in the city. Then headed home to rescue my Mum from our kids.
They had all done very well - and Mum toddled off, leaving us with 2 very exhausted little tackers who had been played with until they were dead on their feet!!

That night we went to Daz's cousin's birthday party. It was a bush dance. The kids were tired and I was preaching in the morning, so we had to leave early before the dancing began.

Sunday morning I awoke to very cheery little children saying "Happy mother's Day!" - I had breakfast in bed, and got spoiled with lots of presents!
Here is a sample of some.




Mop made me a lovely notebook at school and a card. E made a noodle necklace - my very first one! :)

Then off we toddled to church, where I did the sermon. :) I talked about Mum's and the characteristics of Mother's that God has.

We went to Gawler for a leisurely lunch, ate lots. Then spent the afternoon finishing Mum's Mother's Day present. :)

I spent the evening with my Mum over cheesecake and coffee and she loved what I bought and made her. :)

So overall a lovely lovely weekend.
Thankyou my lovely family for such a beautiful time with you all.

May 5, 2009

Jah jah

No not this fellow...


... Milly's word for THIS fellow.


Awwww... EJ was the first sibling name she said.

Speaking of EJ - I have become concerned about the meltdowns he has and really think it's not him being naughty. I think there is more to it. I have an appointment for him to have his development tested. I will ask for a referal to a paed if we get no answers there.

Will keep you posted.