May 21, 2009

Second assesment results...

E doesn't have aspergers or autism. He passed his development tests and whatnots with flying colors. It's a relief.

Bad news is that he didn't do so well in his emotional development. I have been referred to some family place who will come and give me skills in coping with him and dealing with him until he gets further help.
Second referal is to the Children's Mental Health place. The waiting list is a bit long, so unsure how long it will be till we see them.

Thank God that this nurse has taken me seriously and is getting things moving ASAP. I had a bit of a cry in her office... it's such a relief to know that it's not just me being an incompetent parent.


Daph-a-dill's said...

Its great you can get some help. For so long WE were blamed for our sons emotional issues-behaviours.
He is now 9, and finally this year he started treatment with the Psychology clinic at Sydney uni AND we have a VERY different child. Still a long way to go, but this is great thus far. I will pray for you and your little man!

Skipper said...

Daph - I was prepared to be fobbed off, because I knew situations like yours happen far too often! I am just so thankful it was taken seriously.


Lovely to see you following along with me. :)

Daph-a-dill's said...

i was inspired to follow you re EB and being the domestic guru LOL...needed a good kick up the butt to knock the depression of its pedestal etc...was delighted to learn you were a Christian!!!