May 30, 2006


Well what an utterly EXHAUSTING weekend! We spent it in Perth. We left Adelaide mid afternoon and the kids were excellent. Caitlin didn't even get worried when we were taking off. Mum and I were holding hands, she was crying, and I was yabbering about happy memories, trying to keep both our minds off the terror we were feeling. Elijah slept through the whole taking off thing, so he wasn't phased.
We went to Perth and lived a very confusing weekend! We decided to stick to Adelaide times regarding the kids routines. It was just too hard to change it then change back 2 days later. So they went to bed 6oclock Perth time, but 7:30 Adelaide time. Mop woke up in the middle of the night, and thought that it would be a good time to play with Nanny (my Mum) Mum couldn't stop laughing at her, and so when I went in, they were both bright eyed and busy tailed. Caitlin drank and drank untill she vommited. So we were changing sheets and clothes. Then we put Mop back to bed, and Mum dozed on teh couch while i fed Elijah. I couldn't sleep, so when it was time to get up 6am Perth time, I was throwing up and my irritable bowel had kicked in. I had vertigo and was generally unwell. Oh well....
We went to AqWA World or something like that and it was just wonderful. It's a huge aquarium where you get to see some awesome life that you wouldn't normally sea since it's under the ocean. Sharks swam over my head, I petted a very friendly sting ray and handled some awesome sea creatures.
We then had the wedding to go to, the whole reason we were actually in Perth. Never in my LIFE have I seen a bride rock up early to her own wedding. We were running late since we weren't familiar with the area and got totally lost! We arrived to the ceremony and it was half over!! Never mind, it was beautiful what I did see... But when we got back to the carpark, our rental car had been broken into! NOT HAPPY JAN! Scumbags!! They must have been disturbed because our digi camera was still in the seat compartment thingy...
The reception was lovely - even if I did sit across from the most opinionated, snobby aroggant KING! The idiot thought Playboy was intellectual... need I say more? I sat next to a lovely lady - Leah her name was!! Same as mine!! Anyway she was interested in the English Monarchy - especially Queen Elizabeth 1 and King Henry IIV as well!! How stoked was I? So we had a few things to talk about. Her hubby is a Port Adelaide supporter, just like me and he was an outback country guy so we had some things in common.
The speeches were flawless and touching. The food BEA-UUU-TIFUL!! The reception was in a restraunt on the docks of fremantle. We were seated where we could see the clear waters and all the lovely yachts. I was exhasuted at the end, nad because we were still on SA time, we were there till gone 1am... and considering how much sleep I didn't get the night before... i was shattered!!
The next day Mum and I went down the main mall and was utterly disgusted that Sunday trading in teh WA starts at midday!!! WHAT THE?? So we had coffee while Daz went to a brunch the bride and groom were holding to show off teh kids.
We then went to a lovely park - Kings Park. Where there was excellent equipment for little ones and a great cafe where we had lunch.
Then we headed off to the airport, where a little tired Elijah screamed and screamed. 10 minutes before we boarded teh plane, he fell asleep.
We had to wake him because the pram had to be loaded onto the plane. We boarded and started to feed him. Then we had to endure teh whole taking off thing all over again. It was a bit rougher because of the clouds... but we survived. Mum cried again and I crapped on about Katherine, NT.
Elijah screamed and screamed after his feed. Overtired and grouchy. But as soon as an airhostess took him (I nearly threw him to her!!) he shut up and was happy as larry, flirting with the girls and being oh so charming. At least I got to eat my dinner.... I was in tears though. Mum was sympathetic.. Little turd! I probably looked like an incompetent mother!!
When I got him back, he went to sleep on the seat next to me and Mum and I chatted some more. Then the awful descent began. I swear my stomach dropped and seeing the plane go down on an angle... I was praying "Dear God, dont make THIS QUANTAS plane be the first one to crash."
I hated landing at Adelaide Airport int eh dark. I hate not seeing much. I hate flying. Thankgoodness we can't afford to fly much and do more driving holidays. If I never fly again, I won't miss it!

Anyway it was a late night, the kids and Daz and I got to bed about 1am. The kids slept in of course the next day and I was pleased about that!

My next question is... WHO is reading my BLOG? I thought only Jo and Daz read it!! I put a counter on my BLOG yesterday and today there are 6 visitors already!! WHO??

Speak up!! Make yourself known!! :)
Not that I care that you read it... I am surprised actually, with all my dribble. It's a wonder you lot aren't bored to tears!

May 25, 2006

Radioactive Mum!

Yesterday was the weirdest day in ages.
I had some bone scans done on my feet. I've been having some unexplained pain in my right foot for some time. So I get injected with some stuff, and have my legs and feet put into unnatural positions for AGES... nearly die from the pain, and then go home.. where I can't hold or cuddle my children. Apparently I had too much radiation coming from my body from that needle and the scanning and it wasn't good for the kids. So Daz stayed home and played Mum, while I wished with all my heart I could gather my babies into my arms and hold them close. How do you explain radiation to a toddler???

Elijah rolled over today. Clever boy!!! He is such a funny boy. I gave him some tummy time today, and laid down with him as usual, trying to get him to look at me. Usually he just lays his head on the mat and doesn't even bother lifting his head. Or he bawls and put his face into the mat. Today he propped himself up, lifting himself with his arms, neck and shoulders and grinned at me. Then he decided that it was enough tummy time and he lurched himself over. I popped him back on his tummy to see if it was a fluke, but it wasn't. He looked at me with the face of a "Mum, would you quit it already!?" and rolled over once more. How proud I am of him!! Such a clever boy!!

Tomorrow we are all jet setting off to perth for Glenn's wedding. Daz and him grew up together as kids. Caitin is soooo excited about going on a plane. My Mum is coming with us to babysit the tots while we go to the wedding. Mum is such a treasure. I think I'll keep her... :)

Caitlin is a keeper too. We are slowly starting to understand that it's NOT okay to say no, and that it's not okay to disobey. She is quick to apologise when I call her up on it, but I have to be consistent, otherwise she will bulldoze all over me.
She's such a bright thing. We were in the shops and she was looking at all the words on things around her. I stopped to look at some quilts, and she said "Blaan-ket. Blanket. Mummy that word says Blanket!" I turned to look at what she meant. She read the word blanket. My toddler... not quite three is reading. She read quilt, and she helps me read stories now. It takes a little longer, but she really likes to put her new skills into practice.

Well Elijah is squealing at me to pay some attention to him... so I better, before he hits the roof.

May 21, 2006

Our first holiday home.

Congratulate us! We are now the proud owners of our very first holiday home. A nice brand spankin new caravan. She is still in the yard, getting some air-conditioning put in so we can travel to hot places at all times of the year and freezing cold places other times of the year.

Our family are great travellers. We drive all over the country side, dragging our kids with us and showing them this great nation we live in. Last time Caitlin didn't cope so well, considering we were packing and unpacking the car almost daily, sleeping in different places, nothing familiar around her... you get the picture. She turned into a little monster for a while. She is such a routined girl and doesn't cope with change that well. So this caravan will hopefully help her cope with our treks. She has the same living space and sleeping space. She has picked her own bed, and her own quilt cover. She will have her own little drawers and cuboards. We have told her the caravan is our little house, and we will take it on holidays with us, wherever we go. I think she likes the idea of that.

Yesterday we spent a few hours, buying quilts, quilt covers, sheet sets, towels, kitchen bits and pieces, dinnerware, and all sorts of other odds and ends. I now have the huge task of washing all the new bedding. Even Elijah got a new sheet set for his tetra snuggle bed. This caravan is 7 berth which means that we can still keep having kids, and they can bring friends. Then one day we will get an annexe that will be fully enclosed and that will be another room for them. When they get a bit older they can sleep out there on these VERY cool fold up bunk beds I have seen in camping shops. It will be like one big slumber party out there!!!

I keep dreaming of all the places I want to visit, and where I want to take my kids. When Daz gets long service leave, I would love to go for a huge drive around Australia, maybe doing the coast? I don't know... but before I die, I want to visit EVERY town in this great nation we call home. From the smallest roadhouse, the the largest cities. I want to see loads of touristy places, I want to taste wine from every wine region, I want to see all the "big" things in Australia eg; The big Pineapple, the Big Apple etc... I want to swim in all the hot springs, I want my kids to see the different landscapes, from snowy mountains to flat hot deserts. I want to see rainforests, beaches, native animals, etc....

Anyway better stop dreaming, I have things to do!!

May 8, 2006

Good news!

Yesterday I had my appointment with Professor Dekker to find out what my options were about having more babies. GOOD NEWS!! He said I can have more. I can have them naturally/vaginally. Conditions: I will more than likely be induced to keep baby size down. I will not be able to have the baby in the birthing unit, but in the labour ward. He or another senior doctor would like to be delivering the baby and monitoring the baby. If the monitoring so much as hiccups, I will have to have an emergency c-section.

I can at least ATTEMPT to have them naturally.
I can have more gorgeous kids like the two I have.

I asked Caitlin "Would you like to have another baby?"
After careful consideration she replied "Yes, this time maybe we can have a Maddie?"
Maddie is my niece. Guess she wants a sister this time.

May 5, 2006

I just called, to say, I love you...

My daughter - while I was out feeding the cats, my young technology wise toddler made a video call to her daddy at work on my mobile... in the buff! I left her to get dressed while I was out giving my two felines some TLC and she rang Daddy, maybe to get some fashion advice? It took me AGES and a tutorial from Daz to work out how to make the video call in the first place. And a toddler just instinctively knows what to do?? Not fair.. I bet along with screaming lessons, they have "How to make your parent feel inferior and stupid" and "how to crack the hugest tanty to make your parents look bad and almost die from shame" lessons.

Gotta love video confrencing calls. Daz called me once on a video call, showing me all the types of Lean Cusines in the freezer at Coles so I could make my choice on what I wanted. Caitlin was watching... and saw the price tags... "Daddy's at Coles" Clever cookie.

Another time I called Daz when Elijah was having a huge screaming fit. I didn't say anything, I just pointed the camera at the hissy fitting boy and let him scream at his Daddy..... at work... on a very loud speaker phone. His whole office heard my boy that day.

Anyway better go, the lappies battery is getting low. Another piece of technology that I am sure my toddler will work out how to use and write super dooper programs... at age three, while her mother at age 27 knows how to surf the net, and use microsoft programs and play the SIMS.. that's it.

May 4, 2006

Super Mum!!!

Today is the first time in months I have felt on top of things! And it's a good feeling! Today I managed to give Caitlin lots of quality time by jumping on the trampoline with her, ran around the back yard, made a crown and a wand for Teddy so he/she can be a princess and play dress ups. I managed to read to Elijah which I have been wanting to do more often. Caitlin loved reading as a baby and she still does.
Not only did I be a good Mum, I managed to do housework as well and have accomplished alot... and all before 1pm!! My house smells nice from clean floors, the toilets are sparkling, the dishes are mostly done, the washing.. well, I blame our nasty weather for that. A week of rain would put a Domestic Goddess behind in her laundry.

So I am feeling good!

Today I told Caitlin that she would no longer need to have a sleep in the afternoon. It is pointless putting her down to sleep, she never does. So she now has "rest time" which is sitting on the bed reading and playing quietly. Ah my first baby is growing up!!

Elijah had his 2 month immunisations on Wednesday. I had to hold his leg out for the nurse to jab him with needles. twice.... and it's not over yet. I have to go back to get the final one on Monday. I cried enough with the two. I held him afterwards, rocking him, and trying to tell him that he would cry more if he got the diseases I am protecting from. His legs was very tender afterwards and I had a job remembering not to hold his thigh. I forgot how much I touch it. When he is feeding, I pat him on the thighs, I grip it to lift his bum off the nappy tab, and when he is feeding on the left side, he lays straight on it.... well I remembered after he stared wailing because I touched his poor leg. Poor blossom. Then yesterday he wasn't very well and wasn't too happy. He had a temperature and wanted to cuddle all the time. As you can probably tell I got zippo done around the place. He still chatted and giggled and smiled at me, but at times he was just miserable.
Today he is back to his angelic self. Chuckling at me when I chat to him, snuggling into me when I give him a cuddle, and back to screaming his head off 10 seconds after he feels his first hunger pang... yup, back to normal.

So today, if it's the only day it ever happens, I was super Mum... oh hang on, I WILL be super mum if I can manage to cook an awesome dinner, without Elijah screaming, and Caitlin getting under my feet.

It's a great feeling.

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Jo... and this is a weird tagging.... I have to use an ipod, which I don't have, so I might use the radio instead, and use the tunes I have from Itunes on my lappy.I have to use the playing song to answer the question

How does the world see you?
Talk - Coldplay

Will I have a happy life?
I'm a believer - Smash Mouth

What do my friends really think of me?
You Raise me up - Westlife

Do people secretly lust after me?
Walk like a man - the Deltones (I blush, my daughter LOVES 60's/70's tunes!)

How can I make myself happy?
What about me? Shannon Noll

What should I do with my life?
The Prayer - Anthony Callea

WillI ever have children?
Sugar Sugar - The Archies

What is some good advice for me?
Incomplete - Backstreet Boy

How will I be remembered?
La Bamba - Los Lobos

What is my signature song?
Shine - Shannon Noll

What do I think my current theme song is?
Canned Heat - Jamiroquai

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
What if? Nichole Nordeman

What song will play at my funeral?
It's a shame - Third Day (LOL!)

What type of men/women do I like?
Beautiful Soul - Jessie Macartney

What is my day going to be like?
Every kind of People - Robert Palmer