May 21, 2006

Our first holiday home.

Congratulate us! We are now the proud owners of our very first holiday home. A nice brand spankin new caravan. She is still in the yard, getting some air-conditioning put in so we can travel to hot places at all times of the year and freezing cold places other times of the year.

Our family are great travellers. We drive all over the country side, dragging our kids with us and showing them this great nation we live in. Last time Caitlin didn't cope so well, considering we were packing and unpacking the car almost daily, sleeping in different places, nothing familiar around her... you get the picture. She turned into a little monster for a while. She is such a routined girl and doesn't cope with change that well. So this caravan will hopefully help her cope with our treks. She has the same living space and sleeping space. She has picked her own bed, and her own quilt cover. She will have her own little drawers and cuboards. We have told her the caravan is our little house, and we will take it on holidays with us, wherever we go. I think she likes the idea of that.

Yesterday we spent a few hours, buying quilts, quilt covers, sheet sets, towels, kitchen bits and pieces, dinnerware, and all sorts of other odds and ends. I now have the huge task of washing all the new bedding. Even Elijah got a new sheet set for his tetra snuggle bed. This caravan is 7 berth which means that we can still keep having kids, and they can bring friends. Then one day we will get an annexe that will be fully enclosed and that will be another room for them. When they get a bit older they can sleep out there on these VERY cool fold up bunk beds I have seen in camping shops. It will be like one big slumber party out there!!!

I keep dreaming of all the places I want to visit, and where I want to take my kids. When Daz gets long service leave, I would love to go for a huge drive around Australia, maybe doing the coast? I don't know... but before I die, I want to visit EVERY town in this great nation we call home. From the smallest roadhouse, the the largest cities. I want to see loads of touristy places, I want to taste wine from every wine region, I want to see all the "big" things in Australia eg; The big Pineapple, the Big Apple etc... I want to swim in all the hot springs, I want my kids to see the different landscapes, from snowy mountains to flat hot deserts. I want to see rainforests, beaches, native animals, etc....

Anyway better stop dreaming, I have things to do!!

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