May 4, 2006

Super Mum!!!

Today is the first time in months I have felt on top of things! And it's a good feeling! Today I managed to give Caitlin lots of quality time by jumping on the trampoline with her, ran around the back yard, made a crown and a wand for Teddy so he/she can be a princess and play dress ups. I managed to read to Elijah which I have been wanting to do more often. Caitlin loved reading as a baby and she still does.
Not only did I be a good Mum, I managed to do housework as well and have accomplished alot... and all before 1pm!! My house smells nice from clean floors, the toilets are sparkling, the dishes are mostly done, the washing.. well, I blame our nasty weather for that. A week of rain would put a Domestic Goddess behind in her laundry.

So I am feeling good!

Today I told Caitlin that she would no longer need to have a sleep in the afternoon. It is pointless putting her down to sleep, she never does. So she now has "rest time" which is sitting on the bed reading and playing quietly. Ah my first baby is growing up!!

Elijah had his 2 month immunisations on Wednesday. I had to hold his leg out for the nurse to jab him with needles. twice.... and it's not over yet. I have to go back to get the final one on Monday. I cried enough with the two. I held him afterwards, rocking him, and trying to tell him that he would cry more if he got the diseases I am protecting from. His legs was very tender afterwards and I had a job remembering not to hold his thigh. I forgot how much I touch it. When he is feeding, I pat him on the thighs, I grip it to lift his bum off the nappy tab, and when he is feeding on the left side, he lays straight on it.... well I remembered after he stared wailing because I touched his poor leg. Poor blossom. Then yesterday he wasn't very well and wasn't too happy. He had a temperature and wanted to cuddle all the time. As you can probably tell I got zippo done around the place. He still chatted and giggled and smiled at me, but at times he was just miserable.
Today he is back to his angelic self. Chuckling at me when I chat to him, snuggling into me when I give him a cuddle, and back to screaming his head off 10 seconds after he feels his first hunger pang... yup, back to normal.

So today, if it's the only day it ever happens, I was super Mum... oh hang on, I WILL be super mum if I can manage to cook an awesome dinner, without Elijah screaming, and Caitlin getting under my feet.

It's a great feeling.

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