May 27, 2010

Yes Ma'am!!

While I was cutting up some pumpkin for our roast dinner, the knife slipped, and cut a gash in my wrist. I clutched my bleeding wrist and groaned in pain. I grabbed a towel and pressed it against the bleeding. Mop who was sitting on the kitchen floor, reading her reader, carried on reading. I lifted the towel to inspect the damage, and such terrible pain shot into my wrist. I cried out loudly, pressing the towel back to my wrist.

Mop looked up in alarm, then frowned at me.
"Mummy, you need to calm down right now!"

I stared at her incredulously..... she sounded just like me!!! I laughed.... and put a band-aid on my cut and carried on.

She's so funny!

May 20, 2010

Gently strolling through life....

Since our high level dramas of our holiday, life has been so quiet, slow and moving along at a pace that I like. So what's been happening in our family?

All three kids and Daz got a cold. Mop and E sounded croupy, Milly and Daz got over it relatively quickly. Alright!! I'm praying I don't get it. I hate colds. Make me feel completely and utterly miserable.

Our car came home! FINALLY! On Tuesday Daz went to the wreckers to pick up - a nice trip to the south of the city (1 1/4 hour drive) and when he started driving it away, oil was leaking out.... so it had to stay there. The wreckers dropped it off yesterday. So now that is done with.... once we recover from the huge financial blow. :S Once that has happened, that little baby is going on the market and we can get rid of her forever.

Mop is doing well in school and in general. We've had some issues with her not sleeping. She always seems tired and slow in the mornings, so I did a bit of reading. Looks like our girl is like her Mummy and dislikes exercise. So no more reading and playing leggo all the time after school - I'm kicking her outside in the fresh air and to play more physically demanding activities and see if that makes a difference.

EJ is slowly coming back to the place that he was before holiday. He isn't so hostile, volatile and aggressive now which is a relief. We are wanting to buy him a wetsuit for swimming in the pool in winter to really give him the sensory diet he needs. Will do that as soon as we can.

Milly is doing splendidly. Her talking is coming along in leaps and bounds and her understanding of things amazes me! The other day we were shopping and I gave her a ball of sting I was going to buy, to hold. She inspected it... then she said "Mummy, this is 2 monies." I stared at her... eh??? "This is 2 money!" she repeated, then pointed to the price ticket that said $2.00. I was very surprised since I had never talked about prices or money to her. I'm impressed - especially since she is only 2 years old! :)

I've been working so hard at my assignments that are due in the next 2 weeks - all 4 of them. I knocked the major essay on the head this week, I have started the other one and one is due today, which I need to actually start. Don't worry... it's an easy one - one question that I reckon I can wing! To be honest I'll be glad when this subject is over - the lecturer's teaching style does my head in.

We've been busy in our social life too which is really nice. Hanging out with different friends and just enjoying good company.

Mother's Day came and went. I had a lovely day. Got totally loved on by the kids - Mop kept making me things all day long. :) Daz spoiled me as well and waited on me hand and foot. :) A girl could get used to that!!

And right now I have a laundry full of washing that I need to tackle - so I better scram! :)

May 11, 2010

Gifts Galore!

So Melissa has inspired me to do this challenge. :) It's not too hard though.... it's about gifts!!! What you do is take these 99 gifts and highlight the ones you would want! Nice and easy!

1. Slippers


2. Pyjamas

3. Chocolates
Only fair-trade or ethically sourced cocoa chocolate.

4. Flowers

5. Wii Fit

6. Shoes

7. Clothes

8. Gift voucher
From: Photobucket

9. Camera

10. Cook Book
I can never have enough of these!

11. Perfume


12. Handbag

13. Book/s

14. Music/CDs

15. Sports clothes

16. Make-up

17. Skin care products

18. Soap

19. Lingerie
I won't burn your eyes out with what I would like. But racy and hot! :)

20. Iron (PFFT! You are kidding right???)

21. Foot spa

22. Massage

23. Vacuum cleaner
More specifically: Photobucket


24. Hair salon appointment

25. Hot air balloon ride

26. Day out at theme park/zoo

27. Sewing machine
More specifically a quilting machine!

28. Shopping bag

29. Bed linen

30. Scratchies

31. Garden tools

32. Ornaments

33. Luggage

34. New car

35. New house

36. Luxury holiday
Anywhere - kid free - that involves a beach!

37. Camping tent

38. Camping gear

39. Running shoes

40. Dinner out

41. Home cooked dinner by someone else

42. Breakfast in bed

43. Framed photos

44. Handmade gifts

45. Overseas holiday
Let's go to New York! I've never been interested in going to the US before - but now I have a very big incentive!! My bestie is moving there in in a month and a bit and so I could go hang out with her. While we are there, may as well check out Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon. Beautiful natural wonders!


46. Cruise

47. Kitchenwear

48. Pedicure

49. Sky diving

50. DVDs
Particularly these: Glee season 2 and the complete collection of Larkrise to Candleford.


51. Pushbike

52. Bottle of champagne

53. Jewellery
An eternity ring may be nice!


54. Glasswear

55. Bottle of wine

56. Crystal

57. Painting/artwork

58. Tickets to the theatre

59. Tickets to the opera

60. Tickets to the movies

61. Slow cooker

62. Treadmill

63. Island resort holiday

64. Gym membership

65. Whitegoods

66. Computer
One just for my digi scrapping. :) I don't really need it, I am sitting on a pink laptop... which is 99% mine. Daz just borrows it occasionally.

67. i-Phone

68. Magazine subscription




69. 12 months delivery of roses

70. Mountain getaway

71. Mountain climbing trek

72. i-Pod

73. Mystery flight

74. Whale watching tour

75. Coffee mugs

76. Grand piano

77. Cleaner for a year More time for quilting and sewing!

78. Pool

79. Ride in a racing car

80. Tattoo

81. Writing classes

82. Singing lessons

83. Sunglasses

84. Watch

85. Fluffy towels

86. New furniture

87. Dressing gown

88. Prize home ticket

89. Prize home

90. Helicopter ride

91. Ducted air-conditioning in every room

92. An ironing lady

93. A maid

94. A nanny

95. A donation to a charity

96. Concert tickets

97. Photo book

98. A gardener

99. Laptop

So are you going to play? Don't forget to leave a comment with your selections! I would love to see what you would choose!

May 3, 2010


By George! He's done it!
After months and months of knowing the sounds of letters, he now can put the sounds together to make words.

"B-I-N. B-IN. Bin! Bin! Mummy, that says BIN!"

You can imagine my shock as I heard this as I was loading the last few dishes in the dishwasher. I peered over the breakfast bar, and he was running his fingers over the word BIN on the storage bin.

Hmmm... was this just a fluke?
So I pulled out Dr Seuss and consulted him. No. I didn't. I'm kidding. I pulled out Dr Seuss and started to read to EJ. I would stop every so often to let him have a go at sounding out the words. I kept it simple, and didn't get him to try all those wonderfully whacky made up words that Seuss is famous for. We got to the end of the book and EJ was very confident in sounding out the letters and reading small words!

I'm so proud of him!! Perhaps this will help his speech along??

Oh and another thing he did.....

At night time, it's his little ritual that when Mummy/Daddy need to leave EJ after saying goodnight, EJ counts down and says "blast off" so they can "fly" out of his room like a rocket. The other night I was kissing him goodnight, and he asks if he can countdown. I said that he could.
Imagine my shock, surprise when he said "69. 68. 67..."
I started to laugh (on the inside) and waited for him to get stuck.
He didn't get stuck. Without missing a beat he counted backwards from 69 to zero!!

I was stunned!!

What a smart kid!!