Aug 26, 2009

Plodding along, singing a song...

Not really singing... not much anyway... and nothing you would want to hear. LOL

So, what's happening in the life of Skipper?

Absolutely nothing.

Aren't you glad you read now? LOL

Ok let me think of something to tell you...


No one is dead. Except the caterpillars that are loved to death by the little ones, and then left on the pavement, with their guts everywhere. Nice... I think Milly needs to be taught to be gentle - instead of giving them the death grip.

No one is sick - tho Milly is a bit of a snot machine because she has her eye teeth coming.

No is hurt - tho last week Mop looked like I have been beating her. She fell out of bed - HONESTLY!! - and she had a massive swollen bruise on her cheek, and then a few days later smacked her head on a chair at Mum's and had a blue egg on her forehead. Just in time for school photos!!!

It's nearly spring and this time of year I get very itchy - itchy to start new projects, decorate and clean madly. Spring cleaning starts next week, so that will take some of the itch off. Does anyone else get a bit crazy in the first part of spring?? Please don't tell me I'm the only nutty one...

Aug 18, 2009

This week in pictures

Our cherry blossom tree is in full blossom, welcoming spring in and chasing away the winter chills.




Every Monday I bake with the EJ and Milly - and I think they like it!! Now Milly grabs her little chair everytime I walk into the kitchen!!!



No picture - but Mop's bottom front teeth are wobbly!! :) She's gonna look sooooo cute with gaps!

Aug 14, 2009

Still alive

Hi all!
Just letting you know that I am still alive. I've been really busy lately and haven't had a great deal to write about.

Uni is pretty intense this semester. The assesments are coming in thick and fast. I have something due every week, and so I have to spend alot of time reading and preparing for those.

I'm sewing up a storm ready to sell a stack of stuff. I need to finish alot of stuff up today.

I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit - since I make alot of stuff, my Christmas season lasts for 4 months!! :) I've got lots of plans to make and create, so am getting excited.

I've got some fabric from the USA sitting here ready to chop up and quilt for my baby brother's first baby, and my best friend's second baby. Both such very dear little people and I can't wait to meet them. So I'll be madly working on that because both babies are due within a week of each other.

Mop is doing ok. She is loving school and has become very creative in the last few months. I went into her classroom to do some reading with the kids. I saw a group of them crowded around something on the table. I asked what they were doing - they moved aside to show me a box with a little scene on the inside and a book attatched to the box. The book was about the scene. I was amazed! "OH wow! Who made that???" They all pointed to MY daughter!! :) I was so proud!

EJ is EJ. He's getting better in some areas, but he is regressing something awful in others. Last week he was hanging onto the pole on the verandah, screaming because he didn't want to leave the house. He had a massive melt down at the school, so now of course he starts freaking out if I have to go do a school pick up. Thankfully I have my brother Pete and his wife to rely on and they are very understanding. Also I can drop him off at Mum's to go to the school. :) We have ways around things, but it's a pain. I am just eager for him to be seen and get him sorted out.
One good thing though, we have noticed his speech seems to be improving. This is good.

Milly is just adorable as usual. Smiling, laughing, talking heaps! She is saying short sentences now, usually having something to do with the moon. Obsessed she is with the moon. :) "Look! Moon! In the sky!"
We have purchased her a little bedroom set from Spotlight - a Disney Princess bed with a chair/desk and book shelves. Marked down to $150. This will buy us a bit more time to buy a big suite.
I'm going to buy some paint and paint the old toy box for her, and we will paint her room soon. When we get 5 minutes. She still is ok in her cot for now, and we will work on her room after we have done a few other big projects.

We pretty much have decided that Milly will be our last baby. EJ has high level needs, and I don't think I could cope with another little person to be responsible for. We are pretty 100% sure of it.. but we have decided to keep the baby stuff and not take permanent measures until that niggling little "but what it??" goes away. We have heaps of room in the roof to store it in.

Not much else to really talk about. Seriously, it's been crazy, but nothing worth mentioning.

Today is 27 degrees! I will be welcoming Spring with open arms!