Jan 28, 2010

I'm trying to not pee all over the floor...laughing that is!

Milly Moo.... dear heart. I need to explain something to you. It's a very serious topic and I would like you to listen very very carefully. When God created you in my tummy - He in his infinate wisdom, created you to be a little girl. The doctors double checked this when you were born - yep. Definately a girl.

So this means...you are not a boy. You are a little girl. I know that is seems rather captain obvious... but I think you may be getting a little confused. Girls are very different to boys. Females do not stand up to urinate. Little girls do not shove their hips fowards, and try and aim their urine stream into the potty. Yes, I know EJ does it. EJ is a boy. EJ has erm... the equipment to help him aim for the toilet .....not that it does him much good... he may as well have a sprinkler system, and he would get about as much in the toilet as he does now.... anyway.. I digress.

Darling. Please... sit down, do your wees sitting down. I was getting confused, I couldn't explain why for the past few days, there has been more wee on the floor than in your potty. I was baffled... were you trying to get there on time, and were too late? But NOW I understand why there is wee all over the floor... and all down your legs... No wonder you were smelling a bit... unusual.

You are like Mummy, like Mop... we all sit down to wee. Don't follow your big brother in THAT department. I know you idolise him and think that he can do no wrong.... but you need to sit down on the potty while you wee.

Ok are we clear?
Do you have any questions?

Can I laugh now???

Jan 27, 2010

How does your dear son grow?

How does EJ grow? FAST.

Today was his first day back at kindy for 2010. He got dressed into his "uniform" (which is just a t-shirt with the kindy logo) - and the t-shirt was sitting on the top of his hips! He's shot up so fast and is so tall, that the tee that fit him 2 months ago is now being put away for Milly's use later on.

He's like a weed.... he's gonna be a BIG BOY! :) Good... I'll take him shopping with me and he can reach all the stuff on the top shelves. He's gonna be overtaking his 5ft 1" Mama soon enough.

On a side note, he had a lovely morning at kindy. He seperated well - he didn't cry and ask me to stay with him. I kissed him goodbye and then left, he waved cheerfully and was very settled. When I picked him up the kindy teacher remarked that he had really settled down - during quieter times - like story time - he was quiet, calm and still. This is very good progress.

Jan 26, 2010

I love EJ's OT.

It's official. I heart E's OT.

Today as soon as we arrived at the OT's - she set EJ up with lots of fun things to play with, then sat me down, with Centerlink forms - and said "Right... let's get you some financial help for EJ."
So she sat down and filled out the forms - writing lots of notes, naming lots of things like "Speech disorders", "Sensory disorders." and made note that he is seeing the psychologist and is on the way to being tested for Aspergers and Autism. So fingers crossed we don't get knocked back again. She said it would be helpful then to use the money for other programs and activities that help SPD kids.

Also she is going to be in contact with a colleague who specialises in SPD, and she is going to ask him to work with her in treating Elijah - so hopefully that will hold off him needing private OT's for a while. She is also going to look into programs and places for EJ to continue swimming and take classes, with people who specialise in special needs kids. All these wonderful programs and places that are available - that I just don't know about - she is hunting them down and making them available to EJ to help him as much as she can.

I find that because these therapists are seeing I am very pro-active and I follow all their advice, that they do everything in their power to make things happen for EJ. They keep saying to me what a good job I'm doing - and that really helps - because sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough for him. Know what I mean?

The OT said that the therapy he is receiving at home is making a very big difference - and commented on how happy and relaxed he was. EJ was having a cute moment and blowing bubbles all over, trying to make "tiny baby bubbles".

AND I took him to Bunnings afterwards to buy some glue. Lately if we go to the shops - and buy ONE item -he copes really well and there are no side effects. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Progress!!!!!! Small baby steps.

We are getting there.

Jan 24, 2010

I never thought I'd have to say it #1

"Milly, darling, please don't eat your knickers."

Getting to the nitty gritty stuff.

Today we had EJ's first appointment with the psychologist. Today she just let the Speechie do her work and let EJ get used to her presence. He eyed her up and down a few times, and in the last 2 minutes just stared at her - taking her in, sizing her up.

The psych pretty much asked me what I wanted from her and was trying to work out where EJ was at. I pretty much asked for equipping him with coping skills and I wanted an actual DEFENITE diagnosis of SPD - because I am sick of the Occ Therapist calling it "Sensory difficulties" and her reluctance to commit to anything. If I have a name - I can then go to EJ's primary school and start putting some plans into place. How can the teacher's know what to do if there is no definate name for EJ's quirks and needs? At least with SPD, they will know it's a sensory issue, they can reasearch if they feel the need to, and we can put some plans into place to help EJ transition into school and then feel safe and happy there.

So - the really cool way that these things work is to get a definate diagnosis, we have to work out what he DOESN'T have. *Rolls eyes* Apparently the Aspergers and Autism testing we have done isn't satisfactory and the psych wants it to go before a panel and the testing needs to be very indepth. So they are working out a way to get EJ tested as quicky as possible. This apparently will open doors to funding for his other therapies. I can't really elaborate on that, because I am not really sure what they are talking about. But I am sure I'll find out as time goes on.

As of next week the psych will be doing more and more testing on EJ, working out where he is at developmentally (more very indepth testing) and will work with the speechie. I guess SPD is such a broad term - they will be delving deep to find out more of the nitty gritty stuff now and how to best help him.

Again another positive session.

Honesty is the best policy.

I get spam. I hate spam. I hate having to think about male genitalia, cheap drugs from Canada and get rich fast schemes. So I use my filters. Everyday I quickly scan my spam box to see if something slipped in that shouldn't have. Today there was 1 lonely message.

From some pharmecy - and their subject line?? SPAM.

Thankyou for being honest. FINALLY someone who is spamming my account is actually being honest about it.


I thought it rather funny.

Jan 22, 2010

A small boast


I just got my grades for my last subject! :)

I thought I got a credit, just roughly adding up my scores. Turns out I snuck in with a distinction!

happy feet Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm just a little bit proud of myself!

Jan 21, 2010

It's nearly that time again!



Today I pulled out all that Mop will need for grade 2 - inspecting everything, and working out how I will label it all. Mop came in and sat down, gently fingering the books, exclaiming over new scissors and erasers.
Tears came to her eyes, "Mummy, I don't have any textas to color in with! I used them all up last year." Her voice wavered. This child cries at the drop of a hat I tell you!
I rumaged around and pulled out a brand spanking new box of textas, along with the coloring pencils and a sharpener! Her face looked relieved! She sighed again as her fingers lightly ran over her roll of plastic sleeves.
"I just LOVE getting new things for school! I love new books, new pencils, new erasers and everything."

She's just like her Mum! I love stationary too! The most exciting thing about me going to uni was I could buy stationary! :) Though I have been dissapointed. So far this year I have bought a pack of notpads. Big Whoop! If I could, I would buy a notebook or post-it notes every week - I couldn't use them all, but I sure love them! I love the smell of new paper. I love the smell of brand new pencils and erasers. I love the smell of the glue stick - lightly perfumed with I don't know what.. but it smells good!! Don't worry, it's not aquadere or anything potent like that.

I love back to school times! Just because I get to handle and enjoy brand new stationary. At Mop's school, the stationary pack gets delivered by courier in the last week of December. As convenient as it is to have all the correct B pencils and good quality coloring in gear, I still miss going out and choosing it all myself.

You know that line in the movie: "You've Got Mail" -
"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Now that's my kind of man!! Though make mine gel pens. :P


Jan 20, 2010

What's Milly up to?

"I'm Mimished" - (I'm finished)
"Good morning!" - (I don't want to go to sleep/I'm awake now.)
"DUCK!" - (anything with feathers)
"Asper" - (Jasper the cat)
"Choc-o-let" (Chocolate)
"Lunch." (bread)
"No pick up." (I don't want to tidy up my toys)

Milly has picked up language well and is talking in very well formed sentences. She still tends to speak in third person. Milly wants, apple for Milly etc. It's rather cute!

Her toilet training is coming along well. She is communicating when she needs to go and goes. Still having a couple of accidents in the day - and still in nappies during naptime and bedtime, much to her indignation.

Milly is very clever, and has ways of getting what she wants. If EJ is pushing her around or not giving her something she wants, she has learned that if she screams at him at the top of her lungs, it startles him, upsets him, he drops the item in dispute and runs to me crying. She calmly picks up the item and toddles off to play. I know it's horrible for EJ, but I still think it's rather funny!

Milly says her ABC's all the way through. She loves it. She loves letters, numbers and books - just like her siblings. She loves In the night Garden. She loves Bunny. She loves going out - she doesn't like being housebound. The other day she grabbed my car keys and said "Common Mum. Go out!" So I took her out to do the grocery shopping. :)

Milly is quite shy around groups of people she doesn't know, but very extroverted with the people she DOES know. When we went to my nephews birthday party, she was stuck to my side with superglue until she saw my Mum. She refuses to speak to people she doesn't know, but is very affectionate and friendly to the people she does know well.

She's a sweetie. Such a joy to our family. Stubborn like her father - my kind of stubborness is more vocal - but she just quietly digs her heels in and does what she wants anyway. Reminds me of my bestie, Bec. Just digs her heels in and sweetly smiles and goes ahead and does whatever. Milly is hard to discipline because she takes it so personally. If you growl at her, she sulks, cries and wants the other parent who hasn't offended her greatly. My heart breaks everytime I scold her and she bursts into tears.

Anyway - that's Milly at 2 years and 1 month.

A few changes...

.. Yes yes I know!! Another template. I got annoyed with the last one. The comments and the date and everything else down the bottom of the post kept overlapping and it was annoying me. So I got a new template. What made me change quick smart was the fact that Blogger has finally made it easier to keep the widgets!! WOOOHOOO! Three cheers for Blogger!!

While I was doing a bit of a look around I found a security setting to stop annonymous and spam comments. :) So you now need to be a member of have OpenID.

Ok that's all...
Back to fiddling.

Jan 18, 2010

Ohher... they are coming in thick and fast!!


I have no idea what this one is for, what it means - and neither Allie-Cat who gave it to me! :)

Perhaps it means I am kind to animals?
Perhaps is means I am good to people?
Perhaps it means I want to make a difference in the world?

Whatever it means, I got it! :)

Jan 17, 2010

A Blog Award.

Awww shucks!

Tinks from Along for the Ride has given me an award! WOOT!! I'm so proud!!

So.... I better show it off eh??


I'm so proud!

When one accepts an award it's polite to give a speech. But with this blog award, speeches are not expected - it's expected I name five things I love and nominate five blogs to receive the award. Sharing the love...

Ok so here goes:

1. I love my family.
I know it sounds like DUH Captain Obvious!!! But I do. I have such a beautiful life with such precious people. I have a husband who treats me so well, who never yells at me and treats me with such care and respect. I don't know many people who are as lucky to have someone who loves, honors, respects, cherishes and supports them. I have 3 wonderful children who fulfill me every single day - and even though I am exhausted most of the time, it's a good reason to be exhausted.

2. I love being creative.
This is the best gift God has given me, the ability to create. I love to quilt, sew, design, digi scrap, photography and most of all dream of all the things I want to do. I love to make others happy with this gift by giving them gifts I have created. I love to make something that no one else would have. Being creative makes me a very happy woman, and using this gift makes me even happier!

3. I love entertaining
I love having people in my home so I can serve them and bless them. I enjoy spending time with friends over a good meal and a bottle of wine. I love how wonderful each friend is and how much fun I have with them. I love trying new dishes out on friends, and amazing them with flavours and very naughty desserts.

4. I love my friends
I have such good friends in my life - ones that aren't there to suck me dry. The ones that give as much as they get. The ones that don't use and abuse me - and really love me for who I am not what they can get. I love the people that they are and how I can be totally relaxed and myself with them. I'm glad that they love me - even though I am a bit quirky and sometimes an opinionated git.

5. I love Christmas
What is it you call me Donna? The Christmas hornbag? I love Christmas. I love the decorations. I love the gift giving and making. I love creating amazing things for people. I love packaging up my best friend her parcel. I love wrapping up the boxes. I love the Christmas carols on Accuradio. I love thinking about Pops alot and knowing that he loved Christmas time, and he must be smiling down on us. I love the baking, the eating (not the waistline afterwards!) I love preparing a menu and making the meal special when I am hosting. But my most favourite part of Christmas - is my Mother in Laws Baking plate she gives us every single year. Talk about HEAVEN! Yum yum YUM!

So... passing on the love to blogs I think are very special.

1 Meaningless Meandering from a Madmother.
A blog of randomness - it can be clever and witty one minute and dark and deep the next. I'm glad I found this blog. It's great!

2. Sunnyside Fun.
- I've known Renata since I was 8 years old, and I just love reading about her home on a property, her home schooling her adorable kids, and her life in general. She also takes lovely photos of life around her.

3. Explore
I love the photography and the creative writing that is on this blog. Very raw and captures beautiful moments in her family life.

4. The Daily Grind
- I've taken a liking to this blog because someone else is on the same journey as I am. It's nice to be able to relate to someone who has a child with sensory difficulties.

5. In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat
This one is another one where random topics are talked about - and at least once in each entry I laugh. I like Alliecat's wit and style.

Congrats ladies!!

Good news and not so good news...

Good news! EJ had an appointment with his speechy - and she told me she rang centerlink AND had been in contact with EJ's Occ Therapist - looks like the GP did some stuff wrong on the forms so I need to reapply - I SHOULD be elligable for a carers allowance for EJ.

Good news! EJ starts his sessions with the Psychologist next week!

Good news! EJ can tell the difference between male and female! :)

Not so good news: this morning I washed Milly's hands and face and she screamed and screamed, "Ouchie Hands! Ouchie hands!" - I looked at her puffy, red, angry hands and saw splits and weeping all over them. :( Poor little tike. Looks like it isn't the water.

I took her to the doctors today - and he has perscribed some stronger medicated creams for her excema and dermatisis.

Not so good news: The doctor also wanted her to have a blood test. So off we go to the nurses station. And it was the most harrowing experience I have had since EJ was pinned to the bed while they stitched him up. I had to hold her legs and her arm while the other two nurses held the other arm and tried to find veins.

Not so good news: Milly has veins like her grandmother and mother. Impossible to find and impossible to get blood from. This is why I refuse blood tests while pregnant - it's just too traumatic for me while they try and find a vein and then try and get blood from said vein. They recommended we take her to INVS, but I am going to sit on it for a while. I know it will help in finding what she is allergic to, but if we can just stay on top of the condition, maybe we can do the blood test later when she understands more. We'll see. I just can't do that to her again. I was on the brink of bursting into tears myself while I sang to her and tried to console her.
I think I might try and do more documentation and try and see if I can work out the allergy myself. I would rather take the time to do it that way instead of trying to get blood from a stone... because that's what it's like!!!!

Good news! I survived today. Milly survived today. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband. These things are nothing compared to the suffering that other people have to endure. I am incredibly blessed and so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

xxx Skipper

Jan 16, 2010

A jolt back to reality

EJ has been so good lately. He's been calm. He's not melting down. He's not screaming, crying, ranting, or whatnot very much at all anymore. His therapy seems to be working - if the environment is right.

Today my nephew had his 3rd birthday party. Balloons everywhere. Streamers everywhere. A great spread of food - because my SIL is amazing at catering - and the most coolest Wiggles cake I have ever seen. It was the Big Red Car (toot toot chugga chugga big red car - you can thank me later for putting that in your head!) - but missing a wheel because my niece helped herself to one of them. *giggle* Anyway... there was lots of kids everywhere - and adults. I watched EJ closely, watching for physical signs that he wasn't coping. He seemed to do really well. He handled the singing, he handled the games - then towards the end, he sat down and started to scream at me over the smallest thing. It was time to go.

I grabbed EJ, who started to fight with me - not as much as usual, but still trying to get me to let go of him. Whining. Whinging. Starting to rant. It's a prelude to a meltdown. I had to get him out of there before he really let loose! Deb (SIL)saw what was happening and scooped up Milly and took her out to the car while I hauled EJ to the car. I buckled him up - took a deep breath and left the party. Before I even got into second gear, he let loose! He cried. He screamed. He couldn't be reasoned with or consoled. He whinged. he whined. He argued. He ranted. He raved. The vein in his neck was bulging. When we got home I had to put him to bed. I laid him down, and his body ticked and twitched uncontrollably.

I massaged him in his dark bedroom, trying to soothe him, trying to keep my voice quiet and gentle. His big eyes watched me, taking in my words. His eyes always get me when he's like this. They look scared, they seem to scream "What is happening to me?" They are always so huge and bright.

This is reality. This is how he is in life. He may be ok at home where it's safe, but he isn't ready for people.

I got a call from his Occ Therapist yesterday - turns out she isn't going to be able to help him. She can only help him keep calm - but not actually help him calm himself. I have to get a private OT who specialises in SPD. Since we were rejected for help from Centerlink (though the speechie thinks it's a mistake and wants to try again, with the help from the psychologist) paying for private therapy is going to be very hard. The OT is going to apply for some funding for me, and that will help with costs. I'm not pinning my hopes on it though. But I'm glad that his speechie and OT are proactive as well in helping me in every way possible!

So that's how it is, this 16th January 2010. We have come so far - yet have so far to go. Let's keep going my son, let's do this journey together. I want you to be well and happy, and I will do everything in my power to make it so.

Jan 14, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please...

.... please give a round of applause for....


... who just did her first poo in the potty.

You should of seen her face when Daz, Mop and myself stood around the potty and her and gave her a huge cheer and a big clap. She looked so happy and so proud of herself. She's growing up so fast, and I must admit, changing poopy bums is not something I am going to miss. :)

Jan 11, 2010


... Mummy boofed your car!!!!

(EJ to Daddy after I accidently reversed into DH's car that was parked behind me.)

Daddy: *chuckles* Yeah she boofed it didn't she? *grins at me*

Note to self: If one wants to boof a car and not have husband find out about it, don't boof cars in the presence of one's son.

Another note to self: Check the rearvision mirror a little more closely and look for a small white car - it may be significantly smaller than your 4WD, but still look for it, otherwise it will make it's presence known.

Another note to self: Do not drive when the caffine hasn't kicked in. Seriously. Too much blood in the caffine system can dull your brain.

One more note to self: Thank God that you have a husband who is so sweet and good natured and didn't tell you off for STUPIDLY reversing into his car. Thank God again for the fact that he is still chuckling about it and cuddling his duffer of a wife instead of being cranky.


I'm still feeling rather sheepish about this... LOL


Yesterday we went to see the speechie, to look at where EJ is and start some more concentrate and specific therapy to help his speech delays. The decision was made to start focusing on his inability to tell the difference between boys and girls and use the correct grammar: ie - He, she, hers, his etc. It's starting to effect his social world, because most kids are very indignant about being called a he when she is not a he at all!!

My relief came when she said to me that I am doing all the right things. I've been teaching him the right way - he just didn't get it, or was so uptight, wound up and over-stimulated with his senses - that part of him shut down and was unteachable. Mother's guilt is the most vicious part of parenting I think. Deep down I have been thinking: "You spend too much time on the computer. You didn't read to him as much as you did with Mop. You didn't do this... you didn't do that... it's your fault he has speech delays." To be told that I'm doing it right and have done it right (especially as Milly's speech is coming along so well) definately equips me with a rather large weapon to attack Mother's Guilt.

Another thing she said: "E is coming along in leaps and bounds. His speech is getting alot better!"

YAY for us!!!
YAY for him!!
YAY all around!!!

Jan 8, 2010

Breakthrough in the grooming department.

EJ has always had problems with getting hair cuts. He has freaked out, ever since I can remember. Screams. Cries. Shakes. Melts down like a professional.

Since the beginning of December I have been saying "EJ you need a haircut. It's so long and messy!"
"I don't want to. I don't want a hair cut." was his response.

Today I looked at his thick, untidy hair and made a snap decision: the time had come, that boy was getting a hair cut. I told E to go get undressed and get into the bath (my hair salon)...
He protested... then stripped off.
"You will be nice and cool, son, when your hair is shorter."
"You will look so handsome!"
I kept reassuring him as I got the stuff out and he climbed into the bath. I have him the hose - since I knew that his issues with the cut is his absolute abhorence of the cut hair on his skin. He calmly stood in the bath, rinsing his body of the hair while I clippered his hair. As I ran it close to his left ear, he started to protest. "No more!!"
Then out came the scissors as I styled it and made him into the dude he loves to be. He stood quietly and let me do it.

This is the first time he has not screamed blue murder during a hair cut. This is the first time he has not trembled violently while I attempted to cut his hair. This is the first time he hadn't fought me and refused to let me cut it.

This is seriously a miracle. I gave the boy a hair cut and he is happily sitting on the couch with an amazing hair cut and a smile on his face. I have my full hearing - because of lack of screaming and all is happy in the Skipper household!

Jan 7, 2010

This is going to sound odd but....

... I think my baby girl might be allergic to our water.

For some time I've been on the rampage, trying to work out what on earth triggers Milly's excema so badly. Was it tomatoes? Well it made it bad then, but not then.. so no. Was it peanuts? No the girl eats peanut butter on a good day and nothing happens.

Her feet are so bad sometimes she can't wear shoes. At the moment I don't put anything on her feet - they are just so red raw and angry looking. Her hands are dreadful - so inflamed and sore that some of her fingernails are inflamed. She loses sleep because she wakes up scratching herself red raw and whimpering. Even when she's half asleep crying, I've come in, armed with a cream, and she holds her hands out to me - half asleep. I've spent a small fortune on lotions, potions and whatnot. Some cortisone and hemp cream from the body shop seems to work best for her. I prefer natural based creams than chemist types. I use plant based shampoos and conditioner, I use hyperallergenic body washes, and Earth/Purity to wash the clothes etc in.

Anyway.... my discovery. While we were away in the riverland over Christmas, I noticed that Milly's skin cleared up completely. I was surprised since we were swimming in a chlorinated pool 3 times a day. I racked my brains... what was different about there than home? Same food. Same body wash. Same shampoo..... but not the same water!! The water we used to bathe the kids came straight from the river - no chemicals. No treatment plants. Nothing. Just plain ol Murray water.

So I set about experimenting at home. I've been bathing her in the kitchen sink with pura-tap water. Using a flannel soaked in puratap water only. Her skin is clearing up. For the last two nights, her sleep has been continuous and unbroken.

This is excellent news! So we will be investing in a filter for the kids bathroom and hoping that will help us control Milly's excema.

Right.... now to figure out what causes EJ's excema... since his has flared up over the last 6 months. I wonder if its the same thing?

Jan 6, 2010

Say it where???

Mop received a joke book and a knock knock book for Christmas. For the last 6 months we have been enduring made up jokes - which were just not funny. She didn't understand what makes a joke funny - how to be clever with words. So we decided to educate her in the ways of jokes.

Big mistake.

Our whole entire holiday she wanted to read out jokes.

"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."
"Knock Knock Mummy."

Ok so it's good that she finally got the concept... but seriously.... I was over jokes by the 50th one.

"No more jokes today now Mop! Enough!"
Mop stared at me, surprised that I didn't enjoy them as much as she did.

EJ pipes up "You say them in your hair, Mop!"

Now THAT'S funny!!!

"I think you meant 'say them in your head sweet boy.'"

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
You freak me out.
I don't like having Anonymous people commenting on my blog. It unsettles me. I personally think it's weird that someone would feel the need to hide. This is a blog that is not filled with questionable content - it's the story of my life and my family - that I share with my friends - and sometimes their friends. There is nothing you can say that warrants hiding behind "Anonymous". I'm hardly controversial!

Anonymous comments are like anonymous notes. Stinks of cowardice - it's underhanded and sneaky. I don't like them.

No name - your comments will not be published, let alone read. So if you want to be heard - you better have an identity.


Jan 4, 2010

I'm cross!


Dear Children.

1. Obedience is not optional in this household. What I says, goes. When I speak, it's not to exercise my jaw. When I direct you, I expect you to do EXACTLY what I say. When I say "Eat your apple at the table" - that cannot be interpreted as: "Eat your apple on the lounge in front of the TV."
When I say goodnight to you, tuck you into bed and say "Go to sleep." - that does not mean get up and go play in your brother's bedroom. Or play with your toys. It means exactly what I say - GO TO SLEEP!!

2. Do not lie to me. Refer to point number 1. This is not an option. DO. NOT. LIE. TO. ME. This infuriates me. This will make something that may have not received consequences, very dire indeed. When you chop your hair off, and you have a very ridiculous looking short bit in the middle of your forehead - and I see the long locks on the floor, DO. NOT. LIE. I know it's not your brothers. He has a massive issue with haircuts - he wouldn't even think of cutting his own. Besides, he has short hair. VERY short hair.
I know the body language of liars. Don't even think about trying to pull wool over my eyes. I am THE MUM. I know all. I see all. I am like Santa Clause - I know if you have been naughty or nice. So speak the truth and your life will be worth living. If unsure, refer to point #1

3. Stop being feral. For goodness sake, what is wrong with you all? Do not follow me around whinging. Do not follow me around bleating. Do not follow me around FULL STOP! You have toys! Lots of them! You have brand new toys from Christmas. PLAY. WITH. THEM. You have dress ups, Leggo, train sets, coloring, craft, play doh, water play, outdoor equipment, bikes, tramps, dolls, etc.... PLAY WITH THEM. Why do you feel the need to play with my pegs? Or better still, give the dog my peg basket to munch on for afternoon tea! Do not empty the box of tissues "Just in case" you need them. If in doubt, refer to point #1.

4. Since when has the rule of keeping bedroom toys in the bedroom suddenly become obsolete?? It still stands. So pick them up. Put them in your room. Do not bring them out where I can stand on it, break it - I am not expecting Polly Pocket to be outside my bedroom floor. And while we are at it, WHY are your thongs in MY bathroom????? HUH???? Do not build cubby houses in the lounge and leave it there for me to clean up.

5. And I am going to say this anyway but just in case you are actually listening to me this time:
"Shut the door, the flies are getting in!"
"Play with outside toys, OUTSIDE."
"No you can't have anything to eat."
"Stop dobbing, unless he's killing you, I'm not interested."
"Stop making the dog bark."
"WHY IS THAT DOOR OPEN????? Now I know you weren't born in a tent!!"
"STOP throwing things at the wall!"
"Stop jumping on the beds, you have a perfectly good tramp outside."
"I am on the toilet, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"
"Do you have a death wish? SHUT THE DOOR! There are more flies inside than out!!"

And if in doubt, please refer to point number one.

Signed: your ever loving Mother.

PS. If you throw that ball around the house one more time my foot will be so far up your backside, you will have to move my toes aside to brush your teeth!!!!!

*** please understand that this is a vent. I do not intend to kick their oracle so hard that my foot comes out there mouth. I just feel better thinking it.. and writing it!***

Jan 3, 2010

New Blog Layout

I've been wanting to do this for a while - but haven't found the perfect blog template that is really ME. The pink one was very hard to read, and one of my dear readers messaged me this morning that she really struggles to see the words. So I thought I would change it.

Beware, it could change again at a moments notice. I'm not exactly thrilled with this one... and will change it as soon as something "SKIPPER" comes along or jumps out at me.

But for now... it will do.

A Blog Award...

Shelli over at: It'll Only Take a Minute has kindly awarded me this award:

How bout that eh??

What a lovely idea! Usually the awards go to the blogger, not the supporter!! It's a relatively new award, originated from HERE

So passing this award on:

Renata is always commenting and bringing me such a cup of cheer. :) She always makes me smile. So thankyou Renata!

Donna - who is at the moment blogless because of some glitch in the Blogger system - often offers support and understanding. :) Thanks "Darl".

Jan 1, 2010

It works!!

You may remember that we are in the process of putting a swimming pool in our backyard - mainly because EJ's OT said that it would be good therapy for him. It was a bit of a gamble, because we couldn't take EJ to any public pool to test out if this would be effective therapy or not. So we took the risk and went ahead with it.

This Christmas break we went to a caravan park that had a swimming pool in it. EJ was in there morning, afternoon and evening. Three reasonable swims a day. Even though we were in an unfamiliar place - which normally sends him over the edge very easily, he was calmer than I have ever seen him to be before in my life. He coped very well with everything we threw at him. We even took him to a bowling alley with very loud music and lights flashing everywhere. He bowled brilliantly and coped excellently - he started to tick towards the end, but we went back and jumped in the pool and that cured him of that!

When we came home - the relaxing effects of the pool started to wear off. Yesterday he had a meltdown. He was ticking, irrational and very on edge.

Daz is out at this very moment, getting the stuff together to put the pool up. We are hoping to get a majority of the ground-work done this weekend!

It's so exciting to find things that are helping him relax and cope with life. He's going to love having a pool in his own backyard and I'm going to love the effects it has on him! :)

Here is E - taking time to smell the roses....


and laughing when the pollen goes up his nose...